20 December 2013

40 million at risk after Target card heist

Payment details from up to 40 million credit cards could have been stolen after they were used in the stores of US retail giant Target.

The retailer said it was investigating after discovering that thieves had gained access to its payment systems.
The data breach began around 29 November, known as Black Friday, one of the busiest shopping days of the year.

The attackers are believed to have been scooping up credit card details for almost three weeks.

"We take this matter very seriously and are working with law enforcement to bring those responsible to justice," said Target boss Gregg Steinhafel in a statement.

In addition, he said, the company was working with a data forensics firm to work out how the theft occurred.
Data-stealing code
Target said the thieves had taken credit card numbers, names, expiration dates and security codes for the cards.

It urged people who shopped at its stores in the vulnerable period to check credit card records and query unusual activity.

"We regret any inconvenience this may cause," said Mr Steinhafel.

Security researcher Brian Krebs, writing about the breach, said sources at credit card payment processing firms had told him the thieves had installed data-stealing code on to card-swipe machines at tills in all 1,797 Target stores.

It is not yet clear how the attackers managed to get their malicious program on to point-of-sale equipment in the stores.

The thieves stole data between Thanksgiving and 15 December, said Target.

The US Secret Service, which has official responsibility for investigating financial fraud, told Reuters it was looking into the breach.

The largest ever credit card breach at a US retailer took place in 2007 when cyber-thieves managed to steal information related to almost 46 million credit and debit cards from TJ Maxx and Marshalls.

The thieves amassed the huge cache of data over an 18 month period after penetrating the retailers' computer network.

Comments from the original article:

Interestingly enough, I work for a credit card processing company. I also happened to shop at Target over the course of Black Friday. My thoughts, as we move into a world where electronic payment methods are becoming more widely used, we must take a step back and evaluate why they are so convenient in the fist place. This convenience is obviously coming at a cost, and that cost is our privacy. This goes into the broader discussion of how the web has been used and is currently used to illicit intimate details of individuals. Getting back to the matter at hand, Target should have definitely invested more money in its security infrastructure, but at what point is security considered to be adequate? Will the 'hackers' always be one step ahead? Time can only tell, but my guess, this is an ongoing threat that will never truly be resolved completely. Omar Khalid, Astoria

 bbc.co.uk 19 Dec 2013

The 'authorities' and corporations are (forcing?) encouraging the masses to use credit cards and other forms of non physical money in order to purchase items for their specific agenda.

19 December 2013

More Corrupt Cops - Police change defence after video turns up

A group of police officers who allegedly broke the leg of an arts student and told her ''we don't care if it's legal'' have been allowed to change their defence at the eleventh hour after CCTV footage of the assault emerged.

Rachel Gardner is suing the NSW police force claiming she was kicked, sat on, handcuffed, pushed against a fence, loaded into a paddy wagon and then dumped at a nearby train station without charge after being caught without a train ticket on March 13, 2011.

Police initially denied the kick occurred but sought to amend their defence in the Sydney District Court on Monday, minutes before the beginning of a five-day trial, after Ms Gardner's legal team revealed they had obtained CCTV footage from Cronulla station.

On Tuesday, Judge Sharron Norton lambasted the force's barrister Matthew Hutchings for presenting an "entirely different" defence document on the morning of the trial but she allowed it and deferred the trial to November.

Ms Gardner, 36, was at Cronulla station with two tourist friends just before midnight when they were approached by transit officers and found to be without tickets.

An altercation ensued when the tourists couldn't produce identification and police attended. Ms Gardner claims that when she protested that one of the tourists was being pinned to the ground by a transit officer, Acting Sergeant Craig Sands kicked both her legs out from under her, breaking her right leg.

In her statement of claim, it is alleged Sergeant Sands then directed a transit officer to sit on her while she was lying face down on the platform before she was handcuffed, told she was under arrest and put in a paddy wagon.

When she objected to what she believed was an unlawful arrest, an officer said ''we don't care if this is legal'', the statement said. Ms Gardner was not taken to a police station and charged. Instead, she was driven to Sutherland railway station and ''left to fend for herself in a seriously injured condition''.

