05 October 2012

Police lies supported by courts

To the average commoner a court appearance must be followed with factual and truthful accounts of circumstances which one must swear upon the book of one’s religious denomination. One is also reminded that any false information given is an obstruction of justice or  perverting the course of justice, to which it is seen as a criminal offence, which may result in incarceration.

The above mentioned ‘law ‘ does not apply to everyone, namely certain members of  high end business community, policy and law makers, people in governance, and also the police force. The police are the law enforcers of governments, and therefore beyond the reach of the same laws that apply at all folk.

In a recent Herald Sun article, where a driver fled from police, and as a result the police chase ended up in the death of the fleeing individual, the corporate media mentioned that the police lied in court, which was acknowledged by the judge that the statements made by police were fraudulent, but no repercussions will be taken against the corrupt police officers.

The tax payers have right to pay for police  whom they not only trust to do their job, but also give an accurate and truthful account of events that unfold prior or during a crime leading up to an arrest.
The politics is rather more sinister than what the law requires or the public expects from the police. The police are allowed to operate above the law, in effect knowingly commit crimes without the fear of prosecution, as seen in the court room on many occasions.

The police, including high ranking officers, have been involved for decades with criminal organisations, supporting the shipment and distribution of drugs to the masses, prostitution rings, and the lucrative theft of luxury cars market.

It is not only the corrupt police that the finger is pointed at, but also the gangland lawyers, who together with their corrupt brethren judges, let the king pin criminals out onto the streets.

The government has and always will support the corrupt activities of its police force, with no consequences ever eventuating.

Jill Meagher’s murder a newsworthy item.

A lot has been written by the Australian press with regards to the murder of the Irish woman from Co Louth, Gillian Meagher, who lived with her husband in Brunswick Melbourne.

No one can ever deny the fact that the kidnapping, rape and subsequent murder by the alleged Adrian Ernest Bayley (nee Edwards), is a heinous act.

But was Jill the only one met with foul play, and what really goes on in Brunswick and inner city suburbs?

The corporate media ‘seem’ to think so.

Jill’s disappearance is something the corporate media could bank on, from what the leading elite call the lynch mob mentality, where the emotions of the uneducated masses is used to push through an agenda.

Whilst every corporate media outlet in Australia ran many front page articles on Jill’s disappearance, the media back home in Jill’s country of origin ran her tragic story equally weighted with other articles.

The Australian government has been caught out falsifying the crime statistics for Melbourne to paint a rosier picture than actually is. As a result this followed the resignation of Victoria’s top dog police Chief Simon Overland.

For what the crime statistics are worth, which relates to the matters only reported to police, the suburbs of Brunswick or Brunswick West are no strangers to crime. In fact the statistics are frightening.

Figures obtained for the year 2007/2008 show that for Brunswick only, rape has been reported 51 times for the year, Sex (non rape): 97, Assault 521. Other crime statistics show crime against property to be equal or higher than Victoria’s average.

There is no mention of the women raped at the rate of one per week in the Brunswick area alone by the corporate media, as they are not newsworthy (revenue raising) stories.

See article from The Australian:


The truth of the matter is that the area and its surroundings is a criminal hotspot that is well known to police, but played down by the corporate media, as this does not suite the government agenda.

If non corporate media reports are something to go by, then the rape and murder of Gillian Meagher could have been prevented, as it has been mentioned that the accused Adrian Ernest Bayley (nee Edwards) was convicted previously with a 5 year sentence, and was release after 15 months.

The apparent new policy now is to prevent crime, as officially mentioned by police in the article:

Police urge data access for 5 years.


The new laws that will be put forward are only to enslave the masses and NOT to prevent crime as alleged.

03 October 2012

Alan Jones' backers fear mob will rule after Gillard father comments backlash

RETAIL magnate Gerry Harvey has revealed he felt he was "joining a lynch mob" by pulling advertising from Alan Jones' radio program after his tasteless comments about Julia Gillard's late father. 
But the Harvey Norman chief executive said yesterday he had no choice amid a growing political and consumer backlash after Jones told a Sydney University Liberal Club dinner that John Gillard had "died of shame" because of his daughter's "lies".
Harvey Norman joined Telstra, Hyundai, Momentum Energy, Honda, and seven other businesses in pulling out of the top-rating 2GB breakfast show. The number of people signing an online petition calling on advertisers to dump Jones's show jumped to more than 95,000 last night.
"He shouldn't have said (what he said) but should that stop the bloke from having a radio career?" Mr Harvey said.
And that is what Mr Harvey - who said he did not listen to talkback radio and was not a personal friend of Jones - believes is a possibility if the advertising exodus continues.
"You have to ask are you part of a lynch mob?" he said.
"If 50 per cent of people think he should (continue) and 50 per cent of people think he shouldn't, then I suggest he should. Even if it's just 20 or 30 per cent of people I think he should be able to continue."
However, Jones wasn't without supporters yesterday, with media magnate Kerry Stokes and long-serving Liberal MP Bronwyn Bishop among those to offer their backing to the beleaguered broadcaster.
"Thought you cleared the air remarkably well and wanted to let you know you have my support," Mr Stokes told listeners to Jones' program.
Ms Bishop also claimed the attack on Jones was not being driven solely by his comments regarding Ms Gillard's father and was "being beaten into an entirely separate agenda".

