16 August 2019

Government refuses to report data breach despite legal obligation

You've heard it before, right?

"No one is above the law", where technically it would be better phrased that no person is above the law, as the law is with reference to your 'person'.

And in this (rogue) colony we call Australia, it gets better.

While the serfs are punished, where their privileges, benefits and services are taken away from them for not following the law to the letter, those in government who have written law that specifically applies to them, do not follow it, with little to no punishment ever being seen.

The current myki 'scandal' is another reason why you should not willingly register ANY item with the people in government.

For those who have not registered their myki card with the government, and other items (like cash in a bank) kudos to you!

So, if the people in government do not follow their own law, why should you follow theirs?

14 August 2019

Amazon’s Ring Is a Perfect Storm of Privacy Threats