26 April 2014

Joe Hockey declares wife's company directorship 14 years after the appointment

Shadow Treasurer Joe Hockey with his wife Melissa Babbage.
Shadow Treasurer Joe Hockey with his wife Melissa Babbage. Source: News Limited
ASPIRING treasurer Joe Hockey has been caught breaching parliamentary rules after failing to declare a family interest for almost his entire 17-year career in federal parliament. 

Mr Hockey declared the directorship of Steel Harbour Pty Ltd held by his wife, Melissa Babbage, in May last year among a series of "new positions" under spouse declaration rules.

But business records show Ms Babbage was appointed to the role in 1998.

Pecuniary interest register declarations are supposed to be made within a month.

The revelations come after News Corp Australia revealed earlier this year Arthur Sinodinos, tipped to be Mr Hockey's right-hand man as finance minister in an Abbott government, failed to declare six company directorships in his first year in the upper house.

National Press Club
Shadow Treasurer Joe Hockey registered his wife Melissa’s 14-year-old directorship as soon as be became “aware”. Picture Ray Strang Source: News Limited
The directorship blunder has emerged ahead of a key economic debate showdown between Mr Hockey and Treasurer Chris Bowen at the National Press Club in Canberra on Wednesday.

Mr Hockey yesterday suggested he was clueless about his wife's business interests for 14 years and would not explain what the company did.

He insisted that his register was now fine and that he was the victim of a Labor Party smear campaign.

"As I become aware of my wife's commercial interests I declare them, as is appropriate," Mr Hockey said.

"My pecuniary interest register is entirely in order."

A spokesman for Special Minister of State Mark Dreyfus said: "The long-standing practice of parliamentarians' declarations of interests is an important element of our transparent democratic process."

Shadow Treasurer Joe Hockey’s wife Melissa holds a number of company directorships. Picture: Ray Strange Source: News Limited

 Shadow Treasurer Joe Hockey's wife Melissa holds a number of company directorships. Picture: Ray Strange
Documents filed with the Australian Securities and Investments Commission show Mrs Babbage was appointed as a director of Steel Harbour Pty Ltd on April 2, 1998.

Her directorship includes the three years Mr Hockey was a member of the Howard ministry from 2004 to 2007 and spans more than some of the long careers of Mr Hockey's colleagues.

Mr Hockey was elected as the member for North Sydney in 1996.

But Mr Hockey's register of pecuniary interests shows he only put the interest on the public record on May 29 last year.

 Joe Hockey with his wife Melissa and children Xavier and Adelaide after the birth of Ignatius in 2009. Picture: Paul Melville
The move came as Mrs Babbage added a string of other directorships to her swag of corporate roles, including with Athletics Australia, the Australian Athletics Federation and Host City Marathon.

Mr Hockey said: "The Labor Party has previously engaged in this type of muckraking and then been forced to correct such unsubstantiated assertions. It is a desperate action from a desperate government."
MPs can be referred to a privileges committee inquiry over omissions with the interests register.

Punishments for knowingly providing incorrect information to parliament can include jail or fines.

Joe Hockey with his wife Melissa and children Xavier and Adelaide after the birth of Ignatius in 2009. Picture: Paul Melville Source: News Limited

courier.com.au  27 aug 2013

After providing false information to parliament, this person cannot and should not be in charge of ANY portfolio.

It is great to see a wife supporting a corporate fraudster.

Australia the 'lucky' country, if you're part of the criminal elite.

Another 'Money for Mates' fraud supported by the Australian authorities.

25 April 2014

Victorian Courts Fraud - Infringements Court


Many Australians are 'issued' with a 'fine' from a source that masquerades as an 'authority'.

The reality is that the paperwork is factually a 'contract' enticing the proud recipient into an 'obligation'.

In this example the letter is allegedly from:

Infringements Court
P.O. Box 14487

The reality of the situation is that there is no such entity as stated on the envelope called the "Infringements Court". This is complete fraud on a grand scale for Victorians who have falsely paid a 'fine'.