She is seeking damages of up to $750,000 for the injuries as well as the humiliation, disgrace, mental suffering, emotional distress, fear and anxiety, loss of social status and inconvenience caused by assault, false arrest and false imprisonment. A doctor's report says she will likely develop osteoarthritis within five to 10 years.

Her aspirations to become a filmmaker would also be hindered as well as attempts to get casual work while studying at the University of NSW College of Fine Arts, the court heard. Barrister Geoffrey Petty, SC, said the only record of the incident was a standard internal log that was ''brief in the extreme''. He said CCTV footage showed the kick ''as plain as daylight'' and also showed the officers chatting on the station as Ms Gardner limped away.

The police initially denied all Ms Gardner's claims and said she bit and kicked officers.

Mr Hutchings said this was because Ms Gardner's statement of claim was so vague and void of detail that it prevented them investigating the claims and preparing a proper response.

The trial will begin in November.

smh.com.au 24 Sep 2013

Another exposure of corrupt cops, which are not only untouchable but protected from prosecution by the corporation known as the police.

This is an indication of how the police can assault the public without any consequences, literally being above the law.

Watch now how the corrupt legal system deals with the matter.

Perth cop's anger goes viral in video

Facebook photos of John Gds Martin, who posted the secretly filmed video of a police officer on his page.

Facebook photos of John Gds Martin, who posted the secretly filmed video of a police officer on his page.WA Police have confirmed they are investigating a video showing a heated confrontation between a traffic officer and a member of the public which has gone viral on Facebook.

The 45-second video shows an officer responding aggressively to comments made by the member of the public filming the incident.

The man was stopped by the first-class constable for riding a bike without a helmet in Forrestfield about 2.30pm on Tuesday.

At a press conference in Perth on Wednesday morning police confirmed they were investigating a video posted on Facebook by 'John Gds Martin' and that the constable had been spoken to by his direct supervisor.

The 45-second video shows an officer responding aggressively to comments by a member of the public.
The video, shared through the Facebook page "50 shades of straya", has been liked more than 15,000 times, shared more than 500 times and has received more than 4000 comments in the 14 hours since it was posted.

Inspector Dom Wood said the officer could have dealt with the situation in a more appropriate manner.

"The officer has admitted he could have dealt with things more appropriately and he is going to be spoken to about that," he said.

"We have to make it quite clear that this is a small snippet we saw on Facebook, we haven't seen the entirety of the incident so we have to look into it further.

"This is extremely rare, we don't get these incidents too often.

"This officer has come across someone who has pushed his buttons and tried to get a reaction.

"The officer wouldn't have known he was being recorded in those circumstances."

Inspector Wood would not rule out WA Police taking disciplinary action against the officer.

WA Police Union president George Tilbury said the work of a police officer could sometimes be stressful and agreed that the full circumstances of this particular incident were not yet known.
"Our members interact with the public 24 hours a day, seven days a week and on some of these occasions the situation can be quite frustrating and stressful," he said.
"As the full video has not been uploaded and the entirety of the circumstances are unknown, it is very difficult to comment on the actions of the officer.
"However, police officers should always do their utmost to portray a professional image, which can be difficult given that they are under more scrutiny than any other profession.
"Our members need to be aware that in this modern age of technology their actions and interactions with the public will be filmed, often without their knowledge or permission.”

watoday.com.au 20 Nov 2013

A legal fact that is often omitted is 
 - that the police can be recorded with or without their knowledge or permission.

The authorities do not want the general populous to be aware of this fact in order not to expose the corrupt dealing of the police 'force', which can be used as  evidence in the 'law' courts.

The police will try to intimidate in any way possible in order  for a member of the public not to record any incident.

This is all part of the bigger picture of the new and rising Police State of Australia.

Another corrupt copper being shielded behind the 'corporation' known as the police.

