10 May 2020

Writ of Summons against the Australian Government re:Coercive Vaccination Policies

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High Court of Australia case coming up...against govt vaccination coercion and to seek damages for vaccine injury. .Get behind this wonderful man Solihin Millin and SHARE this with everyone!!!
Just so you know, I have a case in the High Court of Australia against the Australian Government Coercive Vaccination Policies. Current status is an Appeal against what I regard as a fundamentally unfounded judgement by Justice Gordon. Here are two of the documents. One is the current Appeal Case M31/2020 successfully filed and the other is the original Case M18/2020 also successfully filed. Personally I feel highly optimistic that the Appeal will be successful. It's in 'a queue' waiting to be heard, hopefully in a month or two by the High Court. The current loss of legal and human rights through this false Covid19 Panic Demic and looming mandatory vaccination makes these cases even more important than ever. I'm sure the High Court Judges, being Mums and Dads and intelligent human beings will welcome the chance to address these shocking issues of loss of rights via a case in the High Court of Australia. All of this can only happen through the Grace of Almighty God


Filed within the High Court of Australia;


Form 23 with Part V1 Annexure:


RayDano said...

GO FOR IT - (Fact) - It Is IMPOSSIBLE to Shorten The Arm of The Living God. -

Ray said...

Awesome job
go for it.....

Ray said...

go for it....

Ray said...

Good on ya Sol

People need to wake up as they can’t see what their so called leaders are doing to them
Elite wants one world and one government one police
And us all to live in fear and panic
And constantly washing our hands while they are washing our brains.
Stupidity accelerated 1000 times with co-vid-19(84) big brother common scare so cold

Dick Yardley said...

When you the words Australian Government you are talking about the Political Parties private Government created in 1973. That Australian Government and it's created their own Parliament of Australia, Queen of Australia, Governor-General of Australia, Great Seal of Australia and so on.
Queen of Australia = “Elizabeth R”. (“R” stands for the Latin Regina, meaning “Queen”.
This creates “Elizabeth R” for the Political Parties
“Elizabeth the Second, by the Grace of God Queen of Australia”.
This creates the Australian Republic.