Notice the seal / coat of arms which is a corporate trademark, and has no legitimate authority WHATSOEVER.

Another point is that any company dealing in business with a 'customer' must disclose their ABN in their 'letter of offer', which in this case the 'Infringements Court' does not.

On the Magistrates' Court of Victoria website at:


It is clearly stated that:

The Infringements Court is a venue of the Magistrates’ Court

See screen capture:

Therefore the recipient is being misled into a transaction with the Magistrate's Court of Victoria
ABN: 32 790 228 959, as being with the 'Infringements Court'.

Under WHATEVER Act you are being 'charged' under, e.g. Road Safety Act 1986, it is factually invalid.

The heads of state and police have been made aware of these facts, but choose not to respond, or if they do, they shun the matter away.

YOU MUST exercise this fact in any court of 'law', remembering that Australia's courts are places of business / trading / commerce and NOT law.

Any magistrate will tell you that they are bound to the Acts of that state, which stem from its Constitution.

In the case of Victoria, there are a few constitutions, only of which ONE may be valid.

Any so called law must have Royal Assent and must be printed in the government gazette.

Any 'law' at a state level that contradicts the Australian Constitution is invalid.

Entertaining the validity of the Australian Constitution (1901) can be a topic on its own, but any reference to the Constitution of 1975 is totally INVALID.

For ANY law to be implemented on this land, lawfully a treaty MUST first be signed with the land's original inhabitants, which has been done in the case of New Zealand, but NOT with the original inhabitants of the land the English inhabitants call Australia.

In order for ANY law to be passed lawfully,

  • - by Royal Assent, the Heir to the Throne of England MUST be placed there lawfully, to which Queen Elizabeth II (Elizabeth Alexandra Mary Windsor) has not been.

  •  - must be signed lawfully by the constitutional monarch of the realms of the Commonwealth.

The reality is that the Australian authorities are operating fraudulently in Australia, with an oppressive conspiracy against those who are aware of those facts and publicise the truth.

The police in response raid their homes, intimidate witnesses into signing statements under duress, assault others with brute force, financially destroy individuals via various means, and take no action when reporting criminal acts to police.

The so called police watch dog is a corrupt unit, dismissing many cases against corrupt police ranging from covering up road deaths committed by police, assaults, burglaries worth hundreds of thousands of dollars each instance, to covered up shootings. 

Victoria is a police state ruled by (guns) force and (financial) fear.

The general populous is blissfully unaware of the totally fraudulent operations of its 'authorities'.

History of the Victorian Police Force

HISTORY OF THE VICTORIAN POLICE FORCE!!! - please take the time to read this as it is very interesting and includes the establishment, Eureka stockade, the Kelly gang through to task force Purana and the occupy protests and much more.

Victoria Police is the primary law enforcement agency of Victoria, Australia. It was formed in 1853.

As of 2011, Victoria Police has over 12,190 sworn members, along with over 400 recruits, reservists and Protective Services Officers, and over 2,900 civilian staff across 393 police stations.

Early history

Mounted officers of the Victoria Police

The Victoria Police was formally established on 8 January 1853 (first badge worn pictured below. only one left in existence) from an existing colonial police force of 875 men. The first appointment as Chief Commissioner was William Henry Fancourt Mitchell.

Their first major engagement was the following year, 1854, in support of British soldiers during the events leading up to, and confrontation at, the Eureka Stockade where some miners (mostly Irish), police and soldiers were killed. Following the brutality of the police after the stockade, public opinion turned against them, the 13 miners charged with treason were all acquitted and police numbers were dramatically cut.

A new Chief Commissioner, Charles MacMahon, was appointed that same year. The first death in the line of duty, that of Constable William Hogan, also occurred in 1854.

The following couple of decades saw the growth of the police force, including the beginning of construction of the Russell Street police station in 1859 and the establishment of a special station in William Street to protect the Royal Mint in 1872.