Opposition Leader Tony Abbott yesterday also hit back at Labor's attempts to link him to the scandal, saying "the government blames me for everything".
"As far as I'm concerned, as far as my coalition colleagues are concerned, what Alan Jones said was wrong, unacceptable, offensive. He's admitted that. He's apologised," Mr Abbott said.
He said he would continue to appear on Jones' show.
In his first show since the storm erupted on Sunday, Jones yesterday told his listeners he apologised without qualification or reservation.
"The comment that I made was out of order, the comment was wrong, the comment had the capacity to hurt the Prime Minister as a daughter grieving over the death of her father, the comment should not have been made," he said.
Jones said he was astounded at the "hatred and anger" toward him on social media networks.
Numerous callers backed Jones, saying they would boycott the advertisers who had pulled out of his show.

heraldsun.com.au 3 Oct 2012

As in the words of the corporate giants the "lynch mob" which not only applies to this matter but rather relates to society as a whole.

NZ PM John Key apologies to Kim Dotcom over spying bungle

NEW Zealand Prime Minister John Key has apologised to internet tycoon Kim Dotcom over an "unacceptable" bungle by government spies leading up to the arrest of the Megaupload boss.

Mr Key also ordered agents from the Government Communications Security Bureau (GCSB) to review their cases over the past three years to check whether there were other instances of communications being intercepted unlawfully.

theaustralian.com.au 28 Sep 2012

The corporate media which is subservient to government policies once again (and forever) labels government corruption as a 'bungle'.

The 'Australian' corporate media is literally owned by 3 individuals, Murdoch, Packer and Stokes, with Murdoch the heavyweight at 70% ownership.

It would be truly global headline news if the corporate media submitted a headline:
"Citizen supplies tax 'bungle' paperwork".

The government is involved in illegal citizen monitoring action, and even if caught out, the reports are a 'bungle' and no repercussions are ever realised.

The Draconian rule of governance is truly upon the 'sheeple'.

From War victims to tax cheats

There is no doubt that wars are organised by governments, where the real casualty is the general populous. There are many reasons for war, that only benefit a small community.

The most horrendous part of war is the tragedy of the real stories of human suffering.

As a result of World War II many nations suffered the loss of their people. Russia officially lost approximately 9 million people, and prior to that under Stalin’s Russian Revolution lost approximately 20 million. Poland before the war had an approximate population of 36m and after 24m, the loss being of approximately 12 million.

Migrants from the war have dispersed all over the world, Australia included. Not only did they bring tales of loss and misfortune, but also a fraudulent mentality.

People came to Australia with not only false identities, but also multiple identities for one purpose only that being to defraud the social welfare systems.

Information has been obtained that hundreds of individuals have multiple identities for the purpose of collecting many welfare cheques, under assumed identities, that can range from 3 to 5 fictitious names.
The welfare payments are collected from German authorities, as compensation from the war, and the Australian welfare system.

These people are part of an elite group that are literally untouchable by the law.

If any action is taken to police to reveal these fraudsters, the matter is quickly swept under the carpet, never to resurface again. Various reasons are given from ‘we are investigating’ to ‘insufficient evidence has been obtained’ to even none at all.

Anyone exposing the true nature of the criminal activities will be met with ‘justice’.

The policy relating to the extent of this fraud is that is never to be made public, anyone who does will be publicly ridiculed by the corporate media under different circumstances, and judged publicly by the mob mentality.

Government supported Carbon Credits theft


Do not allow door knockers to enter your premises or accept any ‘free’ power savings devices.

The Australian government has set up another scam that involves the theft of monies from the general populous.

With the ever so popular ‘go green’ politics to apparently save the planet, there have been many new and ingenious ways to defraud finances.

The Australian government has entered an agreement with outsourced Indian companies, to install an alleged ‘power saving’ device into the household.

The claim is that this device will save the household a percentage of electricity used, where the reality is that the device is a timer that turns of any connected appliance, eg. TV even whilst you are watching it.

The outsourced company then steals the Carbon Credits that your household is entitled to, for the duration of the agreement.

Consumers are given false information as to the accuracy of the power savings potential (effectively zero), and deliberately mislead as to the theft of carbon credits.

Under Australian Consumer Law, providing misleading information in order to obtain sales is illegal.

