07 May 2012

Government corruption costing billions

One of the most underrated, by the corporate media, facts that exists is that government initiated fraud costs the taxpayers billions of dollars per year.

The corporate media, allegedly inform the masses that they follow a code of conduct and report factually. The truth of the matter is that this is another lie perpetuated, to stupefy the general populous.
The corporate media is very reluctant to report the fraudulent activities of ‘its’ peers in the top echelon of business.

A recent report showed the labour MP Craig Thomson, was responsible for fraud to the value of over  $17M in fraudulent tenders and transactions. Thomson was also implicated in credit card fraud over spending on prostitutes.

This is only one example of one person conducting fraudulent activities. There are many more cases of much more higher total values, to the hundreds of millions of dollars per portfolio, that the corporate media has not reported on.

Craig Thomson’s lack of any criminal conviction, shows how corrupt the police together with the legal and judicial system is. Judges are paid in bribes, to throw out cases, whilst police are on the payroll to ‘bungle’ investigations, in that if any evidence is presented in court the matter is dismissed.

Since the corporate media are a lap dog of the government the true extent of government corruption will never be reported.