07 June 2019

Magistrate 'supports' copper bashing a woman

This is the face of a woman basher Ballarat police sergeant David Berry.

Another court case rife with falsified evidence by police resulting in a win for the policeman.

So, if a woman (or man) is no longer facing you and running (or walking) away, then there is no longer any threat to your person, where if you punch that man/woman in the back of the head you are assaulting them.

Well not according to Magistrate Frank Jones, which sends out a clear message that striking a woman in the back of the head is not considered assault.

An excellent precedent to use, if you're a woman basher copper or even a 'civvy' for that matter.

Back to the good ol' days of Corinna Horvath.

The system reminding the serfs that we live in a police state.

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