17 December 2010

Police: WikiLeaks broke no law

By Malcolm Farr PM confirms she is not a fan of WikiLeaks despite that fact that it's not illegal.

The Australian Federal Police today said an investigation which began November 30 had detected no offences.

This finding is an embarrassment to Prime Minister Julia Gillard who initially said the leaking of confidential cables to Washington from the US Embassy in Canberra was illegal.

Ms Gillard later modified her position by saying the leaks had been based on an illegality - the original downloading of the diplomatic messages by a junior American soldier.

Attorney General Rob McClelland directed the AFP to examine "the matter relating to the publishing of United States (US) embassy cables containing classified information on the WikiLeaks website".

The police today said: "The AFP examined material relevant to potential Australian offences to determine whether an official investigation was warranted.

"The AFP has completed its evaluation of the material available and has not established the existence of any criminal offences where Australia would have jurisdiction.

"Where additional cables are published and criminal offences are suspected, these matters should be referred to the AFP for evaluation."

Cables published so far have established that the Australian public was given a rosier outlook on our military involvement in Afghanistan than our leaders, particularly current Foreign Minister Kevin Rudd, held in private.

It has also been revealed that when Deputy Prime Minister, Julia Gillard was looking at taking the top job after two or three elections, according to a junior MP.

Most of the revelations have been embarrassing to the Government, and less frequently to the Liberals.

Gillard 'not a fan'

Prime Minister Gillard said today she continued to believe the distribution of the diplomatic messages was "grossly irresponsible" but acknowledged no Australian laws had been broken so far.

She said there was no intention to change the law to cover any future mass leaks.

"There are some people who are fans of this conduct. I most certainly am not," Ms Gillard told reporters in Sydney.

She said the initial taking of the documents - what she called "the foundation stone of Wikileaks" - had breached US laws. US Army Private Bradley Manning is now under arrest in America in relation to the removal of confidential files.

Ms Gillard denied she had originally branded Wikileaks itself illegal when she said two weeks ago: "I absolutely condemn the placement of this information on the Wikileaks website. It's a grossly irresponsible thing to do and an illegal thing to do."

Ms Gillard told reporters today she was referring to the theft of the cables from secret files.

"Now," she told reporters today, "I know there are a lot of people who are fans of Wikileaks. Let me make it very, very clear: I am not.

"This is a grossly irresponsible matter in my view. The release of all of this documentation has ben grossly irresponsible."

She said she supported whistleblowers who alerted the public to cases when things had gone wrong, but "that is not the circumstance here with Wikileaks, in my view".

"This has been a wholesale release of information without regard to national interest questions," she said.

news.com.au 17 Dec 2010

See youtube video : Julia Gillard WikiLeaks

Quoting Julia Gillard :

"The Foundation Stone is an illegal act." W.T.F are you talking about Julia Gillard ??? !!! ???

The Australian Federal Police has ruled NO AUSTRALIAN LAWS have been broken by Julian Assange.

Still accodring to Julia Gillard, the "Common Sense" Law has been broken.

A political indolent, that best serves as a hausfrau.

16 December 2010

The Great LED lights rip off

One of the greatest pushes by governments is to GO GREEN, for the benefit of the children.

What governments are NOT doing is providing unbiased information to the general populous, regarding global warming trends, and in general the REAL cost to the consumer for such power saving goods.

In this post under scrutiny is the power saving down lights, governments and businesses are pushing so much.

Two types of MR16 (low voltage - 12V) globes have been selected for analisys.

A 12 Volt, 3 Watt downlight 30 degree light, 30000 hrs life span compared to a 20 Watt, 60 degree, 3000 hrs globe.

The 3W globe costs $49.95, or in a kit with transformer for approx. $91, whereas the 'noname' 20W globe costs $1.00.

In Australia, currently electricity costs approximately $0.21 per kwhr.

The 3W globe consumes 0.004 kwhr or 0.084 cents per hour.

The 20W globe consumes 0.020 kwhr or 0.42 cents per hour.

The LED globe is approximately 5 times cheaper to run than the halogen equivalent.

According to the manufacturers information, the LED globe lasts approximately 10 times longer than the halogen.

The LED globe is approximately 50 times more expensive than the halogen.

In an Aussie home with approximately 70 downlights, the total cost of the fit out will be worth approximately $3500, compared to the $70 for the halogens.

