24 May 2014

The criminal family of Queen Elizabeth II

From the rt.com article of the heading:

Prince Charles strikes another blow for the British republic

Prince Charles, Prince of Wales feeds a polar bear called Hudson as he visits Winnipeg Zoo on May 21, 2014 in Winnipeg, Canada.(AFP Photo / Chris Jackson)Prince Charles, Prince of Wales feeds a polar bear called Hudson as he visits Winnipeg Zoo on May 21, 2014 in Winnipeg, Canada.(AFP Photo / Chris Jackson)

There is an air of unreality to Prince Charles’ spin-squad attempting this week to prove that the future British Head of State’s comparison of Putin to Hitler, while surrounded by journalists on a royal tour was said in a ‘private conversation’.

It is not just that his views show how out of touch he and his PR team are with the nation and the real world, but Charles’ flippant remarks draw unwelcome attention to his own and his family’s close connections to Nazis, and related war-mongering.

His father Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh was educated for a time in Nazi Germany and his four sisters married black-uniformed SS officers (three of them, Sophie, Cecile and Margarita, joining the Nazi party). Philip admitted to then having 'inhibitions about the Jews' to an American academic and feeling 'jealousy of their success.' Charles’ great uncle, the abdicated ex-King Edward VIII, was such a swastika-waver that MI6 had to banish him to Bermuda for the duration of World War Two, thwarting his and his Nazi wife Mrs Simpson’s attempts to join Hitler by crossing into occupied Europe.

Charles himself has come quite close to publicly endorsing Hitler’s slippery chief Architect and Armaments Minister Albert Speer by hiring Speer’s greatest devotee, Léon Krier, as his own chief architect for his Duchy of Cornwall’s extensive building projects. Writer and broadcaster Jonathan Meades in his 1994 documentary, ‘Jerry Building’ nails Krier as the ‘Speer-carrier’ and ‘Keeper of the Toxic Flame’, pointing out that every one of Speer’s creations, which include the Nuremberg rally stadium, is inseparable from the inhuman experimentation and forced concentration camp labor used to construct them.

Charles’ great grandfather George V was one of the three ‘great’ architects of World War One, the so-called ‘Cousins’ War’, four years of mindless slaughter that began exactly a century ago. With two more Saxe-Coburg Gotha cousins, George’s hapless subjects slugged it out in trench warfare with Germany’s Wilhelm II and Russia’s Nicholas II's unfortunates leaving, by 1918, a total of some ten million dead for no discernible purpose.

When in 1917 ill-mannered soldiers began pointing out that German Gotha bombers from another branch of the King’s family business were killing them, George V blithely announced that his surname was changing from ‘Saxe-Coburg Gotha’ to the more English-sounding ‘Windsor’.

Even masterpieces like Richard Attenborough’s 1969 feature film 'Oh! What A Lovely War', the BBC’s controversial 1986 drama ‘The Monocled Mutineer’ and the poetry of Geoffrey Studdert-Kennedy, Worcester army padre known affectionately as 'Woodbine Willie', do not quite reflect the futility of the war and the bitterness it stirred up amongst ordinary people.

Today, despite standing against the Nazis in World War Two, Her Majesty’s government and armed forces, who all swear allegiance to the Queen, are backing most of the dictators and despots around the world. From President Mahinda Rajapaksa in Sri Lanka with the blood of 40,000 innocent Tamil civilians on his hands, to King Abdullah's brutal Saudi regime which still practices public beheadings. Charles’ tongue always speaks for the world leaders Amnesty International tells us are the bad guys, but he is looking to make money with them, whether through real estate or arms.

The Prince of Wales, Prince William, Princess Diana and Prince Harry attend the Heads of State ceremony in Hyde Park to commemorate the 50th Anniversary of VE Day in Hyde Park May 7, 1995.(Reuters / Dylan Martinez DM)

The Prince of Wales, Prince William, Princess Diana and Prince Harry attend the Heads of State ceremony in Hyde Park to commemorate the 50th Anniversary of VE Day in Hyde Park May 7, 1995.(Reuters / Dylan Martinez DM)



Are we witnessing the death throes of the British monarchy?

It started thirty six years after the bloodthirsty Knights Templar warrior-bankers were disgraced and dissolved, a new order of 26 ‘knights’ were initiated in 1348 that have dominated the British crown ever since. The Order of the Garter consists of two conjoined cells, each of thirteen knights that advise and ‘protect’ the monarch and heir apparent.

Because of their obsessive secrecy and lack of transparency over the centuries those appointed to these knights have become the very antithesis of Medieval chivalry, a lethal mixture of yes-men, and devious chancers who would sell their own mother to get a seat, and a cut of the rent, at the top table.

Nothing could illustrate more clearly the British monarchy’s distain for their poor subjects than Henry VIII’s asset seizure and eviction in the 1530s of around ten thousand monks from Britain’s monasteries. Since the days of Alfred the Great these holy orders had been providing a backbone of education and healthcare to the nation, but to Henry they represented a kind of Vatican fifth column, daring to question the wisdom of his break from Rome to form his independent Church of England.

In 1638, with special pleadings from Archbishop Laud, Charles I addressed the privatization of land, enclosure, by fining rich merchants and parliamentarians who had evicted villagers from collectively managed open fields. Only ‘freemen’ owning land worth over 40 shillings a year could vote so the merchants had effectively been voting themselves growing land the poor needed to feed themselves.

Charles I, perhaps bravely, perhaps foolishly, tried to buck the trend of the creeping privatization of land, but the merchants secretly organised against him, launched the English Civil War and he lost his head in 1649. The merchant classes were now firmly in power and ready to bring their new-fangled capitalism to the world.

The meddling ‘black spider’ prince

Whether Charles’ meddling in politics today is for good or ill in Britain we can only guess because he spends hundreds of thousands of pounds, even more than he spends on PR, on confidentiality lawyers to stop the British public finding out. Not only has he been shown to be secretly vetoing legislation passed by parliament which he doesn’t like but sending regular hand-written ‘black spider’ directives to Secretaries of State.

Charles’ lawyers have fought a four year battle against Guardian journalist Rob Evans to keep these communications secret, arguing that as a private citizen he is not covered by the Freedom of Information Act. So far he has succeeded in keeping these directives, which professor of constitutional law at Manchester University Rodney Brazier modestly described as a 'constitutional innovation', secret.

How the nation is to deal with Charles' secret stretching of what is expressly a non-political office, in a way that his mother Queen Elizabeth rarely appears to have done, hangs in the air like a constitutional bad smell. If his mother’s rare missive to the Labour Home Secretary demanding the arrest of radical Muslim cleric Abu-Hamza are anything to go by Charles’ letters would be revealing indeed.

