09 May 2008

Fruit is Funny

Victorian councils spraying drinking water on dusty roads

AS millions of Victorians save shower water in buckets and watch their gardens die, councils are spraying fresh drinking water on dusty streets.

The Greater Dandenong Council council says it's all part of a dust suppression treatment program for its seven unsealed roads, a report in the Dandenong Leader says.

Neighbouring Casey Council also uses fresh water to reduce dust rising off its roads.

But the revelation has angered Dandenong Cr Peter Brown, who called it a "scandalous squandering of drinking water".

"(To think that) mains water has been used as a frequent roads dust suppressant while residents have watched their trees and gardens die by complying with the water restrictions is little short of scandalous," Cr Brown said.

He said more council roads should be sealed to stem the waste.

Engineering services director Tim Tamlin has confirmed the council used "potable water" for its unsealed roads network.

He could not say how much water had been used during road construction, but the council has spent $16,000 on dust suppression on a one road alone last year.

How much water was used "depended on the weather", Mr Tamlin said.

South East Water spokeswoman Fiona Fernandes said the water authority would work with the council to find alternative solutions.

Read the full story here.

Herald Sun 14 April 2008

Typical Roman Empire attitude, punish the people, whilst living in opulence !

Government supports business water cheats

Car Wash facilities have been popping up all over Melbourne over the pas 15 or so years.

Since the official sanctioning of water by the government, Car Wash facilities did not provide recycled water, but the people were told if they washed their car at home they would be fined. The minimum average cost for a car was at a facility is $10, whilst the cost of washing your car at home can vary from 2 to 5 cents.

Since the privitisation of Melbourne’s water, there has been no provisions for more water storage or even additional infrastructure provided by the various businesses. A clear money making exercise.

News media publishes stories titled “ Water cheats escape Justice”


yet support water wastage by business, usually under the banner that it employs people, and helps stimulate the economy.

The government is quick to fine individuals, but dodgy operations at shopping centres (illustration: Highpoint Shopping Centre – Melbourne) go unnoticed.

Coca Cola pays $1.40 per 1,000,000 litres, whilst residents pay $0.80 per 1,000 litres, or approximately 570 time more.

Dad acquitted of baby's manslaughter

A father who was jailed for the shaking manslaughter of his four-week-old baby has had his conviction quashed.

Tomas Klamo, 24, has been in jail since April 23 last year after admitting he shook his crying son Izaiah in July 2005.

He told police he was "a little pissed off" with his child, but said the shake was "nothing too full-on".

The baby died about a week later from a brain haemorrhage at Sunshine Hospital in western Melbourne.

At the time, the jury took less than a day to find Mr Klamo guilty of his son's manslaughter.

He was sentenced to two years jail.

"I've been wrongly accused, obviously, and how can you [the jury] make the verdict that quick?'' Mr Klamo protested from the dock at the time.

However, the Court of Appeal decided today that there was insufficient evidence to suggest the shaking incident was the cause of death.

While a doctor's report found the cause of death was brain injury, it stated there was no other signs of damage caused by shaking.

ninemsn 9 May 2008

Only(?) Two years jail??? !! WTF ! is this law system on about ?? !! They should shake him just a little bit, "nothing too full on" so he hemorrhages from the brain too, suggestion 20g of force from either side. Pity there is no screening process for TpT breeders.

Men charged after skull dug up, used as bong

Authorities in Texas have filed corpse-abuse charges against two men who allegedly removed a skull from a grave and used it as a bong.

The Harris County District Attorney's Office confirmed yesterday that misdemeanor abuse of corpse charges have been filed in the case.

One of the men allegedly told police they dug up a grave in an abandoned cemetery in the woods, removed a head from a body and smoked marijuana using the skull as a bong.

Police found the cemetery and a grave that had been disturbed but are still investigating the rest of the story, officials said.

Reuters 9 May 2008

As is normally done by plain and simple TpT. Expect too much and expect disappointment.

Govt banks on $1.5 billion fines bonanza

The Victorian government is banking on a $1.5 billion traffic fines bonanza to top up its bottom line by the 2009-10 financial year, a secret report shows.

The cabinet report, revealed in the Herald Sun, shows the government plans to collect $1.3 billion through Victoria's 2000-plus speed cameras and $200 million in on-the-spot fines by 2009-10.

The assessment, prepared by VicRoads, does not count the expected $125 million-a-year windfall from the EastLink toll road, which has not yet opened.

Opposition Leader Ted Baillieu said the document was showed the government is addicted to traffic fines.

"The forecast revenue in this document is more than five times the promised tax relief in this week's state budget, showing John Brumby is more interested in gouging drivers with fines than lifting the tax burden on Victorians," he said.

Forecasts for traffic camera revenue for the next four years were not released in the budget, but released a total fine figure for next financial year of $500 million, the Herald Sun said.