LED downlights give out less light (lumens) per watt than their halogen counterparts. A 3W LED gives approx. the same amount of light as a 10W halogen.

On www.cromptonlighting.com there is NO indication of their product pricing.

It is NOT cost effective to run these LED globes, even if the price difference was 25 times rather than 50 times.

Weather girl made up New York rape

An American TV weather girl who claimed she was raped while jogging was arrested after it was found that she made up the attack in an attempt to gain sympathy.

Heidi Jones, who was the anchor of WABC-TV's weekend weather forecasts and filled in on prime-time show Good Morning America, was suspended by her employer yesterday after it was revealed the rape she reported to police never happened.

Jones told police last month that a Hispanic man attacked her in Central Park on September 24, dragged her into a wooded area and tried to rape her. He was scared off when two tourists saw the incident and screamed, New York Daily News reports.

She also claimed that he somehow found her two months later on November 21 and threatened her, saying "I know you went to the police."

Police were curious as to why Jones took so long to report the crime and launched an in-depth investigation into the matter.

Yet they could not find any video or witnesses who saw the event and Jones remained vague about the details.

After being confronted with some inconsistencies in her story, Jones admitted she had made it up because her relationship was going badly and she wanted sympathy.

Jones will face court in January and could face up to a year in prison if she is convicted. It is believed that she will be fired from WABC-TV after an internal investigation.

16 Dec 2010

Another trailer park trash that thought she could get away with false police statements.

Sex offender's sentence inadequate - court

A REFUGEE once tortured by the Taliban in Afghanistan will be sentenced for a sex offence by a higher court, after a South Australian magistrate ruled he did not have the power to impose a harsh enough jail term.

Sayed Mohammad Sidaqat has admitted indecently assaulting a girl on a train in Adelaide in July this year, just a month after his release from immigration detention.

The 34-year-old sat next to the teenager and held her hand on his erect penis and also kissed her neck and fondled her breasts.

The 16-year-old told police she was scared and powerless and had tried to get the attention of other passengers on the train, but no one responded.

Sidaqat was arrested four days later and spent more than a month in custody.

In the Adelaide Magistrates Court on Friday, magistrate Joe Baldino said he only had the power to impose a two-year sentence and in his opinion a longer jail term was required.

He remanded Sidaqat on continuing bail to appear in the South Australian District Court on December 6 for submissions and sentence.

Before coming to Australia, Sidaqat had been arrested, imprisoned and tortured by the Taliban in Afghanistan.
About four years ago, he fled with his wife and four children to Pakistan.

His family still lives in Pakistan as refugees, but about a year ago, Sidaqat travelled to Iran where he paid $US15,000 for boat passage to Australia via Malaysia.

He was taken to Christmas Island and spent four months in immigration detention before being released on humanitarian grounds and travelling to Adelaide to live in June.

news.com.au 5 Nov 2010

One of many cases where immigrants come to Australia, under the guise of humanitarian reasons, only to commit crimes in the general community.

Many of the cultures the immigrants come from see western women as whores, who can be abused at will.

Some high profile cases have made it out into the mass media.

These are criminal acts, and the perpetrators should be deported immediately.

Government policy is NOT as such but rather to release this scum back into the community, only to re-offend.

Car Wash during drought - Government Scam

Well known to authorities, prior to the official ruling of the drought, governments were setting up to make BIG money, as well as setting up businesses prior to the government sponsored drought.

Car Wash businesses were sprouting up all over the place, in what seemed to be an illogical move, during a climate where water was not under restriction.

Very soon after, governments declared Stage 3 Water Restrictions, in where also vehicles could NOT be washed at home, but ONLY at car wash facilities.

The official excuse was that the facilities had water saving features.

Photographs on file, taken by corpau, have shown clearly that the car wash businesses had NO water storage tanks, and used the SAME drinking water from the tap, i.e. same water supply as the domestic clients in one of the country's great water rip offs.

The cost average car wash was in the approximate range of $10 to the consumer. If one was to wash one's car at home, with water from the tap, (at an approx 80 cents per 1000 litres) and consumed 20 litres, the cost for the car wash would be an approx 1.6 cents.

The car wash businesses used the same water domestic supplied water, BUT were exempt from any levies or taxes on water.

