02 July 2011

Purple Wiggle Jeff Fatt undergoes surgery to fix broken heart

PURPLE Wiggle Jeff Fatt was undergoing emergency surgery in hospital last night.

The emergency dash follows diagnoses of a heart condition after weeks of feeling unwell.

The 57-year-old has developed arrhythmia, a condition where the heart beats too fast, too slow or irregularly, and was being fitted with a pacemaker.

He was expected to make a full recovery following what was urgent but routine surgery.

''Jeff's condition is not uncommon,'' his cardiologist, Dr George Lau, explained.

"He is fit and in very good health, so we expect him to make a quick and full recovery.''

Good mate Blue Wiggle Anthony Field joked the band could now be called ''Jeffrey and The Pacemakers''.

''Jeff has been standing next to me on stage for the last 20 years and he has never, ever missed a show,'' he said.

''We all love Jeff. He's like a brother to me, and that affection is shared by families and children all around the world.''

Millions of children across the world have shouted the phrase ''Wake up, Jeff!'' as his on stage persona routinely falls asleep.

Just last November, Fatt took to the high trapeze as part of a circus-themed Wiggles Greatest Hits Tour around Australia.

''Doing this show is keeping me fit,'' Fatt said at the time.

''There will come a time when we have to hand over to younger Wiggles, but not while we are able to do the shows.''

In January last year, Fatt was honoured along with the three other other original Wiggles - Murray Cook, Anthony Field and Greg Page - with an Order of Australia for services to children's entertainment and the arts.

The trio, who began writing children's songs as one of their music projects while studying at Macquarie University, enlisted the assistance of Fatt in 1991 and The Wiggles were born.

When the group were recording their first album 20 years ago, Field rang his old mate to ask him to help out with keyboards.

Fatt, who was renovating his home at the time, replied ''Sure, but how long will it take?''

The Wiggles have since become come a global phenomenon and gone on to sell more than 23 million DVDs and seven million CDs worldwide.

heraldsun 2 Jul 2011

Definitely all the best wishes for Jeff.

BUT, there is no mention of his partner - Australia's music rock 'guru' Ian 'Molly' Meldrum.

It is well known within the industry that "Molly's" partner is Jeff, but there is once again a media taboo on mentioning that he is his partner.

It should be of no consequence to anyone, in this politically correct world, whether one is gay, lesbian or heterosexual, of pale or coloured skin or even an illegal alien.

Tony Mokbel's women allowed to keep alleged drug money

CRIME boss Tony Mokbel's family and friends will not be charged over claims they pocketed $500,000 in drug money.

According to court documents, some of Mokbel's nearest and dearest were paid hundreds of thousands in cash by his drug enterprise, dubbed The Company, while he was on the run from his cocaine trial in 2006.

His former girlfriend Danielle McGuire, his ex-wife, mother, sisters-in-law and an aunt are among those recorded in a computer file kept by The Company as being paid bundles of cash on Mokbel's orders.

But police have confirmed they won't be pursuing any of them.

Families who have lost loved ones to drugs attacked the decision, saying anyone who profited from drug crime - even unwittingly - should be made to give it back.

The computer file, which was seized by police, allegedly recorded all of the drug operation's profits, payments and expenses in the year after Mokbel absconded from his Supreme Court

The Company was set up to finance Mokbel's escape and his new life in Greece.

Mokbel's mother Lora, his ex-wife Carmel Delorenzo, sisters-in-law Renate and Zaharoula, and the aunt were among those who were allegedly paid from The Company's profits on orders from Mokbel.

They are listed in the document - known as the "Raymond Weil" file - under special codenames including "Blondie" and "Greek Mrs".

Members of The Company, who later pleaded guilty over the drug business, interpreted the code names for police and made statements about handing over cash to Mokbel relatives and associates.

The Herald Sun believes no charges were brought because prosecutors couldn't prove those under scrutiny had knowingly received the proceeds of drug trafficking.

