04 December 2009

IBM Wages Fraud - Corporate Crime

To anyone outside the I.T. industry, IBM Australia, represents a name that is synonymous with a large blue chip vendor, of quality and service.

From the inside though an entirely different picture exists.

Documentation, obtained, and partially reproduced in the above illustration indicates a slave labour camp.

IBM's managers are instructed to push (encourage) their workers to work above their 37.5 hours paid week, up to and over a 45 hour week, the added hours for free (i.e NOT paid for the hours worked, which is illegal under the Australian Trade Practices Act) , whilst IBM charges the customer, and reaps huge profits.

The documentation also reads that the workers must be at least 87% productive and the billable time must be a minimum of 91%.

In the documentation it is also urged for all profits to be diverted to IBM. (?)

IBM regularly fraudulently charges the customer for work NOT done but billed.

In a 5 day working week, IBM forces its employees to work an extra day for ZERO dollars.

From a financial perspective, if IBM's workforce is approx. 3000 people, then IBM has defrauded it's employees (3,000 x 7.5 ) is 22,500 hours per week. If charged at $120 / hour, then the fraud equates to $2.7 million dollars per week.

As a result IBM's customers are also getting ripped off in the process of false accounting.

This fraud has been confirmed by a leading law firm in Australia, and IBM is still getting away with it.

The bigger the crime the bigger the cover up.

03 December 2009

Police hunt for Melbourne rape gang

Police are searching for up to eight youths believed to be responsible for the brutal gang rape of two 15-year-old girls in a park in the north of Melbourne.

In an attack described as "shocking", police said they believed the gang of men and teenagers planned the horrific rape in a well-lit park in Roxburgh Park, the Herald Sun reported.

Members of the gang followed the pair of schoolgirls from Broadmeadows train station to a McDonalds where the girls were lured to a park and repeatedly raped at around 10.30pm on October 24.

After drinking with the gang, the two girls were dragged to opposite ends of the park and raped, Detective Inspector Glenn Davies said.

"The girls were calling out to each other from either side of the park. Those calls were heard by witnesses," he said.

Police have released CCTV images of several men believed to be part of the gang of rapists responsible.

02 December 2009

NZ imports 'unskilled and here to stay'

New research has proven what many Aussies long suspected - Australia is a magnet for New Zealand's most unskilled workers.

An analysis of census figures has revealed for the first time that New Zealanders who migrate across the Tasman are far more likely to work as machine operators and labourers than as professionals.

The research also showed that these less skilled workers are more likely to stay in Australia for life.

The findings were released as part of a New Zealand government investigation to lift Kiwi wages into line with Australia's and to stop the heavy trans-Tasman migration.

Wellington demographer James Newell found that 2.8 per cent of employed people in the Australian census were born in New Zealand.

These Kiwis make up 4.3 per cent of all machinery operators and drivers in Australia and 3.4 per cent of all labourers. They make up only 2.4 per cent of all professionals.

It also showed indigenous Maori New Zealanders are also more likely than non-Maori to have crossed the ditch.

"Net trans-Tasman population loss is skewed towards New Zealand-born without professional qualifications or skills," Dr Newell concluded.

Queensland sociologist Mary Power said the revelation supports Aussies' widely-held belief that only the poor and less skilled New Zealanders make the crossing.

"There's definitely a feeling among Australians that New Zealanders occupy our working class suburbs," said Dr Power, of Bond University.

"Especially because the Maori people are so distinct and visible on the streets, in Brisbane particularly.

"And this study seems to support that."

She said her research had proven this was actually a "myth" and the migrating Kiwis came from all walks of life.

But Dr Newell stands by his findings.

He said it is not yet clear if this is happening because Australia is more attractive to the less skilled, or whether they're going there only because they can't get into other countries.

The new findings come hot on the heels of other research released by the taskforce showing why Australia is so appealing to New Zealanders.

The study found that Aussies live longer, in bigger houses, with more money and more leisure time.

In fact, we scored better on every test of living standards except one dubious marker showing New Zealand had more McDonald's burger bars.

The imbalance is clearly getting to the Kiwis who on Wednesday exclaimed on the front page of their New Zealand Herald "even their Christmas parties are better than ours".

aap 2 Dec 2009.