During the drought governments watered their city council properties, and many litres went down the drain during this process.

The mass media, has deliberately been quiet on this matter, in bringing out another government sponsored scam.

Bus driver forced to quit after 'brutal murder of snowman' left on the road

A BUS driver has been forced to resign after veering into the wrong lane to flatten a snowman.

The public transit bus can be seen in a YouTube video deliberately crossing on to the wrong side of the road to demolish the sculpture built on a quiet residential road by students.

The incident was filmed on the on the University of Illinois campus in Urbana.

The video starts with a car travelling on the correct side of the road, having to slow down and precariously make its way around the obstacle.

Then from the other direction appears the bus, driving on the wrong side of the road, before hitting the snowman full on.

The students can be heard shrieking with laughter.

Champaign-Urbana Mass Transit District spokeswoman Jan Kijowski said the driver has resigned after the incident was posted on the internet.

see the video:


heraldsun.com.au 16 Dec 2010

This IS news according to the mass media outlet.

You have to keep the plebs amused somehow, hey ?

Headline should read:

Killing of snowman racially motivated.

15 December 2010

Silk Road Night Club Brawl

It is a common a place in the night club scene, to witness various forms of drug use, ecstasy tablets (eckies, MDMA), coke, speed or other forms.

Some night club owners are involved in some way or another in the illegal trade of drugs, or tax evasion, prostitution.

On Saturday the 11th of December, in a Melbourne night club Silk Road, a brawl erupted, where a patron was 'glassed', and approximately 40 people where involved in the fight.

The evidence of any 'glassing' was taken away very quickly by the staff of the premises.

Drugs are also used in toilets of premises.

Melbourne's Crown Casino is a well known place for drug lords, and illicit business is carried out in front of the many cameras that adorn the premises.

Information from a night club owner indicated that they had many people, including 'the drinks supplier' on their payroll in order not to indicate true liquor sales, which in turn could be used for cross referencing turn over.

Asian crime gangs operate the transport and manufacture of drugs with full knowledge and surveillance of the police. Hush money is paid to the officers in various ways in order for the drug cartel to operate.

In the Melbourne drug wars of Mockbel and Williams certain individuals were making $40,000 per week in drug sales.

Nightclubs are deliberately allowed to operate with illegal activities on board.

In general, the government deliberately turns a blind eye, and only when a situation gets out of hand, and too many people witness or the media are involved, the action of policing seems to take place.

From official government estimates, in Australia the drug industry is worth approximately $18 billion per year, or approximately $346,000,000 per week.

This is a figure that the mass media keeps away from the general populous.

'Corruption risk' in NSW govt powers

A controversial planning provision granting the NSW government sweeping powers to approve major projects has given the state too much discretion and should be reformed, the corruption watchdog says.

Introduced in 2005, Part 3A gives the NSW planning minister consent authority for major projects deemed to be of state or regional significance.

But the sweeping powers have led to frequent clashes with councils and community groups, angry at being locked out of the planning process.

In a report released Monday, the Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC) said while there were no examples of corruption under Part 3A, the consent powers granted to the minister created a corruption risk.

Among its 20 recommendations, ICAC called for the independent Planning Assessment Commission (PAC) to be given control of private sector applications which exceed development standards by 25 per cent.

It also called for changes to how members of the PAC are appointed, while limiting how long they sit on the commission.

The planning minister currently has the power to appoint and dismiss PAC members - a process ICAC wants to be independently scrutinised.

"The Part 3A system is characterised by a lack of published, objective criteria," the report says.

"There are also various elements of Part 3A that are discretionary, particularly as regards residential and commercial development, which are prohibited or exceed existing development standards.

"The existence of a wide discretion to approve projects that are contrary to local plans and do not necessarily conform to state strategic plans, has the potential to deliver sizable windfall gains to particular applicants.

"This creates a corruption risk and a community perception of a lack of appropriate boundaries."

NSW Planning Minister Tony Kelly said the government would consider the recommendations as part of a five-year review of Part 3A.

But he defended the provision, saying ICAC's failure to find any corruption associated with Part 3A approvals showed it had been unfairly tarnished by the government's political opponents.

"The facts of the matter are that we do need some policy, some sort of a framework that we can get through large development applications," he said.

"We need to have some overarching planning system that gives some kinds of consistency."