The government on Thursday refused to release the latest forecasts for the next four financial years.

A government spokesman said all speed camera fines went to the Better Roads Victoria Trust.

"It is our hope camera fines decrease due to people slowing down, which could save Victoria part of the estimated $3.5 billion a year road trauma costs," the spokesman said.

ninemsn 9 May 2008

08 May 2008

Corporate Terrorists : - Coles Express leads petrol prices up in four capitals

Australia’s national consumer watchdog, the Australian Competition and Consumer Commisson(ACCC) has confirmed something most motorists probably already knew, petrol retailers are leading fuel prices higher, and it’s particularly laid the blame on supermarket discounter, Coles Express.

In a statement released tonight the ACCC said consumers should shop around in Melbourne, Brisbane, Sydney and Adelaide as Coles Express are leading petrol prices higher as the petrol pricing cycle peaks.

In these cities, petrol prices tend to cycle over seven days. Prices are often the lowest on a Wednesday morning and highest on a Wednesday night or Thursday morning.

“Analysis of petrol pricing in a 9 a.m. ’snapshot’ today shows that Coles Express sites have set the highest prices in the four capital cities,” Australian Competition and Consumer Commission Petrol Commissioner, Mr Pat Walker, warned. “Today in all four eastern capitals Coles Express was setting the highest prices at a significant number of its sites, which is consistent with a recent trend.

“There are often a range of retail prices for unleaded petrol charged by service stations in these cities. On any given day the range from the lowest available retail price to the highest is usually between 15 to 20 cents per litre.

“Consumer must look carefully at price boards to check the competition in their area before topping up their tanks.

“It is important that consumers do not automatically rely on their petrol discount voucher to necessarily deliver the lowest price,” Mr Walker said. “In these cases, loyal shoppers redeeming their voucher at the highest priced sites are paying much more than they need to.”

caradvice.com.au 7 May 2008

ACCC - no Esater Petrol ripoff - LIES

An article appearing in the Herald Sun on 25 March 2008
claims that motorists are not ripped off during Easter regarding petrol prices.

Motorist groups claim this is not the case. During EVERY festive season motorists are warned to fill up their tanks before the break, by the general media. The fixing of petrol prices has always been inflated over the norm during these periods. YET, the ACCC still blatantly LIES to the general public, that the prices are not inflated.
As quoted from the article " He said the rapid drop in prices over Easter after the spike was also usual practice." Why is this considered as normal?

The truth of the matter is that the Petro-Chemical industry is owned by a few people and controlled by a select group of individuals.

There is NOTHING a little ACCC, in a negligible economy like Australia, can do to the benefit of the Australian motorist.
The Australian Government surcharges a 60% tax on fuel.
The USA currently has approximately 5% of the World's population, but consumes approximately 25% of the oil reserves.

Amy Winehouse arrested over 'drug video'

Troubled British soul singer Amy Winehouse has been arrested on suspicion of possessing drugs, police and her spokesman said, after footage appeared of her apparently smoking crack cocaine.

Scotland Yard said that "around 1pm (12pm GMT) today a 24-year-old woman from the Camden area attended a London police station by arrangement and was arrested in connection with the alleged possession of a controlled drug."

"She remains in custody. This is in connection with an investigation connected to footage passed to the Metropolitan Police on January 22."

Winehouse was not named, in line with force policy, but a spokesman for the singer said: "Amy Winehouse voluntarily attended a London police station today by appointment.

"She was arrested in order to be interviewed and is co-operating fully with inquiries. The interview relates to a video handed to police earlier this year."

The video footage obtained by The Sun tabloid apparently showed Winehouse, who has fought a very public battle against drink, drugs, eating disorders and self-harm, inhaling fumes from a crack pipe.

She was also shown apparently snorting ecstasy and cocaine.

The Grammy award winner was previously arrested on April 25 and spent a night in police cells for slapping a man during a booze-filled night out in north London.

She received a police caution and apologised.

Winehouse's husband, Blake Fielder-Civil, 25, is currently on remand in prison awaiting trial on charges of assault and conspiracy to pervert the course of justice.

ninemsn 8 May 2008

Aaahhhh Soul, singer, smoking crack, it's all taking shape quite clearly. Husband remanded in prison. "apparently smoking crack cocaine" No one smoke icing sugar at parties do they ??? The problem with people like this is that they have more money than brain cells.
In Amy's case it might not be that much. None the less, a story worthy of the E.T. bin.
But wait ! Lets get some doctors involved, crank out a story of child abuse, find a few NEW acronyms, and all will be good.

07 May 2008

'Cruel' couple on the run with 100 dogs

A couple found guilty of animal cruelty are on the run from authorities in South Australia with up to 100 dogs in a trailer, the RSPCA says.

