14 August 2010

"Flower rebel" ...Rihanna's tattoo typo

Uh-oh, Rihanna might have wanted to take a French lesson or two before visiting the tattoo parlour earlier this week.

Her new body art - which is unmissably etched on her neck - reads "rebelle fleur".

...Sounds like "rebel flower" to us, but in French the words should be the other way around: "fleur rebel".

So effectively Rihanna's tatt says "flower rebel".

Oh well, she's not the only celeb to get lost in translation when it comes to permanent body art.

Last year Hayden Panettiere got an Italian expression tattooed on her back which translated as, "Live life without regretted." Meanwhile David Beckham's Sanskrit "Victoria" tattoo is spelt wrong (not that anyone other than Sanskrit scholars would know), and Britney Spears ended up with the Chinese character for "Strange" etched on her hip… when she'd actually asked for "Mysterious"!


Just more Entertainment Trash to degrade the morals of todays youth.

A real aspiration, and 'hero' to goyim teenagers.

Son killed father who tried to help

Christopher Phillips was high on a cocktail of heroin, alcohol and prescription drugs when he stabbed his long-suffering elderly father to death in a sustained attack, a court has heard.

The body of Douglas Barry Phillips, 73, was found face down in a pool of blood with a shovel and bloodied knife lying nearby at his home in Melbourne's south on June 6, 2009.

It was the sixth time his drug addicted son had attacked him.

Mr Phillips had been packing up his belongings in preparation to move to a retirement village unit on the day he was murdered, the Supreme Court of Victoria was told on Friday.

He was selling the family's Frankston North home, which would mean the son he had continued to take under his wing, despite being repeatedly attacked by him, would have to find a new place to live.

Mr Phillips explained to his son, Christopher Edward Phillips, 37, that this did not mean he would abandon him, promising to help him with a rental bond and furniture if needed.

But Phillips lashed out with a shovel then a knife, stabbing his father in the abdomen and chest about eight times, penetrating his heart.

Crown prosecutor Douglas Trapnell SC said Mr Phillips' other children had urged him to kick his son out of home but he refused, saying "he is my son and I would do the same for all of you".

Mr Phillips lived in hope his drug-abusing son would reform, Mr Trapnell said, even though he had been admitted to hospital five times over the past decade, including twice in one night, after his son lashed out at him.

Mr Phillips was ultimately murdered in a "sustained and exceedingly violent attack on an elderly man ... in his own home, by his son", Mr Trapnell told Phillips' pre-sentence hearing.

He had been abusing alcohol and heroin leading up to the incident and had taken 20 tablets of Xanax, an anti-anxiety drug, on the day.

Several of Mr Phillips' adult children sobbed when their victim impact statements were read out in court.

The statements, prepared by his children and grandchildren, all professed a fear of further violence if Phillips is released from jail.

"I fear if he is released he will come after my wife and other family members," Mr Phillips' son Clifford, who saw his father on the day of his murder, said in his statement.

Mr Phillips' daughter Robyn said she experiences "absolutely horrifying" visions of her father being killed.

"I wish I could have saved him," she said.

Mr Phillips' grandchildren said they missed their "Pa" and were afraid of their uncle.

Defence counsel Dermott Dann said Phillips had a long history of drug and alcohol abuse dating back to when he was aged 12.

He has been jailed seven times before.

Mr Dann conceded his client's crime was "extremely violent and disturbing", but said Phillips admitted his guilt very early on, including confessing to friends and neighbours shortly after the incident that "I think I killed my Dad".

Mr Dann said his client was entitled to a reduction in the length of any sentence because he had pleaded guilty.

Justice Simon Whelan will sentence Phillips on August 20.

13 Aug 2010

The system has CLEARLY failed the general public.

The system relseases from custody individuals who are beyond help into the community ONLY to have fatal consequences.

Australia a land truly for the criminal.

Two killed in pokies bar shooting

Two men have been killed and a third is believed to have fled from a gunman who shot up a pokies bar in inner Melbourne.