He said the ICAC report, which recognised the importance of Part 3A, was a blow to the NSW opposition's pledge to scrap it altogether.

"Part 3A has helped create 200,000 jobs over the last five years," he said.

However, opposition planning spokesman Brad Hazzard criticised the broad definition of state and regionally significant projects under Part 3A.

If it wins the March election, he said the coalition would narrow the scope of projects determined by the planning minister and the PAC, with "by far the bulk of planning issues" going back to local government.

"As we go into 2011 there is no question in my mind that the whole reputation of Part 3A has become tainted," he said.

NSW Greens MP David Shoebridge said the report was a "damning assessment" of Part 3A.

"The Greens have been calling for an independent state planning commission to assess state significant projects for some time," he said.

13 Dec 2010

Corruption is part of the deal in politics and government.

Many tenders are made fraudulently with overinflated prices, with monies from the tax payers to business colleagues, personal friends or freemasons from the lodge, of the people involved in government.

Many of these deals are done in secret and NEVER exposed.

14 December 2010

Price tag for water buybacks rises by $5b

An independent report has suggested the federal government will need billions in extra dollars to fund its commitment to restoring the Murray-Darling Basin.

Some $3.1 billion over 10 years has been pledged to restore the basin's rivers through water buybacks, but the report suggests the government is burning through the money.

"If the current performance rate is maintained ... the current budget would be insufficient to achieve even the smallest of the recovery targets," the report by water broker Waterfind reads.

Prime Minister Julia Gillard promised during this year's federal election that the government would pay for all the water needed to revive the basin's rivers.

If the government sticks to its 3000 gigalitre target, then that will be worth an additional $1.6 billion, the report suggests.

The promise will be worth an extra $5 billion if the government wants to return 4000GL to the river system.

The federal coalition seized on the report as another reason the government should explain its costings as well as its legal advice.

Mike Taylor's unexpected resignation as basin authority boss last week has cast renewed doubt over the legalities of any potential government reform.

"(The government) are either hiding things from the public or they don't know the answers," opposition water spokesman Barnaby Joyce said in a statement on Monday.

"They seem to be stumbling along and making it up as they go along and the minister doesn't seem to even understand his own act."

He criticised the government's $3.1 billion allocation as too small.

"At that rate, it will take until 2030 before all of the water is bought back."

13 Dec 2010

In this instance, the government sells its water supply, and the businesses involved only take monies from the general public, NOT investing back into the infrastructure.

What results is a TOTAL 'business' failure, to the detriment of the public, in this case resulting in a failure to provide an essential resource water.

The government then, 'buys' back at an over inflated rate to their business colleagues at again the expense of the populous.

The peasants pay twice if not more for government incompetence.

Police Corruption - Road Fines

Corruption is a 'natural' part of society, irrespective of political persuasion , whether it be in the northern or southern hemispheres, eastern of western cultures or capitalist or communist regimes.

To make the masses sleep well at night, there are laws purporting that justice will be served to those who are treated illegally, with detriment, etc.

It is often said by the general populous (rarely acknowledged / admitted by the government), that in Australia, Victorian and New South Wales (NSW) police are the country's most corrupt.

Road fines are one of the government's largest revenue raisers, and governments are actively seeking new ways, and pushing new laws very quickly through parliament, to fine the general public more for road offenses. Any official word is that it is for the BENEFIT of the masses, BUT the underlying reason are purely financial.

NSW police have been given orders to target easy individuals to issue fraudulent fines against. An easy target is one the is perceived by the officer, that is least likely to resist or oppose the fine through the court system.

Court documents obtained by corpau, clearly indicate that the police officers involved in issuing a fraudulent infringement notice have been supported by the judge.

In the documentation obtained, it has been shown that police have made a false statement. A false statement in a court of law is an act of perjury, i.e. an offense.

The police officers involved were NOT reprimanded, but instead allowed to continue working (gathering fines) for the government.

Just another example of how corrupt the legal system of Australia is.

Common Aussie surnames are: Anderson, Brown, Smith, Taylor.

13 December 2010

Police break up Visy workers' strike

Police have been accused of using heavy-handed tactics to arrest 29 protesting workers outside packaging giant Visy's Melbourne plant.

But police say no one was injured and they had no choice but to forcibly remove demonstrators after they refused to leave the entrance of the Dandenong plant.