The society's spokeswoman Aimee McKay is calling for local communities between South Australia and Victoria to be on the lookout for two people pulling a trailer carrying a large number of dogs.

Last week Joseph and Margarete Higham were found guilty in the Adelaide Magistrates Court of 11 counts of animal cruelty.

They failed to attend court for the trial, were convicted in their absence and absconded before being sentenced.

The charges related to about 170 dogs seized after RSPCA raids on properties at Swan Reach, east of Adelaide, and Eudunda, north of the city, in 2006 and 2007.

Ms McKay said many of those dogs were suffering from mange and other health problems including fleas, worms and some had infected wounds.

She said it was now feared the same problems would befall the dogs still in the Highams' possession.

A warrant has been issued for the couple's arrest and the RSPCA believes they might be headed for Victoria.

She said people were being asked to look out for anybody travelling in a twin cab ute with an enclosed trailer with any number of dogs of various breeds with them.

The couple might be moving the dogs in batches to various locations, she said.

"Anything that resembles that at all, it's better to call police and we'll check it out," she said.

"It's better to report it and nothing come of it than to let an animal cruelty offender slip through the radar."

Ms McKay said it was believed the couple suffered from a type of mental illness which led to their behaviour.

"Like people hoard things in their garage, they hoard dogs," she said.

ninemsn 7 May 2008

Lets give the doctors something to do, like a new name to their sickness like ADHD ILCTA ( I like cruelty to Animals).

Just plain and simple TpT on the run with their trailer trailing.

RailCorp paid for strip club visit: ICAC

A RailCorp contractor called his boss pretending to be at a job site while he was enjoying an eight-hour "lunch" session in a Sydney strip club, an inquiry has been told.

Brett Schliebs filled in his RailCorp timesheet for July 19 last year claiming to have worked that day at Sandown, in western Sydney.

Instead, he took the day off to visit Twin Peeks Lingerie Restaurant in the city, the Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC) inquiry heard Wednesday.

Mr Schliebs worked for RailCorp for 23 years before resigning in January last year amid an investigation into timesheet fraud, but he later returned as a contractor despite his file being stamped as unfit for re-employment.

ICAC mobile phone intercepts caught him spending the afternoon of July 19 at the Woolloomooloo strip club.

One call was made to his supervisor Jose Argueta, in which he gave the impression he was working at Sandown.

"The contractors aren't here yet," he told Mr Argueta during the call played to the inquiry into corrupt work practices at the NSW government corporation.

The ICAC phone intercepts show he was at the restaurant from midday until 8pm.

"You had lunch? I've not been to one, so...?" asked the counsel assisting the ICAC hearing, Chris Ronalds SC.

"Yes, there is lunch provided," Mr Schliebs replied.

After the call to Mr Argueta was played at the ICAC hearing, Mr Schliebs admitted he had lied to RailCorp in submitting the timesheet.

"What I'd suggest to you is a day spent lunching at the Twin Peeks Lingerie Restaurant does not constitute work for RailCorp, does it?" Ms Ronalds asked.

"Correct," Mr Schliebs replied.

"It was a false claim," said Ms Ronalds.

"Yes, it was," he said.

It was also revealed Mr Schliebs had twice filled out false timesheets in August, claiming pay for working at Sandown when he was visiting his accountant.

After being re-hired, Mr Schliebs worked as a track supervisor, at embankment stabilisation works at Sandown, his so-called "little holiday camp".

Ms Ronalds said his timesheets while he was working at Sandown were "littered with false claims".

"You did it consistently while you were at Sandown, didn't you, Mr Schliebs? You deliberately misrepresented your time notes, didn't you?" she asked.

"I did not deliberately do anything," he replied.

Ms Ronalds also asked Mr Schliebs about phone conversations in which he instructed other contractors to fudge work records.

He told Joseph Hilli to fabricate a name on a timesheet in order to extract extra money from RailCorp.

"Put some f***in' bodgie name on it," he is heard saying.

"Put anyone's name. I don't care."

In the same conversation he is heard telling Mr Hilli he could have completed the Sandown job in three weeks instead of the three months it took him.

"If I was railways (employed at RailCorp), this job would've been finished (in) about two weeks, three weeks," he says.

"I'm not railways. I don't care any more ... I'm stringing it out as long as possible."

ICAC Assistant Commissioner Theresa Hamilton said it appeared Mr Schliebs' rorting had cost RailCorp time and money.

"There seems to be some massive fraud," she said.

"It took three months, though you said you could have done it in three weeks.

"You were charging them to go to lingerie restaurants."

ninemsn 7 May 2008

Such heinous crime he has committed. Recommendation : PUBLIC FLOGGING !!!

