08 February 2014

True English Australia – Introduction

The country, island or continent known to many as Australia is currently a total different ‘institution’ than what it was a couple of hundred years ago.

While it may seem logical and necessary for progress to occur, both technologically and socially, there is one fundamental aspect that needs to be addressed that many of the general populous are not aware of, and have little knowledge about, that being of law.

While the saying may be true that ‘knowledge is power’ is it more potent when one knows how to apply this knowledge.

In order to keep the masses oppressed and subservient, to the  ‘authorities’, knowledge and law is kept away from them, together with distractions, that keep them occupied, with an oppressive police force to ‘enforce’ the rules of the corporatocracy.

(illustration: Corporate Slaves - Ninja1987)

In Australia one of the most corrupt institutions is that of the judicature, where everyone working in the ‘system’ from the ‘foot soldiers’ to the High Court judges are partaking in a fraud and a shroud of secrecy to perpetuate a ‘business’ that feeds of the emotion of the uneducated masses, to their detriment.

The extent of this fraud could very well rival the illicit drug trade that is worth an approximate $1.2 billion per month in Australia.

A new category/label has been created called True English Australia(TEA) by corpau, which is designed contain facts of the Australian legal system, that some may not be aware of, in order to expose the illegal and ‘unlawful’ actions of the judicature, police, politicians law makers, and the like.

Many laws have been put in place that are factually ‘unlawful’ but it is through the lack of knowledge by the ‘condemned’ and most importantly, something called ‘consent’ that one is judged, persecuted and even imprisoned by. Keeping in mind that ignorance (or lack of knowledge) of the law is no excuse.

The judicial system, through intimidation and bullying, and covert binding contracts is beating the masses into submission to corporate laws (rule of man), that have literally nothing to do with something called the ‘rule of law’, which must be followed.

The perpetrators of fraud:

The Judicature

The judicature is made of people who are officers responsible for administering justice. This is where the colloquial term ‘the buck stops here’ literally fulfils its meaning.

The ‘justice’ system of Australia is held literally in the hands of a few, who belong to the brotherhood, where the alliance lies in preserving the (fraudulent laws of the) system. Included in this policy is the suppression of documents that expose the corrupt dealings of government, police and the courts, including laws that have been exposed as fraudulent. 

Various real world scenarios occur when the system is challenged, from cases being dismissed, so that the details of the matter do not become public knowledge, to the unlawful incarceration of those who expose the crimes of those in power, even though criminal actions of anyone are supposed to be dealt with accordingly by the law, or so we are led to believe this [propaganda].

Faceless men (law/policy makers), politicians, business leaders

These are part of the ‘untouchables’ of society where no matter how the reality is portrayed, they are above the law when it comes to the bottom line.

They are the people who make decisions that enslave the masses via a myriad of methods, of which subservience to the corporatocracy play a major role.

The corporate media

Australia’s corporate media is owned by three families being Murdoch, Packer and Stokes, with a significant majority held by Murdoch. The families have high profiles and have an enormous influence in politics, whose peers are (also) among the law makers and judicial communities where the decision making favours their business interests.

The corporate media is designed to keep the herd population in their place, via many distractions which in today’s modern society includes focusing on the attention of useless information on trivial matters in the entertainment industry and social media. The corporate media is also responsible for shaping the minds of the children of the cannon fodder, to focus on becoming ‘stars’, where education is not part of any curriculum. This is a policy with no expiration date.

The corporate media is NOT your friend, when it comes to matters of significant importance.

So that the corporate media cannot be accused of a ‘conspiracy’ certain information is obtained (under Freedom Of Information requests), and certain reports are ‘allowed’ to be published for public consumption. Not all information under FOI is accessible.

The Police Force

There seems to be a gross misunderstanding by the general populous, as to what the police are and what they are supposed to be.

According to the Black’s Law Dictionary (2nd edn) (http://thelawdictionary.org/police/) the police are:

Police is the function of that branch of the administrative machinery of government which is charged with the preservation of public order and tranquillity, the promotion of the public health, safety, and morals, and the prevention, detection, and punishment of crimes...... The police of a state, in a comprehensive sense, embraces its whole system of internal regulation, by which the state seeks not only to preserve the public order and to prevent offenses against the state...

Understanding the context of the above words is paramount to knowing who the police really are.