Don’t mention Diana

Prince Charles, Prince of Wales gives a speech as he visits Stevenson Campus Air Hanger on May 21, 2014 in Winnipeg, Canada.(AFP Photo / Chris Jackson)Prince Charles, Prince of Wales gives a speech as he visits Stevenson Campus Air Hanger on May 21, 2014 in Winnipeg, Canada.(AFP Photo / Chris Jackson)

Visitors to Charles’ country estate, Highgrove House in Gloucestershire, are disappointed to find all traces of Princess Diana are notable by their absence, even from the gift shop where she would no doubt turn a handsome profit. Despite William and Harry doing much of their growing up here their mother’s name, image and memory has been entirely expunged.

This is a pity since Diana and the boys spent many of their happiest times in and around the market town of Tetbury, nestling as it does in the heart of the Cotswolds countryside.
On Sunday mornings in the late 1980s and early 1990s Diana could be spotted with young Princes William and Harry slipping into the back rows of St Mary the Virgin and St Mary Magdalen Church after the service had begun to avoid attention, looking for all the world like just any other young mum with her boys. After church they'd cycle back down country lanes back to Highgrove, a couple of miles south of the town.

Locals say the threesome made a sport of evading royal protection squad police officers who were supposed to be following them at all times but whom the princess saw as ‘claustrophobic’, putting up a barrier between them and passers-by. Diana insisted on bringing the boys up ‘to see themselves as the same as everyone else.’ Teaching them to talk in a down-to-earth, relaxed way with the public.

But after the adultery with Camilla and subsequent divorce, Diana was now a ‘problem' for Charles and the Queen. According to Australian investigative journalist John Morgan they set up what they called the ‘Way Ahead Group’ (WAG) to manage the three fold ‘Diana problem’.

Firstly her anti-land mines campaign was threatening arms company profits both in France and Britain, then she was using the British press to successfully assert herself as a national figure and finally WAG meetings became more urgent because Diana was about to announce her engagement to Dodi Al Fayed, meaning William and Harry might be about to get a Muslim stepfather.

In Morgan’s 2012 book 'Paris-London Connection, The Assassination of Princess Diana', John Morgan says evidence revealed in the two police enquiries and inquest suggested the Queen and Prince Charles tipped the wink to Britain’s Foreign Intelligence Service MI6, that if Diana were to have an ‘accident’ nobody at the palace would mind.

Keith Allen's 2011 documentary 'Unlawful Killing' which examines the decade late Diana inquest, proves beyond doubt that her death was no accident. But the film has not been shown on TV and been suppressed online and in the cinemas by the deep-pocketed royal lawyers. It may never now be shown in Britain.

Charles is descended from the other Vlad, from Transylvania

Charles is of course responsible for none of his royal predecessors' turbulent history but like anyone else he can and should choose his own way. The path of secrecy and the PR wall he has attempted to construct around himself simply will not wash in today’s connected world, serving only to alienate him from most of his 65 million subjects.

However the Putin Nazi lie has gained unhappy momentum because Britain's three party leaders have shown contempt both for the constitution and public by backing the prince against the facts and the national interest.
What they have shown by weighing in to support Charles' slur against Russia is that Britain's ruling elite, including the arms manufacturers, can be dictators deciding in private meetings amongst themselves what foreign policy to pursue. Even in election week our so-called top politicians don't have the backbone to stand up to the establishment, however brazen the lies.

Outside his charmed circle, Charles’ ungracious remarks will persuade very few here in Britain. They demonstrate both a perverse underplaying of the 25 million Soviet dead of World War Two and a further move toward nuclear war today in Europe. The party leaders have also refused to recognize Charles' own government and armed forces’ backing for the post-coup Ukrainian government, key ‘Right Sector’ elements of which proudly sport pictures of Nazis such as war criminal Stepan Bandera on their Kiev walls.

Charles does not understand, as his mother appears to have done, that he cannot have it both ways as Head of State and as a politician. Charles’ devil-may-care remarks have invited disdain for him at home and for Britain abroad. Ironically, for the man who is proud of his Transylvanian ‘Dracula’ ancestry, being descended from the fifteenth century despot Vlad the Impaler, they represent one more nail in the coffin of the British monarchy.

The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of RT.

rt.com 23 May 2014

23 May 2014

Qld MP quits Newman government

THE Newman government has lost a fifth MP since its resounding 2012 election win. 
Its vast majority shrunk again on Friday when maverick MP Chris Davis resigned from parliament without a courtesy call to the premier.

The first-time MP and former Australian Medical Association Queensland president was sacked as assistant health minister last week after clashing with colleagues over changes to the state's corruption watchdog and new individual contracts for doctors.

Dr Davis said he had stood on some powerful toes and was partly demoted because he raised concerns with the premier about looming changes to political donations.

His dissatisfaction came to a head on Thursday night, when he told parliament he couldn't support his government's policy to remove caps on political donations and raise disclosure thresholds.

He left the chamber before the laws were voted on.

While Dr Davis says his demotion was a catalyst to his immediate departure from politics, the accumulation of controversial legislation had weighed heavily on his conscience.

At the same time as his resignation, he released polling showing the majority of voters in his Stafford electorate backing him and believing he had been unfairly treated.

"The passage of recent government legislation affecting critical aspects of our democracy goes contrary to my value system and that of the majority of my electorate," he said in a statement on his website.

"I would never have stood for parliament on such a platform, nor do I believe I would have been elected."

The LNP will now have another by-election battle, after suffering a 17 per cent swing against it in the Redcliffe poll just three months ago.

Mr Newman found out about Dr Davis' resignation about the same time as the media and says he would have appreciated a phone call.

He says because there were no health or family reasons for the departure Dr Davis should have served out his whole term.

"We have done everything we can to accommodate his concerns within the team," he said.

"We have no problem with members speaking out on occasions when they are passionate about things.

"The LNP is a team that permits people to cross the floor and he could have done that last night."

Mr Newman has two candidates in mind to run in Stafford but said it will ultimately be up to the party.

Maxillofacial surgeon Dr Anthony Lynham has already been selected for Labor.

Opposition Leader Annastacia Palaszczuk says Dr Davis' resignation was a vote of no confidence in Mr Newman's leadership.

The Labor leader downplayed her party's chances of regaining Stafford, which the LNP holds by a 7.1 per cent margin.

"We need to restore honesty and integrity back into Queensland," Ms Palaszczuk said.

Clive Palmer Tweeted that his party will contest the by-election but he is calling on the premier to hold a general election instead.

smh.com.au  22 May 2014

The Queensland government is a corrupt government in power.

Every single politician is part of the fraud against the general populous.

The truth is coming out, BUT the corporate media is not conducive to reporting this.