Six years later, three more officers (Kennedy, Lonigan and Scanlan) who were hunting the Kelly Gang, were killed by them at Stringybark Creek. Two years later, in 1880, the police confronted the Kelly Gang at Glenrowan. A shoot-out ensued on 28 June, during which three members of the Kelly Gang were killed and following which Ned Kelly was shot and captured.

1880 also saw the formation of the Aboriginal Tracker Corps. The corps was disbanded in 1968.

In 1888 Senior Constable John Barry produced the first Victoria Police Guide, a manual for officers. (The Victoria Police Manual, as it is now known, remains the comprehensive guide to procedure in the Victoria Police). Police officers were granted the right to vote in parliamentary elections the same year.

In 1899 the force introduced the Victoria Police Valour Award to recognise the bravery of members. Three years later, in 1902, the right to a police pension was revoked.

1923 Victorian Police strike

On 31 October 1923 members of the Victoria Police Force refused duty and went on strike over the introduction of a new supervisory system. The police strike led to riots and looting in Melbourne's central business district. The Victorian government enlisted Special Constables, and the Commonwealth of Australia called out the Australian military. Victoria Police are the only Australian police department to ever go on strike.

Only a few of the strikers were ever employed as policemen again, but the government increased pay and conditions for police as a result. Members of the Victoria Police (as its officers are generally known) now have among the highest union membership rates of any occupation, at well over 90%. The Victorian police union, the Police Association, remains a very powerful industrial and political force in Victoria.

Recent history

Controversy and corruption allegations

In the 1980s and 1990s allegations were made against most Australian police forces of corruption and graft, culminating in the establishment of several Royal Commissions and anti-corruption watchdogs. Inquiries have also been held into Victoria Police (Beach et al.). The force was criticised because members of the public (both innocent and guilty) were being fatally shot at a rate exceeding that of all other Australian police forces combined.

In 2001, Christine Nixon was appointed Chief Commissioner, becoming the first woman to head a police force in Australia.

In addition to allegations of corruption among the Uniformed Members of Victoria Police, allegations also surfaced in respect of senior members of the Civil Service serving in Victoria Police. Two Motions were raised in the Supreme Court of Victoria. One, Motion 5771/2002 alleged that senior members of Victoria Police divulged the name of a senior Victoria Police Whistleblower to the detriment of his safety. The other, Motion 6337/2002 alleged that the Ombudsman's Office and Auditor General's Office in Victoria had falsified evidence and produced a whitewash report into allegations of corruption in relation to several multi-million dollar contracts. For reference, these documents may be viewed at the Prothonotary's Office at the Supreme Court of Victoria in Melbourne.

In June 2003, Taskforce Purana was set up under the command of (then) Assistant Commissioner Simon Overland to investigate Melbourne's "gangland killings".

In May 2004 former police officer Simon Illingworth appeared on Australian Story to tell his disturbing story of entrenched police corruption in Victoria Police. He has also written a book about his experiences entitled Filthy Rat.

In early 2007, Don Stewart, a retired Supreme Court judge, called for a Royal Commission into Victorian police corruption. Stewart alleged that the force was riddled with corruption that the Office of Police Integrity was unable to deal with.

In early February 2009, in response to evidence that many of the 2009 Victorian bushfires were deliberately lit, Chief Commissioner Christine Nixon announced the creation of Taskforce Phoenix to investigate all related deaths during the fires, to be led by Assistant Commissioner Dannye Moloney of the crime department and was composed of around 100 police officers.

On 2 March 2009, Simon Overland was named as the new Chief Commissioner, replacing Christine Nixon, who was retiring. Simon Overland prematurely resigned on 16 June 2011.

In November 2011 then Acting Chief Commissioner Ken Lay was named as Chief Commissioner after five months in caretaking.

On 21 October 2011 the Police Force evicted Occupy Melbourne protesters from Melbourne City Square. Despite 173 arrests being made, no charges have been laid against any protesters. As the protest continued at other locations through November and December 2011, several police officers allegedly were involved in an incident where a knife was used to forcibly remove a tent worn as a dress by a female protester.