This is an alleged crime that one man committed against a company. What if many companies commit a crime against many people, to the possible tune of $165,000,000.00? Documented proof and confirmed by a leading law firm, as detailed in the heading Slater and Gordon supports IBM GSA fraud http://corpau.blogspot.com/2008/05/slater-and-gordon-supports-ibm-gsa.html

Would the ICAC be interested in such a matter??

Lets give it a go and find out !!!

Corey's BB stunt child abuse: psychologist

A leading adolescent psychologist has slammed Corey Worthington's inclusion in the Big Brother house as "child abuse".

Dr Michael Carr-Gregg, a specialist in teen mental health, has blasted Channel Ten, Corey's parents and his manager for allowing the 17-year-old to enter the controversial reality show house.

"I watched it last night, and I thought 'Why would anybody put a teenage kid in a goldfish bowl on the Gold Coast with a bunch of idiots'?" Dr Carr-Gregg told ninemsn.

"People profiting out of this … is tantamount to child abuse."

Corey became part of Big Brother on live television Sunday night as a special "houseguest".

Currently living with 17 housemates aged between 18 and 52, Corey has appeared uneasy and nervous during his time in the compound.

"His parents have been most unwise to allow this … you have to wonder if they've thought about the potential psychological damage that is going to be done to this boy," Dr Carr-Gregg said.

Several housemates have already clashed with the Melbourne boy, with Queensland student Bianca instructing the other contestants not to "give him more glory for being a tosser".

"Essentially, he's been taken away from his friends and his life and put in an artificial environment where everybody's watching him 24 hours a day," Dr Carr-Gregg said.

"If this was some type of social psychology experiment, it would be ruled unethical by any ethics committee in any university across the western world."

Big Brother, now in its eighth year, has struggled to recapture its dominant share of the ratings.

In a bid to freshen the format, long-serving host Gretel Killeen was axed for radio shock jocks Kyle Sandilands and Jackie O.

Last week, the show's first ever "little person" Rima was rushed out of the house and into hospital after breaking her leg while competing in a Friday Night Live contest.

And while Corey has stated that he wants his latest television experience to "change people's opinion of me", Dr Carr-Gregg believes it will only further damage his image.

"He's already up there on the ridicule stakes anyway, but I'd be amazed if this was going to enhance his credibility with his peers," Dr Carr-Gregg says.

"In the long term, you only have to think of Channel Nine and the Paxtons. They faded into oblivion, no one has ever heard about them again.

"I suspect that's what's also going to happen to this young man."

ninemsn 6 MAy 2008

A professional idiot, in a house full of idiots, supported by Media Moguls, to influence our impressionable youth, nothing out of the ordinary there.
Just have to get over the fact that society is made up of all sorts, TRASH included.
A little while ago they'd fade away into nothing, whilst today they are glorified.
Lets make up nouveau excuses, and forget the fundamentals, that they're still TRASH

Daryl Somers 'does the dash with Seven's Logie'

Daryl Somers has reportedly kept the Logie awarded to Dancing With The Stars as a souvenir, much to the horror of Channel Seven who fear they will never get it back.

Somers gladly accepted the award for most popular reality program, despite quitting the show in November last year.

He has since taken the silver trophy home — and his former employer Channel Seven fear he might hold onto it for good, News Ltd reports.

Somers sensationally quit the hit show after seven seasons last year, claiming he needed a change of direction.

He has already won three Gold Logies, and a multitude of silvers, in his 37 years of television.

Meanwhile, Stephen Curry has reportedly lost his own Logie after a night of celebratory partying.

Curry, who claimed the most outstanding actor award for his role as Graham Kennedy in The King, reportedly lost his statue at a private party in a hotel room and is yet to recover it.
ninemsn 6 May 2008

Who Cares !!! It does not matter if it was lost whilst he sat on it !! Lets put 80% of Police efforts into the Losers Loose Logies case.

A ripe picking for the Who Gives a

06 May 2008

Brit Fetes Jamie Lynn's Baby; K-Fed Golfs With Babes

Surrounded by pink and blue balloons and with big sister Britney Spears by her side, teen mom-to-be Jamie Lynn Spears celebrated her baby shower in Kentwood, La., on Saturday. The 17-year-old is expecting a girl sometime this summer.
. Blah
Speaking of K-Fed, the wannabe rapper was surrounded by balloons of his own over the weekend.
Federline and friends attended—and won—a charity golf tournament in Los Angeles, with partygoers that included Hooters Girls, scantily clad models and porn industry professionals.
But, once again, this begs the question: Who's watching the kids?!

enews 5 Jan 2008

Gripping Stuff !! Just more Entertainment Trash creating dysfunctional families.
Should they be allowed to breed??
Wannabe Rapper = LOSER !!
Excellent material for the ET - file.

Vizard hands back Order of Australia

Disgraced businessman Steve Vizard has returned his Order of Australia honour.

