20 November 2020

QR code fraud by the Dan Andrews government?

People should comprehend that any sort of government action must be supported by the correct paperwork.

If the government tells its people that they must do something, this must be carried out according to the law, and passed through lawfully.

The people in government have acted illegally with many reactions with regards to the so called pandemic, where so far they have gotten away with it.

MANY people have been arrested unlawfully by (say) Victoria Police where they should/must seek a remedy in terms of suing police, but this is another topic for another post.

So, as a result of your newly granted freedoms by the government of Victoria, for the purpose of contact tracing you allegedly must scan a QR code at various premises, especially eateries otherwise you will not obtain service.

Apparently you are 'encouraged' to scan a QR code before you enter a supermarket, e.g. Woolworths.

What happens if you do not own a smart phone?

Are you being discriminated against by the government/business?

What happens if you have not got your smart phone on your ‘person’?

Remembering that you do not have to have [their] driver licence on your person if you’re over 26 years of age (See Road Safety Act 1986, Section 19 (8).

So, if this is a (Victorian) government mandate, show us the law i.e. Act where it states that people must scan QR codes.

Otherwise is this another business transaction you should decline.

Show us the lawful tender process which gave the owners of guesthq.com.au the rights to obtain your details.

Show us the code where the data goes.

This is ‘just’ another fraud like the covid apps the government told people to use, which at the end of the day was a 'money for mates' job and was a totally useless exercise for the purported purpose of preventing further infections.

Please note: We do not recommend scanning QR codes for the purpose of 'contact tracing'.

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