10 November 2017

Refugees to take your homes in Victoria the new Communist state?

Many a layperson may have an opinion about the law where they put it out on social media where others mistake it as actual facts.

Unfortunately to the novices this can lead them up the garden path, so to speak.

So, let's get a couple of 'facts' out the way with regards to the shenanigans of people in power in Victoria.

Very Briefly;

1). The lawmakers in Victoria can make whatever laws they so desire,
- even for example some far fetched idea as a law to kill babies born with blue eyes.

2). This is done 'legally' via Section 16 of the Victorian Constitution (or the Constitution Act 1975).

3). The 'Victorian Constitution' is an unlawfully enacted law.

4). No one in Australia is a "land owner", where you actually purchase the right to use the land however you see fit, to a degree.

 Problem Reaction Solution

The people in government create a 'problem' where they already have the solution where they put the 'problem' out into the community so that the solution can be implemented.

The 'problem'

The people in government created a 'problem' called housing shortage.

During something called natural growth a country's people do not experience a 'housing shortage'.

The people in the Victorian government import approximately 1500 slaves refugees per week into Melbourne.

This creates a real problem for the infrastructure as it is not built for the sudden (herd population) increase.

The government created problems burden the people with high traffic, no jobs for 'Australians' and the topic at hand - housing.

So the people with very low qualifications in government have thought of the bright idea to tax their slave / serf population for having vacant houses.

Once again under whatever 'Bill' or amendment to whatever current Act they decide to stuff it under, you can bet your (Victorian) 'Constitution' that the law is unlawful.

Will this give the policy enforcers the right to break into your home to see if you live there?

Under communist rule, if the people in government assessed that you did not 'occupy' your place,
the 'authorities' would literally move in.

Such is life in a modern day penal colony.

Another action brought to you by criminals in government.

See (text only) article from 9 Nov 2017 by the Herald Sun of the headline:

Premier Daniel Andrews warns owners “land banking” to rent or sell vacant properties

PROPERTY owners with vacant homes have just months to sell or rent them to avoid being slapped with a new tax.
The levy, predicted to rake in more than $80 million over four years, will come into effect from January 1.
It will see owners pay 1 per cent of the property’s capital improved value if they do not live in the house for more than six months a year.
The tax slug will only apply in 16 inner-city areas, including in Yarra, Melbourne, Darebin and Bayside municipalities.

Data shows more than a thousand properties are vacant in the Yarra, while more than 1700 remain empty in Moonee Valley.

A further 2500 are unused in the City of Melbourne.

Premier Daniel Andrews told property owners currently “land banking” to call a real estate agent.

“This is a common sense change,” he said.
“If your property is lying dormant, empty, if it’s not available, we need it to be.”
Holiday homes and second residences that are used will be exempt.
But it will include short-term rental, including Airbnb properties, that will need to be occupied for more than half the year.
Treasurer Tim Pallas announced the new levy as a key Budget promise last year.
It came under fire from Upper House MPs in May who said it would be “tricky” to police.
It will rely heavily on the owners reporting that their properties remain vacant.
“The state revenue office are a very efficient group of people,” Mr Andrews said.
“While in the first instance this will be a self-reporting tax, there are opportunities through utilities data and other data for us to check on compliance.
“If you fail to report, there are some very significant penalties.”

09 November 2017

Channel 10 Paedophile apologists?

Quality mainstream media journalism.

Supporting the paedophile agenda ??? !!! ???


We cannot show Australian ADULTS what the overseas government is showing children.
Ask the Australian Government if - 
Australians live in a penal colony?

08 November 2017

The Constitution and local government

The Constitution seems to be a bit of a bug bear for the criminals in Members of Parliament just like the Infringements Act (2006) is a pain in the side for the serfs.

There is plenty that the people in government do wrong by the Constitution, much more than the well covered Section 44, where as a result Malcolm Turnbull wants to change it quickly before he loses his seat as a result of the criminal Members of Parliament  sitting unlawfully in office exiting via the back door with full pensions intact*.

The purpose of this post is to expose another unlawful action with regards to the Constitution that being with regards to entities called City Councils or Local Government.

It is 'easy' to rule against a few unlawful mutts in parliament, where the financial damage is negligible compared to the multibillion dollar fraud committed by the entities called City Councils.

