25 February 2011

Speed Camera Fraud in Australia

An unnamed officer of the Australian Police force has been interviewed regarding the accuracy of speed cameras and radar guns used by the police.

The officer mentions that the government is fully ware of the inaccuracy of the devices, and it is fraudulently issuing infringement notices to the public.

He then mentions that the government is taking into account that most people will not contest the fines, and is basing its 'profits' on this fact alone.

This is done in a similar fashion in what General Motors (GM) in the United States did with a vehicle produced fault.

GM was again fully aware of the fault, and hired the accountants to estimate a financial payout based on the customers that would take legal action against GM compared to the cost of a product recall.

GM then made the decision NOT to recall the faulty vehicles as it would be of a more significant cost than dealing with the compensation claims, which would / could cost the lives of innocent people.

When this information was made public GM was fined.

Similarly the Australian Speed Camera Scam operated in the same manner that the government is fraudulently issuing speeding fines, taking into consideration that a small percentage will fight the matter in court.

Conversely to GM, the government will never be fined for fraud.

Carbon Offset - Government supported fraud

The government started an initiative where the public were 'urged' to "Carbon Offset" their vehicles.

The government help set up new companies with public funds where people would put in monies in the belief that those companies would be doing something for the environment, for example planting trees, etc.

Instead the companies taking government and public funds invested the monies for personal gain, defrauding the government and the public.

These companies were set up by the cronies of the government in preperation for fraud.

It was heavily promoted by the government on television advertisements to "Carbon Offset" your vehicle.

There has been an eerie silence with respect to the mass media reporting these companies to the general population, as well as government silence as to the proceedings of criminal investigations into the companies directors.

The government has blatantly supported the "Carbon Offest" 'tax' fraud.

What other fraudulent schemes does the government support with respect to the Carbon Tax?

People voted for climate action, says PM

The Australian people voted for Labor to achieve action on climate change despite her promise there would be no carbon tax, Prime Minister Julia Gillard says.

Ms Gillard tipped a hard debate on the government's proposed carbon price with the opposition mounting a vocal fear campaign.

"The Australian people voted for this parliament and this parliament gives us an opportunity to price carbon and we should. It's the right time to do it," she told ABC television on Thursday night.

"I think Australians voted for action on climate change. I believe Australians are persuaded of the science of climate change. The science is in and they want to see us get on with it."

During the election campaign last year, Ms Gillard declared: "There will be no carbon tax under the government I lead".

Ms Gillard joined Australian Greens leader Bob Brown and two independents earlier on Thursday to announce a carbon pricing system to cut emissions and tackle climate change.

The scheme would involve a yet-to-be-determined price per tonne of carbon emissions from July 1, 2012, followed by an emissions trading scheme (ETS) with a flexible price in three to five years.

Opposition Leader Tony Abbott has vowed to oppose the scheme, promising a people's revolt.

Ms Gillard said she expected any amount of fear campaigning from the opposition.

"Tony Abbott has only got one speed and that's to oppose everything," she said.

"He will be clutching for all of his old slogans - a great big new tax on everything.

"We will see a fear campaign from Tony Abbott. That's the only thing he knows how to do. He will be out there actively misleading Australians with false and baseless figures."

Asked whether she would go as far as calling an election to win support for a carbon price, Ms Gillard said she was prepared to do what it took to win the debate and achieve a price on carbon on July 1, 2012.

But that would not mean going to the polls early.

"I want to be clear. My commitment to the Australian people is: we will have the election at the ordinary time in the ordinary course, in 2013," she told Sky Television.

"And I want to go to that election with a carbon price having started on July 1, 2012."

24 Feb 2011

More LIES perpetuated by the government.

This is incorrect and a blatant fraud, by the government saying that the "people voted for it".

This is global politics, in that the people MUST pay 'carbon' taxes into the coffers of the governments, whether they want to or not.

24 February 2011

David Koch sorry for 'sleep like the dead' tweet

Television presenter David Koch has apologised for a tweet from the Christchurch earthquake zone saying he was going to "sleep like the dead".

