13 October 2010

LPG prices to soar

Despite the Australian dollar hitting all time highs in the period of approximately 20 years, businesses with the collusion of the government are ripping off the motoring public with the price of LPG with no consequences from Australia's consumer Watch Dog the ACCC.

Prior the the rise in the Australian dollar LPG was at an average of 50 cents per litre.

Now with the rise of the dollar, the price of LPG has risen an approx. 20% to 60 cents per litre.

Many excuses are given for this, but none are true.

The ACCC's actions can be analogous to that of a castrated chiuaua (see illustration). On a global scale the billion dollar Pet-roleum Industry is beyond the laws of a convict (nanny state) nation at the arse end of the world (as quoted by Jerry Seinfeld on a trip to Australia).

The Banking, Mining and Petroleum Industries are beyond the scope of the Australian laws that govern the rest of business community.

In documentation printed in the Herald Sun, the government is planing to SHAFT the Ford motor company, and inflate the price of LPG an extra 15 cents.

The government can quite easily justify this by saying that the average EU price of LPG is at approx $1.30 per litre, and that Aussies need to fall in line with the rest of the world.

The recent social experiment of raising the price of petrol close to $2.00 per litre showed that the masses 'shut down' their spending therefore hurting the profits of the business community, as well as overcrowding the public transport ssytem, which incurred unforeseen problems.

Government cash back for old cars

Julia Gillard, Australia's newly 'politically' (not from people's votes) elected Prime Minister, has announced recently that there could be a cash back (up to $2,000) for old cars.

The government's official reasons are FAR from the truth of the hidden agenda.

Since current government policies dictate everyone to go green, there are 'incentives' given to the masses to make this plausible.

The government officially claims that old cars are responsible for a lot of the green house gasses in the cities.

The above statement is purely a government sponsored LIE.

The significant majority of vehicles on Australian roads are NEW, and not old.

New car sales figures obtained from the Motoring Authority, FCAI, www.fcai.com.au/sales
shows that in Sep 2010, just over 85,000 cars were sold.

Approximately 75% of the new cars sold are petrol powered.

It can be widely accepted that the byproduct Hydrogen sulphide (H2S) from burning unleaded fuels is a large contributor to acid rain.

LPG is a much cleaner fuel with less of the noxious green house gasses emitted, yet this is NOT vigorously promoted by the government, as there is little tax to made from the sales of LPG.

One of the policies of the Australian Labour Party is to reduce the amount of cars the masses have access to, and to make 'unsupervised' commuting more difficult.

This is being accomplished by making the cars out of financial reach of the poorer people, which the government is clearly implementing it new policies.

Financially struggling families are more able to afford to commute in a $3,000 - $5,000 second hand vehicle rather than purchasing a new $36,000 Falcon or Commodore.

Gillard is implementing laws for the benefit of the cronie business community at the expense of the general populous.

Australian car manufacturers are sponsored by government hand outs, and Australia's new car sales are dwindling in the wake of higher costs of living to the average household.

Fuel $1 per litre - more government lies

Recently the mass media announced that the price of pertol in Australia will drop to:
$1 per litre.

This is not only a calculated lie, but also something the bankers, financiers, and government will NEVER allow to happen.

The current exchange rate of the Aussie Dollar to the US is 0.9866.

With the dollars so close the price of Aussie Fuel should be the same as in the US.

Australia's fuel prices were previously in a different pricing structure, which meant petrol was cheaper in Australia than elsewhere in the world. The business community then inflated the fuel prices to the OPEC standard.

One US gallon is equal to 3.785 litres.

Petrol in the United State's West Coast (Los Angeles) is at
approx $2.90 per US gallon.

The Americans are currently paying approx. $0.77 per litre, whilst
the Australians are currently paying approx. $1.15 per litre,

or approximately 66.6% more for petrol than their American counterparts.

The message is quite clear, that the governments want to rip off the public as much as possible without being questioned, or suffering any repercussions.

This is one of the greatest ongoing consumer frauds in Australian history,
yet NO ONE is doing ANYTHING about it.