After killing one man with several shots at Players on Lygon on a busy Friday afternoon in Carlton, the man then gave chase after another man, according to a witness.

The witness says the gunman chased the man across Lygon Street and through a park before giving up and returning to the bar to kill the second man.

Police believe the victims are in their 60s or 70s.

One man, believed to be in his 50s, was arrested in the gaming venue and was compliantly taken into custody by police.

Both men were shot outside Players, police say, but one fell through the bar's doorway where his body remained slumped several hours after being killed.

The other victim lay in a pool of blood on the footpath, under the roadside umbrellas in Melbourne's vibrant cafe and eating street.

"He shot someone in Players then he chased a second guy across this park," said a man who works in Lygon Street.

"The guy got away, so then the shooter went back to Players and shot the other guy."

He said the gunman, who was balding and dressed in black, fired two or three shots each time.

The shooting unfolded in five to 10 minutes about 4.45pm (AEST), he said.

The double murder came six hours after crime family patriarch Macchour Chaouk was gunned down at his home at Brooklyn in Melbourne's west.

But Detective Sergeant Wayne Woltsche said it doesn't appear the Carlton double murder is connected with the Chaouk shooting.

"At this stage we have no link to that shooting," he told reporters in Lygon Street.

A man was arrested over the Chaouk killing shortly after the shootings in Carlton.

Det Sgt Woltsche refused to speculate on any underworld links to the shooting.

"We haven't got to the reasonings behind this shooting tonight and I'm certainly not going to be drawn on any underworld shooting or anything like that," he said.

Det Sgt Woltsche said it was still unclear what had happened and police had no indication of a motive.

"What took place is still in dispute," he said.

He would not confirm whether the shooting was a professional hit.

"It's a fairly callous crime - whether it's an execution I can't say."

Early indications suggest the shootings have been captured on CCTV by the gaming venue, Det Sgt Woltsche said.

He said there were more than 30 people in the bar at the time and police will be speaking to witnesses throughout the night.

But he refused to confirm whether the incident was a targeted attack.

"The only assurance I can give at this stage is that we have a person in custody as a suspect for this shooting," he said.

"Obviously it's outrageous it takes place on Lygon Street, Melbourne."

Players on Lygon, between Pelham Street and Argyle Place, is in the heart of Lygon Street, which was also the seat of many of the major players in Melbourne's vicious gangland war of the 1990s and 2000s, which claimed at least 27 lives.

13 Aug 2010

The crime gangs and its operatives are known to police, and the police allow the crime gangs to operate, selling drugs and prostitution, which are illegal in Victoria.

Just like with the Italian crime syndicates, the policeallow these people to kill themselves, as it is a means of them sorting it out between each other.

As a sideeffect, the carnage spills out into the public arena, and the general community is knowingly put at risk in the hands of the police.

Family vows revenge over Chaouk killing

A family member of slain gangland figure Macchour Chaouk has vowed revenge on his killers, describing them as "weak, dirty dogs".

A spokesman for the family of the 65-year-old Melbourne crime boss released a statement warning that "every dog has his day", the Sydney Morning Herald reported.

"The weak, dirty dogs killed him on Ramadan," the statement read.

"His blood does not come cheap — especially in Ramadan."

Macchour was shot dead in his backyard of the Melbourne suburb of Brooklyn at around 11am yesterday morning.

Police last night arrested a 57-year-old man in connected with the slaying.

The murder of the crime patriarch has sparked fears of a new gangland war after two men were shot dead several hours later at a poker machine venue in Lygon St, Carlton.

An eyewitness told the Herald Sun that he saw a gunman shoot one of the Lygon St victims in the chest while calling him a "f---ing dog".

"I tried to say, 'oh mate, calm down, don't do this'," the witness said.

"He said, 'they're dogs, they're dogs, they tried to poison me'."

Police have not yet confirmed if the two shootings are linked, saying the rival Lebanese clan the Haddaras was topping their list of suspects for the Chaouk killing.