A police spokesman declined to confirm why charges were not brought but said the decision had been made in consultation with the Office of Public Prosecutions. The decision came after meetings between key investigators and OPP officials.

Under the Crimes Act, a person who receives money reasonably suspected of being proceeds of crime can be jailed for up to two years.

Prosecutors need to prove that the person handled the cash and there were reasonable grounds to believe it came from an illicit source.

Tony Trimingham, founder of help group Family Drug Support, lost his son, Damien, to a drug overdose 14 years ago.

He said even if Mokbel's family and friends were innocent of criminal offences, the money should be pursued through the courts.

"It sends the message to the criminals that all they have to do it is distribute their wealth," he said.

According to the seized file, Mokbel's childhood chum and South Yarra boutique owner Emidio Navarolli - whose bank account was once used to hide $150,000 Mokbel didn't want frozen by the courts - pocketed $75,000.

In 2007 the Supreme Court found Navarolli had lied when he claimed the account held his winnings from betting on horses.

Renate Mokbel, who went to jail after failing to come up with the $1 million surety she promised for Mokbel's bail, received $43,000 in cash. And it is alleged almost $60,000 in legal fees were also paid.

Mokbel's ex-wife, Carmel Delorenzo, was allegedly given $52,000.

Ms McGuire's mother, Joan Madin, was allegedly given a $2000 birthday gift, handed over at a shopping centre by Mokbel associates along with a photo of Mokbel and Ms McGuire's baby, who was referred to as "the heir to the throne".

CCTV footage from Sunshine Plaza shows Ms Madin meeting the Mokbel associates on the day an entry from the file notes a payment of $2000 to "D MUM".

Mokbel is believed to be deeply disappointed over reports Ms McGuire has found a new partner while he languishes in jail.

heraldsun 2 Jul 2011

Another 'money for mates' deal and cover up of police corruption.

If a 'normal' person were to be the recipient of drug proceeds they not only would have the money confiscated but also be incarcerated.

There is a moratorium into the further digging of into the finances and the money trail of the drug lords, as there would be a trace into the hands of police.

There is no mention of corrupt police involvement in one of the most media covered events into the 'secret' life of Melbourne's drug underground.

This action indicates that the government is supporting the illegal trade of drugs and its profits.

30 June 2011

US woman 'took dead baby shopping': report

A Chicago woman is accused of strapping her baby's corpse into a sling and taking him shopping after killing the three-month old in a drunken rage, local media reported Wednesday.

Ken Blackman Jr had been dead for eight to 14 hours when the women wrapped up her shopping trip and went to visit a neighbour, who noticed blood on the baby blanket and called 911.

Prosecutors told the Chicago Sun Times that Toyrianna Smith, 20, beat and suffocated her baby because he wouldn't stop crying on June 22.

She had been drinking vodka at a friend's house and spent the night in their guest room with the baby. She slipped out of the house the next day before the baby's father came to pick him up.

Smith, 20, is being held in jail on a $US1 million ($A952,381) bond on charges of first-degree murder.

ninemsn.com.au 30 Jun 2011

Just another example of Trailer Park Trash breeding.

Police media misinformation a policy

The government has been caught out with fraud, and deception and misinformation within its police force, yet surprisingly there are no criminal charges brought against these criminals, but rather a massive cover up.

When information from the police makes it out into the mass media, it undergoes a censorship via the police media liaison personnel.

Misinformation is supported and propagated by both the mass media and the government in order to misinform the populous, so the 'force' is intact.

There can be no inference that there is corruption or that the government is not in control of the situation, as this will sway public opinion that the governing authorities are incompetent, as an agenda of the mass media is not to entice the masses.

In recent times there has been the very public display of the Melbourne 'gangland' wars, in which the police had to ‘show’ that they were doing something about it, contrary to the unwritten policy of letting ‘them’ (the gangs) sort it out between themselves.

Police, politicians and legal teams are on the payroll of these criminal organisations, but they remain unknown to the population at large, but are well known to the people within.