The general populous would not be incorrect in assuming that the government which is elected by the people functions for the people, being supported financially by the taxation of the people’s earnings making each and every person in government office a ‘public servant’ therefore extending this also to the members of police. In reality this is not factually correct.

Today, Australia’s government is actually a corporatised entity, where the enforcers of the law, the police, are a separate corporate entity of every state in Australia. The police work for the government, in preserving (false) laws in order to keep the masses docile and subservient to corporate rule.

To emphasise quite clearly the reality is that the police are NOT public servants, and therefore DO NOT work for the people, are NOT for the people, but rather only subservient to the government, and its agenda.

There are many areas that will be covered in this section, that expose the extent of corruption in authority, government and the corporate sector, that ultimately work to the detriment of the general populous to a significant extent.

07 February 2014

Two Queensland police officers charged with rape

Two Queensland police officers have been charged with raping a woman while on duty.

The two constables, aged 28 and 29, will face Mackay Magistrates Court on Friday in the wake of an Ethical Standards Command investigation this week.

The alleged incident involving two on-duty officers and a woman took place on Sunday morning, and was reported to police on Monday afternoon.

Both men have been charged with five counts of rape and one count of assault with intent to commit rape and deprivation of liberty.
The officers have been suspended from duty.

No other information regarding the alleged assault has been released.

brisbanetimes.com.au 7 Jan 2014

More 'police' (corporate) scum from the 'sunny state'.

With the corporate media supporting the concealment of the names of the individuals, where if it were 'cannon fodder' who were the criminals, they would be named.

Another corrupt corporation the Queensland Police department.

There are many examples of police harassment, of which a viral video posted on YouTtube called:
queensland police harassment at:

has been viewed over 636970 times as of this post.
Queensland Police Service is a registered company with the ABN of 29 409 225 509, with the motto "WITH HONOUR WE SERVE"

ANZ late fee ruling puts pressure on telcos, utilities


If a rise in the cost of living has become known as ''bill shock'', then perhaps this fee is best described as ''after shock''.

Late fees are under scrutiny after a court ruled on Wednesday that ANZ Bank's $35 late payment fee was ''extravagant, exorbitant and unconscionable'', deeming it illegal.

The ruling has left the bank facing the need to repay millions of dollars to tens of thousands of customers. There are six other banks in danger of similar action, but that's not all.

Gerard Brody, chief executive of the Consumer Action Law Centre, urged penalised customers to immediately contact their energy and mobile phone providers and ask for a similar refund or reduction, if they viewed their fee as unfair. ''We're encouraging any company that imposes this fee to make sure it isn't out of proportion of the cost they're charging,'' he said. ''If they are, they might be targeted by perhaps a class action.''

A Fairfax Media survey of other Australian banks, telcos and energy companies finds late fees ranging from $4.75 to $20.

Australia's major energy companies, including EnergyAustralia, AGL and Origin, hit customers with penalties of about $11.

The average late payment fee on credit cards was $14 in both 2011 and 2012, figures from the Reserve Bank of Australia show.

The largest mobile phone providers, including Optus and Telstra, charge $12.50 on average for late payments.

''We'll be looking carefully to see if there's an opportunity to take another class action - perhaps some of the telcos and utilities,'' said Alan Kirkland, chief executive of Choice. ''The legal people in those companies will be looking at this decision and hopefully we'll see these fees come down.''

theage.com.au 7 Jan 2014

The telco's and other 'service providers' have been getting 'away' with ripping the customers off for way too long, with the so called 'late fees'.

Class action should literally follow the next working day after the judgment on the ANZ matters.

Melbourne's hottest suburbs a health risk

Greg Boyes on an inflatable dolphin in the Yarra river at Warrandyte State Park as Melbourne experiences another heatwave. Source: News Limited
MELBOURNE'S most vulnerable suburbs in heatwaves have been identified, as experts call for more tree planting to reduce temperatures. 

People living in places like Sunshine, Glenroy, Preston, Clayton and Dandenong are at high risk of heat stress, says Monash University research.

Most affected are the city's western, inner northern and south-eastern suburbs according to a heat vulnerability map produced by the university's Cooperative Research Centre for Water Sensitive Cities.

The centre's Professor Nigel Tapper said it was based on factors such as lack of tree cover, housing type, residents' age, health and socio-economic status.

"Our research found a clear association between suburbs with extreme heat vulnerability and the number of hospital emergency visits or ambulance call-outs on extremely hot days," he said.