11 August 2010

Lamb Cutlets - The real cost

In Australia at the time of this post, Coles retails its Lamb Cutlets at a price of $28 per kilogram, but what is the REAL cost of the portion of food that is edible or fit for human consumption?

In this Example the total weight of 2 Lamb

Cutlets is 141.5g, as illustrated :

The Lamb Cutlets contain fat which can be trimmed.

This brings down the weight of the product to

approximately 123.6 grams

or approx 18g (12.7%) of fat.

Another not so easily edible, consequently digestible piece, is the bone.

Once the bone has been taken out,

approx 49 grams (or 34.6%)

the weight drops to 74.8 grams of edible product.

So after taking away all the parts that are realistically not edible, from a total of 141.5 grams to 74.8 leaves only approximately 52% of edible product.

From an initial purchase price of :

$28 per kilogram of food turns into approximately,

$54 per kilogram of edible food.

Quite a SUBSTANTIAL increase from what is percieved.

A FACT the retailers are keeping hidden from the public.

10 August 2010

Teachers can't log in to education portal after students get day off

UPDATE 2.35pm: VICTORIA'S new hi-tech online education portal crashed this morning after half a million students were given the day off so teachers could train on the network.

Teachers were unable to log on to the $81 million Ultranet system today as the Education Department scrambled to fix the problem.

"The Ultranet network is experiencing technical difficulties and is currently unavailable," said a memo to schools.

Some teachers have reportedly been sent home, with training impossible without access to the system.

Have you been affected by the Ultranet debacle? Tell us below

One teacher, who did not want to be named, told heraldsun.com.au that it was little surprise the system crashed with so many teachers trying to log in at the same time.

"What a fiasco, waste of resources, expertise and money," she said.

"Our school-based trainees have spent hours and hours of their own time in preparation for today and have been left in the lurch while trying to deliver this training.

"How many parents have had to take time off work to supervise students not at school?

"Did no-one consider the repercussions of all staff trying to access this site at the one time?

"Our state education system is a joke."

Some teachers resorted to discussing how to spend their downtime on Facebook and Twitter.

One posted: "#ultranet still a big fizzle ... very disappointing ... have made a couple of twitter converts tho."

An unimpressed parent took to Facebook to criticise the failed training day: "Couldn't you teachers learn ultranet in the school holidays instead of inconveincing parents. You get enough holidays!”.

Some teachers seemed less aggravated by the stoppage.

"Well...at a PD that ALL teachers in the state have to attend for the Ultranet...but SURPRISE!!! we cant log onto it! hehehe as if we didn't know this already! DER Education dept!," one post read.

"Should be playing on ultranet! But listening and planning zumba for staff!!!! yippeee!!," another wrote.

"Who ever thought every teacher in victoria could login to the ultranet at once is a crazy fool!!," read another post.

A message from Ultranet Victoria's own Twitter page (@ultranetvic), posted at around 7am this morning read: “Good luck to everyone today. Have a great #ultranet day. We've done our best to make sure the #ultranet is ready to go.”

A teacher from a northern suburbs school said some staff had logged on successfully at 8.30am but by 9am the system had crashed.

"It's bread and circuses. They should be putting people on the ground and not cutting corners. They have gone for the cheapest option," he said.

"You have got thousands of parents trying to juggle their kids today and the system is still down."

Opposition education spokesman Martin Dixon said every single IT project touched by the Brumby Government had turned to fiasco.

"Ultranet is joining Myki, HealthSmart and the LEAP data base as projects that are over time, over budget and just don't work," he said.

"It has been a complete wasted day for Victoria's teachers."

One teacher blogged: "The Ultranet also seems crippled by what I had expected - the tools are not all ‘online’ because the department's VicSmart 'broadband' is criminally under-resourced to save money.

"The last time I heard, (the department) had a contract for a surprisingly limited amount of bandwidth to be shared between all schools - and when the first schools tried to “buy” a bigger connection ... they were told “No, you can’t” - and the reason was simply because if every school wanted to buy 10/20/50/100MB, then the department would not be able to have any bandwidth left over for other schools."