The silence is deafening !!! !!! !!!

Power Cuts this summer for Australians

In the Australian summer of 2009/2010, there have been deliberate power cuts to household in the attempt for electricity companies to have money.

What the electricity companies do is cut of power to every second household during the times of peak power usage in order NOT to supply power generation from back up generators.

The mass media is in collusion in with the corporate giants by not making the knowledge public as it happens.

Plans have already been drawn up for Adelaide to be rationed during this coming summer, as well as Melbourne.

The majority of Melbournes power generation is made from coal powered stations in the states east in the Latrobe Valley, 150 km away from Melbourne.

Since the privitisation of the states electricity, there has been no extra supply generation, despite an increase in population to approx 4,000,000 people in 2010, an increase of approx 30% over the past generation (25 years).

Melbourne has seen the shutdown of power stations (e.g. Lonsdale St in 1982), despite the rapid growth of the city, in which is a deliberate attempt to descrease supply for an increase in demand.

Melbourne also has a backup generator in Port Melbourne, which is idling 24/7, yet authorities deliberately ration power to the masses.

Melbourne's households will have their electicity cut, again this summer, with no consequences to the power companies, but will also be charged fraudulently much more than the recommended CPI increase others follow.

Another consumer rip off with the FULL support of the Australian government.

11 October 2010

Cameras on all intersections in Victoria

In recent events the Victorian government is 'toying' with the idea to place surveillance cameras on intersections.

The plausible excuse given to the herd is that is being used is to reduce the road toll.

Another incentive to the cattle is that you will be rewarded if you don not get caught disobeying the law.
What law?
How is this policed?
What new laws will be introduced?

The underlying motive for using this technology is for surveillance of the general populous and NOT traffic safety as stated.

An event in the near future may be the catalyst for this to occur for the 'safety' of the population.

London is currently the most surveilled city in the world with an approximate half a million cameras, yet the cameras CLEARLY failed to prevent the so called terrorist bombing of 2005.

In similar footsteps the Colonial outpost of Australia will follow suite with cameras on every corner.

Mandatory vehicle tracking will follow soon with RFID tags on registration labels or vehicle number plates, together with gps monitoring on new cars as in the United States rental vehicles.

In line with globalisation and the politics of the new world order, the citizens are being treated as criminals before any alleged criminal acts have been committed.

Tomizone - Australia's WiFi Rip off

Australia is literally in the Dark Ages when it comes to telecommunications.

And the Telco's are loving it !!!

In very few public places there were freely accessible WiFi Hotspots.

They have been shut down and replaced with something called Tomizone.

Currently there is no pricing structure on the website, but it is available when in the hotspot.

The rates are as follows in AUD:

$3.00 per hour or 60 Mb
$6.00 per day or 160 Mb
$30 per 7 days or 1.2 GB
$39.95 30 days or 3.0 GB

comparing this to other 'expensive' providers:

$39 per month or 6.0 GB with a WiFi modem from Virgin or
$39 per month or 6 GB from 3 or
$39 per month or 8 GB from Vodafone.
(Allphones catalogue Sep 2010)

A short trip to Greece in the year 2009, in an unlikely village gave free Internet with broadband speeds.
This was the norm rather than the exception.

Greece is NOT as wealthy as Australia, yet they offer free Internet, also many airports provide free internet browsing, but NOT with the monopolised Australian telecommunications industry.

In the early 1980's Germany had ISDN data available to the public at reasonable rates, including free phone calls under 3 minutes in duration.

The telecoms monopoly held by Telstra has hurt the consumers WITH the tireless support of the government.

New Solar Energy more expensive

The emergence of new technology is ALWAYS a good thing.

This is especially true if the new generation of product is CHEAPER and can do MORE for the same amount of dollars.

The current focus of this article is the new solar technology emerging from a company

"SMIT is a sustainable design start–up company founded on a new approach to developing technology for harnessing wind and solar energy"

who's product is the Solar Ivy.

What the company does NOT provide is the cost of this new solar 'leaf'.