Civic Compliance - Victoria Police fraud

In Melbourne, Victoria tax payer funded, and paid for roads, have been sold by the Victorian business commonly known as the 'government', via the tool Jeff Kennett to private overseas 'investors'.

This action has been done 'unlawfully', a fact that the corporate media is reluctant to report on and expose, as this fraud is worth billions of dollars in revenue annually.

Corpau has obtained information from a source that was willing to provide some paperwork that exposes the fraud involving Victoria Police.

What is more concerning is that an officer from Vic Pol stated that the paperwork the driver received has nothing to do with Victoria Police, despite it having the Victoria Police logo, as Vic Pol is not allowed to work for corporations (which contradicts their current actions).

A section of the paperwork (see above illustration), which is edited shows the Victoria Police logo affixed to a letter from sent from a company known to Victorians as CIVIC COMPLIANCE PTY LTD (ABN 68 122 448 122 / ACN 122 448 122).

  • Paperwork or claims sent out to 'drivers' that traffic camera 'offences' have occurred are unlawful, and ONLY valid upon acceptance of a 'binding agreement' or contract by the individual.

On the document that has been edited, the driver is referred to as the corporate entity (denoted by capitals) e.g. JOHN CITIZEN, which is further acknowledged by the opening salutation of Dear Sir/Madam, as seen in the above illustration.

What is not seen in this document is the signatory that being  D. Quach.

Since Victoria Police are now aware of the fraud, a report must be written up, followed up by an investigation launched into the fraudulent activities of the company CIVIC COMPLIANCE PTY LTD, and therefore a listing in the courts in relation to the fraud.

This fraud is in the magnitude of hundreds of millions of dollars annually to the Victorian motorists.



Below is an example of a letter that can be used:

Letter for Traffic
infringements in Australia


28th November 2009

Dear Civic Compliance

I, John Smith do proclaim that it is my WILL that I do not consent to doing any business with your corporation “Civic Compliance Pty. Ltd (A.B.N. 68 122 448 122)", unless you can provide me with a valid signed contract between both parties.

If you believe I am Guilty of an Australian Offence, then then please supply me with a Court Order for this offence, making sure it contains proper authorisation from an officer of the Supreme Court as laid out in the Bills of Exchange Act 1909 (Cth), and a public seal in accordance to the Evidence Act 1995 (Cth) section 150.

Infringement Notices have no Judicial Authority in Australian according to our Commonwealth Constitution Act 1900 section 71, and the Imperial Acts Application Act 1980 Section 8, division 3, paragraph 12, which are in full force today in Australia as voted by the people of Australia through its referendums. Therefore your Notice cannot be accepted for value as it is not Legal under Australian Federal law.

If you wish to take me to court I will only consent to having this matter heard in an Chapter III Commonwealth Court as “infringement courts/tribunals” operate unlawfully as star chambers, and you are also required to withdraw all promises of fines before hand.

Thank you for your time
God Bless the Commonwealth
Sincerely without Prejudice

John Smith
Public Commonwealth Official

Source: http://www.scribd.com/doc/24422369/traffic-infrigements-letter

See also: http://larryhannigan.com/traffic_01.htm

Centrelink ripping off pensioners again

It is not uncommon for the corporate media in Australia through programs like A Current Affair, or Today Tonight, to jump on the bandwagon of exposing social security cheats, which in effect steal from the tax payer funded social security system.

It should also be noted that stealing is a crime, and subject to police intervention, or so that is what the masses are led to believe.

Not everyone who steals gets charged, convicted or even weighed down with a criminal record, which in effect is of little or no consequence in the real world.

Pensioners, low income earners, the uneducated, or those who are simply unable to react or defend themselves are often (soft/easy) targets specifically aimed at by the 'authorities' for the sole purpose of Financial Terrorism.

Those who are dependent on social security, are targeted, and oppressed in many forms, from a passive aggressive manner by the departments to plain unlawful withholding of finances.

An interview from a source within the industry netted shocking results that Centrelink recipients are treated and seen by staff as 'scum'.

