12 March 2011

Altec Lansing - iM11 - Product revisited

The name Altec Lansing for some may be a brand name that is synonymous with top shelf quality audio.

Similarly when thinking of mp3 players, Apple's ipod units are at the top of the list.

Marrying the two together nets us with products called ipod/iphone speaker docks.

In this consumer throw away oriented society, there is a plethora of ipod speaker docks available that can range from "low end" $40 units to mid range $200 to mid $500 units, then up to the higher end mid $1000 units.

Looking back at a product that corpau has in its possession is the Altec Lansing im11 portable ipod speaker dock (in white, as illustrated), which when bought retailed in the mid $200 range, putting it into the mid range quality bracket.

A quick online search at the time of posting show that the exact same model is still available for approx. AD$170.

The Apple ipod market is one that is well over hyped, and in general the accessories offered are greatly overpriced. This is a common and well expressed view within the online community in both Apple supporters and their critics.

The AL im11 comes with a 9V adapter together with a usb input, and an external 3.5" audio socket.

The sound quality is one that lacks any sort of bass, with the treble sounding tinny and hollow.

Currently Dick Smith Electronic sells an ipod dock from Thomson for $38.

The quality of the output sound from the $170 Altec Lansing im11 is NO better than that of the $38 Thomson unit.

Companies are cashing in on their name offering sub standard quality one would expect from the price bracket the product is slotted into.

In reality the two Chinese made components are as equal as each other.

A similar comparison has been made previously on corpau with respect to the Soniq and Logitec brands. with a price variance of approx. 200%.


In this case the difference is over 400%.

Cyclone Earthquake Tsunami - Media Lies

The mass media has a relentlessness focus on the 'shocking' reporting it as 'news'.

The events that unfold before out eyes provide the majority of these types of stories.

These stories of tragedies are brought to us as 'breaking' news by the media outlet, in that we can 'trust' them because they brought it to us first.

'Newsreel' information obtained by corpau, shows that Rupert Murdoch's media empire has made a false statement in that Queensland's cyclone Yasi was as large as North America.

North America is the northern continent of the Americas Amongst other counties it is made up of Alaska, Canada, United States and Mexico.

The United States is approx 24% larger in land area than Australia, that being 3.6 million square miles compared to Australia's 2.9 million.

Queensland's cyclone Yasi had an approximate land front of 400 kilometres or approx 240 miles.

If indeed cyclone Yasi was as large as reported by the mass media, then its devastation would be from Queensland to Victoria an length of over 2000 kilometres

New Zealand was also in the spotlight a couple of times regarding their earthquakes. Once in late 2010, and another time in 2011.

An interview with a local New Zealander expressed frustration, in that the first reports of the devastation were NOT that bad as purported by the mass media, saying that 'you guys blew it up' meaning exaggerated the facts. The mass media did it again in 2011 when the 'quake hit Christchurch.

The mass media works closely with governments in providing the masses with information that is conducive to a particular agenda, and is heavily sanitised.

Pictures / Videos do not lie, but what exaggeration will be made with regards to Japans tsunami?

Aussie 'Girls Gone Wild' boss jailed in US

Australian "Girls Gone Wild" businessman Ryan Bowman has been sentenced to just under a year in jail for the hit-run crash on Los Angeles' Sunset Strip that left a young fashion designer dead.

Bowman fled the November 10 crash in his luxury car, a Bentley, and did not hand himself in to authorities until the next day.

Under a plea deal, the 34-year-old Queenslander was sentenced on Friday to 364 days in a private LA jail facility, rather than one of the city's notoriously overcrowded and violent prisons. With good behaviour, Bowman is expected to be released after serving a little more than six months of that.

Lauren Ann Freeman, a 21-year-old LA fashion designer, was hit by Bowman's car as she crossed Sunset Boulevard and her body was thrown 15 metres.

Bowman, who helped expand the Girls Gone Wild soft porn business in Australia, kept driving.