"We found key factors that raised the risk of sickness or death in heatwaves included older people living alone, ethnicity and the proportion of land covered by buildings that leads to excess urban warmth."

Areas at low risk included leafy eastern suburbs like Toorak, Kew, Glen Iris and Box Hill, as well as bayside places such as Hampton and Beaumaris.

But well-to-do Brighton is considered high risk because of the high concentration of elderly residents.

With temperatures set to soar over the next few days, Prof Tapper said heatwaves were a major cause of death in Australia, with 374 deaths linked to Melbourne scorchers in January 2009.

"The maps can be used for emergency response planning by hospitals, the ambulance service and local government to protect vulnerable residents and to plan for the future," he said.

Water Sensitive Cities centre chief executive Professor Tony Wong said urban street monitoring showed that the temperature a person felt could be up to 18 degrees lower around midday in areas with tree shading.

"We should be planning more green spaces and planting more trees in the high vulnerability areas," he said.

"Water planners and town planners need to work together to reduce local temperatures."
Netlink: mappingvulnerabilityindex.com/home/melbournevi

news.com.au  5 Feb 2013

Report shows Queen down to her last million

The Queen's courtiers have been advised to reign in the spending. Picture: Getty. Source: Getty Images

LEAKY roofs, ancient boilers and crumbling palaces: One is not amused. 

Now the Queen has been hit with the news her reserve funds have fallen to a "historic low" of less than Pound1 million ($A1.9 million), The Telegraph reports.

The figure is significantly lower than the Pound35 million ($A66 million) the Palace had at its disposal in 2001.

The situation has led MPs to advise the Palace on how to save cash, after the government managed to slash its energy bills by one third.

It comes amid reports Buckingham Palace and Windsor Castle are in need of urgent repairs, with buckets used to catch raindrops and ancient boilers contributing to huge energy bills.

Labour chair of the committee Margaret Hodge said the Treasury has a duty to be "actively involved" in financial planning for the Palace and have failed to oversee matters properly.

She advised the Royal household to "get a much firmer grip" on plans to address the maintenance backlog.

A spokesman for Buckingham Palace said the repairs were a significant priority and the Royal household had doubled its income to more than $A22 million since 2007.

news.com.au  28 Jan 2014

A news story that is extremely difficult for the lay person to ascertain whether it is truly accurate, as there are factors involved where the public (and government as well) does not have access to certain information.

Irrespective of the 'official' figures, the Queen is factually part of the group of the worlds richest people, which will never change.

As an example, the Queen is the sole land owner of ALL the land in the Commonwealth of Australia, something that was (deliberately?) not mentioned in the above article.

06 February 2014

Aboriginals - Non Australian, Non human

Much has been said and written about the arrival of Europeans to the continent of “Terra Australis”, and the colonialisation of the land commonly known as Australia, by the British empire, which was done by force, where currently all the land of this country is owned by The Crown (Queen Elizabeth II).

The people who lived on the land of Australia, were named by the English empire as Aboriginals, where the prefix ab- is a formal element occurring in loanword from Latin where its meaning is - “away from” or “not”, e.g. abnormal meaning not normal, where the term referred to the people who were labeled by the English were seen to be not original as denoted by the phrase “Ab-original”.

To make matters worse, in the early days they were head hunted like animals, and a head count was tallied up to see who had the highest number of kills, before morning tea.

Fast forward to the formation of what Australians (all) should know as the Federation, with a document from (1900) known as the ‘Constitution’, where Section 127 was struck out read:

“127. In reckoning the numbers of the people of the Commonwealth , or of a State or other part of the Commonwealth, aboriginal natives shall not be counted.”

Only in 1967 a referendum was held in order to change the ‘Constitution’ to include ‘aboriginals’ in a population count.

A film that has just been released in Melbourne cinema called Utopia, by John Pilger, highlights a disturbing policy and mentality of the people in control of power in this country.

The West Australian mining magnate Lang Hancock [whose daughter Gina Rinehart, is considered as Australia’s richest person, approximate current value of $20 billion, depending on which corporate media outlet one listens to] had the mentality of genocide, with the quote given a reporter regarding the ‘Aboriginal Problem’

Lang Hancock (1984):


"Those that have been assimilated into.. you know.. earning good living, and earning wages amongst the civilised areas,that have been accepted into society, they have accepted society, and can handle society, I'd leave them well alone. The ones that are no good to themselves, and can't accept things, the half casts, and this is where most of the trouble comes, I would dope the water up so they were sterile and would breed themselves out in the future and that would solve the problem."