Poorest families pay most in budget

The GST debate

Politicians shouldn't rule things in or out but participate in a mature debate says Nationals MP Andrew Broad.
The poorest 20 per cent of Australian families will pay $1.1 billion more into government coffers than the richest households as a result of the budget, highlighting the huge inequity in the government's four-year blueprint for fiscal repair.

New analysis from the National Centre for Social and Economic Modelling (NATSEM) has crystallised how heavily the burden of budget consolidation has fallen on those less well-off, especially if they have school-age children.


NATSEM divides the community into five segments, or quintiles, each with a little over 2,500,000 families. It finds the poorest 20 per cent - those with $35,000 or less in disposable annual income - will forgo $2.9 billion over four years, thanks to a raft of changes to family benefits, pensions and other payments.

<p>By contrast, the wealthiest 20 per cent of households - earning $88,000 or more after tax and benefits - will suffer a $1.78 billion hit, some 40 per cent less than the lowest income families.

Overall, those in the lowest sector see incomes fall by an average of almost 2.2 per cent while it is only a 0.2 per cent decline for those in the highest quintile.

The government has defended the budget cuts, saying it has spread the burden by imposing a budget repair levy on people earning more than $180,000. But its impact on household finances is minimal, costing someone on a $200,000 annual salary only about $400 per year. Moreover, the levy only lasts three years.

The budget papers of Treasurer Joe Hockey dropped the tables of how families are affected, which have been a constant since 2005.

According to NATSEM, in 2017-18, the year the levy will expire, the richest quintile of households will be better off by $825 million, the only cohort ahead at any time, thanks to the budget.

The NATSEM analysis calculates the impact of the budget changes on household finances over four years, incorporating reforms to welfare, pensions and taxation, including abolishing the carbon and mining taxes.
It does not include, however, the cost of the $7 Medicare co-payment to families, roughly estimated at between $200 and $300 per household each year.

Illustration: Matt Golding

Illustration: Matt GoldingThe study also finds:

■ More than one third of the budget cuts - $6 billion - fall on the middle quintile of households, earning $45,000 to $63,000.

■ Families with school-age children are the hardest hit. Across all income groups, they will lose $15.9 billion over four years, more than 90 per cent of the total.

■ Low and middle-income sole parents suffer worst of all, losing between 10 and 15 per cent of their annual income - $4000 to $6250 - on family earnings of less than $60,000 by the time the changes to welfare take full effect in 2017-18.

■ The burden rises sharply for families with children over the four years of the budget. For example, a sole parent earning $60,000 with children aged eight and 12 will lose $1808 in annual income in 2014-15 and $6278 in 2017-18.

Low- and middle-income earners, especially those with school-age children, are hit hardest as the family tax benefit for single-income families is abolished and indexation is curbed.

Peter Whiteford, of the Australian National University's Crawford School of Public Policy, said there had not been a budget that hit the poor so hard, at least since the Fraser government.

NATSEM was commissioned by the ALP to do the modelling, but is an independent organisation that has done work for a variety of groups, including the Coalition, in the past.

smh.com.au 22 May 2014

One small fact that the corporate media, politicians and law makers are NOT letting out of the bag is that GST collected is unlawful, and that the Australian Tax Office (ATO) is NOT a legal entity.

These facts are not being publicised, as this is a form of control over the herd population.

There is plenty of case law that supports this.

What if Australian cities were shrouded in smog?

Are Australian cities at risk of becoming like Beijing? AP Photo CHINA OUT
Are Australian cities at risk of becoming like Beijing? AP Photo CHINA OUT Source: AP
IMAGINE living in a city that contains some of the world’s most beautiful skylines but being unable to admire it. 

Or worse still, being so worried about pollution that you won’t allow your children to play outside for a least half of the year.

This scenario might seem far fetched but many Australians may be shocked to know that at least one major city is dangerously close to exceeding air quality guidelines, putting residents at increased risk of dying from stroke, heart disease and lung cancer.

They may also be shocked to find out that more than 3000 Australians die each year because of urban air pollution.

According to a new report released today and produced by Environmental Justice Australia, air pollution is inadequately regulated, monitored and enforced in Australia.

The organisation has called for the Commonwealth Government to create a national scheme for air pollution that is binding on states and territories.

Nicola Rivers, director of advocacy and research Environmental Justice, said governments could be doing more to prevent the 3000 deaths every year, and this figure was probably higher as it was based on a 2007 study.

(If viewing this on mobile, switch to landscape mode for a better experience)

Sydney as seen with Beijing-quality air: 142
Ms Rivers said despite the fact that tiny particles called PM2.5 had been identified as a risk factor in lung cancer and other diseases, levels of these killer particles was not regulated.

These tiny particles can penetrate and lodge deep inside the lungs and could come from coal mines, coal fire power stations and diesel trucks.

Although most Australians thought they enjoyed clean air, levels of PM2.5 could be extremely high in some areas.

“One residential street in Melbourne has 7000 diesel cars and trucks go down it every day,” Ms Rivers said.
Residents in Frances St, Yarraville have long been concerned about the health impacts of exhaust fumes, and studies in 2001 and 2013 show levels of PM2.5 exceed recommended levels.

Despite the risks, a meeting last month of state and territory environmental ministers decided to abandon plans to produce a national air pollution plan by 2016.

“They have now decided to ‘work towards’ an agreement in 2016, so we don’t even know if it’s going to happen,” she said.

Ms Rivers said PM2.5 should be regulated, not just monitored, in Australia, to protect residents’ health and has called on the Federal Government to enforce a national standard.



Environmental Justice Australia has identified some of the worst hot spots for air pollution and has found that those communities impacted were often the most socially and economically disadvantaged.
While residents in larger cities were generally exposed to higher levels of air pollution than those in rural areas, certain communities suffer disproportionate impacts because of how close they are to polluting facilities.

This includes coal mining regions such as the Hunter Valley in NSW, the Latrobe Valley in Victoria, communities near industrial sites such as the Port Pirie lead smelter, and suburbs close to major roads and rail.

Environmental Justice Australia graphic on air pollution hotspots in Australia
Air pollution hot spots in Australia. Supplied by Environmental Justice Australia. Source: Supplied
The World Health Organisation also released a report this month with air quality figures from around the world that shows only 12 per cent of people living in cities that report on smog, experience conditions that meet their guidelines.

The most recent figures for Australian cities date back to 2010, 2011 and 2012.

Although no Australian cities exceeded the WHO guidelines, at least three cities in Victoria are close, including Melbourne.

Air pollution is measured using concentrations of PM particles, which can contain sulfate, nitrates, ammonia, sodium chloride, black carbon, mineral dust and water.

While PM2.5 is the most worrying type of particle because it is very small and can be absorbed deep inside the lungs, more coarse particles called PM10 are also of concern.