He agreed to plead guilty to a reduced charge of leaving the scene of a collision and Beverly Hills judge Elden Fox confirmed that on Friday at an emotional sentencing hearing, where Freeman's parents, brother and friends addressed the court.

Bowman also offered an apology to the family.

Under the terms of the deal, Bowman will also be placed on four years' probation after his release from jail.

Bowman was facing a lengthy prison sentence when sheriffs arrested him on suspicion of vehicular manslaughter with gross negligence after he surrendered to them the following day.

However, under the deal with the Los Angeles County District Attorney's Office, Bowman last week entered a guilty plea to the lesser charge of leaving the scene of a collision.

12 Mar 2011

Getting away with murder is one of new new ways of the law.

You can kill someone, and then be 'sentenced' to a holiday resort (jail) for one year.

10 March 2011

Gold Coast delsal plant - Government Failure

A recent trip to the Gold Coast approximately 80 kilometres (50 miles) south east of Brisbane in Queensland, has netted information in this post.

It is a well known fact to the local population, but a lesser known to the rest of Australians, that the Australian government has produced a failed desalination plant on the Gold Coast.

The government has failed in the risk analisys of the project, and consequently the plant is failing to produce water as it was designed to do.

What happens usually during these tenders is that the cronies in government and business give each other work, at the expense of public funds.

The project then goes 'over budget' which in reality is a failure of the (false) 'quotation' / business plan.

Currently the Australian Tax payers are paying $35,000 per day to keep the desalination plant operational which does not produce ANY water.

The same fate will occur to the desalination plant in Victoria, which the government has announced is already at a project blow out to the taxpayers.

Another fraud brought to you by the government at the expense of the taxpayer.

Coles milk scam - putting Aussie farmers out of business

In recent mass media news Coles has made it into the spotlight that it is breaching the Trade Practices Act with regards to the discounting (sale price) of milk, and recouping the costs of this in marking up the price of petrol.

This practice has been going on for quite some time, and this is well known across the board.

All the major retailers do this (discount one product line, whilst hiking up the price of another), including Bunnings, Big W and others.

Information has been obtained by corpau, that this (price discounting) is NOT the major concern.

Coles is working to destroy the Australian farmer's production of milk, and to obtain this from global sources at a price that Coles will dictate to the general public.

This will be apparent in the coming years, and the 'necessity' for it will be dictated by the circumstances presented to the masses.

The milk bought from Coles, although sold in liquid form to the public, goes through a chemical process that makes it a powder.

09 March 2011

Mini Mac vs Hackintosh

In the computing arena, Apple is very coy about providing the full technical specification of its products. For that reason an attempt has been made to faithfully reproduce a Mini Mac 'compatible' or Hackintosh as it is known within the computer industry.

At the time of writing this post a mini mac in Australia from a retailer cost AU$900.

The specifications of mini mas are as follows:

Intel Core 2 Duo @ 2.4Ghz, 2GB RAM, 320GB HDD, DL DVD Nvidia GF320M, Snow Leopard (OS X 10.6).

In addition to this one needs a keyboard and mouse with monitor. The prices of these items are as follows:
Wired Keyboard: $69, Wired Mouse: $69, 27" LED Monitor: $1,000.

To compare this to a personal computer system built in similar if not better functionality (performance) than that of the mini mac only differing in the physical packaging of the small form factor.

Intel Core2 Duo CPU: $133, Motherboard: $60, 2GB DDR3 RAM: $30, 500GB HDD: $40, Slim DVD: $55, AGP6200 Video:$52, Mini iTX case: $100, Snow Leopard OS: $30.

Wired Keyboard and mouse package (MS-600): $20, 27" LED Monitor: $488.

The total cost of the Mac is $2039 versus $1008 for a compatible system.

The mac is approximately twice the price to the consumer than the compatible alternative.

Tax Fraud Leaves the shores of Australia

In Melbourne, Australia a migrant set up a company dealing in fiances.

After a term of 'successful' operations the company was dealing fraudulently in both ripping off the public and the Australian Tax Office (ATO) in allegedly unpaid taxes.

The company's director was preparing for this fraud from the company's earliest inception.

