06 October 2018

Former Nowra police sergeant, ACT teacher jailed for perjury after Taser assault

Former Nowra cop, Sergeant Nigel Davey took part in the rescue of a family in Nowra when cables on the Nowra Creek suspension bridge came loose in June 2013. Davey was last week jailed for perjury after an assault with a Taser. Photo: Frances Rand

Nigel Alfred Davey, 47, was given a 12-month prison sentence with a non-parole period of seven months for making a false statement in relation to his arrest of Regan Sutton in Nowra in June 2013.
Davey appeared in Queanbeyan Local Court for sentencing and also received a 14-month good behaviour bond for the assault of Mr Sutton.
Davey had been on patrol in Nowra when he tasered an unarmed Mr Sutton from the driver's seat of his police car.
He later lied about the incident under oath, saying Mr Sutton had been armed with a knife and tried to attack him.
Court documents showed that Davey worked as a teacher in the ACT from February to December of 2016.
A young person has been tasered and excessively so.
Magistrate Michael Antrum
The ACT government would not confirm at which school Davey had been employed or how he was able to gain employment within the education directorate despite being dismissed from the NSW Police for misconduct.
The prosecution's court submissions showed Davey was dismissed from the police force in 2015 for another instance of inappropriately using a Taser in January 2014.
Davey had criminal charges of common assault and perjury brought against him on September 29, 2016 and he first appeared in court on November 14, 2016.
The documents showed Davey continued teaching until December 2016 despite the charges.
The ACT government said in a statement any member of staff that has regular contact with students must hold a current Working with Vulnerable People card.
The statement said the government was unable to provide an individual's employment details or the outcome of a WWVP application due to “privacy considerations”.

Former Nowra police sergeant Nigel Davey was jailed for perjury after a 2013 assault with a Taser. Photo: Supplied

Davey's defence lawyer made an application for the charges to be dismissed under section 32 of the Mental Health (Forensic Provisions) Act.
He told the court Davey had been diagnosed by a mental health professional as suffering PTSD, substance abuse and a depressive disorder at the time of the offences.
“It is not fair to punish a mentally ill person for their mental illness,” the defence lawyer said.
It was an abuse of the office of police officer. He [Davey] used his power irresponsibly and caused great pain and distress to the young person.
Magistrate Michael Antrum
The prosecutor said there were flaws in Davey's application.
“The [psychiatric] report is based on entirely self reporting by someone charged with perjury,”  she said.
Magistrate Michael Antrum dismissed the application due to the seriousness of the offences which he said tipped the balance in favour of pursuing a criminal conviction.
“A young person has been tasered and excessively so,” Magistrate Antrum said.
“It was an abuse of the office of police officer.
“He used his power irresponsibly and caused great pain and distress to the young person.”
Davey sat with his eyes closed and head pressed into his hands as Magistrate Antrum read out his verdict before being taken to the cells.
He will be eligible for release in November.

Source: southcoastregister.com.au

04 October 2018

Travel warning into Australia re: Client data and confidential corporate info

If you're planning to travel to Australia, you may want to leave your client's data behind that they trusted only you with. 

If you're working for a multinational corporation which may have entrusted your person with their  sensitive data,  like financial records, client base, confidential internal communications or not yet released product information, this information can be used illegally for profit or extortion where you will not want to take this information with you on any electronic device coming into Australia, as this will be copied before entry into the country.

Where it will go or who will see it, how long it will be on file is not disclosed.

If you're thinking you're entering an honestly run colony, by the authorities, this article is a must read.

Sacked AFP officer: 'We lie to members of the community on a daily basis'

See video from 6 Aug 2018, by Nathan Hague:

with his additional comments:

I'm no Alex Jones, but Australian Customs just copied files from my phone AND my MacBook Pro here at Sydney Airport...

EDIT: I've not seen that floating octopus until today, and people telling me they're seeing it too, so the root part is going to be *nothing* to worry about. BUTTTTT... The fact I closed it and the phone was already on the phone firmware screen.. and also the fact that they told me they DID copy files from both laptop and phone away from my person, and would not guarantee the copied files (if they copied them!) would be destroyed and in what time frame. Yeah: THAT still is what I believe to be a massive intrusion into my privacy.

EDIT 2: The Australian legislation that this falls under, is Australian Border Force Act 186 and all the subsections.

EDIT 3: Now talking to journalists here in Australia who are interested in the story.

EDIT 4: And now for the real kicker too: If you're an International Business Traveler from Europe with your European Clients' data and files on your phone and laptop - remember #GDPR says that those clients have it given access authority to their data by you. Now what happened to me, would mean Customs was an unauthorized third party looking at their data. That means I am now liable for a #GDPR breach and all the fun that goes along with that. And the fines that accompany that. Noone seems to have thought of this, and I can see organisations like #EFF and very competent gdpr lawyers such as Britain's Suzanne Dibble, having some words on how to protect yourself from a business perspective when traveling now to Australia.

Please, could you do me a favour and share this video - 

Australia is walking directly into being a Police State now at this stage

Source: Supplied.

03 October 2018

EXCLUSIVE | Sheriff sacked for breaking up court fight

When the authorities get it wrong on one of their own.

Poor guy lost his job over a gutter trash scrubber.

Ray Hadley has obtained CCTV footage of a sheriff breaking up a fight outside Wagga Wagga Local Court in February this year.

Shockingly, the vision has been used to sack the sheriff, with claims he used excessive force.

The cameras outside court clearly show a young woman attacking another woman.

A ‘code red’ is issued with Sheriff Glenn Elliott-Rudder responding immediately.

Under the code, Sheriff Elliott-Rudder has every right to forcefully apprehend and handcuff the attacker.

Instead, he assesses the situation and lightly pushes the woman away from her victim.

His actions stopped the situation from escalating and that was the end of it. There was no complaint lodged by any party.

Days later, Glenn was suspended, based purely on the CCTV vision.

He has been suspended ever since, until two weeks ago when his employment was terminated.

Ray Hadley speaks with Public Service Association General Secretary Stewart Little, who has lodged an appeal against the dismissal.

“It beggars belief that this office has been subject to any disciplinary action.

“In fact, the officer acted in an exemplary fashion and really should have been subject to commendation.”


NSW Attorney General Mark Speakman has now seen the video and issued the following statement to The Ray Hadley Morning Show:
“I have seen the video of the incident at Wagga Court in between back to back meetings this morning.
I will be seeking a full report of the surrounding facts as soon as possible.
While the matter is before the Industrial Relations Commission, any additional comment from me at this stage would be inappropriate.”
Ray says the statement simply isn’t good enough and is calling for the Attorney General to reinstate Sheriff Glenn Elliott-Rudder immediately.

“We don’t need to have a committee meeting. We need some common sense to apply here.”

Source: 2gb.com

Royal commission into banking version 2?

So how did the Hayne Royal Commission into Misconduct in the Banking, Superannuation and Financial Services Industry go for you?

Not that good? 

Only 27 examples got air time out of approx 9000 people who bothered to lodge an incident report with the commission.

How many people's homes / farms were taken unlawfully by the criminal cartel called the banks, the commission deliberately omitted?

You were told that the banks were greedy, something that you already did not know?

The CBA was only to be 'recommended' for charges and no CEO was actually incarcerated.

Did anyone tell you that the commission is inquisitorial and as a result not bound?

Now that the farce is over, do you think that Australia is ready for a real commission into banking etc?

Now when we say Australia do we mean the Australian people or the Australian Government, which are two different entities which have conflicting interests.

Are the Australian people ready for a 'real' commission into banking?

Most probably, a well overdue yes.

Is the Australian Government ready for a 'real' commission into banking?

Most definitely, let's "sweep this one under the carpet" scenario.

Asking the country's most organised white collar criminals to moderate the world's best criminal cartels really would not do 'justice' for the people would it?

Now, did someone say "justice"?

The courts are about equity, silly and not justice, ironically mentioned in the High Court case of Andrews v ANZ [2012].

IF there was a 'real' royal commission would it be using the Queen of Australia or the Monarch of the U.K.?

After all, the 'Queen of Australia' is not really a 'royal' is it?

Would one put questions using the terms fiat currency, or promissory notes?

Would one look into the country's biggest bank heist in history, that being the Commonwealth Bank?

No, not the bank being robbed silly, the people being robbed of 'their' bank.

Now, EVERY Australian 'person' should know that all laws are subject to a law called the Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act 1900 (UK), right?

So, the privatisation of the people's bank was done lawfully in line with the 'constitution' with the Commonwealth Banks Restructuring Act from 1990?

All the checks and balances were adhered to?

So many questions for a never to exist 'real' royal commission to answer to.

Australia: You're standing in a pile of it.

Note: We do not support the action of keeping 'your' cash in a bank.

02 October 2018

Police to write the wrong of unlawful fines?

Victoria Police have been issuing unlawful fines on the motoring public for quite some time.

This in conjunction with unlawfully enacted legislation that applies owner onus, and the guilty until proven otherwise legal farce, under strict liability, has been causing much angst, stress and loss of livelihood to many good people of the community where this is deliberately not addressed, by the authorities.

The states budget on fines and when the funds are low the police go out on a fine shopping spree, where you could be beaten black and blue that it's for your safety that your wallet is over $400 lighter for travelling a few km/h more an allocated sign post's figures in a round circle.

There literally is no duty of care to the community's well being as a policy, but rather more stiffer penalties with  another unlawful action called double jeopardy in holiday peak periods under the promotional banner of double demerit points.

The reasons why Victoria Police is acting unlawfully is detailed in a post of the title:

Ex Victorian Police officer comments on Fines:

Let's just put aside the article that:

POLICE NEGLECTED Former Victoria Police officers with mental health problems are set to get a $500,000 donation raised through Chief Commissioner Graham Ashton and union chief Wayne Gatt's head to head walk.