12 October 2019

Convicted paedophile and former NSW minister Milton Orkopoulos wins bid for parole

© AAP Image/Dean Lewins Convicted paedophile and former NSW ministeWr Milton Orkopoulos wins bid for parole 

The NSW Parole Authority has formed an intention to grant parole to convicted paedophile and disgraced former state government minister Milton Orkopoulos.

Orkopoulos was sentenced in 2008 to at least nine years and three months in jail for 30 child sex and drugs charges, relating to three boys in the Hunter Valley region and Lake Macquarie.

He became eligible for parole in 2017 but it was repeatedly refused because he did not take part in a sex offenders program.

Now that the intention to grant parole has been determined, all parties will have the opportunity to make submissions at a review hearing in four to six weeks.

The Orkopoulos case was a bombshell for the then-NSW Labor Government.

His trial gave insight into his double life which involved having sex with minors and supplying them with cannabis and heroin.

During sentencing, Newcastle District Court Judge Ralph Coolahan said Orkopoulos' "premeditated, predatory and manipulative" actions had far-reaching effects on his victims and involved a gross breach of trust.

More to come.

Source: msn.com

10 October 2019

Magistrate's orders unlawful, sack the POS

This is the state of the colony's legal system:

If you've been handed out an order by this POS where your 'person' has been harmed, i.e. suffered a financial loss, you should sue him AND the 'State Government of Victoria'.

Dodgy Samsung promotes falsified benchmarks

Samsung is 'promoting' owners of their Galaxy devices to falsify benchmark scores by paying them $10 for their efforts.

Now is that the action of an honest corporation?

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