Credit: Original Author

ANZAC Day 2014

One can ever forget the people who ultimately sacrificed their lives for their country or their fellow brothers out in the fields of war.

The absolute truth of the matter is also the the masses should realise that governments create an environment that leads to war, where the children of the general populous are taken to destinations that have no relevance to the protection of borders of their own country, only to later become canon fodder.

The war mongering machine of government is the largest industry on the planet, where the general populous pay via their taxes, etc for governments to go to war against each other. This is how it looks from the surface.

The banks also support the events of war as there is an enormous amount of money (read: debt to the people) to be made, which is only a byproduct of the hidden agenda that being the enslavement of the general populous to the perpetual war machine.

What many people in Australia may not realise it that the so called 'government' is actually a corporatocracy (business), run by corporations that only function to their benefit, where the people are their (unwilling / unbeknown to them) corporate slaves.

The general populous may be under the (false) assumption that the people they elect work for them in a capacity that is what the people ask / require the government to do.

(illustration source: supplied, credit: original authors) 

The Age publication, mentions on its front page that Australia's CEO Mr. Tony Abbot will be purchasing 58 Joint Strike Fighters (F-35A Lightning II), where even before they are delivered, there is already a project budget blow out, even before delivery, where financial mismanagement and technical incompetence is just a start.

In a subtle yet strong message portrayed by the editor, on the same page, another story surfaces, that being a budget cut to the elderly.

Balancing the books on expenditure on war planes and taking food away from the elderly aside, Australia's government is responsible for fraud on a grand scale, all right under the noses of the enslaved masses, but not out of sight nor mind of those who are aware of the deception.

The land mass known as Australia has been fraudulently corporatised by the 'authorities', being registered in the U.S Securities Exchange Commission in the state of Washington D.C, where every single person in Australia is the 'asset' being traded (unknowingly to them) on the stock market.

This is what the Australian diggers fought for.

24 April 2014

'Stop Tony Meow': The web plug-in that swapped pictures of Australian PM Tony Abbot for a cat

The Australian government used up more than 130 pages of correspondence talking about a viral web plug-in that replaces pictures of their Prime Minister with ‘cute kittens’.
The programme, called ‘Stop Tony Meow’, swaps images of Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott with pictures of cats.

It quickly became a viral hit with over 50,000 downloads from people tired of stock images of Mr Abbott.

And it hasn’t escaped the attention of government officials, who have racked up 137 pages of reports about the browser extension.

The extent of government interest in the feline plug-in was revealed in a freedom of information request filed by its developers Dan Nolan and Ben Taylor.

Interested in what the Prime Minister and his staff thought about the extension, they requested details of any correspondence that mentioned the words ‘Stop Tony Meow’.

‘‘It would be really interesting to see how a government department reacts to these weird new kinds of technology and culture jamming stuff, which previously they wouldn’t have had to deal with,” Mr Nolan told the Sydney Morning Herald.

Although they learnt that reports ran to 137 pages, they have been asked to pay $700 to see its contents – so what government staff have said about the plug-in is shrouded in mystery, at least for now.

Mr Nolan has criticised the government’s response to the request, and insisted that the documents should be released in full on public interest grounds.

Keen to know exactly what the government are saying about ‘Stop Tony Meow’, he is now considering raising funds from friends to gain access to the pages.

He said: "If they’re interested enough and intrigued enough about it and people throw in 10 or 20 bucks between, you know, 30 or 40 people to get it sorted. Or I might just throw the cash down”.

independent.co.uk 22 Apr 2014

Retarded decision by a retarded government.

23 April 2014

Police officer accused of raping child remains free until his court date in two months

The accused police officer wil return to court in two months.
The accused police officer wil return to court in two months. Source: Supplied
A POLICE officer charged with raping a young child will remain at large in the community for two months before stepping foot in a courtroom. 

Despite facing a potential life sentence for the offence, the senior-constable — who was charged by colleagues at his own station — was never arrested. Instead he was last Thursday handed a court attendance­ notice instructing him to ­appear at Goulburn Local Court on June 18.

