11 July 2020

Australia’s COVID app does not work

We were against the use of the Australian Government’s Coronavirus app from the beginning.

We informed the general population not to install it for various reasons.

The government went on an aggressive propaganda campaign on the radio and tv media that you must use the app when you leave home.

The government informed you that there were over 5 million downloads of the app, where even if you delete that app after it’s download without using it, the download is still counted.

The government told you that the source code for the app was available for your perusal, but that was not true.

At the end of the day the app was a huge government fail, an indication of gross government incompetence.

So, how much did that government fail cost the ‘mums and dads’ taxpayers?

In any event those who allegedly contracted the virus while using the government app should sue the Australian Government for its incompetence.

See article in relation to the above screen capture:

09 July 2020

Con artists will try to extort your driver’s licence information

There are all sorts of scams going on at the best of times, let alone when the general population is vulnerable.

During these unprecedented* and uncertain* times the uneducated masses are more susceptible to being conned than during 'normal' (whatever that may be) times.

In Victoria, the Daniel Michael Andrews government has enacted its version of the Nazi style containment area call the 'steel ring' (well, the Vic gov can't even build a tunnel properly let alone a brick wall), where travellers are told that they must show their licence.

There is no legal obligation to do so, if the driver is over 26 years of age, as stated within a law called the Road Safety Act 1986 under Section 19:

(8)     A person under the age of 26 years who holds a driver licence must have the licence in his or her possession at all times while driving or in charge of a motor vehicle.

Penalty applying to this subsection: 5 penalty units.

So, there is no legal obligation for a person over the age of 26 years to show his/her driver licence while driving or in charge of a motor vehicle.

It’s amazing that the mainstream media will not tell you this fundamental law, yet on other topics they have made reference to law.
* - The term unprecedented times is a false term as the precedent was already set in Australia with regards to a reaction to a viral outbreak, that being the Spanish Flu in 1919, where the follow up term uncertain times is also false as a question can be posed that being was the Spanish Flu dealt with.

Fake info tech websites littering the internet

(an alleged author of an article in the spotlight)

Over the past few years there has been a dramatic increase in websites that appear to have technical information contained within them, but the information is misleading, false or deliberately inaccurate leading to other click bait websites.

So how do you spot these websites?

You can use your favourite search engine on a specific topic, where the resulting highly ranked allegedly tech website contains inaccurate information with a dubious author allegedly taking responsibility for the article.

For the purpose of this exercise, a topic within the smartphone community could be how to use secret codes that are used to obtain all sorts of information from your smartphone, where the result of such as search is shown within the screen capture below:

We then go to the highest ranking website, that being the one at the top of the list, as shown below:

Notice that the website‘s link contains a date, suggesting or even stating that the article was written/posted on the 21st of March 2018, whereas the date that the alleged author wrote that article appears to be on the 19th of February 2020.

Least but not least, that tech piece is apparently written by the person in the screen capture at the top of this post, where we will call it out to be fake.

No doubt that the picture is of a real man, but whether it's of 'Rohail', where most likely it could have been data mined, and what is stated is the real deal is highly doubtful.

Most of the so called codes that the author allegedly wrote do not work, where we would classify this information as false.

07 July 2020

06 July 2020

Class action for false Coronavirus claim lockdown?

How can one trust any government with regards to any alleged cases of Coronavirus, when it illegally locks up people claiming they have the so called virus, when not one single person from the locked up pool has actually tested positive.

It’s a joke right?

Well, it’s a joke where the poor usually pay for it at the end of the day.

Victorian Premier has gone on a Nazi style rage against the people under the Coronavirus excuse.

The so called claims that virus ‘hotspots’ exist in Victoria can be easily called out to be false, given the fact that the towers residents cases are at zero, where it’s an excuse to take the policies of the police state to a new level, under whatever falsely enacted law the government may claim the actions to be legal under.

By the very figures that government gave out, Australia has now approximately 1/10th of the of people allegedly suffering from the Coronavirus than it did a couple of weeks ago.

The above figures as reported on the 20th of June 2020, where the figures 10 days later are shown below:

So why the Dystopian agenda?

No 'hotspot' in Malvern where Andrews lives?

In any event there should be a class action lawsuit against the government regarding the Coronavirus lockdown and incarceration of people in their own homes, as already a few laws have been broken.

Realistically premier Dan Andrews should be removed from office, but as we know the ‘brotherhood’ looks after its own, where it is doubtful that will occur.