The corporate media recently announced that ‘aboriginals’ are recognised by (city) councils, but in reality, (city) councils are corporate entities,  not part of any legitimate government structure, but that is somewhat a bit of a taboo to report on.

Anyone today who calls the native Australians 'Aboriginals' is confirming them as 'non-originals'.

Is Rinehart’s policy similar to that of her father’s?

Was the whole mining boom - $4,000 (per week) jobs for ‘lazy’ Australians a reality for the Victorians who wanted to go but did not?

Did those jobs really exist for Aussies, or only for cheap overseas labourers?

Another fact is that native Australians were also regarded as flora/fauna, by the English.

Are they still seen as that today?

As always, only actions will speak louder than words and more to the point the truth.

GCHQ secret unit uses DDOS attack tactics against Anonymous – Snowden leak

AFP Photo / Peter Stefen
AFP Photo / Peter Stefen

British intelligence has its own hacker subdivision that uses questionable practices for hunting down enemies of the state, reveals a new leak from Edward Snowden. GCHQ is fighting Anonymous and LulzSec hacktivists with DDoS attacks and malware.

A classified document obtained by NBC News reveals that the British secret service is brandishing a cyber-sword in the guise of the Joint Threat Research Intelligence Group (JTRIG), an intelligence unit not constrained by domestic or international laws.

The JTRIG unit is staging distributed denial of service (DDoS) cyber-attacks, implanting malware to disclose identities of hackers in order to prevent their communications. JTRIG is such a secret unit that its very name has never been mentioned anywhere before.

A PowerPoint presentation prepared for a 2012 NSA conference called SIGDEV, obviously from the collection of documents from the former NSA contractor, Edward Snowden, contains information about the Rolling Thunder operation against Anonymous hacktivists. JTRIG organized a DDoS attack on the internet relay chat (IRC) used by Anonymous, which reportedly resulted in 80 percent of the users quitting internet chat rooms.

The fact that the presentation was made at a conference of America’s National Security Agency is particularly interesting. It means that the NSA was informed about such governmental activities in the UK.
A DDoS attack is a criminal offence in most countries, the US and UK included. For example, in the UK a person found guilty of a cyber attack would be charged in accordance with the Computer Misuse Act, while in the US such illegal activities are prosecuted with the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act (CFAA).

Reuters / Denis Balibouse
Reuters / Denis Balibouse

Besides that, according to cyber experts, a DDOS attack takes down an entire server, with all websites hosted on it, along with other severs operated by the same Internet Server Provider (ISP). This means that while attacking Anonymous chat rooms, JTRIG was actually disabling other web resources that had no connection to Anonymous whatsoever.

If the fact of a DDoS attack by a secret service gets some independent proof, it would mean that Britain will become the first state incriminated in staging a cyber-attack, internationally recognized as unlawful.

“Law enforcement and intelligence officials must be able to pursue individuals who are going far beyond speech and into the realm of breaking the law: defacing and stealing private property that happens to be online,” said the former head of the US National Counterterrorism Center and now an NBC News analyst Michael Leiter, noting that “there must, of course, be limitations”.
“No one should be targeted for speech or thoughts, but there is no reason law enforcement officials should unilaterally declare law breakers safe in the online environment,” said Leiter.

“Targeting Anonymous and hacktivists amounts to targeting citizens for expressing their political beliefs,” said NBC News’ Gabriella Coleman, an anthropology professor at McGill University.

In another NSA document in possession of NBC News, a JTRIG official maintains that the unit’s activities are definitely not limited to computer network protection. JTRIG is staging attacks itself, Such as “Active Covert Internet Operations” and “Covert Technical Operations”. The unit is vigorously using cyber tools to disrupt enemy communications, engaging in computer and phone jamming, breaching email accounts and conducting ‘false flag’ operations.

The Anonymous global hacker community emerged in 2011, and conducted the “Operation Payback” campaign, a series of attacks against government websites in Britain and the US in protest against the prosecution of Chelsea Manning, who handed over thousands of classified US military documents to WikiLeaks. They also attacked several financial organizations, such as credit card companies and the PayPal pay service for blocking donations support to WikiLeaks.

rt.com  5 Feb 2014

Apparently hacking is 'unlawful' as mentioned in this article, but when people who do it work for a 'government' then all is well and even supported by the international (law) community.