The recent and well published ‘accomplished’ history of the Victorian Police Chief Simon Overland was a Public Relations exercise by the Herald Sun paper, and his resignation that followed missed many key elements that have not been made public.

There is corruption within the police force working together with the crime families.

There is corruption within the legal system handing out sentences favouring their Masonic brethren irrespective of any evidence pointing the other way.

The well publicised crime families of Melbourne’s western suburbs, the Chaouk’s, and now what has made the public arena, the Tiba’s of Melbourne’s northern suburbs are well known to police for many years, but nothing has been done.

Melbourne’s well establish drug lords the Williams’s and Moran families are again known the authorities, and have been allowed to operate for many years, with the help of the government.

No incarceration will occur for the corrupt people in politics, law, policing and governance with regards to co-working with Victoria’s biggest crime families.

The drug industry in Australia is worth approximately $18 billion per year ($1.5 billion per month)

There is a deliberate mass media, government sponsored cover up to a drug problem that is out of control.


Awkward family photos - Snake around baby

In ninemsn's news article:

Awkward family pet photos go viral

There is a disturbing line that reads:

"There are also hundreds of cute photos featuring babies and pets. But instead of a little girl with a kitten, Awkward Family Pet Photos offers a picture of a snake coiled around a baby."

There is no mention in the article that this can be considered as child abuse.

Internet censorship in Australia is on the apparent focus of 'child pornography' BUT when a picture of child abuse is posted it is 'trendy' or rather entertainment.

The police prosecute drivers for dangerous driving and cars are confiscated, from evidence gained from youtube, BUT it seems like no action is taken when a disturbing image of a snake around a child is posted.


Bagelhead art becoming more popular

Another example of the mass media 'dumbing' down the masses.

Stories of this cailbre indicate that the editing staff are prepubescent teenagers with a twitter feed for 'current' (this second) trends.

The picture depicts two morons that have implanted 'bagels' into their foreheads.

It would be interesting to note what socioeconomic group these people belong to.

Definitely something that is recommended for the lower caliber I.Q of society.

Putting these type of stories on the front page are an endorsement of the product.

Once again a well defined policy to keep the sheeple amused.

ninemsn.com.au stories indicate it's trash tabloid bagelhead mentality.


Awkward family pet photos go viral

Another mass media lie, and focus on 'stupidity'.

The so called site has been in operation since 2009, and this is picked up the mass media now, and the mass media is declaring it a trend.

One of the primary functions of the mass media is to keep the general populous entertained.

No better way can be done than 'finding' new trends.

This keeps the sheeple happy and draws the focus away from corruption, fraud within the top self industries, bad governance and politics.

People's ignorance and indifference makes those kinds of sites a 'success'.


Police fear for public after Melbourne shootings

Police have admitted having safety fears for residents in Melbourne's north after a spate of shootings linked to an escalating war between rival families.

Acting Superintendent Stephen Mutton said there are additional police in the suburbs of Coolaroo and Glenroy, where six shootings have taken place in the past ten days, to ensure the public's safety.

"We have great concerns for the safety of the public, we want to make sure they are safe," he said.

Acting Sup Mutton appealed for anyone who may be able to help with the case to come forward, and added "every little bit of information" could aid the police investigations.

He said officers are searching for several vehicles used in drive-by shootings.

"We have a number of target vehicles that we've identified, we are going to continue to pull over and search these vehicles until we start apprehending some offenders," Acting Sup Mutton said.

The police revelations come as a patriarch of the family at the centre of the feud labelled Australia a "s--t country" as he hit out over the lack of police protection being afforded to his family.

Abdul Tiba, whose home in Coolaroo has been targeted in numerous attacks, said the police were not interested in saving his family, the Herald Sun reported.

"No one helps me in this country," he said.

After the second attack on his home last week, where the house was sprayed with bullets, Mr Tibia has been forced to live in his car despite being in poor health. Mr Tibia told the Melbourne newspaper he thought he would be lucky to survive the increasingly violent gang war.