The ATO came knocking on the door of this company, requiring the company pay approximately $10 million in unpaid taxes.

The owner then mentioned that there is a mistake, and the company doe not owe the ATO any monies whatsoever. He then proceeded to mention that he will conclude his business here in Australia, and start again in New York, which he did.

The ATO 'let' this person get away with fraud.

The ATO lets certain people get away with fraud, being it part of the same group of financiers, or helping out their Masonic Brethren, or any other ties they may have in common, only leaving other tax payers to balance the books.

Some people that the ATO has deliberately allowed to get away with taxation fraud , and even allowed to flee the country are:

Richard Pratt (Ryszard Przecicki) - Polish Jewish Migrant
Pratt's wealth built on corruption'

Rene Rivkin - Russian Jewish Migrant,
Swiss court begins search for Rene Rivkin's millions

Henry Kaye (Eugene Kukuy) - Russian Jewish Migrant,
Henry Kaye $18 fraud charge dropped

Only certain people are allowed to get away with fraud.

The taxation department then chooses its 'victims' (easy targets) carefully in order to recoup the financial loses it lets others get away with. Those people are then branded tax cheats.

08 March 2011

Aussie Radio Stations play American Trash

The majority of Australian Commercial Radio Stations play a song playlist that is very small and repetitive.

The playlist contains approximately 30 songs that are from the United States popular 'rap' culture, with a few wild cards from female performers in the guise of Lady GaGa, Kesha, Katy Perry.

It is a well known fact to authorities, that music has a profound impact on the mental state of well being of the listener. The government also uses certain types of music to torture victims into providing information, the government believes the victim possesses.

In today's society, the youth are the most marketed people in the history of mass media. This is achieved through various messages in advertising, trash programming and most importantly - music.

The message in today's music is very clear. You are cool if:

you're a 'gangsta', a pimp, the number 1 dancer in the club, treat women like ho's, etc.

you are drunk all the time in the club, dance on the floor like a ho, be promiscuous, etc.

These messages are loud and clear, and when repeated often enough form part of a identity of the listener.

These types of messages have one goal in common, to degrade and demoralise the youth of the masses.

The children of the ruling classes do NOT behave in the 'cool' fashion outlined by the so called 'artists'.

These types of messages are financed by the Hollywood Music Moguls to diassemble the morals of the children of the Canon Fodder.

Corrupt Masonic Judges - Road Fines

It is certainly no secret to the people involved and to certain other sections of the community that there is a great deal of corruption in the Anglo - Masonic Legal System of Australia.

These are the foundations laid in Australia by the forefathers, and kept within the Masonic brotherhood.

What will never be revealed is the extent of fraudulent judgments against non masons based upon the other party being a member of the same lodge or any other masonic lodge for that matter, and NOT the merits of the case.

Court hearings where a masonic versus a non masonic member involve judgments made against the non mason as being :

  • "inadmissible"
  • "dismissed, due to not enough evidence / no grounds"

just to name a couple, even though legally they can be incorrect.

In Melbourne, Victoria a motorist was traveling a VERY HIGH velocity in their luxury vehicle on the Calder Highway.

They were stopped by a 'foot soldier' Police Officer, and after receiving the fine, the person contested it.

Upon greeting the Freemason Judge, the Freemason offender's fine was dismissed.

The judge who ruled this, being in contempt of court, should be expelled from the bar.

There are NO repercussions, against false and in contempt of court judgments, and the reality is there is NO place to go to get a corrupt judgment overturned. The so called legal procedures in place that one can lodge an appeal are a farce and an insult to the intelligence of the applicant.

Their applications is ALWAYS rejected , as you cannot to lodge a complaint to a Masonic Legal System, against a Masonic Legal System, and WIN.

The above speeding fine example is just one of many thousands that have occurred in a corrupt legal system.

US reporter was sexually assaulted in Egypt

Top CBS foreign correspondent Lara Logan suffered a "brutal" sexual assault at the hands of a mob in Egypt while covering the downfall of president Hosni Mubarak, the network said.