Vizard told News Limited he has written to the Governor-General's office to return the honour.

The former TV funnyman turned business executive was made a Member of the Order of Australia in 1997 for services to the community.

In 2005, he was fined $390,000 and banned from managing any corporation for 10 years for breaching his duty of care as a director of Telstra.

The civil charges were based on a statement of fact Vizard made following allegations he had improperly used information he gained as a Telstra director in his own share trading.

Vizard said he did not believe he had to hand back the honour.

"I did it because it is the right thing to do," Vizard told News Limited.

"This is partially out of respect for the order, to protect it, and partly to take this issue off the agenda for the order and myself."

Billionaire cardboard magnate Richard Pratt returned his Companion of the Order of Australia honour in February, after he was fined $36 million for price fixing.

ninemsn 6 May 2008

A figure of $3,000,000 was made from the Telstra fraud, and Vizard was fined $390,000.

A figure of only 13%. Better than tax, which would be approx 50%.

Pratt made approx $700 + million, and as fined $36 million. A fine of only 19%.

A worth while investment in anyones language. It pays to be part of the boys club.

The general media omits the fraudulent amount made in each case.

Looks like if you're good at fraud you get an Order of Australia.

Again the joke s at the expense of the public.

Carey could face jail for police assault

Former AFL star Wayne Carey could face jail after being charged in Melbourne with assaulting police and resisting arrest.

Carey, 36, has been charged with three counts of assaulting police and three counts of resisting arrest, after an incident at his Port Melbourne home in January.

A police spokesman said on Monday it had not been decided whether Carey's police assault charges would be pursued as indictable or summary offences.

If they are indictable offences, they will carry a maximum five years' jail each.

If pursued as less serious summary offences, the police assault charges would carry a maximum six months' jail and/or a $2,500 fine each.

The resisting arrest charges are summary offences and carry a maximum six months' imprisonment and/or a $2,500 fine.

Carey, who was sensationally forced to quit AFL club North Melbourne in 2002 over an affair with a teammate's wife, hit the headlines again this year after the January 27 incident.

Police were then called to a reported domestic dispute at Carey's luxury apartment, which he shared with his girlfriend Kate Neilson.

He was alleged to have assaulted police at his front door and was subdued with capsicum spray after an alleged struggle.

He was arrested and taken to St Kilda police station.

Carey also faces charges in the United States after an incident last October in Miami, Florida, where he was charged with aggravated battery of a police officer and resisting arrest with violence.

Miami police were called to the Mandarin Hotel last October after Ms Neilson allegedly complained Carey had smashed a glass in her face, cutting her mouth and neck.

When officers entered Carey's hotel room they alleged he "kicked one of the officers in the face with his foot" and "elbowed another one in the side of the face".

His trial has been set for a Miami court on July 21.

The maximum penalty he could face there is 15 years in a US jail, but his US lawyer Richard A Sharpstein said Carey intends pleading not guilty and hopes to avoid any jail time.

He has already rejected the prosecution's offer of one year and one day in jail.

Carey, who lost his media AFL commentator roles in the wake of both incidents, also sparked intense debate over an interview with Andrew Denton on ABC television's Enough Rope show.

He will face Melbourne Magistrates Court on May 22 over the Victorian charges.

ninemsn 6 May 2008.

The heading says 'could face jail', reality is that he won't, because he's a 'sports person' would not even call him a hero, rather a disgrace. Even 'if' he does go to jail, it will be a holiday.

The legal system is a joke on the commoner.

05 May 2008

Mischa Barton's topless snapper hits back

Celebrity photographer Jamie Fawcett has hit back at claims he harassed a topless Mischa Barton during her Australian holiday, claiming the controversy was "like Nicole Kidman all over again".

Fawcett admits taking topless pictures of Barton, but denies he did anything unethical and says he even warned the Hollywood starlet not to appear nude in public.

. Blah

. Blah Blah

Despite the controversy, Fawcett was unrepentant over the revealing pictures, which sold for tens of thousands of dollars.

"As far as I'm concerned, she has a valid point on one level.

"But on another level, if she doesn’t want your picture taken, change your profession.

"People don't take pictures of butchers."

ninemsn 5 May 2008

WoW ! Pictures were taken of someone sun baking topless WoW ! How excitement !!
Mischa is upset. Get a life Mischa ! and GET OVER IT !!!.
Hint for Mischa: Don't sun bake topless, and a topless photo will not be taken.
ps. Who Gives a

04 May 2008

Video exclusive: Rihanna's hot new clip

With her new emo hair-do, a no-smiles Rihanna puts
away the dancing shoes for a weepy break-up video.

My life is now complete that I know that Rih(whatever)
has an emo(wtf?) hairstyle.

An item all too worthy for the WGF.