Earlier in the day a gold Mercedes-Benz police believe was involved in a drive-by shooting ten days ago was found abandoned on Barry Rd, Coolaroo.

The vehicle matches a description of a car from where shots were fired at a black sedan on Sunday June 19, on Pascoe Vale road, in Glenroy.

No one was hurt in the shootings.

Police were unable to make arrests after both drivers fled the scene.

AAP 29 Jun 2011

Another lie perpetuated by both the government and mass media.

Initial reports on the story indicated that the police have no idea, BUT the public should NOT be worried. This was mentioned in the news outlets on 29th Jun 2011.

Now the reports are totally different, and the Police claim, the public is at risk.

Similarly with Melbourne's well documented gangland killings, this is a turf war that the migrant middle eastern gangs are fighting over.

The police are fully aware of the operatives, BUT the policy is for 'them' (the gangs) to sort (kill) themselves out.

This is a verbose policy within the force, BUT no media outlet reports on this.

Once again when the killings spill out into the public eye, the police have to be 'seen' as doing something.

This is NOT an isolated incident, and the police know of the operatives, but have done NOTHING for years.

The government has imported many of these criminals and put them into ghetto's, which at the end of the day hold the community at large to ransom of these criminal gangs.

This is a deliberate government failure.

Comments have not been allowed to this story by ninemsn.

Church leader rapist Michael Tuano Hermogenes, 25, jailed for 21 years

  • Church leader, 25, plied girl, 14, with alcohol
  • Choked her with stockings, then raped her
  • Took photos and set her and house on fire

A SELF-confessed sex demon who raped an unconscious 14-year-old girl chose the most horrible way to try to dispose of his victim when he poured petrol over her stricken body and set her alight, a judge said today.

Supreme Court Justice Paul Coghlan said Michael Hermogenes, told police "self preservation'' was behind his attempt to murder the teenager and it was difficult to think of a worse case.

Justice Coghlan said Hermogenes had caused horrific lifelong injuries to the girl, who had trusted him and called him "brother'' in Filipino.

Justice Coghlan jailed Hermogenes for 21 years with a 16 year minimum.

The judge said the church youth leader arranged through an internet chat site to go the victim's home, calling her school and pretending to be her father before saying she would not attend that day.

Hermogenes purchased two four packs of mixed alcoholic drinks and two shot glasses and when he got to the house he plied the girl with alcohol and took revealing photographs of her

The judge said he attacked the teenager, trying to strangle her with her school stockings and when she was unconscious he then raped her.

Hermogenes dragged her, naked and unconscious, into a bathroom and placed her body face down on the floor and went to buy petrol from a service station.

"Knowing she was unconscious, you left the house and went to buy petrol, that is, you had given thought to what you were going to do,'' Justice Coghlan said.

"You were not prepared to leave anything to chance, so you purchased a box of matches. Your motive was to cover up what you had done, including the rape of your unconscious victim.

"You piled clothes on top of her body and then poured the petrol on top of her and around the general area of the second level of the house. You also placed some deodorant cans from your car near her body.”

The judge said Hermogenes knew she was still alive, telling police “her back was moving up and down”.

Justice Coghlan said that as he set fire to the house he also set fire to his pants, which had been splashed with petrol and he ran outside and rolled around in the grass, before escaping..

A man who was passing noticed the smoke and called Triple Zero and if it had not been for his intervention the teenager would have certainly died.

"When asked why you had attempted to murder her and set the house alight you said it was due to self preservation,'' Justice Coghlan said.

"And when you were asked why you sexually assaulted her you responded 'I can’t give a reason. Sexual demons. I was possessed and in a drunken state'.''

The day after he tried to kill the girl Hermogenes went to a church meeting where prayers were being said for her.

Justice Coghlan said Hermogenes told police his recollection of what happened when he went to the girl’s bedroom was “blurry” because of the amount of alcohol he consumed but there was no doubt about his motives.

