15 November 2018

The false economy of Melbourne's real estate market

Melbourne's property prices have gone through the roof, as a result of many factors, where one of the most important ones which stands out is caused by the massive influx of migrants allowed to enter the country.

This post is not going to be of book size proportion or megabytes of text, explaining or touching the various other aspects that effect the good people of Australia with regards to something that is deliberately erroneously referred to as population 'growth' by the mainstream media, but rather migration influx or the indiscriminate dumping of humans into another country, as a result of corrupt governments screwing over the 'good' people of other countries that leads to people fleeing their native land.

At a current rate of 2,500 imports per week into Melbourne alone, the current infrastructure and tax enslaved general population is struggling to support the newcomers, despite what the 'authorities' will tell you.

For the purpose of this post, we'll just look at one very small problem created by the authorities with regards to the 'supply and demand' in the current rental market in Melbourne.

Let's have a look at the following gem of a house in a very dodgy Melbourne suburb, that is on the market for $350 per week.

As you can see from the above photo it seems that the renter must supply their own kitchen, for this is a room that looks like it had a kitchen in it, once upon a time.

When a house is built in Victoria before it can be inhabited by humans it must come with a certificate of occupancy which guarantees the premises contains facilities conducive to sustaining life, like heating, water, toilet, tiles to wet areas and also, you guessed it, a kitchen.

It seems that this place is not fit to sustain humans.

The house is advertised in the following format:

"Centrally located with easy access to amenities, schools and transport, the 3 bedroom, 1 bathroom residence will let you enjoy the conveniences.
With plenty of local reserves for an active lifestyle, don't let this charming hope miss you by."

No mention that one may need a kitchen as it is obviously marketed to humans who do not need to eat or require the complexities of a domestic kitchen

While the second house comes thoughtfully with a kitchen, the industrial  duct that comes through(?) the corner bench, up the wall and along the ceiling indicates something is NQR (Not Quite Right).

On a thoughtful note the  landlord does allow the renter to have pets, but that could be an act of laziness on the landlord's behalf as one's 'pets' would used eat the other 'pets' that come with the rental property, like cockroaches and rats.

Although the dump seems to show an advertised price of 499 (dollars per week?), under the 'hero' photo, the price per calendar month is $1304.

Whatever, it's still dodgy!

14 November 2018

Breaking News: Australia gets internet burst speed of 25mbps

While roaming gypsies in Romania get quicker internet speeds than the people of the colony, apparently it's big news at the end of 2018 that Australians are getting a burst mode of 25 megabits per second.

It is of little relevance whether this is done via satellites, carrier pigeon or ants in underground cables, it's still only 25mbps.

What happened to 100mbps NBN? What happened to net neutrality?

The NBN Co, in Australia is a huge failure.

The Australian (tax) slave population has been ripped off blindly by those in government, and a literal laughing stock by the rest of the IT world.

The technology is obsolete before it's even made it to people's homes.

Just another dodgy 'money for mates' scam implemented by Australia's top while collar criminals, the politicians.

12 November 2018

Pricing meat out of reach for low income Australians

The signs of austerity are already upon the people of Australia.

While this may not be clearly evident to the average 'Joe' in the more populous cities of Australia, the people in other places around the nation see or rather feel it quite clearly from the hip pocket.

The photo below has a caption at the bottom of it commenting on the contents of the mixed grill pack being family size at 1.79kg being sold for $54.33, or at $30.35 per kilogram of mixed meat.

(Source: supplied)

The origin of the package is from Coconut Grove in the Northern Territory.

Don't forget there's always a great excuse reading in the wings to justify the price.

11 November 2018

The lies and failure of government in the Bourke St knifeman attack

One of the primary objectives of (Victoria) Police as stated in the Victoria Police Manual - Policy Rules is to "preserve the peace, protect life and property, prevent offences", as seen below in an excerpt from the manual.

The 31 year old Somali-born man who knifed the co-owner Sisto Malaspina of Melbourne's iconic Pellegrini's cafe was known to both federal and state police.

According to what was presented in the mainstream media, the 31 year old attacker was not a threat "to the national security environment", which is totally different from being a threat to the general population, which he was.

Victorian Premier Mr. Daniel Andrews states:

"We condemn it. We also take this opportunity to thank those very brave and dedicated members of Victoria Police who did all of us proud in their very quick response in very dangerous circumstances. They’ve done each and every one of us proud."

The real action was taken by a homeless man by the name of Mr. Michael Rogers dubbed "trolley man" who subdued the attacker before police took any action.

Victoria Police have not done "each and every one of us proud" as claimed by Mr. Andrews, but rather failed in their duty to prevent "offences" given the fact that the Somali-born attacker was a threat to the community.

On a side note, "criminal" offences are also traffic offences e.g. (allegedly) travelling 1km/h over the limit.

See the two different descriptions of  Ali's criminal history reported by the Herald Sun:

Make no mistake about it, the business called Victoria Police (ABN 63 446 481 493) has not done "each and every one of us proud" but rather failed in the duty to protect the community they are allegedly supposed to serve as many people are led to believe.

See video of Victoria Police retreating whereas "trolley man" is engaging:

(video source: supplied)

Victoria Police should be sued by victim's families and not put on a pedestal as spruiked by Mr. Andrews.