25 November 2018

No defence for drink driving public but if you're a cop the whole union defends you

You know the story quite well.

The police will advertise their strong arm policies on drink driving, where the excuse is that if it only saves one life it's worth it.

There is literally no excuse for driving while drunk, right?

Well that may be the case if you're a serf or a tax slave.

The reality is different if you're a member of the government, or even a wife of a politician who's 'off her tits' (Aussie slang for drunk as a skunk), while in charge of a motor vehicle, who caused an accident, but the police deliberately let her off.

The best about part about the matter below is that the tax slaves payed $150,000 defending this drink driver  cop.

Just a reality check of:

- How corrupt the system is,

- What the cops can get away with, the serfs can't.

See article below:

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