The leaf is listed as:
20 x 25 cm
0.5 - 2 watts (according to the website 1 solar leaf will deliver a MAXIMUM of 0.5w
$10 - $15 per leaf depending on size of project.

SMIT says that 4,000 leafs are needed to generate 10kwh or 1/3 of the energy needed for an average home.

At the lowest cost ($10) $40,000 will be needed to supply 1/3 of the power needed for an average home.


An average Australian family home may max out at $2000 per annum for the electricity bill.

$40,000 put into a managed fund returning 10% will still be more than 2 times more than a maxed out electricity bill.


Solar Energy Farce

Some of the global 'political' catch phrases of this millennium are the constant use of words like:

Global Warming,
Carbon Footprint,
Environment Tax,
Reusable Energy,
Department of Sustainability,
Solar Electricity,
and the like.

It is NOT what is said BUT what the masses are NOT told that is concerning.

The people are given new taxes, in a palatable format that the masses believe will be of benefit to the environment, BUT are actually fraudulent government money making schemes for their cronies in the chosen businesses.

In Australia, there is great push to "GO SOLAR" in which the government 'sponsors' eligible household for rebates.

This has opened MANY fraudulent businesses that import cheap Chinese Photovoltaic cell from China, that do not perform up to the specifications.

In the beginning the government offered up to $4,000 rebate for a 1kw setup, in which the consumer would be out of pocket an alomst equal $4,000.

So the herd goes crazy on solar, and installs the cells feeling good that they are doing something for the environment.

What the government did NOT tell you is that 1kw is NOT enough in many areas where the population resides.

Only after a while the government 'admitted' that 2kw systems would be better.

What the population do NOT know is that the cells ratings are tested at equinox at 5.5 hrs of sunlight.

In this case scenario, from an Electronic Hobby store (Jaycar)
a 175W PV cell retails for approx $AUD 949.
For an approx figure of 2000W PV system 11 cells are needed at a cost of approx. $11,000
converters and installation also need to be factored in.

In the Australian edition of Popular Science (October 2010) s-m-i-t.com claim that an average home needs approx. 30kWh of electricity per day.

This is NOT something the above mentioned configuration can provide for the average houshold.

Governments also claim that solar is 'cheap' whilst at the same time saying that your energy bill will only increase a few 10's of dollars per week.

The solution is therefore NOT cheaper, but more expensive. Another government lie.

Governments are DELIBERATELY misleading or rather not providing imformation to the masses regarding solar electricity.

Government deliberately slowing traffic down 2

Another classic example of the government deliberately slowing the traffic down.

In this example is illustrated Melbourne's South Eastern freeeway heading away from the city. The speed limit in the overhead variable speed diaplay shows that drivers are allowed a maximum speed of 80 km/h (50mph).

Previously prior to any road surface upgrade, the speed limit was 100km/h (62mph). The government together with the help of the madia, badger the masses that not only speed kills but the 'hoons' on the roads are responsible for the road death carnage.

There is no evidence suggesting there are fatalities on this particular stretch of freeway that dictates the speed to be reduced to 80 km/h.

The government is using speed (velocity) as an excuse to gain easy revenue from the masses.

The government is not implelemting any other tangible solutions at reducing the road toll.

Various motoring bodies (e.g. RACV) within Australia, have compiled extensive documentation to prove the government's fraudulent claims to the road toll.

Amdocs to receive Aussie phone data

Telstra, the Australian telecommunications monopoly, is working in secret to provide, an Israeli company, details of all telephone conversations held in Australia.

At an undisclosed location in Melbourne, Telstra, previously, the government entity known as Telecom is working together with the Israeli company Amdocs, in order for Amdocs to take over the information.

Amdocs currently stores the documents of all phone conversations held in the USA.

owns the copyright to the information held within the yellow and white pages. This information was originally obtained whilst in government hands at the expense of the taxpayers.

Telstra prosecutes any entity trying to reverse engineer the data contained within the whitepages.