Slater and Gordon supports IBM GSA fraud

IBM GSA is a joint venture between IBM, Telstra and Lend Lease. IBM GSA as a general rule, contracts its workers through its Tier Level 1 suppliers. Some Recruitment agencies that specialise in IT Recruitment are Candle ICT, Ambit and Paxus.

It was noticed, that a portion of monies was unaccounted for. This equated to a figure of 6.66%. This person then queried their manager. The manager was quite aware of this procedure, and proceeded to explain in confidence that this figure was evenly divided between IBMGSA and the agency, when the figure (the worker’s salary) should be retained by the worker. The manager then proceeded to explain that if this was to be made public, the worker’s employment would then be terminated, and they would never again have employment.

This procedure was documented, and presented to Slater and Gordon. Slater and Gordon then replied, that it is a matter the their department would look into as it falls into the category of Corporate Fraud. The individual then suggested that a Class Action Law Suite be initiated against IBM GSA and the relevant Recruitment Agencies.

The response Slater and Gordon gave was that :

  • it was too busy to pursue the matter,
  • it does not have the resources, and it would be too costly for them, therefore
  • the individual, under their own finances would have to pursue the matter.

If it’s too costly for a large law firm, how costly is it to an individual?

Since it has been established that the fraudulent amount is 6.66% of a contractors salary, then if we assume (for easy accounting) an average salary of $100,000 p.a. an approximate 2,500 workers, then $16,500,000.00 per annum are being fraudulently obtained by IBM GSA and their agencies at the expense of the worker. Over a 10 year period the figure is

165 Million Dollars.

A case that Slater and Gordon did not want to handle.

If an individual defrauded 1/100th of the above mentioned amount, then they would be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

Since when does a legal firm say "NO" to litigation ($$$,$$$,$$$)???

Privilege means Private Law, determined by ones wallet, not by justice.


Behind that glowing testimonial and guarantee.

UPDATE: October 18, 2005. Despite being still under investigation by the Victorian authorities and despite warnings being issued by the Australian Consumers' Association, the Victorian Government and the Real Estate Consumers' Association (Hall of Shame), spruiker George Mihos is still spruiking. He's reportedly resurfacing tonight in Hawthorn.


Spruiker George Mihos claims to have taught thousands of Australians how to become millionaires.

So you'd think he'd be able to find just one person to write a testimonial for him.

There must be someone so besotted by the rhetoric that they'd be willing to write him a genuine reference.

But no, Mihos is so short of admirers he has to get his staff to write testimonials for him.

Anyone on the Mihos mailing list would have received a recent email with a headline which screamed: "How to Create New Multiple Streams of Income And Ensure a Lifetime of Financial Abundance!"

Featured prominently in the material was a "testimonial" from one Pat Sciarrone whose life changed when he discovered Mihos' Today Not Tomorrow Institute. Within three months he had increased his passive income by $6000 a month!

Pat left out one piece of information. He's a staff member at the Today Not Tomorrow Institute (TNTI).

You can call the "institute" and they'll put you through to Pat who will "highly recommend" that you go along and "evaluate the program".

Evaluating the program, Pat will explain, means attending the three-day seminar. You pay $795 and you have two and a half days to "evaluate". According to Pat, if you don't like what you hear, you can get a full refund. If you do like what you hear, you fork out an extra sum (up to $8,000, depending on which support package you choose).

You see, explains Pat, there's a money-back guarantee. "You pay $795 to go along and evaluate the program but there's a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee. If you can't see the value, you get a refund. If you're satisfied you take a package; if you're not satisfied you walk away."

There's just one snag. It's not true. George's "satisfaction guarantee" is as big a sham as Pat's testimonial.

When people turn up at a Mihos seminar, they have to sign a registration form. On the back, in the small print, is a clause which traps the signatory. If they express satisfaction at any time over the next two and a half days, they are obligated to buy a 12-month package costing anywhere from $3,000 to $8,000. To ensure that happens, George's staff, including Pat, hand participants evaluation forms to fill out several times a day. If you tick any box which indicates even the mildest satisfaction with anything, you're obliged to buy a 12-month package. You can't get a refund and leave – and if you try, you'll come under heavy, aggressive pressure.

Even those who manage to negotiate that minefield don't get the 100 percent guaranteed refund that's promised. They will get only half their money back because, also in the small print, is mention of a fee to cover the George Mihos costs in organising the seminar and providing catering.

So be careful what you believe with Mr Mihos and TNTI.

From the sham testimonial to the sham guarantee, this mob is one big sham.

jenman.com.au 18 Oct 2005

The government does not act quickly enough to close this trash down. If it were their money that was at stake, closeure would be immediate!