The 40-year-old, attached to the southern region, was charged with aggravated sexual intercourse with a child under the age of 10 years and assault occasioning actual harm. The complaint was made in October over offences that allegedly occurred earlier last year.

The policeman’s colleagues chose to issue a future court attendance notice with strict conditions, including an ­apprehended violence order protecting his alleged victim, despite the offences carrying maximum penalties of life ­imprisonment and five years in jail respectively.

He continued to work as a police officer while under ­investigation and was only formally suspended, with pay, at 5pm yesterday.

Police Minister Mike Gallacher last night said he would “be making formal inquiries with the Commissioner (Andrew Scipione) to ascertain the full facts relating to this matter”.

Child protection advocacy group Bravehearts founder and CEO Hetty Johnston said she was concerned by the police court notice process.

“These are two serious charges against a child and this person should not be released. If there’s a legality that has ­allowed this person to be freed, it must be changed,” Ms Johnston said.

A NSW police spokeswoman said the decision to issue the court attendance ­notice instead of arresting the officer came after advice from the Director of Public Prosecutions that there was “sufficient evidence to lay charges”.

“An interim apprehended violence order is in place for the protection of the alleged victims and witnesses,” she said. “There is no automatic presumption against bail.”

The spokeswoman said ­investigators considered it ­appropriate to issue the court notice, as was allowed under the Law Enforcement (Powers and Responsibilities) Act.

Police also defended the four days it took to publicly release information about the charge — at 9.07pm on Monday. “As per NSW Police protocol, a media release was issued once the appropriate approval processes were completed,” she said.

In January it emerged one in 40 serving officers in NSW had committed an offence, with 437 serving officers having criminal convictions. Ten police officers have been charged in the past month. On March 28, a 29-year-old senior-constable was charged with aggravated indecent ­assault and indecent assault of two other officers between 2011 and 2012 at a city police station.

The police spokeswoman said no police officer was ­“exempt from the law”.


April 20: Constable charged with low range drink driving at Tempe. Will appear at Balmain Local Court on May 14.

April 18: Constable charged after running red light and involved in police pursuit at Eastwood. Charged with police pursuit under Skye’s Law and two counts of not stopping at red light. Will appear at Burwood Local Court on June 4.

April 17: Senior constable charged with aggravated sexual intercourse with child under 10 and assault occasioning actual bodily harm in Southern Region. Will appear at Goulburn Local Court on June 18.

April 11: Constable charged with common assault and police officer take detrimental action for reprisal. Will appear at Newtown Local Court on May 27.

April 11: Senior constable charged with make false official instrument to pervert course of justice, allegedly creating a false record. Will appear at Maitland Local Court on May 19.

April 2: Police officer attached to specialist command charged with making threats over the telephone against a private business. Charged 38-year-old constable with using carriage service to threaten serious harm. Will appear at Downing Centre Local Court on April 23.

April 1: Senior constable charged with low-range drink driving at Glebe. Will appear at Balmain Local Court on April 30.

March 28: A 29-year-old senior constable charged with aggravated indecent assault and indecent assault of two other officers between December 2011 and April 2013. Will appear at Downing Centre Local Court on April 29.

March 27: A 47-year-old constable charged with intimidation after domestic-related incidents. Will appear at Port Macquarie Local Court on April 24.

March 24: At 10pm, senior constable driving Toyota RAV-4 charged with mid-range drink driving after registering a 0.102 reading. Later charged with assaulting police and resisting police. Will appear at Orange Local Court on April 24.

dailytelegraph.com.au 23 Apr 2014

 Once a person of 'power' can avoid jail or incarceration over a crime as serious as rape, then the 'authorities' are showing total contempt towards general populous.

Australia does not have a 'justice' system of courts but rather the corporations known as courts function on Commercial Law.

The police are part of the problem of upholding the corrupt system.

No name has been mentioned nor photo released.