"I am satisfied that you set up this meeting fully meaning to take sexual advantage of her and that was a major reason for taking the alcohol.”

"You admitted to a psychologist that you were sexually attracted to her.''

Hermogenes, 25, of Hoppers Crossing, pleaded guilty to attempted murder, rape, indecent assault, producing child pornography, arson and theft.

As Justice Coghlan read out his sentence Hermogenes' mother wept in the public benches and was comforted by family members.

The judge said the girl had full thickness burns to 50 per cent of her body and spent a year in hospital.

He detailed a massive catalogue of injuries that included having part of a foot amputated, infection that led to loss of skin grafts, bleeding from gastric ulcers, a disorder relating to blood clotting that required multiple transfusions, and kidney failure requiring readmission to the Intensive Care Unit.

The teenager will never be able to drive, has suffered severe damage to her vocal chords and has two sets of pressure garments which she needs to wear for 22 to 23 hours a day and requires a silicone dressing to be worn over all raised scar areas.

"She will suffer from them for the rest of her life in the most profound way and will need daily care. Her victim impact statement which was read to the Court was moving,'' Justice Coghlan said.

The total damage to the teenager's home was over $110,000 and her family had suffered financial hardship because of the crime.

In a separate incident Hermogenes took advantage of a friend after a birthday party, taking revealing photographs of her as she lay sleeping and touching and kising her buttocks.

news.com.au 29 Jun 2011

Here is another example of how the criminal legal system is 'too lenient' on crimes of such horrific nature.

In many instances murderers receive sentences in the single digits for murdering someone.

The government's catch cry for internet censoring is 'child porn', but when a person of such a profile is caught, they are sentenced to 21 years, mandatory 16.

This indicates that Hermongenes may be released at the age of 41 to re offend.

The legals system is CLEARLY against the general well-being of the community.


news.com.au did NOT open comments to this story, as this could be used as a gauge that the people believe that the 'system' needs reform.

Carbon price over $50 needed - Ziggy Switkowski

THE federal government would have to set a price per tonne of carbon of $50 to have any impact on local attitudes towards energy usage, the former head of Australia's nuclear science agency says.

Dr Ziggy Switkowski told a forum today that shifting consumer behaviour around electricity prices "might require different levels of carbon pricing".

The former chief of the Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation used the analogy of charging $2 per litre for petrol, saying that would most likely change people's approach to driving.

"If you were to translate that into electricity, that probably requires a carbon price per tonne of carbon dioxide per year north of $50 to change our behaviours," Mr Switkowski said at the forum on nuclear power in Sydney today.

Federal Resources Minister Martin Ferguson, who also spoke at the Australia-Israel Chamber of Commerce event, said resolving the price on carbon was the government's key focus but wouldn't be drawn on an exact figure.

"Our focus is on setting a price on carbon," Mr Ferguson told reporters in Sydney.

"I am quite focused at the moment in terms of where we're up to in the multi-party climate change committee on resolving the issue on the price of carbon."

news.com.au 29 Jun 2011

Here is another policy put in place by the business community.

These are the recommendations put forward by the former business CEO of Telstra.

During Switkowski's tenure at Telstra, Telstra's share's dropped, signifying lack of investor confindence in Switkowki's business direction.

Switkowski was responsible for not only a failure in business direction of Telstra, but also failed business venture buyout's in what is called in the industry a money for mates scam.

This is when money is 'given' to 'mates' for companies that are not worth the amount of money paid for them.

There are many failed business ventures and projects within Telstra, that are too numerous to mention in this post, but will be detailed in up and coming posts.

Australian comedian Steve Vizard was guilty of fraud within Telstra to the tune of $3 million dollars, but was fined $300,000. A figure of only 10%, i.e. Better than paying tax.

The government should to an inquiry into the fraud and rorts within Telstra, but will not as this is a common practice within the indstry, which will implace too many people in high places.