So, let's get into the basics.


1). The Commonwealth of Australia's 'Constitution' is contained within a law called the Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act 1900 (UK) under Clause 9.

2). It is an Act of the UK i.e. Westminster, meaning it cannot be amended by Australians, i.e. any wording up to and including Clause 8, where any alterations can only be done so as described within Chapter VIII or Section 128 of that Act.

3). Every Constitution of every state is subject to Section 106 of the Constitution.

4). If a state law is inconsistent with a law of the Commonwealth, the law of the Commonwealth shall prevail, where the state law is invalid as described in Section 109.

5). Parliament has lost its sovereignty at federation, i.e. enactment of the Constitution.

6). There are only two (2) lawful levels of government federal and state / territory, despite that official government documentation exists stating that a third level exists that being local.

7). The term local government within the constitution refers to the government of the state.

8). Today's unlawfully enacted 'city councils' or 'Local Government' collect rates fraudulently in breach of the Constitution where the lawful arm of a department of the state is the municipal office which is supposed to be carrying out those duties.

9). The birth of 'city councils' or 'Local Government' from the state's relevant Act (e.g. the Local Government Act of 1989 for Victoria) is ultra vires.

We have been made aware that a group of people have the correct paperwork with regards to a class action lawsuit against this unconstitutional entity called "Local Government".

This is BIGGER than Section 44

The unlawful actions of city councils effect every Australian irrespective of whether they own their home or rent a property, ride a bicycle or park their automobile on the nature strip (which is apparently illegal).

In order for the class action to succeed interested parties should be in the magnitude of tens of thousands.

See http://localgovernmentclassaction.com.au/ for further details.  

If you know which section of the Constitution is being referred to together with the corresponding pages of the Quick and Garran, you can place your answer in the comments section.

* - That's the privilege of being a criminal in the 'Australian Government'.

07 November 2017

Court Services Victoria - Making contact for the plebs difficult?

One can be of the 'conspiracy theory' that the people in government are putting up barriers...

Oops, the current photo of a fence being erected around Parliament House in Canberra is no longer a 'theory' but rather a reality.

Maybe they're just trying to contain the criminals within?

Aren't government institutions supposed to be transparent?
Remember: "Nothing to hide, nothing to fear", RIGHT ??? !!! ???

Aren't the people supposed to have easy access, especially if one is disabled?

So, let's take a look at an example of a place of business called Court Services Victoria (ABN: 63 392 984 660)

The official place for information is NOT your favourite search engine, dikipedia or some dodgy blog that is for "parody or satire use only" but rather the business's website.

When one's journey arrives at Court Services Victoria website and a Contact Us area is looked into one is greeted with the following information as seen in the screen capture as current of this post;

If someone from the general population wishes call them via the phone, to do business with these people there they have deliberately not shown the company's phone number, where a DX number is only visible and only a Post Office Box and no street address.

A DX number is for legal firms to communicate between them.

One must note that not every one has access to email or is even computer literate enough to comprehend how to send an email even if they go down to their local library.

This is clearly discriminatory actions against the lay person, serf or tax slave member of the general population.

So how does one find their street address or land line (phone) number?

One goes to the Freedom of Information Office of the Victorian Information Commissioner, of course silly.

Now where's that Ivory Tower of that slippery sucker Brendan Facey, who is allegedly the so called "Sheriff of Victoria"?

He was at level 20, but when too many people found out, they moved him to another more secure premises where the "concierge" denies he is there...

Ivory Towers crumbling a$$holes ??? !!! ???

Not to worry, you're STILL going to get sued as well as the State of Victoria (ABN: 57 505 521 939), and hopefully you won't bail like Mr. John Merritt the CEO of VicRoads did.

(see https://corpau.blogspot.com.au/2017/10/vicroads-ceo-john-merritt-quits.html)

What do you do when you're a loser

So what happens when you're a loser at sport?

First of all it pays to be a man or rather you pay to become a woman.

Because you know that men and women are not really equal, where you can run those 'girls' over on the field like a freight train.

Don't forget to bash people if they are insensitive towards your 'needs' (to win at sport by cheating).