Just another indication of how the masses are trapped by governments, with the illusion that one is 'free' under the 'democratic' system of governance.

05 February 2014

Centrelink's 'back pay' fraud

Oppression of the masses is really nothing new, and has been around since the dawn of structured society.

It should not be condoned nor accepted especially as there are alleged laws that protect the victims, or so the general populous are led to believe this.

The Australian government together with its corporate affiliates is responsible for some of the country's largest frauds, where only a small proportion get reported by the corporate media, and even less make it to the Australian law courts, where deals are struck before the courts and judges bribed to hand down decisions favouring a particular party.


  • The Australian company responsible for social welfare handouts from the government to Australians in need is called Centrelink with the ABN of 29 468 422 437. It is the 'middleman' between the government and the 'client', i.e. the person on social benefits.
  • An agreement entered into by two parties MUST be honoured by the parties concerned, where court action may be taken by the party who was ill-done, by the contract not being followed.

Corpau has obtained documentation from a source within the industry, and Centrlink's 'clients' that Centrelink is responsible for fraud on a grand scale against its customers to the tune of a conservative estimate of tens of millions of dollars annually.

It's called the 'backpay' scam, where Centrelink are not paying their contractual obligation to the client from the beginning of the contracted period.

Conversely when Centrelink realises that there has been a payment error, within any period irrespective of time frame, the customer is notified, and must pay the monies back, otherwise charges of fraud, with the real threat of incarceration lies eminent.

From the inside:

  • Centrelink has been instructed to commit this fraud against those in need of financial assistance or as termed internally, the 'scum' or 'dole bludgers', as they are not going to do anything because 'they need us'.

  • Centrelink employees have also  been instructed to 'breach' as many people as possible in an effort to balance the budget towards the 'black' with incentives given to employees who give out breaches.

As part of this aggressive assault on the clients, Centrelink do not give out email addresses for communication, where all complaints are to be 'phoned' in, so that the 'client' does not have any record of their complaint, only a response by an inanimate object, a 'team' or 'department', where NO names are given.

What resources has a pensioner or unemployed person at their disposal to take the fraud of Centrelink (ABN 29 468 422 437) before Australia's law courts for compensation, before a 'judge' who's matter is not only bought (by securitised bonds), but may set precedence in future cases?

A matter that the legal fraternity and the government is fully aware of, not to mention the future persecution of the individual by the authorities.

This type of corruption is NOT mentioned by the corporate media, which has been reported on many occasions, and the policy still remains to keep silent on the matter.

Abuse of power does nothing to protect us

Politicians who cynically misuse the power of the state for personal or political benefit are a far greater threat to democracy than criminals, even organised gangs, write Gary W Crooke and Tony Fitzgerald, who were responsible for the Fitzgerald Inquiry.

Almost all politicians, even those who care only for ideology and power and who regard both democracy and "ordinary people" with contempt, claim to represent and speak for those "ordinary people".

Politicians also commonly manipulate and exploit the same "ordinary people". Long-established tactics include populist propaganda; appeals to ignorance, emotion, fear and prejudice; untestable claims to know, and unachievable promises to provide, what "ordinary people" want; lies; half-truths; omissions; and distractions. Unpopular groups are demonised and used as scapegoats. Crises are manufactured and exaggerated and used to justify immediate action and increased state power. Deliberation and rational discussion are scorned. Critics, including moderate, thoughtful people and institutions, are falsely accused of weakness, elitism, not understanding or caring about "ordinary people", failing in their duty and even improper conduct.

"Law and order" is a favourite issue for ambitious Queensland politicians seeking publicity and political advantage. The community wants to be safe, and is understandably angry at violent thugs, organised criminal gangs, the sexual abuse of children, murder, rape and a wide range of other anti-social behaviours. A perceived "law and order" crisis allows a government to bolster its electoral support through tough talk, a feigned macho image and extreme laws.

Queensland's political system facilitates this misuse of power. Its Parliament is based on the old, flawed Westminster model but, unlike Westminster and the other Australian jurisdictions, it has no second "review" chamber to inhibit the government of the day. The Government has almost unlimited power to make whatever laws it chooses. As Queenslanders know from bitter experience, it can even enact electoral laws which favour it and enable it to extend its time in power. Indeed, according to media reports, changes to the electoral system for the Government's benefit are in the background of its present multi-faceted faux law and order crisis.