Almost 400 workers at Visy sites in Victoria and NSW began striking 10 days ago.

They are angry about the company wanting to freeze the hourly pay rates of casual staff for the duration of a new enterprise bargaining agreement.

"We're not criminals, we're human beings," one protester shouted, as police dragged the workers into divisional vans on Monday.

"Shame Visy, shame," some 90 workers chanted, as they sat locked arm-in-arm outside the Dandenong plant's Greens Road entrance.

Australian Manufacturing Workers Union national secretary Dave Oliver said it was inappropriate for police to become involved in a "peaceful" industrial dispute.

"They were within their rights to be there participating in a protest," he told AAP on Monday.

"They were fighting for their conditions, and yet the police saw fit to physically remove them from the premises."

Negotiations between Visy and the union began in July.

Visy won a Supreme Court injunction on Friday, which was extended on Monday, banning union officials from hindering access to the company's Dandenong site or encouraging any person to do so.

Mr Oliver said he had written a letter to Police Minister Peter Ryan asking why the police became involved in the dispute.

"I can't recall seeing such a thing since the days of the Kennett government," he said.

A spokeswoman for Mr Ryan said the minister had not yet received a letter and therefore would not comment at this stage.

Mr Oliver said police had used "strong-arm" tactics, and one of the workers was run over by a truck and taken away in an ambulance.

Comment was being sought from Ambulance Victoria.

Inspector Chris Major said the police had no choice but to physically remove the protesters.

"Despite repeated requests (to move) they were endangering their own lives by remaining seated on the roadway and we moved them in a manner as best we could without causing any injury to themselves or the police members attending," he told reporters.

Late on Monday police were still in the process of charging the arrested demonstrators with creating an undue obstruction and besetting premises.

Senior AMWU officials will meet with Visy at 6am (AEDT) in Sydney on Tuesday.

"I've been a union official for 22 years, and no dispute gets resolved through strong-handed tactics such as this.

"The way disputes get resolved is by people getting around a table and negotiating an outcome."

Visy spokesman Tony Gray would not comment.

"Our long-standing policy is that we don't comment on industrial disputes," he told AAP.

The union wants a five per cent pay rise for full-time workers each year over three years, while Visy is offering four per cent annually.

Also at issue is whether the union should be consulted on issues such as rostering changes.

13 Dec 2010

The Dawn of a New Age is upon us.

Any act of defiance against the ruling elite will be met with hostile force.

The right to free speech is gone, and the New World Order is born.

Richard Pratt convicted of fraud and subsequently fined $36 million dollars.

The fraud that was alleged against him was to the value of over $700 million.

The amount that he was 'fined' (read slap on the wrist from his cronie colleagues) was 5%, an amount BETTER than tax.

Fraud and consumer rip off is favoured amongst the Anglo-Masonic Law System of Australia.

Richard Pratt has a child outside of wedlock with his mistress Shari-Lea Hitchcock.

Pop star attacks assistant over stage lighting

A Russian pop star has fled the country after he attacked his female assistant during a show, slapping her in front of stunned audience members.

The Bulgarian-born Philip Kirkorov, 43 is reportedly in Israel following the dispute at a concert rehearsal for the annual Golden Gramaphone contest.

The altercation occurred after a dispute over the stage lighting, which ended in Kirkorov hitting Marina Yablokova.

He also allegedly hit her in the face, kicked her and dragged her by her hair.

Marina Yablokova later went on a Russian television show and revealed a large bruise on her upper leg she claimed was caused by Kirkorov.

She told viewers she would sue Kirkorov. Moscow police have confirmed they have launched an investigation into the assault.

Kirkorov's aides have initially played down the incident, saying it was a complete fabrication. But video footage taken of the event shows the slap taking place.

Kirkorov has since checked himself into an Israeli hospital for psychiatric testing, saying he believed he was ill.

He was due to present a televised apology but instead issued a statement on his website confessing to the incident.

Kirkorov is a household pop icon in Russia where his songs have topped the music charts for two decades.

13 Dec 2010

A cowardly woman basher.

Now the International Police (Interpol) can issue an arrest warrant for violence against a woman, similarly like with Julian Assange, and Kirkorov, can be incarcerated, waiting extradition for crimes committed against women.