There is no need for any company outside of Australia to hold, manage or manipulate the 'sensitive' information of all of the citizens private phone conversations.

In accordance with the guidelines of the new world order, sensitive government information concerning its citizens, is slowly being handed over to private companies, which will ultimately be in the hands of a few global firms.

Global politics dictates that all government utilities must be in private hands, to the detriment of the general populous.

Police (read government) files are now being handed over to Football Leagues.

Former Qld cop jailed over bashings

A former Queensland police officer who admitted bashing three people in custody will spend nine months in jail.

Benjamin Thomas Price, 34, was sentenced to 27 months jail - with parole after nine months - after pleading guilty to four counts of assault while he was a senior constable at the Airlie Beach police station.

Townsville District Court judge Stuart Durward, handing down the sentence, described the bashings as "cowardly and contemptuous", noting that two of the victims, including a slightly built 20-year-old woman, had been in handcuffs.

"You deliberately abused your position as a police officer and deliberately inflicted pain and suffering," he said.

He said Price, who appeared emotionless throughout sentencing, had shown little remorse for his actions.

The court was last week played graphic CCTV footage of the assaults, including vision of Price punching 23-year-old Timothy Steele in the head and forcing a high powered fire hose into his mouth.

Steele later said the force of the water from the hose was so strong he thought he was going to drown.

In another video Price is seen slamming the slightly built Renee Toms, then 21, to the floor of the watchhouse before pulling her up by the hair and lifting her off the ground in the process.

The crimes came to light after Price's junior partner Bree Sonter, who has since been hailed a hero by senior police, blew the whistle on his behaviour.

Judge Durward acknowledged Price would have a harder time in prison because he was a police officer, but said that did not mean he would receive a lesser sentence.

Queensland police deputy commissioner Ian Stewart told reporters in Brisbane on Monday the case was "disturbing" and Price's behaviour "inexcusable".

He offered the police service's most sincere apology to the victims, their families and the community.

Mr Stewart confirmed that five officers had resigned and three more were facing potential disciplinary actions over the incidents.

He could not give a time frame for the disciplinary process.

"The issue of use of force is obviously critical to the credibility of the Queensland Police Service," he said.

Mr Stewart said the police service had some way to go to rebuild trust.

"We've still got a lot of work to do to regain the credibility we previously had in that community," he said.

He said he could not confirm the total amount of taxpayer dollars spent on compensation for the three victims.

"Some of those amounts of compensation are yet to be determined," he said.

Mr Stewart said the police service hoped to learn from the Price incident and improve its processes.

"Our systems are designed to try and identify problem officers, we know because of the Price incident that we have to redouble our efforts in that regard," he said.

"It's up to us as an organisation to try to interpret what those warning signs are - moodiness, shortness of temper - but it still comes down to supervisors identifying those issues."

Queensland Police Union president Ian Leavers said recruiting practices needed to be improved to prevent people unsuited to the job becoming police.

"In some years gone by they would do checks with neighbours and referees, they don't do that anymore, it is a very simple thing but it should be done," he told reporters in Townsville.

Price will be released on bail on July 7 next year, in time for his son's 16th birthday in October.

aap 11 Oct 2010

One of the few stories that makes it out, as this one is in the court system

There are MANY more instances where there is Police AND government cover ups, that the alleged incidences did not occur.

Police in Victoria are also involved in the Organised Crime of Car Stealing and Rebirths, but this is NOT reported by the mass media.

This has been documented on this blog elsewhere.

Deception money for transport tickets

A Melbourne finance student photographed the credit cards of customers at a restaurant where he worked and used their details to buy public transport tickets, a court has heard.

Guan Xuan Jiang, 23, obtained $22,345 from the credit cards of eight customers at the Doncaster East restaurant where he worked as a waiter, the Melbourne Magistrates Court heard on Monday.

He spent much of the money on public transport tickets for Melbourne's Metcard and myki systems, but also bought whitegoods and university books, the court was told.

Between March and May this year, Jiang, who is from China and is doing a masters in finance at a Melbourne university, photographed the credit cards, then went on the internet and bought the goods.