Melbourne has an annual mean PM10 rating of 18, close to the WHO recommended maximum rating of 20.
However, the Victorian capital is not the worst city in Australia, this honour goes to the regional southeast mining centre Traralgon, which has a reading of 19.

Meanwhile former manufacturing port city Geelong, also has a reading of 18.

Surprisingly, Sydney recorded a reading of nine, the lowest annual mean of all the capital cities.


Compared to other countries Australia has very good air quality but residents cannot afford to be complacent.

WHO has found that small particulate pollution can have health impacts even at very low concentrations.
“Indeed no threshold has been identified below which no damage to health is observed,” the health organisation explains in a fact sheet.

“Therefore, the WHO 2005 guideline limits aimed to achieve the lowest concentrations of PM possible.”
Seven million people around the world were estimated to have died due to air pollution in 2012, according to the WHO report.

“This finding more than doubles previous estimates and confirms that air pollution is now the world’s largest single environmental health risk,” the statement said.

Chronic exposure contributes to the risk of developing cardiovascular and respiratory diseases, as well as lung cancer.

When considering the health impacts, PM2.5 is particularly important because these particles have been directly linked to health risks.

Scientific studies have suggested links to asthma, bronchitis, acute and chronic respiratory symptoms such as shortness of breath and painful breathing, and premature deaths.

Children are more susceptible to these impacts because their immune and respiratory systems are still developing, and problems such as asthma are believed to be linked.

In Australia, levels are lower than WHO guidelines but one Western Australia town, Busselton, has recorded a mean PM2.5 of 9, which is close to the recommended annual mean of 10.

Three other cities recorded a mean of 8: the South Australian capital Adelaide; Bunbury, south of Perth, and Launceston in Tasmania.


Although Australia’s measurements seem to be high compared to recommended limits, they are no where near the levels experienced by the world’s most polluted city, Delhi in India.

Delhi has a mean PM10 of 286, and PM2.5 of 153. This is a mean figure so on some days levels are much higher.

Australia also compares favourably to Chinese capital, Beijing, which recorded a mean PM10 of 121 and PM2.5 of 56. However, levels in Beijing are thought to be worse as the data quoted is from 2010.

The latest available data has prompted WHO to call for greater awareness of health risks caused by air pollution, implementation of effective air pollution mitigation policies; and close monitoring of the situation in cities worldwide.

“Too many urban centres today are so enveloped in dirty air that their skylines are invisible,” said Dr Flavia Bustreo, WHO Assistant Director-General for Family, Children and Women’s Health.

Sightseeing is not easy when you have to deal with smog. View of the Palace Museum in hea
Yes, this is real: View of the Palace Museum in heavy smog in Beijing. Source: AP
The levels in cities like Beijing are so bad they are no where near recommended levels, and residents instead monitor how harmful they are to human health.

The US embassy pollution index in Beijing produces an Air Quality Index, which measures six pollutants including PM10 and PM2.5 particles.

Last year Beijing reportedly experienced 189 days of pollution.

According to the index, which follows US Environmental Protection Agency guidelines, an air quality level of more than 100 is “unhealthy for sensitive groups”, more than 150 is “unhealthy”, and more than 300 is considered “hazardous”.

At one point last year Beijing’s smog was measured at more than 750.


The problem is so bad that Chinese Premier Li Keqiang said he was “declaring war” on pollution in March this year.

Former Beijing resident Kevin Yeoh said he would check PM2.5 readings every morning on his phone.
“If PM2.5 was below 150, you would go outside, 150-200, you’d still go outside, but not for long periods of time. Above 200 you’d definitely try to stay indoors. Above 300, you’re crazy to go outside,” Mr Yeoh said.

“Mentally it gets you down. One of the problems with air pollution is that you don’t know what the long term consequences are, particularly for small children,” the father-of-two said.

Mr Yeoh said it was common for new visitors to cough up black stuff and have watery eyes.

“Winter is the worst time because that’s when demand for electricity is at its highest.”

It’s clear we need to avoid this: Polluted smog over Tiananmen Square.
It’s clear we need to avoid this: Polluted smog over Tiananmen Square. Source: AP
Mr Yeoh said after working in Beijing for five years he finally decided to leave in 2012 and one of the major reasons was because of the smog.

“Everyone in Beijing is impacted. And everyone’s always talking about it. Among our friends, we were one of the first to buy a Swiss air filter and it arrived within five days,” he said.

“But demand is now so great that you might have to wait up to three months before you can get one. It’s actually an appreciating asset.

“When we left Beijing we were able to sell it for the price we paid even though it was two years old.”

Air pollution can be caused by fuel combustion from cars, power plants, wood burning, industrial processes, and diesel powered vehicles such as buses and trucks.

It will be difficult to reduce but WHO has identified measures including that houses are energy efficient, that urban development is compact and well served by public transport routes, street design is appealing and safe for pedestrians and cyclists, and waste is well managed.

news.com.au 22 May 2014

21 May 2014

Nigerian terrorist kidnappers know a girl with a book is probably the biggest threat to them

A screengrab from a video of extremist group Boko Haram show the missing Nigerian schoolg
A screengrab from a video of extremist group Boko Haram show the missing Nigerian schoolgirls. Source: AFP
THEY are beacons of hope in their community. They are girls who aspire to become doctors, teachers and lawyers. 

They are Naomis, they are Deborahs, Marys, Ruths, Lydias, Helens and Rebeccas.

They are just like young women the world over. Their only crime is that they have parents who hope for a better future for them. In the dark of night on April 14, these ambitious girls, who had gathered at their boarding school to take their final exams, were woken by gunfire.

When militants stormed the Chibok Government Girls Secondary School, in a remote area of Nigeria’s poverty-stricken northeast, the girls thought they were soldiers, there to protect them.

The girls were initially relieved. What happened next has struck terror into the hearts of people around the world. The gunmen, wearing military uniform, started setting fire to the school buildings, shooting their guns into the air and chanting “Allahu Akbar” — God is great. The girls realised something was terribly wrong.
The girls, 276 of them, were herded into the backs of pick-up trucks and driven into the forest.

Imagine the terror.

Some of them, deciding they would rather die than be taken hostage by the terrorists whose violent presence casts a pall over northern Nigeria, managed to throw themselves from the backs of the trucks and make their way to safety. The rest — about 223 girls — have not been so lucky.

Their mothers in Chibok did not hear them scream.
Michelle Obamaadd her plea for the release of the girls.
Michelle Obamaadd her plea for the release of the girls.
Now, 34 days later, the girls, mostly aged 16 to 18, remain missing.

Outrage over the lack of action by the Nigerian Government and military to find the girls and bring their abductors to justice has grown to a roar. Their families are hoping for a miracle.