A few months ago, the imminent release of a paedophile led to the Government enacting ss 3 and 6 of the Criminal Law Amendment (Public Interest Declarations) Act 2013, which were patently invalid. At about the same time, a well-publicised "bikie" brawl on the Gold Coast provided the Government with a "bikie" crisis.

Outlaw bikies and other organised crime groups have been around for years and such statistics as are publicly available suggest that bikie gangs are involved in less than 1 per cent of Gold Coast crime.

Nonetheless, that brawl was used to justify ill-considered, rushed, badly drafted and inevitably controversial legislation targeting bikies. Over the same period, the Government transformed the Crime and Misconduct Commission from a watchdog to a lapdog and peremptorily sacked the independent Parliamentary Crime and Misconduct Committee.

A Queensland Government can declare almost any conduct and any group illegal; set aside fundamental expectations such as presumption of innocence, fair trial and proof beyond reasonable doubt; and impose almost any penalty for breach. However, organised crime, which is a major international problem, won't be eradicated by local political vigilantes fantasising about "Dirty Harry" or enacting extreme laws which ignore evidence, experience and expertise; endorse anecdote-based ignorance and mindless fundamentalism; and oblige courts to act unfairly. Our criminal justice system, which has been carefully developed over many generations, balances the interest of the individual and the state and protects "ordinary people" against the exercise of arbitrary power by the state. Its principles are a cornerstone of our democracy and serve to distinguish our society from a totalitarian regime. Unjust laws are a particular concern for the judiciary which must enforce them. Lectures about the duty of other judges from ambitious junior judges whose decisions are liable to be over-ruled are presumptuous and divisive. No doubt South African judges were similarly reminded of their obligation to enforce apartheid laws. Respect for the courts is inevitably diminished if courts are instruments of state injustice.

Two of the objections that are raised to the bikie legislation are that it restricts the power of courts to grant bail to "bikies" who are charged, with those refused bail remanded in custody until they are tried and perhaps acquitted, and requires courts to impose grossly disproportionate sentences, in some circumstances an additional 25 years imprisonment, on "bikies" who are convicted. Worse, "bikies" remanded in custody pending trial who might be acquitted and bikies who have been convicted and sentenced to long periods of imprisonment can be routinely locked in their cells in solitary confinement for 22 hours a day based on untested information supplied by police to the Corrective Services Department, even if they have done nothing while incarcerated which constitutes any threat to anyone. As an eminent Supreme Court judge, Justice Applegarth, recently noted, it's widely acknowledged that solitary confinement is seriously harmful to mental health. The United Nations has called for the abolition of solitary confinement, which its Human Rights Committee describes as "a harsh penalty with serious psychological consequences and .. justifiable only in case of urgent need" and, except in exceptional circumstances and for limited periods, inconsistent with article 10 (1) of the the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, to which Australia is a signatory.

Having observed that its frequently deceptive bluster and boasting has increased, not dispelled, public disquiet about its law and order blitzkrieg, the government now proposes a public relations campaign paid for with public money. The purpose, according to the Premier, is to persuade Queenslanders that they have nothing to fear - that is to say nothing to fear from their own Government, a far from reassuring message. The Government obviously accepts that, although simply telling the public the truth wouldn't cost any money, it won't reassure the public and so "spin" is needed. It has not explained why, instead of wasting public money, it does not communicate its essential message by merely adopting the title of Joh Bjelke-Petersen's Memoirs, "Don't you worry about that", as its slogan.

It is incomprehensible that a modern, informed, civilised community like Queensland is unnecessarily imprisoning accused persons in solitary confinement before they have even been tried and unnecessarily incarcerating convicted prisoners in solitary confinement for years. Primitive punishment theories from the past based on the fallacy that state brutality and cruelty will deter crime have long been discredited and abandoned. Harsh departures from fundamental sentencing principles and basic notions of justice which have been developed through the collective wisdom of past generations might encourage unrealistic expectations in some voters but otherwise will do little except erode doctrines which are essential to protect "ordinary people" against the exercise of arbitrary power by the state and serve to distinguish democracies from totalitarian regimes. Arrogant, ill-informed politicians who cynically misuse the power of the state for personal or political benefit are a far greater threat to democracy than criminals, even organised gangs.