Koch, who is covering the disaster for Channel Seven’s morning show Sunrise, outraged Twitter users for his "bad choice of words" while tweeting last night.

"Up since 3.20am yesterday... time to sleep like the dead," Koch tweeted to his 15,000 followers last night.

After a torrent of ridicule from Twitter users Koch deleted the tweet and made an apology, citing a lack of sleep was behind it.

"Sorry everyone, bad choice of words. Not thinking straight from lack of sleep. Honest mistake," he wrote.

A spokeswoman for Channel Seven said Kochie was sorry for any offence caused.

"Kochie is sincerely sorry and deleted the message as soon as he realised what he said," the spokeswoman told the Herald Sun.

"He had been working for more than 36 hours straight and made a mistake. He is deeply sorry for any offence he may have caused."

24 Feb 2011

Once again the law has been broken by an employer.

"He had been working for more than 36 hours straight"

It is against the law to work for this amount of time with no breaks.

Channel 7 has publicly stated the Koch was working for over 36 hours straight.

They should be in the law courts for this breach of Occupational Health and Safety (O.H & S) act.

23 February 2011

Gaga at breaking point

It was undoubtedly the week of Gaga. Arriving at the Grammys in a giant egg, in which she claimed she’d spent the previous 72 hours in getting into character, she performed her new single Born This Way and went on to win three awards.

The track has shot straight to the top of the US Billboard charts, while in terms of downloads for a first week, it’s the highest-selling for a female artist in history.

With a coveted US Vogue magazine cover and eccentric appearances on prime-time TV shows (including one where she dressed as a “human condom”), Gaga was everywhere. But it was also a week of drama and controversy for the 24-year-old.

Arriving at a Grammys after-party at the L’Ermitage Hotel in LA, she wowed fellow guests, including Beyonce and Jay-Z, with another performance. But as she began partying, her night unravelled. Guests say she stripped to her bra and appeared unable to speak.

“She seemed completely out of it at one point, barely aware of where she was,” says a source. “She looked so vulnerable but no one could persuade her to leave; it was all a bit sad.”

The singer says she drinks whisky and smokes pot throughout the writing process, and friends say the completion of her latest album has completely consumed her to the point of collapse.

“She pushes herself to the limit and she’s on the brink,” says one. “She goes from being totally high to crashing down and falling asleep halfway through conversations.

“Her parents are really worried and are seriously looking at rehab options for their daughter. They know she likes to do everything to excess but she has so many problems at the moment and she needs help.”

grazia.ninemsn.com.au 21 Feb 2011

Entertainment Trash in the guise of the likes of Lady GaGa, are nothing more than puppets of the Hollywood Financiers.

This so called "Fame Monster" is a very carefully planned and executed campaign to extrude as much money as possible from the youth of the masses.

ANY publicity is good publicity.

As depicted in many satires, you HAVE to go to rehab, from drugs, the drugs that 'Hollywood' supplies, and there are NO arrests as to the suppliers.

GaGa depicts Anti-Christian images, trans-gender sexual images, lesbianism onto the impressional youth, in order to desensitise the morals, and to cloud what is acceptable by society.

If the images were portrayed in an 'Anti-Semitic' manner there would be a global out cry.

Its is CLEARLY acceptable to be Anti-Christian.

This is the politics of the financiers behind the tools like 'Lady GaGa'.

22 February 2011

CIA Prisons Behind the Veil of Secrecy

“The case, "Polish CIA prisons", will remain secret, and the investigation is proceeding correctly - that in short is the answer of the Polish General Prosecutor's Office to a letter of the Helsinki Foundation for Human Rights. The Foundation monitors the issue of detention of CIA prisoners in Poland in 2002-03.

In December 2010, the Foundation expressed its opinion that the investigation, opened two years earlier, is lengthy and not effective. The Foundation also relied on the opinion of Thomas Hammarberg, Commissioner for Human Rights Council of Europe, who believes that matters concerning human rights violations should not be protected by state secrecy laws and the public should know their details.