Facebook’s ‘Nearby Friends’ feature is potentially creepy

Your location could permanantely be traced.
Your location could permanantely be traced. Source: Supplied
FACEBOOK has introduced a new feature for its mobile users allowing them to share their location with friends. It is an “opt in” feature, meaning you don’t have to sign up for it. On the surface, it seems to be a useful tool for people to use. 

But the new Facebook “feature” is pretty dangerous. It is sending your location information on a continuing basis into a network run by Facebook. Among the problems: your GPS is always on if you use this app, meaning you can be followed by hackers, intruders or government agencies more or less at will. And Facebook itself, which is not a secure system, also can be targeted by the same folks.

Facebook has also revealed that it plans to share your Nearby Friends data with advertisers. It is far from clear if the opt-in feature matters in collecting and sharing this information.

Social media are sometimes lots of fun, but they also leak a lot of information about your life, your relationships, your preferences, and your comings and goings which you may not want in untrusted hands.

People who use these apps seem to be oblivious to the risks. Yet, on a daily basis, we read about people being hounded and abused through social media. There are many cases of such abuse.

Facebook’s latest Android app update looks like this.
Facebook’s latest Android app update looks like this. Source: NewsComAu
People also forget that smartphones, tablets and PCs are high-risk devices — with the smartphone leading the pack as the worst of the worst. Why?

Because the smartphone has few, if any, safeguards against hackers. There are no firewalls or security barriers; antivirus and other tools tend not to work on smartphone platforms, and marketing and advertising people in cahoots with telephone carriers are using the platforms as a way to access your information and influence you to buy products, vote for candidates, or convince you to support some opinion or another.

We are at an early stage of exploiting smartphone marketing features. But, if I know where you are, what you had for dinner and at what restaurant, whether you are in your car or on foot, where you work and where you live, I have some really potent information that I can, and certainly will, exploit to the fullest.

Maybe it is just a nuisance when advertisers barge into your life. But it has far greater consequences — a haven for crooks, criminals and psychos.

Recently an iPhone update turned on the Bluetooth feature in all of the latest iPhone models. Why? Because Apple is now in the business of helping store owners’ flash messages to clients in the stores in proximity to a local Bluetooth transmitter. The reason: to push advertising. Say you are looking at a bicycle in a big outlet store. All of the sudden you get a “recommendation” on your smartphone: you will like a certain bike and it is safer than others. Would you pay attention? Most likely, yes, and that is what Apple and the store owners are shooting for.

But at the same time, now your Bluetooth is on all the time, just like the Wi-Fi that is on all the time if you opt in with Facebook. Not only will this suck your battery dry, provide critical information on your location and on your behaviour, but it also leaves your phone wide open to hackers.

Like? We’d rather give this feature a massive ‘unlike’.
Like? We’d rather give this feature a massive ‘unlike’. Source: Supplied
Nothing on the horizon is going to stop the exploitation of personal privacy now in high gear in our country. Our courts have stepped aside and, in fact, condoned our government ripping off our phone’s metadata, forget about the Fourth Amendment to the Constitution. Google has announced that it not only scans all your emails, but actually, you grant it a worldwide license automatically when you send anything, especially any attachment, through their Gmail system. Now Facebook wants to make sure that you keep your GPS humming so your location can be tracked all the time.

The gradual and sometimes voluntary surrender of personal privacy is increasingly dangerous not only for personal security, but in the end, to the preservation of our rights and freedom. This latest Facebook “feature” is a step in the wrong direction.

news.com.au 21 Apr 2014

Another 'feature' for apparent benefit to the customer, but rather a hidden agenda, exposed.

On track with monitoring of the masses in just one more different method, all to be stored by USA's  NSA ( National Security Agency).

22 April 2014

Ex Federal cop a convicted pedophile

From the Telegraph News headline:

Jailed NSW ex-cop tells of gang taunts

A FORMER Australian Federal Police officer turned convicted pedophile says taunts from Brothers 4 Life gang members in jail prompt concerns for his safety. 

Michael Feuerstein made the claim as his defence team submitted what penalty he should serve for a string of sex offences against young boys.