Let's not forget the classic "I'm a woman born in a man's body"

Uuuummm, no, your desire to cheat crosses no boundaries.

The corporate media tells us that the footballer was dropped "controversially".

So, on one's BIRTH CERTIFICATE is a statement of your Sex, in this case being a MALE, as shown in example;

Thanks for playing, good bye a$$hole !!! !!! !!!

On a side note, not very important one, how does that book go again?

Genesis 5:2 He created them male and female.

Where is this Dr. God impostor, who tries to 'fix' the Creator's work... meh!

P.S If you're in Melbourne today,
don't forget that the savages are celebrating the floggin' of the horse festival.

06 November 2017

Fined for living on your own land

Only in Australia, hey?

It is a 'special' country.

It was started off as a chartered corporation by the invading forces.

No one really 'owns' the land here, but sshh don't tell the corporate media this.

Let's have a look at how these unlawful entities called city councils are destroying peoples lives, where there is a remedy for this in the form of a class action lawsuit (http://localgovernmentclassaction.com.au/), but again ssshhh don't tell the corporate media this.

Here is an article from 6 Nov 2017 as presented by msn.com with the headline:

Every man's caravan is his castle as WA landowner fights to live in 'middle of nowhere'

© ABC Goldfields-Esperance: Jarrod Lucas Mr Gopel moved to Menzies for cheaper housing in mid-2015. 

It's like something out of The Castle: a man living in a caravan on land he owns in outback WA facing eviction by the local council.

Self-described introvert Roland Gopel has found his own patch of paradise on top of a hill overlooking the townsite of Menzies, 730km inland from Perth.

The 58-year-old, with a thick grey beard and flowing hair, lives alone in bushland in a caravan borrowed from a friend, with only the flies for company.

Leaving Perth behind because of sky-high rental prices, he settled on Menzies, population 250, two years ago for its affordability.

"I was getting nowhere renting in Perth … I couldn't find a place where I could afford," Mr Gopel said.

"I ended up moving five times within one year in Perth and I'd had a gutful of moving around."
He paid $4,500 a few years ago for the quarter-acre block on Suiter Street.

The sprawling views of the bushland are only interrupted by his closest neighbour, Prospector Pete, and the trains that roar past the back of his block.

He has no toilet or sewerage, periodically emptying a bucket at the local caravan park, but has his own rainwater tank for drinking and showering.

There are solar panels set up for electricity, though not enough power in his 12 batteries to run air conditioning, as well as a satellite dish for internet for the self-confessed computer nerd.

© ABC Goldfields-Esperance: Jarrod Lucas Roland Gopel is being threatened with fines of $50 a day for living in a caravan on land he owns. Man just wants to be left alone

MrGopel says he pays his rates and should be left alone to live in peace, although he concedes that is looking highly unlikely.

He is being penalised $50 a day for what the Shire of Menzies calls "camping illegally".

Shire CEO Rhonda Evans said there was an incorrect belief within some sections of the community that people who pay their rates can do what they want with their property.

She declined to comment further because the matter is still before the courts.

On August 1, Mr Gopel was fined $1,000 plus court costs of $1,745.50, while the Shire began seeking a $50 daily penalty.

The fine has grown to $4,750 in the three months since his last court appearance.

Man says he has nowhere else to go

MrGopel has lived something of a nomadic existence, holding various jobs as a pig farmer and most recently as a truck driver, and is now in the process of applying for a disability pension.

He has told the Shire "they're dreaming" if they expect him to pay the fines, maintaining no-one has the right to tell him what to do on his property.

Mr Gopel described the legal action taken by the council as "government overreach".

"There's no mortgage, I pay my rates but I have no services," he said.

"I'm doing no harm. There are quite a few of the locals who have no problem with me being here.
"If I didn't live here I'd be homeless."

Court date set for later this month

MrGopel said he sees parallels between his story and the movie, The Castle, the fictional story of a working class family's fight to stay in its Melbourne home after the government moves to compulsorily acquire the land for an airport expansion.

The movie ended up in the High Court, but Mr Gopel's due to appear next in the Leonora Magistrate's Court on November 21.

He is undecided whether he will attend court, or whether he will engage legal counsel.
"I haven't quite decided. I might see if I can get some legal aid," he said.