In response, George Szymanski, director of the department for organised crime, said that "The Hammarberg’s opinion cannot be shared”, but he did not specify why. He only stressed that the investigation materials are still classified "top secret" and that their disclosure would be a crime. Nothing indicates that the secrecy clause will be removed.

According to Szymanski “procedural steps have been and are conducted in a planned manner allowing to produce substantial evidences." What evidences? It is not known. Szymanski confirmed generally known facts: that the planes hired by the CIA were landing at the military airport in Szymany without customs and border clearance. He says that the General Prosecutor’s Office has a full list of these flights. There are no, however, the names of passengers.

In a letter of Szymanski there is no information when the investigation will be closed. The only crime that is taken into account is "the abuse of power" by Polish government officials, who allowed the Americans to carry out such uncontrolled activities.

Source: gazeta.pl

poland.pl 16 Feb 2011

NZ Earthquake - Media misinformation

In a radio interview on the Melbourne ratio station NOVA FM at approximately 16:20. the shows hosts were speaking to a New Zealander with respect to the latest 'quake to hit there.

During the interview the resident 'Nev' expressed much frustration with regards to the mass media reporting technique with regards to the last earthquake.

He mentioned that it was portrayed as a much worse event than it actually was.

These are the words coming straight from an eye witness from the scene an NOT someone part of an agenda.

An agenda that could be more of a reality than myth is from the government profiteering from the relief funds given.

The political agenda in Australia is very clear to make as much money as possible from the flood relief, and the following of Tropical cyclone Yasi.

In the Australian disaster, the government is pushing for a $1.8 billion levy to tax the people, for inadequate insurance taken out by the Queensland State.

Another financial fraud at the expense of the general public.

21 February 2011

Football Heros - Real Life Losers

In recent news in the mass media, there has been an unprecedented focus on what the mass media calls " Football Stars", and their of field 'antics', which in some cases are criminal are dismissed.

There are many names in the Australian Football League (previously Victorian Football League - VFL), that have made it into the spotlight.
Some of these players are involved with criminal gangs being supplied with drugs, and there is NO jail time.

If the general population was apprehended with the same behaviour, drugs / fighting, etc, then there would be jail time served.

The law and the 'institution (AFL) work hand in hand NOT touch the players, in order to keep the peasants coming back to the game.

The politics is quite simple, the AFL is a 'church' which cannot and will not be brought down. It is a far too great money making industry to be brought down, or even implied that there is fraud or illegal activity within.

It is solely and only based upon the fact to put 'bums on seats'
VFL was created, to keep the working classes amused on the weekends. Over the century it has grown into a 'religion'.

Queensland levy flood - Government fraud

The government has embarked on a another "Money for Mates" deal, where money will be distributed amongst their cronies, WITHOUT any accountability to the public.

According to the mass media, the Prime Minister is pushing a 1.8 Billion dollar 'deal' through the senate in order to 'help' the Queenslanders.
The amount of monies given by the general public to the charities is in the vicinity of $200 million. Out of this money very little has made it through to the victims of the 'natural' disaster.

From key people in Brisbane, corpau has interviewed, it is widely regarded that if the authorities let the water out from the TWO outlets of the Wivenhoe dam, then the 'disaster' would NOT have happened.

It has also been learned that the 'media' hype associated with the torrential rain, was a beat up for people to 'feel sorry' for the 'victims' and donate money.
The money so far donated by the public are withheld in government, which is then traded on the international stock exchange earning healthy profits.

Doctors forging patients records

A doctor's practice in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne has regularly forged patients documents.

Corpau has seen documentation pertaining to a patients opertation. The doctor has alleged that the operation has taken place over several days. In reality this type of procedure is a single admission type with one surgical procedure taking place.

Doctors obtain money from the government from the paperwork given in. The monies given depends on various factors including stitches.
It is understood that this is NOT an isolated example and that his is regularly practiced by doctors.

Doctors regularly scan the details of patients cards and fraudulently claim operations / admissions that have never occurred.

The authorities have been notified of this practice, and watch this space for the repercussions, if any.