“My grief is deep,” Yakubu Maina, father of one of the missing girls, told the LA Times.
“I’d rather my daughter was dead than face this horror.”

Another eight girls, aged 12 to 15, were abducted from Warabe earlier this month, also in the country’s northeast.

In a video message, a seemingly deranged and grinning Abubaker Shekau taunted: “I abducted your girls. I will sell them in the market, by Allah.” Shekau leads the extremist Islamic militant group Boko Haram — a man with a $7 million bounty on his head.

But UNICEF’s Laurent Duvillier says soldiers are not what frightens Shekau and his group.

“What frightens them is a girl with a book,” Mr Duvillier says.

French actor Elsa Zylberstein, French actor and author Saida Jawad, former French first l
French actor Elsa Zylberstein, French actor and author Saida Jawad, former French first lady Valerie Trierweiler and former French junior minister in charge of expatriates and francophone issues Yamina Benguigui take part in a demonstration in Paris for the release of the Nigerian schoolgirls.
It is a sentiment United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has expressed before in talking about extremists.

Boko Haram is translated into “Western education is forbidden”.

Mr Duvillier says an educated girl will be empowered, will start thinking, will probably have a better say in the decision-making process — will probably tell their children that don’t agree with Boko Haram.

“They know a girl with a book is probably the biggest threat to them,” he says.

Dozens of students and teachers have already been murdered in Nigeria.

AMNESTY International reports that in seven months in 2013, more than 50 schools were attacked and partially destroyed or burned down. About 30 teachers were shot dead, many during class, between January and September last year, the human rights group says.

“It (Chibok) is not the first attack on education. It’s the latest incident in a long line of attacks on education,” Mr Duvillier says.

Boko Haram, an al-Qaeda affiliate, started up in 2002 but there has been an escalation of violence in recent years.

Mothers of the missing schoolgirls gather to receive informations from officials.
Mothers of the missing schoolgirls gather to receive informations from officials.
Prior to 2011, most of the attacks on schools were carried out on infrastructure when the schools were empty, Mr Duvillier, UNICEF spokesman for west and central Africa, says.

Since 2012, teachers and students have been increasingly targeted by the militants.

As Shekau pronounced in a recent ranting video: “We are against Western education and I say stop Western education.”

According to Amnesty International’s Michael Hayworth, about 2000 people have died by insurgents this year, including 300 shot dead in a marketplace on May 5.

A state of emergency has been in place in three troubled Nigerian states for a year. And education — the very thing human rights groups say is instrumental in freeing families from poverty — is suffering in a country which already has frighteningly high numbers of children out of school.

Mr Duvillier, who is based in Senegal, says the parents of the Chibok schoolgirls are living a worsening nightmare.

As the clock ticks, the risk rises of these girls being sold into marriage or child labour or becoming victims of sexual exploitation and violence.

IF that did happen, any eventual return home could be fraught with danger.

The hunted Boko Haram leader Abubakar Shekau.
The hunted Boko Haram leader Abubakar Shekau.
“Imagine these girls that will go back to their villages with all the people knowing what they have been through,” Mr Duvillier says.

“They might have their own families, their own relatives not willing to talk to them anymore.”
Police say 53 girls managed to escape.

“My mind was busy, thinking of a way to escape,” a 16-year-old girl told the LA Times.

“I and two other girls were close together, speaking softly, and we came up with a plan.”

The girls told the gunmen they needed to go to the toilet.

“As soon as we were out of sight of the gunmen, we fled and we ran,” she said.

One of the terrified girls who managed to escape Boko Haram, an aspiring doctor, has already told of not wanting to return to school in Chibok.

A screengrab shows some of the girls, wearing the full-length hijab and praying in an und
A screengrab shows some of the girls, wearing the full-length hijab and praying in an undisclosed rural location. 
Heartbroken mothers and fathers are awaiting news of their daughters.

“The only thing I’m going to say to them is to please leave those girls alone. May God get into their souls to leave those girls alone,” one mother said.

In a video released by Boko Haram last week, Shekau claimed that the prisoners had been forced to convert to Islam.

It showed the morose faces of girls in a bush camp as they recited from the Koran. They were wearing full hijab.

Authorities say families have now identified 77 of the girls in the video as those abducted at Chibok.

A father of one of the missing girls told of spotting his own daughter in the video.

“When I saw it, I felt as if I was not in my own body, not in this world,” he said. In the video, Shekau calls for the release of his militant brothers.

“It is now four years or five years that you arrested our brethren and they are still in your prison. You are doing many things to them and now you are talking about these girls? We will never release them until after you release our brethren,” Shekau says.

Demonstrators in Abuja, Nigeria, call on the Nigerian Government to rescue the kidnapped
Demonstrators in Abuja, Nigeria, call on the Nigerian Government to rescue the kidnapped schoolgirls.
THE Nigerian Government has rejected the demand. The horrific ordeal of these girls and their families has been compounded by confusion and inaction.

Amnesty International says it has information from credible sources that Nigerian security forces knew of the impending attack four hours before up to 200 gunmen arrived in Chibok, but failed to send in reinforcements.

The small contingent of security forces based in the town, according to Amnesty, were overpowered and forced to retreat. The desperate people of Chibok reportedly took matters into their own hands after waiting three futile days for military help.

They pooled money to buy petrol and took motorbikes into the Sambisa forest armed with sticks, knives and hunting guns.

People in Baale, a village 100km from Chibok, told them the heavily armed men were camped nearby with the girls.

But the villagers warned them they would be killed and put the lives of their daughters in danger if they tried to ambush the terrorists.

They were forced to abandon their search.

Parents later claimed the military did nothing when given details of the girls’ location.

Two days after the mass abduction, a senior Defence Minister spokesman said that almost all the girls had been rescued — a statement later retracted. The lack of response from the Nigerian Government and military has prompted protests in Nigeria and around the world.

The hashtag #BringBackOurGirls has been retweeted 3.3 million times, according to analytical tool Topsy, in what has become a massive social media campaign.

A series of celebrities, including America’s First Lady Michelle Obama, have tweeted photographs of themselves holding signs carrying the #BringBackOurGirls hashtag. While it has raised ire in some quarters, Ms Obama’s photo has been retweeted 58,000 times.

In Los Angeles, actor Anne Hathaway has taken to the streets with a megaphone for the cause and Angelina Jolie has added her voice to calls for a release of the girls.

Ms Obama also used her husband’s presidential address last weekend to call for the release of the schoolgirls.

“This unconscionable act was committed by a terrorist group determined to keep these girls from getting an education — grown men attempting to snuff out the aspirations of young girls,” Ms Obama said.

SHE said she and President Barack Obama saw their own daughters in those girls.

“We see their hopes, their dreams — and we can only imagine the anguish their parents are feeling right now,” Ms Obama said.

“Many of them (parents) may have been hesitant to send their daughters off to school, fearing that harm might come their way. But they took that risk because they believed in their daughters’ promise and wanted to give them every opportunity to succeed.”

It is a risk welfare and human rights groups fear many parents will now not be willing to take.

The secondary school had been closed as a result of the terror attacks in the north, but the girls wanted to return to do their exams. Many other schools were also closed.

Mr Duvillier says that in an attack on another school last September, 50 students were killed by gunmen in their dormitory. As a result, 1000 students left the Chibok school.

The Ministry of Education in Borno, where Chibok is located, has estimated that 15,000 children in the northern state stopped attending classes between February and May as a result of attacks.

In Nigeria, a country of 168.8 million people, 10.5 million children are not in school, with 60 per cent of those in the north. It is the highest number in the world.

Only 54.8 per cent of primary-school aged children are enrolled in primary school, according to UNICEF figures.

“We don’t need more children out of school in Nigeria,” Mr Duvillier says.

He says education has been proven to be key to lifting families out of poverty.

When schoolchildren are targeted, lives are shattered and the future of the nation is stolen, Mr Duvillier says.

“If this happens today in Nigeria it could happen tomorrow in another neighbouring country,” he says.

“We cannot let north-eastern parts of Nigeria be a no-go area for teachers and schools.”

Mr Duvillier says the terror attacks have nothing to do with religion.

In his essay, Poverty is No Excuse for Terrorism, Nigerian-raised academic Josh Arinze says the goal of Boko Haram is to use violence to compel the transformation of Nigeria into an Islamic state.

Mr Hayworth, Amnesty’s crisis response campaign co-ordinator, says after watching the videorecorded messages, Boko Haram’s motivation seems ideological.

“It very much seemed about preventing Western education, preventing girls from going to school,” Mr Hayworth says.

He says that Boko Haram has been waging a campaign of terror against north Nigerian civilians for several years, abducting women and girls from schools and marketplaces and using them as hostages or raping them.

“This group has been allowed to continue to act with impunity and it’s really the civilians in northern Nigeria that are suffering. This is certainly the most brazen abduction that Boko Haram has undertaken,” he says.

“It’s anybody’s pick as to why they have abducted these particular girls.”

UNICEF’s Tim O’Connor says there are reports of Boko Haram militants abducting children or offering their parents incentives to allow them to be involved in the group so they can be child soldiers, porters and transporters.

Foreign Affairs Minister Julie Bishop will today announce the appointment of Miles Armitage as Australia’s next Ambassador for Counter-Terrorism.

One of Mr Armitage’s first priorities will be working with the Nigerian Government and partner countries on the schoolgirl kidnapping.

heraldsun.com.au 17 May 2014

From the headline of this story, the words 'Nigerian terrorist kidnappers' should also be replaced with the word 'governments'.

Governments spend an incredible amount of resources to keep the general population 'dumbed down', via distractions like sport, sex, 'reality shows', etc via tools at their disposal like the 'mass media', in order to keep the herd submissive.

The model employed by the United States is the most effective, with their little 'brother' Australia at an equal first place.

The New World Order at its finest.

Anti-corruption swoop on bribery and fraud in State Government departments, police and local councils

IBAC Commissioner, Stephen O’Bryan.
IBAC Commissioner, Stephen O’Bryan. Source: Supplied
BRIBERY, fraud and serious corruption investigations have been launched by Victoria’s anti-corruption agency into State Government departments, police and local councils. 

The Herald Sun can reveal the Independent Broad-based Anti-Corruption Commission has executed 56 judge-approved search warrants as it ramps up its investigations into dishonesty in the public sector.

The agency, which in addition probes police misconduct, has said it is also investigating the misuse of information by public officials.

The step-up in anti-corruption activity comes a month Commissioner Stephen O’Bryan launched an investigation into the Lawyer X scandal which was first revealed in the Herald Sun.

To obtain a search warrant IBAC needs to satisfy a Supreme Court judge that it is necessary for it to carry out its investigation.

In some cases police can assist IBAC officers, who in some cases can be armed, in executing search warrants.

The increase in activity from IBAC comes after its first year of operation during which questions have been raised about what Victorians are getting for the $27 million the agency is costing each year.

In its first year of operation, IBAC began 24 investigations, 10 of which were completed while only one telephone intercept was requested by the agency.

In his annual report to Parliament last month, Mr O'Bryan warned Victorians expect reports this year on "significant possible serious corrupt conduct in the public sector".

That same report included research showing 17 per cent of public servants believed corruption had increased in the past five years, while 43 per cent of the public believe it had increased in the past three years.

Mr O'Bryan has requested the Napthine Government give it extra powers to probe misconduct, a request that Attorney-General Robert Clark has said is likely to be treated favourably.

IBAC spokeswoman Hazel Penfold said for legal and operational reasons IBAC cannot provide further details in relation to current investigation.

"IBAC has a number of ongoing investigations across the state and local government sectors as well as police, involving allegations of serious corrupt conduct, including matters such as bribery, fraud and misuse of information," she said.

heraldsun.com.au 21 May 2014

Whatever the corporate media is reporting it is only the tip of the iceberg, as it is well known within certain circles that corruption is on a grander scale.

Victoria police together with the sheriff's office are also involved in enormous criminal activities.

Only time will tell what 'truths' the corporate media will be allowed to report on without any distortion.

Corporate Media supports carcinogenic junk food giant McDonald's

It is of little wonder that Australians are less healthier than a decade ago with free 'promotional' material given to junk 'food' manufacturers like McDonald's through the corporate media channels like Rupert Murdoch's news.com.au website.

Make no mistake about it, McDonald's 'food' is junk food laced with carcinogenic chemicals that are detrimental to the human body.

McDonald's products are literally poison for cannon fodder.

See the below article (20 May 2014) from News Corp how they promote McDonald's junk:

Secret McDonald’s menu hacks you’ll love

Forget your standard Big Mac meal. Try out these secret menu hacks at Maccas.
Forget your standard Big Mac meal. Try out these secret menu hacks at Maccas. Source: Supplied
“THERE’S something for everyone to love at McDonald’s.” 

At least that’s what McDonald’s says (and Lebron James stands by the claim, too).
If you feel the promise falls a little flat, you might’ve missed Mickey D’s “secret menu”. Tired of that classic Big Mac? Why not try a McGangBang instead? Feel that your McNuggets could be a bit more sprightly? Next time, order them “fresh”.

These mystical order transformations appear on multiple online sources. Sites such as #HackTheMenu and SecretMenuholic offer tips and tricks for fast food fans who like to order outside of the box. If you’re curious how to get fish, chicken and beef all under the same bun (and who wouldn’t be?), these hacks are for you.

Do note, these items are definitely more “hacks” than unique food orders. But, if you think hard about it, McDonald’s serves about four basic foods and dresses them up with sauces and McNames to feign variety.

Nevertheless, some of these hacks will actually save you a couple of bucks, while others will just take your tastebuds on a little trip around the world’s most beloved fast food restaurant.

Without further ado, here are 13 of McDonald’s off-the-menu items to give a whirl:
Land, Sea and Air Burger
If you want to taste beef, chicken and fish in one mouthful.
If you want to taste beef, chicken and fish in one mouthful. Source: Huffington Post
Description: This is a beef, chicken and Filet-O-Fish patty stacked in one bun. We decided to separate the chicken from the cow and fish because it seemed to make most sense.

How To Order: Ask for a burger, Filet-O-Fish and a McChicken. Assembly required.
The name is questionable but it looks pretty good.
The name is questionable but it looks pretty good. Source: Huffington Post
Description: Also referred to as McB*tchin’. One astute HuffPoster said it should be called a “McDoubleTeamed”. This is a McChicken patty stuffed between the two patties of the McDouble. Opt for cheese if you want to get real nasty.

How To Order: Order one McChicken and one McDouble. Assemble privately.
Poor Man’s Big Mac
Because sometimes a whole Big Mac is just too much.
Because sometimes a whole Big Mac is just too much. Source: Huffington Post
Description: This menu hack optimises the flavour of a Big Mac for the price of a McDouble. Sneaky.
How To Order: Order a McDouble with special sauce, lettuce and onion and sans pickles and ketchup.
2-Cheeseburger Meal
Why settle for one cheeseburger, when you can have two?
Why settle for one cheeseburger, when you can have two? Source: Huffington Post
Description: It’s a vintage throwback revived. According to HackTheMenu.com, this used to be “a staple of the old McDonald’s Menu.” It’s a classic cheeseburger meal (comes with a soft drink!), with two cheeseburgers. For the simple diner, and the simply hungry.
How To Order: Ask for the 2-cheeseburger meal. If your cashier hasn’t heard of it, order an additional cheeseburger alongside your classic cheeseburger meal.
Big McChicken
EW. But perfect for those on a gluten-free diet.
EW. But perfect for those on a gluten-free diet. Source: Huffington Post
Description: This monstrosity is a McTribute to KFC’s infamous Double Down. The buns of the burger are replaced with three McChicken patties. Meaty.
How To Order: Ask for three McChickens and a Big Mac. Expect your hands to a little McMessy as you put it all together.
Monster Mac
A heart attack on a plate.
A heart attack on a plate. Source: Huffington Post
Description: Oh. So this is a classic Big Mac with a tiny, tiny twist. It has EIGHT patties. Notably, the box that this bad boy was packed up in could barely sustain its weight.
How To Order: Despite the complex look of this “burger”, all you have to do is ask for a Big Mac with eight patties. McDonald’s will build it for you. If you’re feeling like more of a mini monster, you could ask for four (or six, seven, three) patties.
Grilled Cheese
For when your sandwich press is broken.
For when your sandwich press is broken. Source: Huffington Post
Description: Did you go to McDonald’s but don’t feel in the mood for McDonald’s? How strange of you! Nevertheless, you needn’t go hungry. This is a slice of cheese on a hamburger bun.
How To Order: Order a slice of cheese on a hamburger bun, receive this sad little number.
McKinley Mac
Mmmm delish.
Mmmm delish. Source: Huffington Post
Description: This is a Big Mac made with quarter pound patties. A regular Big Mac is made with 1.6 oz patties, and the Quarter Pounder is made with 4 oz patties. If you’re craving more meat and less bun, this appears to be the burger for you. The contrivance allegedly gets its name from Alaska’s Mount McKinley.
How To Order: Order a BigMac with quarter pound patties. No assembly required.
‘Fresh’ Chicken McNuggets
No one like cold nuggets!
No one like cold nuggets! Source: Huffington Post
Description: These are nuggets that haven’t been sitting out — they are apparently made (warmed?) to order. This menu hack comes from redditor Ritch88, who was once employed at McDonald’s.
Says Ritch88: “I used to work at McDonald’s. If you order, especially chicken nuggets, just ask for them fresh. Otherwise they’ve been just sitting in their container in the heat. They have a timer, but 9/10 times when that timer goes off, people just reset the timer instead of making new ones. This could go on until all the nuggets are sold.”
How To Order: Ask for fresh nuggets. I was surprised that the McDonald’s employee we ordered from knew exactly what we were asking for.
We’ll stick to the 50c cones, thanks.
We’ll stick to the 50c cones, thanks. Source: Huffington Post
Description: Oh, this is a wildly imaginative breakfast masterpiece. It’s a do-it-yourself conception that calls for equal parts Fruit ‘N Yogurt Parfait and hot cakes.
How To Order: Ask for one Fruit ‘N Yogurt Parfait and one order of Hotcakes*. Dress one half of each hot cake with yoghurt and fold. Once each cake is folded, drizzle syrup and granola (supplied separately with the parfait, as luck will have it) atop your dish.
*Make sure to get there while breakfast is being served!
Pie McFlurry
Ew. Source: Huffington Post
Description: For when you can’t decide between a McFlurry and a boxed, baked apple pie, we suppose, shove the latter into the former.
How To Order: Ask for one baked apple pie and one McFlurry of your choosing (we opted for M&M). You can ask politely for the McDonald’s employees to blend the two together, but they may decline. If that’s the case, do your own blending, or use the oddly stick-shaped pie as a vessel to scoop the creamy stuff into your mouth.
Neapolitan Shake
Strawberry, chocolate and vanilla shake.
Strawberry, chocolate and vanilla shake. Source: Huffington Post
Description: A trifecta milkshake, made by blending three classic flavours: Strawberry, chocolate and vanilla.
How To Order: Just kindly request a shake with all three flavours, and patiently wait for the mixture to blend.
Chicken McGriddle
Sweet and savoury all at once!
Sweet and savoury all at once! Source: Huffington Post
Description: A McTwist on chicken and waffles. A McChicken patty is sandwiched inside two McGriddles. Sweet and savory.
How To Order: This “secret menu item” is a bit tricky to order, since it calls for an item on the breakfast menu and an item on the regular menu. If you’re really dedicated, you can go to McDonald’s just as the menu is turning over: Get the last of the McGriddles and the first of the McChickens. Otherwise, you’ll have to make two trips (like we did) to chomp down on this fancy thing. Once that work is done, place the chicken patty inside of the McGriddle, and dress with syrup if you like.

Is it worth the effort? I wouldn’t know, I am a vegetarian.

This article originally appeared on The Huffington Post.

