23 December 2020

Police use fear, deception and bluff: S.A. pizza bar worker COVID outbreak

Propaganda is a very powerful and efficient tool, as it’s relatively ‘cost effective’ (i.e. cheap).

With the help of the mainstream media police/'authorities' use fear, deception and bluff to subdue the government’s number one enemy, that being the people.

Remember when the authorities went ballistic on the pizza bar worker for 'lying', the police stated that they're going to get him, etc, etc?

Well guess what, it was all a bluff.

They could not do anything whatsoever!

Just a reminder that after providing your details (name & address), you do NOT have to answer any questions from police.

Ask the questioning officer, if you have to answer any questions.

Please note that the so called test that results in 'cases' is flawed as described in the following article of the headline:

The COVID test that yields ‘cases’ not fit for purpose as ruled in EU court

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