"When they [the dole blugders] call us, we [Centrelink] don't give a f**k, we go on a smoke break, or to the toilet, or on a lunch break, and keep them hanging on, as we know they need us", said the anonymous source.

Lesser known facts:

  • Centrelink is a business (ABN 29 468 422 437) that receives a specific amount from government for each of the registered recipients it allocates the funds to.

  • An order from the top of Centrelink management is to, in as many cases as possible (even resulting to providing false information), 'breach' and not give the full amount each recipient is entitled (contracted) to receive.

Corpau has obtained information that Centrelink have now targeted pensioners (approximately 72,000 - 76,000 recipients) in order not to pay the full amount they are contracted to receive.

If a recipient is found to be defrauding Centrelink, irrespective of the time frame, payments must be returned including 'fines' and other 'penalties', if not then the real possibility of a prison sentence is imminent. This does not hold true in the reverse scenario.

How the fraud is done:

Centrelink is delaying the processing of pensioner payment to the tune of 13 weeks.

The customer is told (provided with false information) over the phone, that the delay may be up to 10 weeks, knowing full well from the managers that the delay is over 13 weeks or over 3 months.

Centrelink also state that there will be in effect no 'back pay' from when the forms were lodged, in effect stealing the funds from the recipient.

Centrelink steals again from the customers, the interest earned from the monies held.

Many of the recipients are not in any state or position to take action against this kind of fraud, so many just "grin and bear it".

Australia is a very litigious country, and for the few who know how the 'system' operates can use this fact to their advantage.

The new policies implemented in order to get away with fraud:

Since the authorities are fully aware of this (litigious state) a new method of (non) communication has emerged.

  • Government or 'corporate' workers are instructed not to give out their names, as this can be used as evidence in court, against them or the company.

  •  All communication is to be done via the phone, so the 'customer' has no written record, which can then be given to lawyers and taken further.

  •  When writing a complaint to the 'authority' heavy handed tactics are to be used, including quotes from various (unlawful) Acts,which are specifically designed to intimidate.

  • If a complaint is received the response is given by not any single person, claiming ownership of the document, but rather a 'team' or an inanimate object, e.g. the department.

Centrelink is involved in fraud, something that the corporate media would be reluctant to investigate or report on?

18 December 2013

Ex-bikies jailed over bashing

TWO former Comancheros have been jailed and a third has walked free on a suspended sentence over a vicious brawl at a King Street strip club two years ago. 
Samson Bazi, 30, was jailed for 13 months while bikie David Gavelan, 31, was jailed for up to 12 months over a brawl at the Spearmint Rhino strip club in December 2011.

Fellow former Comanchero Ali Bazzi, a 36-year-old pizza maker from Sydney, received a nine month sentence suspended for 18 months over his role in the brawl.

County Court Judge Lewitan described the brawl as "very serious offending" that had left the victims - concreters celebrating a work Christmas function - with missing teeth, bruising and in one case, unconscious.

Bazi, a father of one and the brother of professional soccer player Julia Bazi, is already serving a jail sentence over a brawl in the Dreams strip club in Elizabeth and hopes to marry when he is release.

Gavelan, who had no prior convictions, was jailed in part because his victim was unconscious for part of the attack.

Bazzi, a father of two, ran a Bondi pizza shop for six years and has recently begun selling frozen yoghurt.

Judge Lewitan said each of the men had since left the Comancheros.

heraldsun.com.au 17 Dec 2013

Another headline with misleading information.

In the body of the story, there is NO jail, but rather a 'suspended' jail sentence, which means on does NOT step inside the boundaries of a prison.

This is another example of the corrupt Anglo-Masonic legal system.

Another corrupt judge letting criminals loose, in accordance with orders, so that they can re-offend and the 'system' can make more money from 'clients'.

The County Court is a 'business' with the ABN 32 790 228 959, owned by the Liberty Group, which has nothing to do with law, but rather 'contractual obligation'.

The Edge's Bill Vlahos declares bankruptcy

Bill Vlahos, the operator of failed $500 million punting club The Edge, has declared himself bankrupt.