ACCC institutes against Henry Kaye

ACCC institutes against Henry Kaye, National Investment Institute Pty Ltd over property investment "Millionaires" promotion

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission has instituted legal proceedings against Mr Henry Kaye and National Investment Institute Pty Ltd alleging misleading and deceptive conduct over the promotion of a "millionaires" property investment strategy.

Read the full story :


Looks like the joke was on the Australian public (the 'cattle' as the term used by him), the 'mums and dads' investors.

Developer Henry Kaye charged

HENRY Kaye, Australia's most notorious property spruiker, has been charged with criminal fraud after allegedly deceiving St George Bank to secure finance for his most ambitious development.

Kaye, who taught tens of thousands of low income earners to become speculative property investors, could face up to 10 years' jail under Victoria's Crimes Act if found guilty of obtaining financial advantage by deception.

The charge with summons was served by Australian Securities and Investments Commission officers at his solicitor's office in Melbourne at 1pm yesterday after two years of investigations and deliberations.

Kaye did not answer phone calls but was said to be "shattered", he having moved on to other businesses thought to include debt collecting.

Kaye bought about 200 apartments off the plan at the Oasis complex in St Kilda, intending to immediately on-sell them at a profit to his Melbourne and Sydney seminar clients.

The corporate regulator alleges Kaye fraudulently used deposit bonds to convince St George to loan the Melbourne developer about $17 million, enabling the project to proceed.

Its inquires began after Kaye's unusual deposit bond dealings were revealed by an Age investigation, the results of which were published on September 22, 2003.

"The whole deal was used for the developer to get finance," Kaye then said in a taped interview, which has been provided to ASIC.

The transaction was above board, he said, because a secret letter invalidating the bonds was only temporary.

"I'm going on the record and if I'm wrong I'm in deep shit," he said. "Why would anyone take the reputational risk?"

A spokesman for AMP, which acquired the GIO division that sold the bonds, told The Age that the side letter carried no time limit.

Later, in written answers to questions, Kaye said the waiver was temporary because of a verbal agreement.

ASIC alleges that the developer, Inkerman Developments, was an "innocent agent" of Kaye's deception against the bank.

The charging of Kaye represents an important win for ASIC boss Jeff Lucy, who has been under fire from commentators and consumer advocates for not protecting property investors or being sufficiently aggressive against white collar conmen.

But it highlights a gaping loophole for property in Australia's otherwise stringent investor protection laws. ASIC investigators apparently found no fraud on consumers by Kaye that would support a criminal prosecution despite thousands of consumer complaints.

It also illustrates growing tensions between ASIC and the Commonwealth Department of Public Prosecutions, which took more than a year to accept ASIC's recommendation to charge Kaye.

The broader Oasis transaction presents a case study of Australia's property mania, which peaked as Kaye's "property education" empire was placed under administration in the last quarter of 2003. Oasis was Kaye's first large project and the template for later transactions.

Low-income earners were lured into the investment market by hungry promoters, new types of finance and wild expectations that prices would inexorably rise.

Kaye enabled clients who had no savings to buy the Oasis apartments off the plan by arranging deposit bonds in place of cash deposits.

On face value, the deposit bonds entitled Kaye, and therefore the developer and its financier, St George, to rely on GIO to cover the deposits in the event investors failed to pay at settlement.

But ASIC alleges that neither the developer nor the bank were aware Kaye had also signed a letter to the insurer waiving all rights to use the deposit bonds.

ASIC alleges that, in effect, Kaye deceived the developer and St George to proceed with a high-risk investment without substantial security.

Kaye said he signed the waiver letter only to fast-track the approval process and get the project under way: "I just wanted them to say, 'Yep, the project's approved,' so I can start selling Otherwise the developer was going to cut me out."

Kaye said the transaction was legitimate because he was the only party placed at risk and because nobody lost any money.

"The only person that gets hammered is me," he said.

GIO's role has been investigated, but charges have been ruled out.

In September last year the Federal Court found Kaye had breached civil misleading and deceptive conduct laws under the Trade Practices Act, but the breaches did not give rise to any jail term or financial penalty (a result directly supporting Corporate Fraud - CorpAu inserted) .

Thousands of Kaye's clients are also taking a class action against Australian Finance Direct, which gave them personal loans to pay Kaye's course fees of up to $80,000.

Kaye has recently been seen at St Kilda's cafes and solariums and in the Bangkok Post newspaper for coming third in a sailing race in Thailand (and who said Crime does not pay ?? - CorpAu inserted)

Neil Jenman, consumer protection author who has been warning about Kaye since 2002, said Kaye's clients often paid so much for his advice they were left with no money to buy property. He said regulators were shamefully slow to act and noted some of Kaye's former colleagues continue to present property advice seminars in Sydney.

"Most of our regulators wait until they see debris before taking action," he said.

