14 December 2020

Police use fear, deception and bluff: Melbourne lockdown protests

Propaganda is a very powerful and efficient tool, as it’s relatively ‘cost effective’ (i.e. cheap).

With the help of the mainstream media police use fear, deception and bluff to subdue the government’s  number one enemy, that being the people.

Not too long ago, Melbournians had enough of the unlawful restrictions put on them by the premier Daniel Michael Andrews, where they organised protests in the city centre.

So, in comes the (Victoria Police) budget friendly, media liaison officer working ‘together’ with the mainstream media's so called ‘journalists’.

They put it out there that VicPol is going to come down hard on the protesters.

They said that there are going to be drones out there in the sky, installing fear into the minds of the insubordinates of the authoritarian (as opposed to democratic) state.

So, how many drones did they have at their disposal at the time?

Oh, just a couple.

What was their range/flying time?

Oh, about half an hour.

It was that easy to scare the ‘constituents’ into not having their say.

To show them who’s boss, in an authoritarian state.

Well, from what we know they’re still called ‘public servants’, where taking that literally means that the people (i.e. the ‘constituents’) are their boss.

Well, the people sure don’t act like a boss.

More like uneducated, beer and footy loving cowards.

You want to be a boss?

Well ‘act’ on it:


Want to make a difference?

38,000 of you did in the class action of Andrews vs ANZ.

Do the same for other actions, or the same score will be played over and over again:

Gov:1, People:0

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