Whichever party is in government and whatever its motive, every abuse or misuse of power is profoundly wrong and every injustice in our name affects us all and diminishes us as a society. It's easy to ignore injustice when we're not personally affected, especially if we disapprove of those involved, but history shows that it's also unwise to do so. In a well-known poem, Friedrich Gustav Emil Martin Niemöller, a German Lutheran pastor and theologian whom the Nazis imprisoned in concentration camps from 1937 to 1945, succinctly summarised the bleakness of popular complacency in the face of injustice to others and subtly reminded us that oppression which starts with an unpopular scapegoat need not stop there.
First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out - Because I was not a Socialist.
Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out - Because I was not a Trade Unionist.
Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out - Because I was not a Jew.
Then they came for me - and there was no one left to speak for me.
Gary W Crooke QC was senior counsel assisting the Fitzgerald Inquiry (1987-89) into Queensland Police corruption. View his full profile here. Tony Fitzgerald AC QC was chair of the Fitzgerald Inquiry. View his full profile here.

abc.net.au 3 Feb 2014

04 February 2014

Cancer now biggest killer in Australia, ahead of heart disease: WHO report

Cancer has surpassed heart disease as the biggest killer in Australia, according to a new report from the World Health Organisation (WHO).

The WHO's World Cancer Report found 8.2 million people died from cancer globally in 2012, including 40,000 Australians.

The report was last released six years ago and this is the first major international update on the disease since then.

It found that cancer surpassed heart disease as the world's biggest killer in 2011, with 7.87 million cancer deaths compared to 7.02 million from heart disease. Stroke was considered separately.

Global killer

  • 8.2 million deaths from cancer in 2012.
  • Lung, liver, stomach, colorectal and breast cancers cause most deaths.
  • 1.59 million lung cancer deaths in 2012.
  • 745,000 liver cancer deaths in 2012.
  • Tobacco use is biggest risk factor, accounting for 70 per cent of lung cancer deaths.
  • Africa, Asia, Central and South America account for 70 per cent of world's cancer deaths.

In Australia and other Western countries, the rise in cancer cases has been attributed to ageing populations and increased screening.

Lifestyle has also been highlighted as a major factor, with the population of countries such as Australia more likely to have a poor diet, inactive lifestyles and be smokers.

Doctors predict global cancer rates will increase by three-quarters over the next two decades and they expect 20 million new cases by 2025.

Prevention is better than cure

The report says 3.7 million cancer deaths could have been avoided by lifestyle changes, such as quitting smoking, reducing alcohol intake and maintaining a healthy weight.

"About 5 per cent of all cancers is due to alcohol consumption - that's an important part of the preventable cancer story," said Cancer Council Australia's Terry Slevin.

"Let's make no bones about it, alcohol is a class one known carcinogen, it's listed by the World Health Organisation as such."

Research shows women's risk of breast cancer can increase by having as little as one alcoholic drink a day.

For men, the risk of tumours increases with two to three drinks a day.

Lung cancer was the biggest killer globally. It was also the biggest killer among men, while breast cancer killed more women.

Mr Slevin said lung cancer was an area where treatments were less successful than other areas.

"That's why prevention, when it comes to lung cancer, is so important," he said.

Melanoma continued to be more of a problem in Australia than overseas, with Australians and New Zealanders twice as likely to be diagnosed than anywhere else in the world.

Worldwide there are more than 14 million cancer diagnoses each year, the report found, and it costs the world more than $1 trillion each year.

It says one-fifth of that could be avoided by investing in prevention strategies.

abc.net.au 4 Feb 2014

Cancer is 'given' to the masses via a contaminated food chain from genetically modified foods to chemicals in packaged food prepared by the multinational corporations, not excluding the global junk food empires like McDonald's, Burger King (Hungry Jack's), Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC), Donut King, Wendy's, Subway, Nando's, Coca Cola, cigarette companies like Phillip Morris, and many more that have not been mentioned.

Cancer has a manifestation period that varies from person to person also depending on where the cancer is, with a perceived blame on the recipient and a socially accepted way to die.

Once the usefulness of the 'cannon fodder' expires, now [with the advent of cancer] so can their life.

03 February 2014

Driver's Licence unlawful?

Speeding/traffic tickets are the first contact many people have with the current criminal justice system... a speeding ticket can affect your driver's record and wallet for several years. 

When cars became popular, local councils (pretending to be Government), established traffic laws to limit accidents with horse-drawn wagons and ensure the animals did not bolt and get out of control of the Drivers. . But councils and private security Company/Corporations pretending to be  Police Officers discovered massive revenue raising opportunities.- fines and penalties for “crimes” where there is no danger, no victim, even when there is not another automobile nor carriage in sight.  