Trustee in bankruptcy Clyde White, of PCI, said the only substantial debt declared by Mr Vlahos was $26 million owed to Bahamas-based company Aloga, which was used by a group of US businessmen to invest in the punting club.

However, Mr White said he expected more creditors would emerge as news of the bankruptcy spread.
‘‘I’m quite sure there will be a lot more creditors than are identified in the statement of affairs [filed by Mr Vlahos],’’ he said.

‘‘In the circumstances that surround this particular matter, and similar matters that I’ve dealt wth, there will be more that stick their hands up, as sure as day follows night.’’

He said Mr Vlahos’ only declared asset was a bank account containing a few thousand dollars.

’’There’s no assets. He doesn’t have any real property and there’s a bank account, that’s it,’’ he said.
He said Mr Vlahos only identified six to 10 creditors, of which Aloga was by far the largest.

‘‘I’ve been there only since yesterday... we’ve already probably identified another few that will be there that will have fairly large claims,’’ he said.

Mr Vlahos appointed Mr White on Monday.

Mr White appealed for those with information to come forward.

‘‘I need to find out a lot more,’’ he said.

‘‘I’ve still got a mountain of questions  – it’s a needle in a haystack.

‘‘If people have been involved and are in the industry they might be able to give me pointers.’’

A creditors meeting will be held in January.

smh.com.au 17 Dec 2013

Corporate Fraud in Australia reigns supreme.
One can hand in the paperwork to become 'bankrupt' and have a clean slate.
The laws in Australia have been set up for the benefit of the (untouchable) corporatocracy, especially when it comes to defrauding the general populous.

All Bill has to worry about now is how passionate some 'investors' are about losing their money, and what they are prepared to do, as payback.

The government is in no hurry to change any laws with regards to corporate fraud, but instead will pass legislation that enables operators to install 'speed cameras' for the interest of public safety.

Australian law favours white collar crime and (always?) will.

Hearing: NBN Co gagged on finer details of strategic review

NBN Co executive chairman Dr Ziggy Switkowski. Photo: Alex Ellinghausen
NBN Co executive chairman Ziggy Switkowski has refused to hand over an unredacted version of the national broadband network strategic review, citing confidentiality issues and ministerial advice.

At an NBN Senate Select Committee hearing at the NSW State Library on Tuesday, former Communications Minister Stephen Conroy requested that NBN Co table to the committee an unredacted version of the review.

The review into the NBN Co and the rollout of Labor's fibre-to-the-premise network model was ordered by Communications Minister Malcolm Turnbull soon after the election. The review was delivered to Mr Turnbull on December 3. It was released publicly with redactions last week.

The motion to table the unredacted review was supported by Greens Senator Scott Ludlam and Labor Senator Deborah O'Neill.

Dr Switkowski refused the request, saying he had “concerns” about releasing it publicly.

“I have concerns about [the committee] accessing the full report,” Dr Switkowski said.

“The parts that have been redacted have been redacted for a reason,” he said.

Communications Minister Malcolm Turnbull released a redacted version of the strategic review last Thursday. Some parts of the review include revised cost estimates for fibre-to-the-premises network rollout. It indicates savings could be achieved with productivity improvements. It also includes costs to upgrade the hybrid fibre-coaxial (HFC) network to faster speeds.

Dr Switkowski said NBN Co sought advice from Mr Turnbull on releasing the review without redactions. Mr Turnbull's response “confirmed we are not able to provide the full report at this time”.

Senator Ludlam tweeted a copy of the letter from Turnbull, which was tabled by NBN Co.

“Plainly the NBN Co should not release the unredacted document,” Mr Turnbull said in the letter to NBN Co.

“It was prepared for the government, has been released with limited redactions and the full unredacted document remains cabinet-in-confidence.

“Further, any release would prejudice legal proceedings and damage the commercial interests of the government, including during ongoing contractual negotiations,” he wrote.

For those reasons, he said “the document should not be released for reasons of public interest immunity".