The Age 9 December 2005

The Government withheld his passport, but then returned it to him, on his promise that he would not go overseas. Ha !!! Guess who the joke was on?

Anyone saw that coming, or was it done deliberately?? Just another way of promoting Corporate Fraud.

His previous businesses included Sphere Computer System, and Futuretron Notebooks.

Henry Kaye also goes by the name of Henry Kukuy, he has a sister Julia.

Chiro Super fraud

A recent case come to mind, that one of a professional service, a Chiropractor’s clinic in Melbourne’s Collins St, failed to contribute to an employees super fund. The employee was not aware of this fact, and upon their departure, this was made evident.

The holding on to the super fund by the employer is illegal.

Funds held by the employer could be used to gain profit, e.g. in the stock market.

The employer was subsequently fined, and all interest paid back to the employee.

City of Stonnington fines a dead person.

Some City Councils are more notorious for handing out parking tickets than others.

It is not uncommon for Grey Ghosts (parking inspectors), in the City’s CBD to fine a vehicle 30 seconds past the expired time.

An incident that occurred, when a motorist parked their vehicle, had the misfortune of dying inside the car. During a short period of time, the now dead driver (inside the vehicle) was given a parking ticket. The Parking Inspector did not even bother to check on the driver.

The most disturbing fact about the matter is that not only did the driver get fined once, but as a matter of fact another FIVE TIMES. Not one single Parking Inspector, checked on the condition of the driver nor even bother to call for assistance.

Every single Inspector that fined the dead driver is quite simply put PATHETIC !!

IBM fails to deliver – Australian Unity

IBM Australian obtained a contract to deliver services, and applications to Australian Unity. It was a unique project to IBM as it was a pioneering venture, and subsequently

a lucrative market could be established.

The project was worth approximately $20 million dollars. The project was mismanaged by middle management ‘fish ‘n’ chip shop’ managers (managers obtained from fish and chip shops to manage an IT environment.), and consequently over budget by approximately $20 million dollars.

When IBM Australia realised that the project was a failure, TOTAL SILENCE was employed during the back out procedure. In the morning, IBM staff, were instructed to act normally, as if the project is still current, whilst in the afternoon, the staff were pulled from the premises, much to the dismay, bewilderment and ANGER to the client.

Naturally what followed was litigation by Australian Unity against IBM Australia, the echo of which were heard in IBM circles in New York.

Just another one of many failed IBM projects

Ex-VFL star pleads not guilty to fraud

Former Australian football star David Dench has pleaded not guilty to a charge of obtaining property by deception as part of a case in which a university was defrauded of $10 million.

Dench, 55, of Essendon, will face a total of 31 charges, including furnishing false documents, as the latest of 20 people to appear in court over an alleged conspiracy in which Victoria University was defrauded of the $10 million.

Dench, who played 275 VFL games for North Melbourne and captained the club to the 1977 premiership, appeared before Judge Tim Wood in the County Court during legal argument on Monday.

He told Judge Wood he pleaded not guilty to the one charge of obtaining property by deception and indicated he would plead not guilty to 30 other charges when a jury is empanelled.

Police alleged the fraud involved former university staff and contractors, invoicing the university for millions of dollars of work, such as maintenance, that was never carried out.

They alleged that Dench's maintenance company invoiced the university, which has 11 campuses across Melbourne, for $4.7 million of maintenance work which was not done between 1996 and 2001.

The court heard that fictitious invoices were made out for work that was neither requested nor undertaken.

Legal argument will continue on Tuesday.

ninemsn Monday 28 Apr 2008

Donut King – Hive of cheap labour

Our children are our future. They are also a source of cheap labour. We may associate slave labour, with sweat shops in Asian countries producing known brand footwear.

One company that does not easily come to mind is Donut King. Having observed many of the staff are young, and therefore a source of cheap labour. A very important factor in determining profit.

Public Transport Farce

The metropolitan public transport system in Victoria was operated by the government.

In the global trend to privatise all utilities, the government did exactly that.

The tendering out of a service is done officially, but unofficially contracts can be quite easily obtained for the company that is supposed to get the job.

The public transport system was handed over to two companies in order to stimulate competition, as claimed by the government. The companies that took over the rail system were Connex and M-Train. One was to take over the Eastern side of Melbourne, and the other the West. Since there is one per side the customer cannot chose which service they want. It is therefore a monopoly, and NOT competition as claimed by the government.

After some time, the whole public transport system was taken over by Connex, again a monopoly. Since the privatisation of the public transport system, the train services have slowly degraded. The current acceptable time frame of a late train is 10 minutes, where in some cases that falls in the time frame of another service. Previously a 10 minute delay, under government guidelines was NOT ACCEPTABLE. Connex constantly pay penalties for its substandard services.

The government has knowingly created a monopoly, and thus an inferior public transport system, at the expense of the general public.