Speaking at a mass meeting of principals to discuss Ultranet this morning, Education Minister Bronwyn Pike admitted there had been problems.

"This is a very big project to roll out and I fully expect there to be hiccups from time to time," she said.

But Ms Pike was confident that the system would be fully operational by the due date of October.

Ultranet will allow students to do work online and parents will have access to information such as academic progress and school announcements.

The system was originally meant to start in 2008 but was dogged by a re-tendering fiasco.

- with Michelle Ainsworth, Patrick Horan

heraldsun.com.au 9 Aug 2010

Just another Government Failure at the expense of the General Public, and the childeren of the masses.

These kind of botch ups do NOT occur in the schools for the leaders.

The government 'OUTSOURCES' to the cheapest option, companies which employ inexpericenced, cheap overseas, Indian labour, with disaterous results.

Hinch names town where pedophile lives

Broadcaster Derryn Hinch has thumbed his nose at the law again, this time naming the Victorian country town where a pedophile has been placed.

Hinch is taking his fight against court orders hiding the identity of sex offenders to the High Court. In 2008, he allegedly named two sex offenders at a victims of crime rally on the steps of Victorian parliament and on his website, and was later charged with breaching suppression orders.

On Tuesday, again at a rally outside parliament, Hinch named the town where the pedophile was reportedly placed.

He had also named the town on his radio program on Monday.

"The people of (this town) ... are rightfully scared. They do know now who this person is, they do know now where he lives and they are entitled to know that," he said to the cheering crowd.

"People say `oh vigilante this, vigilante that', there has not been one vigilante attack in this country.

"Vigilantism is a hoax - it's put up by the government, by the attorney-general - it does not happen."

Hinch said the High Court was scheduled to hear his case in Canberra on September 28.

Waving signs with slogans such as `Victims deserve equal rights' and `Do the time, do real time', about 100 people were at the Coalition for Safer Communities rally calling for both major political parties to end suspended sentencing and change defensive homicide laws.

Shaye Beck's daughter, Jade Bownds, 22, was stabbed to death by her ex-boyfriend, Luke Middendorp, who was found guilty of defensive homicide.

He was jailed for a maximum of 12 years in May but could be eligible for parole in six years.

"We were dumbfounded, we really were, that he ended up with defensive homicide," Ms Beck told the crowd.

"My daughter had a fractured jaw, a piece sliced out of her ear, multiple bruising on her arm and her legs, a black eye and four stab wounds to the back - one that was so vicious that it went in the back, punctured her lung, and came out the front.

"Yet in six years time, Luke Middendorp, who will only be 32 years of age will be out on the streets and probably looking for another partner.

"By getting defensive homicide he has basically gotten away with the perfect murder."

The crime of defensive homicide was introduced in Victoria in 2005 when the defence of provocation was scrapped.

The community group has met with Labor and the coalition, demanding that each commit to reforming double jeopardy laws, setting mandatory minimum terms, removing suppression orders, changing defensive homicide laws, boosting the restitution fund for victims of crime and revising the Victorian Victims Charter of Rights.

10 Aug 2010

Australia's Anglo-Masonic Judges are (deliberately) too lenient when serious crimes are committed.

These crimes are generally committed within the community AWAY from the ghetto's the Law Makers live in.

If the crimes of this calibre were committed against the Law Community, then the sentences would be entirely different.

The law that is supposed to protect the community is a farce as it releases these criminals into society, knowing full well that they WILL re-offend.

Wangaratta is the Victorian town named.

Groom accidentally kills 3 at wedding

A groom accidentally killed three relatives at his wedding in Turkey when he fired into the air with an assault rifle in celebration, the Anatolia news agency says.

Eight other people were wounded in the incident on Sunday at the village of Akcagoze in the southeastern province of Gaziantep.