Just on the releasing of the NBN reports. Will the Government commit to releasing all future NBN Co reports or forecasts?

In September, Mr Turnbull committed to transparency when releasing NBN reports and forecasts.
"Well part of our policy is there will be – the answer is, we will ensure the NBN Co is as transparent or indeed more transparent than a publicly listed company," he said.

Dr Switkowski also refused to guarantee any broadband speeds delivered by the network. The Coalition's fibre-to-the-node policy promised a rollout with minimum speeds of 25 megabits per second by 2016, and 50 megabits per second three years later in 2019.

“I do not buy questions that demand us to guarantee anything,” Dr Switkowski said. “It’s clear that after four years of NBN, guarantees have lost currency.”

Dr Switkowski refused to answer Senator Conroy's questions regarding the salaries of NBN Co executives JB Rousselot and Greg Adcock saying those figures would be included in the company's annual report. However, he revealed that external consultants Deloitte, KordaMentha and Boston Consulting Group were paid a total of $8 million to help the company conduct the strategic review.

Consultancy firm McKinsey & Company received $25 million for an NBN implementation study prepared for the previous government in 2010.

 smh.com.au 17 Dec 2013

The whole NBN Co. project is not only a 'money for mates' deal but also a tenders fraud, and a corporate failure, that is going to escape the 'legal' system.

Currently ISP's are able to provide speeds of 100Mbps or 4 times greater than the initial implementation of the NBN.

Ziggy Switkowski was a CEO at Australia's telecommunications monopoly Telstra, where bill fraud costing Telstra customers worth tens of millions of dollars annually was not taken on board by Australia's prominent legal firm Slater and Gordon.

Fraud and corruption worth millions or even billions (as with the NBN) do not see the light of day in the corrupt Anglo-Masonic courts of Australia.

NSA documentary on CBS sparks Twitter fury

A CBS documentary on the inner workings of the NSA has prompted condemnation for its “one-sided” portrayal of the spy agency. Spy chiefs denied allegations they snooped on American citizens and claimed they only spied on foreigners.

During the program entitled ‘60 Minutes’ correspondent John Miller – a former NSA employee – explores the headquarters of the NSA in Fort Meade, Maryland, interviewing employees who have previously never spoken to the press. At the beginning of the show, Miller explains the NSA often stands for “never say anything”, but promises the agency has “broken with tradition” to dispel allegations the US is spying on its own citizens.

The new installment of ‘60 minutes’ triggered a flurry of criticism on social media following its airing on Sunday night. Internet commentators accused CBS of propagating a one-sided image of the national spy agency. In addition, journalist and whistleblower, Glen Greenwald, who was handed security leaks by former NSA contractor Edward Snowden, spoke out on Twitter, calling the show “way beyond self-parody”.

Miller refers to Edward Snowden during ‘60 Minutes’ as a “20-something-year old high school dropout contractor”. Snowden, who has been dubbed a whistleblower by some media outlets, divulged a trove of classified data which revealed the NSA’s massive international spy network.
The NSA’s spy chiefs denied allegations that the agency recorded telephone calls and claimed it only spies on foreign terror targets.

“The fact is, we're not collecting everybody's email, we're not collecting everybody's phone things, we're not listening to that. Our job is foreign intelligence and we're very good at that,” said General Keith Alexander, head of the spy agency. Alexander, however, did not address allegation that the NSA had lied to Congress about the extent of their spy programs.

He went on to condemn Edward Snowden’s security revelations as handing over the “keys to the kingdom” to America’s enemies.

General Alexander also said he did not agree with the possibility of granting Snowden amnesty, maintaining he needed to be punished for his crimes. He likened the idea of amnesty to a hostage situation.

“This is analogous to a hostage taker, taking 50 people hostage, shooting ten and then saying: “if you give me full amnesty then I’ll let the other 40 go,” said Alexander.