Direct Debit Fraud

The political and financial world is in support of the cashless society for one purpose only that being the total control and monitoring of financial transactions of the masses, and not the ruling elite or even criminal drug cartels.

Various methods are employed to expedite the policy, flybuy rewards, petrol vouchers, free product vouchers upon purchases over certain amounts.

The authorities as a result will never punish the multinational corporate for deceitful practices under Australian consumer law, as the authorities are part of the equation.

The standard line given to the ‘sheeple’ is that all the effort into customer data collection is for ‘marketing purposes’ or to ‘better understand the consumers needs’, which even though the official version ‘may’ be partially correct, the unofficial agenda is kept secret.

Companies in Australia are involved in a large scale consumer fraud.

This fraud is carried out but not limited to service providers, like utility, telecommunications companies, internet service providers, where account details MUST be given to the corporations, and automatic withdrawal from the consumer is taken out of the account at periodic intervals.

Even when a service has not been provided or even cancelled, the companies still withdraw funds from the consumers account, which is theft, and therefore a punishable crime with the real possibility of incarceration.
Instructions from the managerial hierarchy are that if the customer is aware of the ‘fraud’, the financial recovery process is to be made deliberately difficult, in cases months pass by before the fraudulently obtained monies are refunded.

The pooling of public monies results in millions of dollars in interest to the corporation, and therefore larger pay packet to the managerial hierarchy.

Citylink (illegally) requires its customer to have a minimum account balance in the magnitude of $20.
An example of a telecommunications company committing fraud is Pennytel on the whirlpool forum http://forums.whirlpool.net.au/forum-replies.cfm?t=1914443

No government or public inquiry will stop the fraudulent activity of the corporate giants, as this action is wholly supported by the financial arms of the government and the politicians who have financial interests in the various businesses they are part of.

02 October 2012

Building boss claims crims were running drugs at desalination plant

DRUG trafficking was rife during the construction of the $3.5 billion Victorian desalination plant, a top building industry figure has claimed. 
Ken Phillips, Independent Contractors Australia executive director, raised the problems as he filed a scathing submission to the State Government's Construction Code Compliance Unit yesterday about use of the drug "ice" in the $8 billion industry.

ICA, representing more than 300 contractors across Victoria, also claimed its members had reported bikie gangs were distributing illegal drugs on other building sites.

The Master Builders Association said last night that unions prevented building companies from drug testing workers even though they had a legal right do so.

But unions have hit back, saying that they do not condone drug use as it poses a health-and-safety problem.

Mr Phillips, who has been in the building industry for more than 20 years, said a major investigation was needed into drugs and bikies in construction.

"Our understanding is that drugs were rife at the desalination plant," he said.

"The drug trafficking on the desalination plant was significant.

"Throughout the construction sector, our understanding is that ice is the preferred drug.

"We have recommended all of this activity be subject to (occupational health and safety) investigations."

The five-page ICA submission to the CCCU inquiry, which was sparked after the bitter Grocon dispute at the Emporium building site, claims bikies had a "daily involvement" in the industry.

"This involvement is closely aligned to the activities of some construction unions," the submission states. "There are suggestions that major drug trafficking (principally ice) through bikie gangs on Victorian construction sites is significant."

CFMEU state secretary Bill Oliver said Mr Phillips's claims were baseless and an insult to workers.

"If Mr Phillips seriously believed what he was saying, he'd have gone to the police," he said.

"We have a proactive policy on drugs and alcohol in the workplace that is supported by the employers and is in our EBAs (Enterprise Bargaining Agreements)."

Victoria Police spokeswoman Acting Sergeant Julie-Anne Newman did not rule in or rule out police knowledge of the claims or of drugs at the desalination plant.

"Victoria Police are not in a position to confirm or deny details specific to where investigations may or may not be occurring," she said.

Karen Lee, a spokeswoman for the project builder, Thiess Degremont, said workers were "educated" about the use of illicit drugs.

"Thiess Degremont is not aware of any specific allegations relating to the supply or use of illicit drugs at the project," she said.

news.com.au  2 Oct 2012

As mentioned the bosses have been fully aware of the drug problem at the plant.

Authorities, government and police have been fully aware of the biker (incorrect term used by the corporate media is bikie) involvement with the sale and distribution of drugs, but chose to do nothing.

Millions of dollars have been traded in drugs BUT nothing was done by the authorities, as most of the 'Money for Mates' workforce would have to be sacked.

If charges were to be laid against the majority of people at the plant, the volume of paperwork the police would have to do would be stretch their current workload.

Police are also involved with the criminal biker element so any arrests could lead to the exposure of crooked police.

Another crime supported by governance, but any inquiry will not lead down the true path of corruption.

Approximately 1.2 billion dollars per month is exchanged in the drug industry in Australia.