Earlier this year a jury convicted Feuerstein on 21 charges, including sex with a child under 16 and aggravated indecent assault.

The 51-year-old is also to be sentenced for possessing thousands of child pornography files.

The offences were committed between 1991 and 2011, when he was arrested following a raid on his Rosemeadow home in Sydney's southwest.

The Downing District Court heard on Friday that some of Feuerstein's offences involved hitting victims with a cane, fondling and anal intercourse.

Defence barrister Greg Scragg said one of the victims only withdrew his consent for the intercourse halfway through the act.

The court also heard one victim was a 14-year-old homeless boy who Feuerstein took in as a foster child.
Feuerstein knew the child needed money for drugs and exploited that, the court heard.

Feuerstein was an Australian Federal Police officer and a Customs officer before he started his own security agency in Campbelltown in 1987.

He gave evidence of his time behind bars during his sentence hearing on Friday.

He said he had been locked up in a segregation cell, sometimes for 24 hours a day.

Asked whether he had concerns for his safety, Feuerstein said "most certainly so".

Mr Scragg asked his client about references fellow inmates and Brothers 4 Life members had made about his past life in the police force.

"I'm sure it goes on more than I actually hear it," he said.

"I'm sure I've heard 'you are a f***ing dog... you pedophile c***... why don't you hang yourself and be done with it'."

Feuerstein said he was now estranged from his family.

He will be sentenced next week.

dailytelegraph.com.au 22 Nov 2013

It's amazing how the corporate media does not show a picture of the criminal cop.

He is only just one of many.

Lets see how the corrupt legal system protects this criminal.

Melbourne riot goes unreported

Gone are the 'good ol' days' for good.

The world of today is fast paced and most of the first world's populace live in an era of information overflow.

Common terminology suggests that people are catagorised into 'generations' X (born 1966-1976), Y (born 1977-1994), Z (born 1995-2012), where previously a generation is considered in 25 year increments, i.e. 100 years being 4 generations.

Communication plays a vital role in society as it is able to change the course of events, some significant and others totally meaningless.

A fair few generations ago the Rothschilds used their courier network which was quicker that the news media's of the day to commit fraud on the stock exchange.

A 'generation' or two ago, information was totally in the control of a selected few that influenced the herd population.

Today, one can be a witness to a beating of a woman in a third world country, record this event on their 'smart' phone, upload the video to a social media sharing site, and then others can take action collectively, e.g. ring the local authorities en masse.

In Australia the corporate media, is in control by three families, Murdoch, Packer and Stokes, where the media is the official government lap dog / propaganda tool.

No matter what the truth / evidence suggests the corporate media push a government agenda (hidden or not) to the slave populous.

(illustration: Photo of riot in the Melbourne suburb of Brunswick, over the Easter period)

In Melbourne, Victoria over the Easter period, there was a 'riot' in the northern suburb of Brunswick.

Not too long ago there was a media frenzy over the killing of Irish woman Jill Meagher while walking home from a pub in Brunswick.

A heraldsun reader from the eastern suburbs of Melbourne commented that no one mentioned their daughter's rape and subsequent murder, not long prior to Ms. Meagher's murder.

Brunswick has a high migrant population of various ethnicities, ranging from the older established European Greek, Italian migrants to the newer African continent migrants including 'refugees'.

According to eye witnesses the 'riot' on Brunswick's Sydney Road involved black African youths in the magnitude of 200 or more, that were armed with weapons including batons, baseball bats, metal bars, a machete, having the intent to cause damage showing signs of great hostility.

The altercation appeared to involve Lebanese Muslim youths that were greatly outnumbered and on the retreating side.

This is not just one isolated incident, as there have been many 'disturbances' throughout Melbourne's suburbs where there is ethnic/racial/religious tension between the migrant communities, goes (deliberately?) unreported by the media.

There have been many racial attacks instigated by 'black' African youths against 'white' Australians, but the corporate media would have the masses believe that only 'white' Australians 'suffer' from racism.