The US agency has described Snowden’s revelations as the biggest security breach in American history and says they will never know the full extent of the leaks. Snowden maintains he has handed over all the documents to various international news organizations and now has copies, something that NSA officials do not believe. Snowden is currently living in Russia where he has been granted temporary political asylum by the government. Washington wants the whistleblower extradited on charges of espionage.

Since the spy revelations emerged the US government has sought to improve the image of the NSA and maintain it is key in protecting America from terrorist threats.

rt.com 16 Dec 2013

All part of the global agenda to monitor, control and enslave the masses, under the 'terrorism' banner.

Previously the enemy was communism, a fact unbeknown to the general populous that it was supported and financed by the 'western' banking elite.

Snowden's revelations are are exposé of government corruption detrimental to the general populous.

17 December 2013

Financial Terrorism

Financial Terrorism is a new way of controlling the masses by the denial of a means to live by limiting the amount of money a person or household possesses.

This relatively new means of controlling the population is done in such a manner that most of the populous are blissfully unaware of its reality.

One format used, that is touted in developed, western or capitalistic societies, is the illusion of freedom by which the masses are controlled by is financial debt to the banks and corporations, where the general populous enslave themselves unwillingly or willingly to the corporatocracy.

Another method used is that of 'unlawful' acts implemented by governments in order to fine or issue 'unlawful' infringement notices, which carry a disproportionate financial penalty or jail sentence in relation to the alleged 'crime'.

The social security system is used to strictly entrap the recipients in order not become independent to the control by the authorities.

Australia, is a relatively new police state, where this is not mentioned in the corporate media, in order not to awaken the sleeping herd population.

People who rise to the corrupt judges and magistrates in the courts are targeted arrested and beaten by police into subservience.

This is a reality that is kept under wraps by the corporate media, but is alive and well in various media storage facilities like YouTube.com and Facebook

The corporate media instead draws attention to meaningless 'viral' videos in order to draw attention away from recordings that expose government and jurisdictional fraud in the 'law' courts of Australia.

The Australian government has stepped up its assault on the masses in order to keep them oppressed and subservient.

What the masses are unaware of is that Australian 'law' courts are NOT courts of law as commonly understood, but rather places of business, commerce and/or trading.

You are penalised under 'contractual law', and if you ask ANY judge or magistrate to prove their 'Writ of Commission' or their 'Binding Contract' with your 'estate' name, something they cannot and NEVER can produce, you are threatening the 'system' and will be dealt with accordingly.

A truly corrupt system analogous to the concentration camps of Germany.

16 December 2013

Mental Health Act - A new way of dealing with Activists and Protesters

In this new age of modern technology where the government carriageway, commonly known as the internet is used by the masses, the flow of information occurs at an 'instantaneous' rate compared to that of a generation ago.

The 'newspaper' moguls still are the holders of information that influences the general (herd) populous, but now the masses are able to put up information in its raw format, theoretically not supportive of any government agenda, in essence, 'saying how it is'.

Government fraud and corruption is literally the bane of society, where the police 'force' is used to keep the masses submissive to corporate rule, an act in itself that is illegal.

Exposing government fraud and corruption is met with fierce opposition by the authorities (including corporations) where tactics like:

  • financial ruin,
  • breaking into domestic premises,
  • police harassment (following from home to work),
  • targeted for road 'offences',
  • threats to family,
  • unlawful police arrests and 
  • assault or violence against the individual,
are used on a common basis.

Corpau has been made aware that recently there have been secret meetings held in Victoria, Australia aimed at how to deal with this 'new problem'.

The 'brotherhood' has concluded that a new method of tacking people who rise above the tyranny is to incarcerate them under the metal health act, with the intention to experiment with new drugs that produce cancer or drugs that alter the behaviour of an individual.

A 'guinea pig' has been chosen by the authorities for this specific purpose in the outer regional town of Ballarat, under the new mental health act scheme.

Luckily for the person incarcerated, the network of support was overwhelming, and ultimately resulted in the individual being freed.

This fact was not reported by the corporate media, instead the focus is on how the Kardashian's family Christmas card is 'creepy', a diversion used to keep the populous 'stupefied'.