31 July 2009

'Baby machine' vows to run from authorities

A "baby machine" whose 13 children have all been taken into care on account of her bad parenting is threatening to flee the country so she can keep her next child.

Theresa Winters, from Bedfordshire in southern England, is now pregnant with her 14th child but faces having it removed by social workers within two years.

The unemployed 36-year-old has never been allowed to keep any of her children because of neglect.

But now she is threatening to leave the country with partner Toney Housden — who is also a long-term welfare recipient — so that she can retain custody of her latest infant.

"If we had the money we would go tomorrow — then these people wouldn't be able to touch us," she said.

"People think we're bad parents but we're not, we have changed ... since we had the first five babies, anyway.

"No one has given us a chance since then."

Mr Housden claimed the couple didn't want to "scrounge off taxpayers' money" but also complained about a lack of assistance from the government.

"We want to work and do the right thing but we don't feel we're being given a chance — we are not being given the support we need from social services," he said.

"If we could leave the country we would: then we would grow up like a real family and keep our baby."

Ms Winters previously told The Sun she deserved the chance to start a new family.

"We're not giving up, for every child they take away from me I'm going to have another one," Ms Winters said.

"We are being treated like murderers ....we so desperately want to be a little family."

Ms Winters has admitted social workers probably made the right decision to take away her first 13 children but said she had now "calmed down".

The heavy smoker had her first child when she was 19 with her ex-husband Wayne Redding.

Their daughter was taken away after the couple was accused of neglect, as were their next two children.

After divorcing Mr Redding, Ms Winters then went on to have 11 children with her current partner Mr Housden, four of which were found to have a rare and degenerative condition.

One of the children has since died, and the rest — except one boy with cerebral palsy — have been adopted out.

Ms Winters said she was still traumatised by the memories of when her children were taken away.

"I will be sitting in the hospital and a nurse will come and take the baby away — it’s devastating," she said.

Ms Winter’s sister, Louise Walls, said she had no sympathy for her.

Speaking to the Daily Mail newspaper, Ms Walls said her younger sister’ actions made her feel "physically ill".

"Whenever I have asked her why she keeps getting pregnant when she knows the baby will be taken off her she says, ‘I don’t give a s***, I just want the government to pay for them’," she said.


Trailer Park Trash breeding like a rodent.

Where sterilisation will be of benefit to the environment, and humanity.

29 July 2009

Melbourne - 180 days of water left

On the weekend of the 26th of July, the mass media (Herald Sun) reported in it's Sunday edition that the city of Melbourne (Victoria) has ONLY 180 days of water left.

This was also reported via the TV 'Current Affairs' programs.

FACT: Australia is one of the driest places on the planet, and this is a well known fact to all authorities.

FACT: During the lifetime of every living Australian, there is ALWAYS a 'drought' in EVERY decade in one form or another.

FACT: In the last generation (25 years) Melbourne's population has increased 30% with NO additional provisions for water storage capacity.

FACT: After the privitisation of Melbourne's water in the early 1990's not ONE single dollar has been spent on INFRASTRUCTURE as it has been previously spent, when it was run by the government.

FACT: The current government is 'waiting' for the spring rains to occur, am occurrence that NEVER fills the dams to the required levels.

It is NOT the 'drought' that has lead to the shortage of water, but rather the LACK of involvement by ANY government (Liberal or Labour) to spend on infrastructure, that will ultimately lead to the public footing the bill for water or paying exuberant amount to private companies for water (e.g Coca-Cola Amatil - who buy their water for $1.40 / 1,000,000 litres), that will be resold to the public.

The current companies that charge for water, are doing so frauulently as they ar e NOT providing the water, just a bill, as the government has to provide water for it's people, a task in which it has clearly failed.