Jiang had them delivered to unoccupied properties and post office boxes.

After an irregular transaction was noted on a card, investigators were able to trace it back to Jiang through the internet protocol address on his computer.

All the property was recovered and the tickets were cancelled, the court heard.

Jiang, of St Kilda, pleaded guilty to obtaining property by deception.

He told police the tickets were for himself and not other people.

Lawyer Fiona Todd said her client derived little personal gain from his offending and had made full admissions.

She said he was "stricken", "distressed" and "astonished at his behaviour".

Ms Todd said her client had requested he be given the more serious option of a suspended sentence rather than a community-based order so he can return home to China next month.

Jiang is to be a volunteer when his home town Guangzhou hosts the Asian Games, the court heard.

Magistrate Luisa Bazzani ordered he be assessed for a community-based order, indicating it was her preferred sentencing option.

Jiang, who will complete his masters in 2011, will be sentenced on Tuesday.

11 Oct 2010

The is criminal as pr the law, should spend time in gaol, then the government should deport this criminal scum back to China.

This will NOT happen as the 'Student Business' is a BIG Business in Australia.

Just more proof that that Law is PRO criminal when suits.

Super-rich investors buy gold by ton

(Reuters) - The world's wealthiest people have responded to economic worries by buying gold by the bar -- and sometimes by the ton -- and by moving assets out of the financial system, bankers catering to the very rich said on Monday.

Fears of a double-dip downturn have boosted the appetite for physical bullion as well as for mining company shares and exchange-traded funds, UBS executive Josef Stadler told the Reuters Global Private Banking Summit.

"They don't only buy ETFs or futures; they buy physical gold," said Stadler, who runs the Swiss bank's services for clients with assets of at least $50 million to invest.

UBS is recommending top-tier clients hold 7-10 percent of their assets in precious metals like gold, which is on course for its tenth consecutive yearly gain and traded at around $1,314.50 an ounce on Monday, near the record level reached last week.

"We had a clear example of a couple buying over a ton of gold ... and carrying it to another place," Stadler said. At today's prices, that shipment would be worth about $42 million.

Julius Baer's chief investment officer for Asia is also recommending that wealthy investors park some of their assets in gold as a defensive stance following a string of lackluster U.S. data and amid concerns about currency weakness.

"I see gold as an insurance," Van Anantha-Nageswaran said. "I recommend 10 percent as minimum in portfolios and anything more than that to be used for trading purposes, to respond to short-term over-bought or over-sold signals."


Billionaire financier George Soros, echoing comments from investment guru Warren Buffett, last month described gold as the "ultimate bubble" because it is costly to dig up and has no real value except its market price.

But a rising price for the precious metal has in itself generated more and more demand from investors looking for a way to hedge against a fresh recession. Gold bears no yield and is uncompetitive in an environment of rising interest rates.

The uneasy outlook for inflation, hard currencies and global growth has triggered a five-fold increase in a physical gold fund launched by Pictet one year ago, the Swiss private bank said.

UBS's Stadler said the precious metal has become a staple of investors' portfolios, despite questions about whether it makes for a smart long-term investment.

"If you talk to ultra-high net worth individuals, that level of uncertainty has never been higher in the last two, three, four years," he said. "If they ask me, 'Is inflation going up or are we entering a deflationary cycle?,' I don't know. But obviously nobody knows."

Anthony DeChellis, managing director of Credit Suisse's Americas private banking unit, said at the Reuters summit in New York that clients are more interested in capitalizing on the rise in gold prices than using the precious metal as a safe-harbor investment.

"They're asking, 'If it's a bubble, how far can I ride that bubble,'" he said. "I cannot say we've seen a spike in gold interest, but there's an interest in the phenomenon of it."

Samir Raslan, Citigroup Inc's regional head for central, eastern and northern Europe, Africa and Turkey, said clients were not going overboard on gold.

"I wouldn't say that clients are over-investing. It's part of an asset allocation, but it's not something that they are deciding all of a sudden," he said.