20 May 2014

Authorities, including the Malaysian Military let Malaysia Airlines flight 370 disappear

A NUMBER of authorities, including the Malaysian military, reportedly let MH370 disappear, according to shocking new claims about the missing plane. 
ABC’s Four Corners program quoted Malaysian Defence Minister Hishammuddin Hussein as saying that Malaysia’s civil aviation authorities called the military asking them to keep an eye on the plane but that the military allowed the plane to glide out to sea.

The plane was deemed not to be hostile and therefore the military did not send a plane up to investigate.
“If (we didn’t) shoot it down, why send it (jet up),” Mr Hussein said.

MH370 flew almost directly over the Malaysian military air base located on the island of Penang but that it appeared nothing was done.

Anwar Ibrahim said the military had completely breached the standing operating procedures.

“The air force will be alerted and will have to then be flown to that area to either ... guide the plane to land or to leave the Malaysian airspace. They’re standard operating procedure and this was never done,” he said.

“Yeah I mean it’s a major scandal here because ... this is of course amounting to a major threat to national security.”

Happy family ... A screen capture from a You Tube tribute for Malaysian Airlines pilot Ca
Happy family ... A screen capture from a You Tube tribute for Malaysian Airlines pilot Captain Zaharie Ahmad Shah, posted by his family. Source: YouTube
MORE: Doubts raised over ‘ping’ validity
The program also addressed rumours that Captain Zaharie Ahmad Shah’s wife had left him.

His brother-in-law, Asuad Khan, said claims that his sister Faizah had left Zaharie, taking their children with her to another house, in the hours prior to the ill-fated flight’s take off were “completely false”.

Mr Khan also denied that his 53-year-old brother-in-law was experiencing personal problems, had been upset about politics or that he was unfit to fly on March 8.

He said the veteran pilot’s marriage was not in trouble over a rumoured affair, saying that as a Muslim he was permitted to have multiple girlfriends outside his marriage.

Close family ... Ahmad Seth Zaharie, 26, with his sister Aishah Zaharie, 27, left,and mot
Close family ... Ahmad Seth Zaharie, 26, with his sister Aishah Zaharie, 27, left, and mother Faizah Khanum Mustafa Khan. Source: Supplied
RELATED: Pilot’s family lash out at reporters
“Even I don’t believe it because she, she’s at home.

Well the normal procedure for their ... whenever the husband fly the wife will go to another house where the younger son’s staying. Otherwise she will be alone in that big house. That’s been practised since they bought the house.”

It was claimed Captain Zaharie had received a two-minute phone call shortly before takeoff from a mystery woman, using a mobile phone number obtained under a false name.

Family of missing Malaysian Airlines Captain Zaharie Shah from flight MH370 pay tribute to him.

Courtesy: Chumguan Phoon/YouTube

MORE: Captain Zaharie’s ‘mystery phonecall’
Mr Khan defended his brother-in-law’s right to have a girlfriend.

“That I do not know about. Even if I know I said why not? We are allowed to, as long as you take good care of your wife. Even if you ask my sister and she said she don’t care,” he said.

“He can marry another one. Why not — we can marry four. We are Muslim.”

Technical experts in the US were also working to recover deleted information from a sophisticated flight simulator Zaharie had set up on a home computer.

But Mr Khan said the simulator had not been used this year.

“I don’t think so because the simulator is not working,” he said.

“That simulator was dismantled already, the things crash. It don’t work so he got to ah reformat the drive.”

Family ties ... Captain Zaharie Ahmad Shah and daughter Aishah Zaharie. Source: Facebook.
Family ties ... Captain Zaharie Ahmad Shah and daughter Aishah Zaharie. Source: Facebook.  Source: Facebook
RELATED: Captain Zaharie’s daughter ‘was in Australia’
Mr Khan also said Zaharie had not attended the trial of Malaysian opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim that day, which some reports suggested proved he had been radicalised and had hijacked the plane in an act of terror.

“No. I ask my sister personally, even my sister herself informed him on what happened on that day,” he said.

The program also claimed that someone inside the cockpit began interfering with the in-flight entertainment system around the time MH370’s transponder was turned off or failed.

It also revealed that a team of up to five officers could or should have been on duty at the nearby radar operations centre at Butterworth air base looking for unidentified aircraft.

news.com.au 19 May 2014

The US authorities are also involved in the coverup of the disappearance of  the flight.

Whatever the truth is it most probably not be available to the general populous, but instead a government sanctioned version will be promoted.

Medicare Card RFID Chip

There have been some rumours floating around concerning the monitoring of the masses through various means.

One method suggested was that there is an RFID (Radio Frequency IDentification) chip implanted in the Medicare card that Australians carry around with them.

A sample card was taken and carefully dissected (see illustration below) in order to find such a device or a thin copper wire acting as an antenna which is usually used in access cards by workers into buildings, etc.

The sample card has an expiry date of 2015.

From the analysis of the card it has been concluded that this particular card does not contain any RFID device or antenna.

This does not mean that such a device many not be present in any future cards issued to the masses.

19 May 2014

Australian Tax Office is unlawful – Wolter Joosse case

There are many court cases that are of great significance where the information contained within is beneficial to the general populous especially where a matter sets precedence.

Judges, magistrates are fully aware of their actions at every level of the Australian courts, so much so that some comments in the case are not documented, or struck out of the public record, under a so called excuse ‘for the greater benefit’ meaning not to the detriment of the ‘system’ not general populous, which are two entirely different things.

There is also another important point to take into consideration is that a case file that appears in an official ‘government’ website repository, may not necessarily be the exact same document as the original transcript or case. In order to confirm this, the researcher would have to site the original documentation, a time consuming exercise, and depending on the case sometimes very difficult to obtain the original works.

There are a fair few important matters in case law that one should be familiar with when ‘law’ is ones subject of preference. 

The High Court of Australia deals with matters that ‘interpret’ the ‘Constitution’ in respect to the matter before the court.  An example of a few cases that are referred to as ‘landmark’ cases could be; The Engineer’s Case [1920] HCA 54, Mabo v Queensland [1992] HCA 23, Sue v Hill [1999] HCA 30, Wakim [1999] 27, with plenty more as examples.

One important case with respect to the Australian Tax Office, existing as a ‘lawful’ (not to be confused with legal) entity, is the Wolter Joosse case in the HCA. 

Keeping matters of this significance out of the public eye, striking out certain comments or even restricting access to the file is a good way of keeping the ‘sheeple’ in the dark.

At a particular point in time the Wolter Joosse case against ASIC was available at the url given (in the illustration below), where this is no longer the case.

See attached screen capture:

Even though the transcript of the document is no longer available at the above shown link, the 27 page transcript in pdf format is available for download from the following link:

Another matter worth having when dealing with ‘authorities’ with regards to taxation.