05 August 2020

No power to suspend Acts of Parliament by Daniel Andrews?

The premier of Victoria Mr. Daniel Michael Andrews has run amock with regards to law in an unprecedented move.

Well, the above sentence is not entirely true.

There has been a precedent set and it was in the 1800's.

The people in government were in a lawless state, i.e. at a level where the law did not apply to them.

The imperial government had enough and reigned them in reminding them they must follow the law, e,g. Bill of Rights 1688 (UK), etc and put in an Act called the Colonial Laws Validity Act 1865.

The same holds true today, where the law applies and the entire law making process must be followed prior to making an announcement that an Act is in force.

During Victoria's alleged notification of the 'State of Emergency/Disaster' the authorities have stated that Acts of Parliament can be suspended, also giving the ability to take (people's) possessions.

Is there a need to remind the general population that taking people's possessions unlawfully is theft, and depending under which circumstances can also be classified as armed robbery.

There is no lawfully enacted legislation in Victoria that allows the Acts of Parliament to be suspended.

While the imperial government had enough of the 'shenanigans' of those in government, it seems that Victorians will gladly accept their possessions being taken unlawfully.

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