The groom unleashed a volley of rapid aerial shots with an AK-47 rifle to celebrate his nuptials, but quickly lost control of the weapon and accidentally raked the guests with bullets, the report said.

His father and two of his aunts died in hospital.

The groom was arrested.

Turks are notorious for breaking out into gunshots to celebrate weddings and sports victories, a practice that has caused many deaths and which authorities have so far failed to curb.

afp 9 Aug 2010

Has the law deliberately failed to curb this ???

Darwin's Laws of survival at their best.

Dick Smith Electronics speakers

Another Brand Name Rip off here shows a comparison in prices of 'premium' brand name speakers, in this example Logitech V10 (~$60) , versus a Dick Smith Generic speakers (~$35).

The speakers are identical except for the different fascia.

Just another Rip Off from a major brand.

09 August 2010

Solar Electricity Rebate - Government Scam

Another great failure (in addition to the Home Insulation Scheme) of the Australian Government is that one of the Solar Electricity Rebate Scheme.

It is open to abuse, imporation of inferior materials from China, and a kickback scheme for mates, just like the Insulation Scheme, which also involved, crime syndicates cashing in on the action.

The government has offered the general public, a rebate of up to $8,000 for a one off photo voltaic cell roof installtion. The claims are that all it will cost the consumer is approx. $4000 for a 1kW installation.

What the consumer is NOT aware of is that for the majority of general population of e.g. Victoria and Tasmania is that a 1.5kW cell system is NOT enough to power the average family home.

There is also no battery storage for night time use, so power MUST be drawn from the utility company.

Current prices as of this post date are at approx. $20,000 for a 3kW system.

What the government is DELIBERATELY NOT telling the consumer is that once the home is connected to a solar system, the electrcity tarriff is also at a higher rate than prior to the solar installation.

Since most families offspring are most precious to them, the government also uses fear tactics to "Go Solar and save your childeren", which is a well known lie within the industry.

The enery required per kW to make photovoltaic cells is far more than what they deliver in the average lifetime of a family home.

08 August 2010

Obesity and allergies linked to junk food diet

A diet of processed food high in salt, sugar and fat not only deprives children of the essential vitamins and minerals they need to grow, it also puts them at greater risk of developing allergies and being obese.

A research team from the University of Florence published their findings of a study analysing the health and diet of 14 children from a small village of Boulpon in Burkina Faso, a country in Africa, compared to that of 15 children living in Florence.

All children were between one and six years of age, and had not taken any form of antibiotic or probiotic in the six months prior to the study.

The African children's diet was low in fat and animal protein, and largely vegetarian — consisting mainly of wholegrains such as millet, legumes, and vegetables. Children are breastfed up to the age of two years. The children from Florence ate a more Western diet, with high levels of animal protein, fat and sugar.

Children from Africa had less obesity-linked bacteria in their bloodstream, and higher levels of fatty acids which are known to protect against asthma, eczema and other allergic conditions, the study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences journal reported

In their study, "Impact of diet in shaping gut microbiota revealed by a comparative study in children from Europe and rural Africa", the research team outlined how microbes in the human gut help to digest food, limit inflammation and protect against bugs and bacteria.

The team, lead by Dr Carlotta De Filippo, found that Western diets reduced the level of microbes in the gut, which they believed had contributed to the rise in allergies in the last 50 years.

"Western developed countries successfully controlled infectious diseases during the second half of the last century, by improving sanitation and using antibiotics and vaccines," the team wrote.

"At the same time, a rise in new diseases such as allergic, autoimmune disorders, and inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) both in adults and in children has been observed, and it is hypothesised that improvements in hygiene together with decreased microbial exposure in childhood are considered responsible for this increase."

A study conducted by the federal government in 1995 found that nearly 20 percent of children — one in five — were overweight or obese. More recent studies by the Sentinel Site for Obesity Prevention in Victoria and NSW Department of Health reported that 25 percent of boys and 23.3 percent of girls, aged from five to 16, were overweight or obese.

The research and figures areclear — not only are waistlines getting bigger in Australia, but a poor diet is contributing to the increase in allergies and health conditions.

motherandbaby.com.au 4 Aug 2010

Cancer by design by the Junk Food suppliers, for the masses.

'Mormonville' scam nets $4m: police

A woman has defrauded Perth residents of more than $4 million by selling shares in a bogus land development she called `Mormonville', police say.

West Australian Police fraud officers, who have charged the 50-year-old registered finance broker on 24 fraud-related counts, say many of the woman's victims were pensioners.

They said the woman, from Canning Vale in Perth's south, set up "illusory schemes" in 2007 to fund her personal investments and affairs.

"She tricked people to invest by offering exceptionally high rates of returns with little or no risk to invested money," a police spokeswoman said on Friday.

The initial schemes allegedly involved selling investments in part-shares of land but later evolved into a scheme advertised as Mormonville, which claimed to be a village-type development for members of the woman's church.

The woman, who worked as a principal broker and co-director of a now closed Perth-based brokerage firm, defrauded individuals of between $40,000 and $400,000 each for a total of $4,212,388, police said.

Those targeted ranged between 43 and 73 years of age, with many relying on the pension as their sole sources of income.

Police said that between early 2007 and mid-2008, the woman netted about $6 million and used small amounts of the money to meet the monthly dividends to investors to give the appearance of a legitimate operation.

"This provided an illusion of real investment, while the alleged offender spent the majority of the funds on her personal affairs," the police spokeswoman said.

She said the 50-year-old's scheme came undone during the economic downturn when she was unable to source further investors and her schemes collapsed.

The woman has been granted bail and will appear in the Perth Magistrates Court on August 19 2010.

6 Aug 2010

There are countless examples of this kind of law, where a corporation/company defrauds the public there is NO jail time.

If an individual that is NOT supported by the system, defrauds the government (e.g. Tax Office, Social Welfare Agencies) they DO receive jail time.

This is a CLEAR example and message how the law SUPPORTS criminal activity.

Charlie Sheen to spend 'just seconds' in jail

Actor Charlie Sheen pleaded guilty to an assault charge arising from a violent Christmas Day altercation with his wife but avoided jail under a deal with prosecutors, his lawyer said Monday.

Although Sheen, 44, was sentenced to 30 days in jail following his guilty plea at a court in Aspen, Colorado, the star of "Two and a Half Men" will not spent any time behind bars.

Instead Sheen will undergo 30 days of treatment at the exclusive Promises rehabilitation center in Malibu near the actor's California home.

However the TMZ.com entertainment website reported that because Sheen had already spent more than one month at the facility earlier this year, the actor would face only a "few seconds" at the center.

Sheen will also spend 30 days on probation and undergo 36 hours of anger management counseling.

Sheen's attorney Yale Galanter told reporters Sheen would be back at work on the set of "Two and a Half Men" on Tuesday. "He's anxious to get the sentence over with and complete his probation," Galanter said.

Sheen was arrested on December 25 in Aspen on charges he threatened wife Brooke Mueller during an argument at a rented holiday home.

After several entanglements with the law in the 1990s in cases related to drugs, domestic violence and prostitution, Sheen is now one of the best-paid TV comedians thanks to "Two and a Half Men" and "Spin City."

In 1997, the actor was tried for attacking his girlfriend at his California home. He has also been accused of assaulting his ex-wife actress Denise Richards, a former James Bond girl.

ninemsn 3 Aug 2010

This example shows clearly that there is a different law for the rich and another one for the masses.

It also helps if you are from the 'Boys Club', of the same racial background as the judges, etc, or part of the Hollywood Financial Families.

Laws are created to keep the masses subdued do NOT apply to the corporations, or Law Makers.

The word privilege means PRIVATE LAW (not for the masses), i.e. Bought Rights, No Money, No Rights!

Secret footy star files available to AFL

Victoria Police has struck a deal with the AFL to share any records it has gathered on AFL players, coaches, board members and even staff, including handing over photos and videos.