And not all bankers are recommending exposure to gold.

Andreas Wolfer, head of private banking at UniCredit Group, attributed the run-up in the price of gold to frayed investor nerves after the 2008 financial crisis as well as concerns about sovereign debt in the euro zone.

"We have seen it but we have not overweighted it in our asset allocation," Wolfer told the Reuters summit in Geneva, which has emerged as a major trading hub for precious metals as well as other physical commodities.

"We strongly believe in an asset allocation having a clear and diversified portfolio, which sounds a bit boring but in the end it brings the best returns," Wolfer said.

(Additional reporting by Kevin Lim in Singapore and Joe Rauch in New York; Editing by Greg Mahlich and John Wallace)

reuters.com 4 Oct 2010

10 October 2010

Sandilands launches attack on lord mayor

Shock jock Kyle Sandilands has launched a personal attack on Sydney Lord Mayor Clover Moore, vowing to "get rid of that woman".

Sandilands used his 2DayFM breakfast program on Friday to rail against Ms Moore's plans to introduce laws which would allow Sydney City Council to close pubs and nightclubs at midnight.

The X Factor judge, who reportedly bought a stake in Kings Cross nightclubs the Piano Room and Trademark two months ago, said the proposed laws would put owners out of business.

"All these nightclubs, they'll all shut down because they can't make money if they close before midnight," he said.

"I'll get rid of that woman, you watch. Eighty-year-old woman trying to run the town. Go to the retirement village, you old clown."

Sandilands accused Ms Moore of being out of touch and made a personal jibe at the politician by clearly exaggerating her age.

"Let's face it, this woman's 80, so she has got no clue what the majority of us really want," he said.

A spokeswoman for Ms Moore told the Sunday Telegraph that Sandilands was mistaken about the impact of the proposed changes.

Some bars and clubs would still be allowed to open until 3am and others for 24 hours, she said.

ninemsn 10 Oct 2010

This article does not focus on the person making any accusations,

BUT rather the hidden agenda / politics behind Sydney's Lord Major Clover Moore.

Politicians are quick to introduce new laws upon the masses to 'lock them down' in what can only be described as a Nanny State.

The masses are given ANY plausible excuse for the introduction of new laws, that will ultimately restrict the free movement of the general populous.

This is now being accelerated at an astonishing rate, and still goes unnoticed by the masses.

Gouldburn Valley promoting Cancer causing foods

Too many times, major 'junk food' providers are advertising their products in order to make HUGE profits at the expense of the health of the general populous.

In the above example Gouldburn Valley, want you to eat their sugar laced cake, and sugar ridden flavoured milk for lunch.

Very little essential nutrients for the body, BUT a whole lot of calories to make you FAT.

In essence JUNK FOOD that people should be staying away from.

Former Australian Prime Minister Paul Keating dodges red light charge

PAUL Keating has had a charge of running a red light dismissed in a Sydney court this morning.

The former Prime Minister came before Magistrate Carolyn Barkell in the Downing Centre local court to fight an allegation that he ran a red light in the CBD last Australia Day.

He was pulled over by two police officers not far from the intersection of Pitt and Park Sts after they claimed they saw him go through the red light.

But Mr Keating, who was on his way to visit his mother, was adamant that the light had been yellow when he drove through it in his daughter's green hatchback.

He described the traffic on the day as "impenetrable" and "crawling" due to road closures on the public holiday.

The offence carries the penalty of a fine and three demerit points.

Magistrate Barkell deemed there wasn't enough evidence to prove the allegation and dismissed the charge.

Outside court Mr Keating, who was accompanied by his lawyer Sam Macedone, said he was happy with the outcome.

"I think it's important that ordinary people in the community, having received an infringement notice for an offence they didn't commit, basically understand that the system isn't weighed against them and they are entitled to have the courage of their convictions," Mr Keating said.

thedailytelegraph.com.au 28 Sep 2010

Clearly showing ( and flaunting the fact infront of )

the peseants that the 'leaders' are above the law.

The same law does NOT apply for the rulers and for the masses.