19 January 2019

Consumer market phone duopoly to rule the world?

14 January 2019

Corrupt cops become (corrupt) commissioners

In the British colony called Australia, the police force is corrupt to its core.

An article by the Rupert Murdoch online publication news.com.au, focuses on the disappearance of a socialite, a high up public servant and floozy Marjorie  Norval, which in reality also tells a tale of corruption in government that no doubt Norval was privy to.

Corruption in the state's police force was rife then as it is today, but this information is generally kept from the public news media, where whatever news trickles out is what the state's police force allow the publications to report, is in reality the tip of the iceberg.

From the article:

"But the cop who investigated, Detective-Sergeant Frank Bischof, later to become corrupt Queensland Police Commissioner, hastily decided that woman Henry Gaggin has seen was Mrs Ross, though he didn't  make an effort to conclusively establish her actual whereabouts that weekend - or those of Dr Ross."

Just a reminder that Victoria Police was actively involved in illegal abortion clinics in the 1970's.

See: "Report of the Board of Inquiry into Allegations Of Corruption In The Police Force In Connection With Illegal Abortion Practices In The State Of Victoria", from 1971 in pdf (12.7MB, 169 pages) below:

See article on Marjorie Norval at: