Outstanding warrants data recently released by the Victorian Sheriff reveals there were 16,463 outstanding warrants in the Macedon Ranges, totalling $7.2 million.

The warrants relate to civil, criminal and corporate offences by 2619 people. The average person owes $2764.

Across Hume, the sheriff’s office is chasing $115.8 million in outstanding warrants for 28,280 people, with the average debt more than $4000.

Sheriff Warwick Knight said the data highlighted the importance of dealing with infringements early.
“It is important to deal with your fines as soon as possible to avoid additional penalties and the infringement becoming a warrant,” he said.

“People who receive a fine can request an internal review, nominate a driver, apply for a payment plan, or elect to have the matter heard by the court and we encourage them to come and speak to us about their options.”

Across Victoria, the value of outstanding warrants hit $2 billion – up 9 per cent from last year.

Mr Knight said people can apply to Fines Victoria to consolidate their fines into one, easy to manage payment arrangement.

He said people experiencing financial hardship, mental illness, addiction or homelessness can also apply to reduce their fine debt by undertaking volunteer work, educational, vocational and life skills courses, medical and mental health treatment or counselling and mentoring activities to address any of their underlying circumstances.