26 June 2011

Corporate Australia available on the iPhone/iPod

The blog of

Corporate Australia


on blogger / blogspot is now available in the format that is

iPod / iPhone friendly.

Not a difficult task, just a switch available through the settings in blogger.

Guatemalans injected with syphilis by U.S. doctors

Another atrocity against humanity supported by the United States government.

On Australian television, on 19th of June 2011, SBS aired the program that dealt with the injecting of the citizens of Guatemala with syphilis by the United States government.

In this documentary, it was noted that this was done on purpose in a far away location in order not to arouse public scrutiny, and the reports deliberately hidden from various personnel, and only privy to a certain few.

The doctors involved were fully aware that the procedures they were carrying out are again humanitarian principles, but yet still carried them out.

The reports suggest that the tests were done on those people, as they are not considered of any value, or in the most extreme circumstances expandable.

This is a 'typical' example of how the 'Anglo' authorities view the negro races, as sub-human or of similar calibre to that of animals.

This is not an isolated example, but rather a policy within the ranks of the government.

In Australia, the native Aboriginal population was hunted and shot as game.

There are many documented facts regarding this type of policy within the 'Anglo' establishments.

''The Stolen Generation" stories are another indication of such policies.

These are the policies of the governments that rule over us.


Foxtel advertisement a fraud

The current advertisement peddled by Foxtel is a fraudulent one.

As part of the current End of Financial Year Sale (EOFYS), Foxtel have embarked on a advertising plan to woo the masses.

In the illustration the package offered to the consumer indicates that it is available for $6 per week (with conditions), and a clause that it is available for the minimum price of $396.

Upon further investigation from a Foxtel sales person, the package is available for $938.

There is also no mention that the consumer must purchase the digital receiver ($100).

Governments allow their business cronies to commit fraud without any court time.

Governments are fully aware of the fraudulent practices of these companies.

The high end business associates are in the same company, as the politicians and law makers that make the very laws in Australia, which at the end of the day, are conducive to fraudulent business practice.

If any individual takes a matter like to to court, and if any court time is seen, the complainant is discredited, and the matter dismissed.

The judges are sympathetic to the general direction of fraud against the community, and very rarely any class actions are successful.


Electricity company’s sales deceit and fraud

In line with global policies, the Australian government has sold off its utilities. The ‘last’ utility that the population will have to pay for will be water.

To give the false impression of their not being a monopoly, the government has set up ‘companies’ that are electricity resellers, which by its very own definition is a fraudulent one.

What these electricity ‘companies’ are, is not really electricity companies but billing companies.

In order to obtain your business, they send out the newly imported refugees, that work for pittance (read exploitation) who use various methods for you to ‘sign up’.

A recorded incident with one such so called electricity company reveals the fraud the companies practice.

The sales person approaches a homeowner and says:

“We have noticed that in your area you’ve been overcharged for your electricity, and we are here to fix this problem”.

If one has been overcharged for electricity that implies that an incorrect amount has been billed to the owner. This indicates that fraud has occurred, which is a criminal matter, and must be dealt with accordingly.

The home owner then asks the question, do they have to sign anything, and the response is “no”.

Once the sales person does their spiel, they then produce some paperwork, that the homeowner has to sign.

The question proposed at the beginning of the encounter was that is there any documentation that needs to be signed.

The sales person, mislead the homeowner into the accuracy of the product. This is prohibitive by Australian Law.

The Australian government will Not prosecute the very companies that it help set up in a money making scam against the general populous.

Fraud will continue to occur, at the expense of the masses.


Rewriting history falsely

There is a disturbing trend for authorities to rewrite history in a false manner.

This has many advantages, one being the cover up of truths, or lies that have been written before, which can be disproved at a later date.

In recent times there is a trend to rewrite the Abrahamic based Bible as followed by the Catholics, who's original context has been changed by King James's version that most of the world is familiar with.

The Catholic religion teaches that mankind comes from Adam and Eve.