Australia, the dumping ground for trailer park trash.

A deliberate political move to devalue the work force.

01 December 2009

Police investigate doctor after second death

Police are investigating a Sydney doctor after the body of a young Brazilian student was found in his apartment, the second body to be found in the Elizabeth Bay unit this year.

Suellen Dominguez Zaupa died from a suspected cocaine overdose and was found dead in the apartment of the doctor on November 21, the Sydney Morning Herald reports.

Ms Zaupa had travelled from Brazil to Sydney to study hospitality management, and was living in a share house at Crows Nest on Sydney's North Shore.

She wrote on her Facebook profile that "Life looks after those that live it" less than a week before her death.

Last Thursday police charged a 41-year-old neurosurgeon with supplying an indictable quantity of a prohibited drug.

He has since been suspended by the NSW Medical Board and will face Downing Centre Local Court on December 15.

Ms Zaupa is the second young woman to die in the doctor’s home after the body of another woman in her 20s, named by the Daily Telegraph as Victoria McIntyre, was found in the Elizabeth Bay apartment on February 16.

Police have not released details of Ms McIntyre's death, but the NSW Coroner is investigating.

Neighbours told the Herald women dressed as "party girls" would constantly come in and out of Dr Nair's apartment.

Friends close to Ms Zaupa said she was not a prostitute as reported over the weekend.

"The lifestyle she lived was by no means that of a high-class escort and none of us who knew her well believe she would be capable of doing such a thing," Ms Zaupa's flatmate, who did not want to be named, told the newspaper.

She said Ms Zaupa went out to Kings Cross occasionally but would usually spend time closer to home or on Sydney's northern beaches.

Ms Zaupas father is understood to be on the way to Sydney from his home in Brazil.

aap 1 Dec 2009

So how many more girls does this doctor have to kill before some stops him ??? !!! ???

Naturally he WILL get of, and the legal system AGAIN will fail the victims families.

Just like the girl who died in Garry Ablett's drug sex party in a hotel.

30 November 2009

Blair 'didn't know Iraq war was illegal'

Tony Blair has denied a report that the British government's chief legal adviser told him before the start of the Iraq War that deposing Saddam Hussein would contravene international law.

Asked by CNN television whether an allegation was true that then-attorney-general Peter Goldsmith was "gagged" after trying to dissuade Blair from lending Britain's support to the US-led war, the former prime minister responded: "No, it's not."

"But I think the best thing with this inquiry is actually to let us all give our evidence to the inquiry," Blair said, responding to a question about the report in Britain's Mail on Sunday newspaper.

The newspaper wrote that ministers were secretly told at a July 23, 2002 cabinet meeting that the United States and Britain were set on "regime change" in Iraq and that Goldsmith, who attended the meeting, strongly expressed his disagreement with the policy in a July 29 letter he wrote to Blair.

In the letter, Goldsmith pointed out that war could not be justified purely on the grounds of "regime change", the newspaper reported.

Goldsmith eventually gave qualified legal backing to the conflict days before the war started in March 2003 in a brief, carefully drafted statement.

Sources reportedly said Goldsmith was subjected to such pressure by Blair's close inner circle over his advice that he threatened to resign.

But Blair refuted the newspaper account on Sunday, telling CNN he would have more to say on the matter when he testifies before an inquiry that is probing Britain's involvement in the war.

"I've been through these issues many, many times over the past few years and I'm very happy to go through them again. But I think probably the appropriate place to do that is in front of the inquiry," the former prime minister said.

The inquiry heard in its first week that Britain's ambassador to the United Nations at the time, Jeremy Greenstock, believed the invasion to be "of questionable legitimacy".

The inquiry, Britain's third related to the conflict, is looking at its role in Iraq between 2001 and 2009, when nearly all its troops withdrew and is to report its findings by the end of 2010.

aap 30 Nov 2009


A 'head of state' makes up 'excuses ' that invading a country and KILLING it's INNOCENT civilians, is supposedly legal in 'his' eyes.

BLATANT ANGLO - MASONIC ties overriding Human Rights.

Milosevic did the same thing and HE was tried for WAR CRIMES.

BLAIR the Modern Day Molosevic.