29 December 2009

Caltex Fuel Rip off

During the festive seasons, the petrochemical companies jack the prices up of fuel in a BLATANT consumer rip off plan.

The mass media very rarely bring this into the spotlight of the general public, even though EVERY SINGLE motorist is fully aware that they are being ripped off.

In the illustration above, the photo shows the price of fuels of Unleaded/Diesel/LPG at 123.7 / 123.9/ 62.9 (cents per litre) respectively.

Just prior to the holiday season of Christmas the average price of LPG was 48 (c/litre).

An increase of approximately 28% has jumped literally overnight.

There is NO plausible reason given for this, and if such an event were to happen to a company's shares whilst trading on the stock market, there would be an inquiry.

The Australian Price Consumer Authority (ACCC) is literally doing NOTHING about this, and in effect supporting the petrochemical company's ripping off the consumer.

Gary Unmarried - Another LOSER show

Just recently another 'loser' television show has made it to the Australian air waves.

This time in the wrapping of Gary 'unmarried'.

Australian 'free to air' TV has his a rock bottom in terms of ANY programs that offer any sort of mental stimulus.

These show are a diet set for our children by the media. It is really cool if you are a loser, and make useless funny jokes that in reality would have you up for sexual harassment either in the workplace or in your private life.

This is a deliberate tactic employed by the people in power to DUMB down the Nation, and to generally lower ethical standards towards others.