Adam and Eve had 3 children, Cain, Abel and Seth, yet in standard Christian teachings Cain and Abel are only mentioned.

In the bible it mentions that Cain kills Abel. Cain then leaves the presence of the LORD and settled in the land of Nod east of Eden.

In Genesis 4:17 ; "Cain knew his wife, and she conceived and bore Enoch."

In catholic teachings and previous versions of the bible, it mentions that Adam and Eve together with Cain came across a city, and it was there he met his wife, and the mother of Enoch.

If Adam and Eve are the first people on earth, then it is not possible for them to come across a city, where a woman waits for their son Cain (Kane).

The rewrites are carefully worded before they go to print, as they are the new reading material for the next generation.

The main agenda of any authority is for the masses NOT to question, but rather to follow blindly.

English Language on the way out

Here is an example of how the English Language is deteriorating in the Anglo ruled Australian Government.

This picture is from a government installation, as can be seen from the government insignia on the screen.

The instructions put on the machine are :



There is no grammatical sense in the addition of the above mentioned stickers.

The signage "This Ticket" is unknown to what it is referring to.

No ticket is found as this is referring to an electronic machine.

The words "No cash" have an obvious implication.

The Australian Government is decimating the English language, and for who?


Melbourne man starts global 'cone-ing' craze

A Melbourne prank billed as "the new planking" has become an international sensation online.

"Cone-ing" involves ordering a soft serve cone at a fast food restaurant’s drive-through and then grabbing hold of the ice cream, rather than the cone, when served.

Melbourne man Alki Stevens, who has claimed responsibility for starting the trend, began cone-ing five years ago but initially did not receive nearly as much attention for the prank, despite uploading videos to YouTube two years ago.

His most recent video, which shows him performing the stunt at a number of fast food restaurants around Melbourne, was posted on the video sharing website last Monday and has been viewed more than 1.3 million times.

The 24-year-old has been "shocked" by the popularity of the video, entitled "CONE-ING IS THE NEW PLANKING".

"I put the video up last Monday and when I woke up the next day, it was on 20,000 views," he told ninemsn.

The self-described comedian said he could not explain his most recent video's skyrocketing popularity but believed it was partly thanks to other websites and blogs that have linked to it.

He also admits the use of the word “planking” in the title may have helped increase exposure.

The idea for the strange stunt grew out of his love of "making people uncomfortable and confused".

Fans from all around the world are sharing his hobby, posting dozens of copycat videos on YouTube.

Americans in particular are embracing the trend and Stevens has been sent more than 300 cone-ing videos, mostly from around the US, including Washington, Wisconsin and Massachusetts.

US news outlets have picked up on the trend with Good Morning America, one of the country's most-watched morning programs, running a piece on the bizarre stunt.

Viral websites Gawker and Buzzfeed also featured the video.

Stevens has also been interviewed on radio stations in America about the trend and is surprised it hasn’t been as popular in his native country. "It's not really known [in Australia]… but I think it will get bigger," he said.

The cone-ing Facebook tribute page has more than 4500 fans, with a number of people uploading their own videos as well as complimenting Mr Stevens on starting the craze.

"Soooo funny Alki your [sic] a genius," Jarrad Greig said.

Mr Stevens may make some money out of his viral success. He has reached the finals of radio station NovaFM's Unhatched video competition, in which he could win $10,000 if he is announced the winner later today.

He believes he is in with a "pretty good chance", given his recent global exposure.

14 Jun 2011

Another news article newsworthy of a mention on a national scale.

One of the roles of the mass media is to keep the general populous amused.

This is done quite simply by drawing attention (advertising) moronic events.

An item once on the 'news' is an advertisement for the product, which is a well known fact within the industry.

News stories that focus on the moronic content of an article are actually promoting it.

This is one way of taking focus away from the real matters of politics and business that dictate our lives.

A recent visit to Melbourne indicated that there was NO GLOBAL trend, at least in Melbourne anyway of people by the drove 'coning'.