10 June 2013


Since early 2008 corpau has been providing information on a global scale.

The information pertains to the behind the scenes actions of political leaders, and their hidden agendas, as well as exposing government and corporate fraud across many disciplines including local government, the telecommunications industry, utilities, banking, Australia's largest companies, the police, law courts and their subservient lawyers, just to name a few.

This information has been provided to corpau from various sources with the help of many people, who are not prepared to come out publicly, as the repercussions of the actions will have consequences on their families and livelihood.

So called 'local governments' (which are actually registered businesses with a CEO) together with the banks are involved in a multi-billion dollar fraud against the people of Australia.

Corpau is in possession of such documents outlining the extent of the fraud, that is supported by the banking elite.

Information of this cailbre does not sit well with the people in power.

In order to silence the person who possess a perceived danger to the establishment, certain situations are created in order to stop that someone from continuing with what they are doing.

In recent events the authorities, unknown members of the the police force with other unknown persons have broken into the premises where corpau conducts business, changing the locks and forbidding entry with the threat of arrest.

The Victorian police refuse to give out the names of the individuals involed, which is needed for them to be prosecuted and formally charged.

The lack of entry to the premises also means that the information contained within together with equipment is unable to be accessed.

These actions are carried out unlawfully and unconstitutionally, basically a violation of Victoria's Charter of Human Rights together with the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (Australia being the founding member of the UN is subject to these conditions) and Common Law which holds merit above all other corporate and business laws.

Some incidents leading up to this culminating point include the reporting of violent police making threats of against the well being of a person, and violations of trespass, to which there has been no response.

Corpau is currently unable to continue with posting information, until such time that access will be restored to the premises to conduct business as usual and the safety of the individual involved guaranteed.

Kind Regards.