"She and her team and their security were surrounded by a dangerous element amidst the celebration. It was a mob of more than 200 people whipped into a frenzy," CBS said in a statement.

PHOTOS: Lara Logan's career

"In the crush of the mob, she was separated from her crew. She was surrounded and suffered a brutal and sustained sexual assault and beating before being saved by a group of women and an estimated 20 Egyptian soldiers."

The incident took place on Cairo's central Tahrir Square last Friday, the day Mubarak stepped down, CBS said.

The assault lasted for around 20 to 30 minutes, an insider told the Wall Street Journal, though they stated that it was "not a rape".

Logan was flown to the United States the next day where she was admitted to hospital.

South African-born Logan has covered the conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan, becoming one of the US media's most recognisable war correspondents.

She became CBS News chief foreign correspondent in 2006 after starting at the network four years earlier.

The mother of two young children, Logan met her husband, a defence contractor, while working as a correspondent in Iraq.

She had been in Egypt to cover the celebrations after Mubarak's resignation for news program 60 Minutes.

Local Law No 3 Clause 51 - Laws for Criminals

In Australia, the government is thinking of new ways to extrude money from the public.

New and innovative Laws and taxes are being though of every day to extrude finances from the general population.

In this example a "Local Law No. 3 (Clause 51)".
Has this 'law' been put through parliament?

This piece of paper states:

This shopping trolley has been placed here without authorisation.
24 hours is given from the date on the sticker to the proprietor to have the trolley removed.
Failure to comply may result in a penalty of $200 and the item may be impounded.

The scenario:

A person has gone into the Coles supermarket and filled the trolley with goods. The goods were taken from the premises in the trolley, and the person proceeded to take the trolley to their residence with the goods inside. The goods were then taken inside the premises, and the trolley was pushed a few premises away from the person who 'stole' the trolley.

The trolley is the property of Coles.

This "Local Law" is assuming that the 'stolen' property 'dumped' in front of your house is yours.
This then indicates that you are guilty of a crime before you have the chance to prove your innocence.

The same then can apply to a stolen car 'dumped' in front of city council property.

07 March 2011

Internet Scam - New Idea

In the world of Internet Scams there is a plethora of ideas packaged all the time.

They can range from such diverse topics as :
internet dating,
classifieds (buy a husky puppy e.g. craiglist)
to just and plain simple money laundering or fraud.

An example of a real fraud scam is illustrated in the following picture:

These scams usually involve some sort of 'high' figure per day, and almost all the time there is the:

"Work from Home" catch phrase.

Generally these on-line 'marketing' companies are fraudulent, and there is usually some involvement of you giving away your personal banking details.

The Legal, Accounting and Marketing, corporate think tank behind coprau, could be on a new route to secure an untapped market in Internet Scams.

This new type of internet scam will require the user to "Work from crowded transport", have their own internet enabled pocket device (smartphone, ipod, etc).

The user will then be required to log into websites that flaunt the fact that their members are not on hundreds per day, BUT millions per week.
Just realising the fact that these websites already exist, they are the Entertainment Industry's subjects who are in these 'Money for Mates' scams.

Australianewsweekly.com - Internet Scam

Again as mentioned in a prior post Internet scams are NOT covered by corpau.

Sometimes the temptation is too great to resist publishing some of the gold found on these sites.

In this illustration, a so called poster called "Dan" asks the question:

"Does anyone know if you have to have any programs or a certain computer to make this work."

and the response he gets from another so called person "Justin":

"Hey Dan, the answer is no. Any computer you have will work."

Which all seems fine, BUT Justin replied to Dan's question a DAY EARLIER.

This is what happens when retards have computers and start scam web sites, and make so called posts.

Maybe Justin will have a new career in Lotto Number Forecasting.

P.S. Technically the programs needed on your computer are an Operating system (e.g. Windows, Mac OS) and an Internet Browser (Firefox, I.E).

Or alternatively you can use your iphone4 to subscribe to the above mentioned scam, using iOS4 and Safari.