An AFL club president, civil liberties advocates and the state opposition have all blasted the agreement as unprecedented, insulting invasion of privacy.

Hawthorn president Jeff Kennett said the agreement is utterly disturbing.

"I cannot imagine any circumstance that would justify our police force handing over its files to a sporting body," the former Victorian premier told AAP.

"It is a preposterous suggestion. It beggars belief that the AFL or any of their personnel are entitled to police files for any reason."

He demanded to know how many files have been handed over and if AFL CEO Andrew Demetriou is aware of it.

"I am absolutely gobsmacked by this," Mr Kennett said.

"It's almost unbelievable."

The seven-page document, released to AAP under freedom of information laws, states that police "law enforcement data" can be handed over to the AFL.

"Law enforcement data may take the form of any text, images, audio and video, may be stored on computing devices, in hard copy, or on other storage media, and includes (but is not limited to) data related to individuals, aggregated data, written reports and correspondence, memoranda, police diaries, official notebooks, running sheets and other data repositories," the agreement says.

The memorandum of understanding (MOU) reveals it was designed to share information on a wide range of AFL identities: "Any player, member of the coaching staff, senior executive of the AFL or any employee, servant or agent of the AFL having official duties in relation to AFL matches."

The AFL Players' Association said players are entitled to privacy just like everyone else.

"If information is disclosed openly then clearly we'd have some concerns," union chief executive Matt Finnis told AAP.

"What's important is that there are limitations, protections and protocols put around that agreement and it's only carried out when there's a justifiable reason that pertains to the integrity of the competition."

Both the AFL and Victoria Police would not reveal the specific reasons the agreement was struck but it's believed to be part of efforts to combat match fixing, gambling, drug use and sexual assault.

"Basically, it has to do with any offence where a person can be charged," said AFL spokesman Patrick Keane.

The reasons behind the agreement have also been censored from the MOU under the FOI request.

Robin Davy, manager of the police department's FOI and privacy office, said such details have to be kept secret because disclosing it would impact police investigations.

Victoria Police released a statement describing the agreement as part of its efforts to "generate an open and transparent line of communication" with the league.

"No information would ever be released by Victoria Police which breaches privacy or other legislation," the statement said.

The agreement was signed in September 2009 and covered the off-season.

Police say the agreement expired after four months, but the AFL says it is ongoing.

"Still in place," Mr Keane said.

Liberty Victoria president Michael Pearce SC said both the AFL and the police are resorting to paranoia by peering into the private lives of citizens, let alone during their holidays.

"This is extremely heavy-handed," he told AAP.

"There's serious implications here for workplace issues, whether the police ought to be providing information of this kind to any employer."

Mr Pearce said the MOU is very similar to one struck between the police and the private consortium building Victoria's $3.5 billion desalination plant to share information on protesters.

That agreement is currently under investigation by the state's law reform committee for possible breaches in privacy laws.

State opposition spokesman David Davis said the decision to share police files on AFL figures is creating a "secret state" where "Victoria Police hands over dossiers on citizens including AFL players to private companies".

Mr Keane later said the AFL had never been given any files by Victoria Police.

He also rejected criticisms the agreement jeopardised players' privacy.

"The AFL has never sought nor has been given any police dossiers, photos, files, videos, films or secret reports by the Victoria Police," Mr Keane said in the statement emailed to AAP late Friday.

"The AFL is subject to the same privacy laws as any other organisation and we abide by them and AFL players, participants and officials receive the same protections under privacy laws as any other person in this state.

"The MOU was the formalisation of a long-standing commitment by the AFL to co-operate with any police inquiry and established a single point of contact both within the Victoria Police and the AFL as the central people to contact should there be any serious criminal matter involving an AFL player or official."

6 Aug 2010

This is an indication of how classified government information is making its way into corporations hands.

It is a CLEAR example of the practices of the New World Order, to the detriment of society.

There is NO need for private organisations to hold police information.

The so-called laws protecting the citizens information are a farce.