Since the beginning of traffic “laws”, drivers have received tickets for "strict liability" offenses.     In other words, the person can be found guilty of breaking a “law”, without any criminal intent to do so.  By the way, they are not Laws, they are statutes of the private Company/Corporation that dreamed them up and copyrighted them  No valid Act has been made in Australia since 1973 


According to Black’s Law Dictionary, a ‘Driver’ is one who is engages in commerce on the highways. Are you transporting cargo or passengers on the Highway and make a living from that? If so, you are a ‘Driver’.- If you are not an employee or contractor with any Company/Corporation, nor charging a fee to transport passengers or goods, then you are not a driver - you are simply exercising your right to travel in your automobile (or any machine) on the Queen' Highways and By-ways. You are not a driver -ie one employed in controlling a horse (which has life) which is drawing a carriage, wagon or whatever (which has no life. Your automobile has no life..If you are not using the highways for profit, even, with the use of extraordinary machines, you as a sovereign individual under Divine Law cannot be required to have a driver's license. .


According to Blacks fifth edition law dictionary LICENCE means "The permission by competent authority to do an act which without such permission, would be illegal". What it is saying is if you wish to do certain acts then you are committing an offence (you are a criminal) if you do not get a license (permission) from competent authority (the true government), before you engage in those acts. Almost none of us wish to be criminals or break the law, and so we BLINDLY  presume, assume that we must obtain a license.

Let us stop for a moment, and dissect this information. We know that marriage is "lawful" and we know that the government cannot give permission (license / permit) to do anything "unlawful". For example you cannot get a license / permission to beak into other peoples' homes or property because that is unlawful right? We must now realize that anything that we can do legally with a license, we can lawfully do without one. 

Next we need to take notice of the fact that, if a license is permission. Then it follows that  WE must have ASKED for permission. Permission is seldom given unless someone requests it. Who normally asks for permission? Children, guests, employees  ask for permission. When your parents unknowingly signed your Birth Certificate, they handed you over to be become a ward of the government, a child of the State. Incompetents ask for permission. Someone incapable of handling their own affairs or who are not in control, ask for permission. Ask yourself who established government, and who has authority over government? WE DO! we just don't take the time to learn what is true authority, and Pastors and Church leaders refuse to teach you, because they now are employees of Corporations and are “licensed”.

Licenses are: a) a form of tax. b) a way of controlling our lives. Everything you can do legally with a permit or license you can do lawfully without a permit or license. You can feed your family (a natural lawful act) without a permit / business license. why? Because it is one of your basic human inalienable rights (the right to property,  the right to work, and enjoy the fruits of your labour.

There are only three basic LAWS we could or should be accountable for
1) Injury to person (covers murder, assault, rape, slander, libel defaming ones name etc. etc)
2) Injury to property (includes physical property, intellectual property, income, loss of revenue etc. etc.)
3) Mischief (fraud) in our contracts verbal or otherwise: (Speaks for itself)

All others (statutes, and by laws) do not apply to us (such as accidentally running a stop sign at 3:00am with no resulting injured party). Statutes are only for those in commerce. All government, and so called government departments today are Private "Corporations", that is Federal, State and Local Councils and their offshoots. 

Corporations exist in name only, on paper. You can find the listings of the Corporations on ASIC website. Men and women live in geographical areas known as Queensland, New South Wales etc or Australia. A man or woman cannot exist within the "Corporation of Australia" because it exists in name only. When you get a violation ticket it tells you that you were speeding in Western Australia or wherever, what they do not tell you is that they are referring to the Corporation of W A…. , 


Three things that influence our lives to a greater extent than all others are, Politics, Law, and Banking (the money system). Yet they are three of the most neglected topics in our education system. How many students graduating today can recite what their basic rights are? How many can recite 10 consecutive words from the Magna Carta or our Constitution and how many could explain the meaning of Habeas Corpus ? 
It is my intent only to provide some alternative avenues of thought. Individual research and verification is the order of the day. The status quo is based both on our choices and our ignorance. As they say, "ignorance is no excuse in the eyes of the law". If you take the time to become informed and not remain silent, you will help change the status quo. 

See illustration below pertaining to 'driver's license' and the legality of it.

Source: larryhannigan.com/traffic_01.htm