22 April 2020

Malware (Virus) App to be released from Australia

Please note that the global app duopoly i.e. Apple and Google are going to accept a malware app into their ‘stores’ originating from Australia.

The app contains malicious code, where full disclosure of its functions are hidden from the user.

Quite simply put, DO NOT download this app.

Any positive reviews with regards to this app should be ignored as they are paid reviews by persons who have financial interest in the app.

More to come.

Government lies – During these ‘unprecedented’ times

In Australia there is a huge ‘advertisement’ campaign regarding the Coronavirus.

You may have heard on the airwaves either through the TV or radio the message that we are living in these ‘unprecedented’ times.


There has already been a precedent set before in Australia with regards to a viral outbreak.

It was called the Spanish Flu.

Note: The ‘Australian Government' lies a LOT to the people.

20 April 2020

Class action against the police state (of Australia)

I received this from a Lawyer, pass on if you feel it’s relevant to your networks etc.

Right now Australians get to your Lawyers like Shine and start getting prepared to stand up against this morbid police state. "My friends I received this message this morning from a respected Sydney health professional that I've known for over 40 years. She has run a her practice for that long on Sydneys south side and she is widely know and respected an an ethical professional.

She advises that in 3 weeks on 1st May the govt is pushing thru the flu shot for all DayCares - for kids & parents who enter daycare centres.

Swiftly after that , they will come after primary & high school kids & parents with mandatory flu shots because we are all carrying around viruses.

After that they are heading for all adults.

If this note comes to you as pro vac family, wouldn’t you like have the freedom to chose the vaccines you wish to take, rather than have our govt mandate them for you?

Because, once the CV vaccine is developed it won’t be hard to force it down our necks because they would have all legislation in for flu shots locked in for young & old.

Imagine your world, year after year, you are required to get the flu & CV shot? Then they can & will keep increasing the V schedule as they have planned all along. It’s been in the pipeline.

No shot, no licence renewal or passport renewal, or no shot, no job etc. Get the picture?

A number of lawyers are behind the scenes getting ready for an onslaught of campaigns to help Australians maintain a choice position. If we all remain coheasive in our approach to freedom and fairness in the face of this move by current authorities we may be able to squash the push and maintain a democratic Australia. It’s going to take an army of committed Australians to maintain freedom of choice.

So it’s important to ask friends & family & every single group you are in, to ignite concern over the erosion of their rights & freedom into medical tyranny.

You will most likely receive email or social media information asking for your support at that time if you wish to you can align with either side of the discussion. My hope and prayer is that you will work with us to ensure this extraordinary evasion of our freedom is quashed. Can be contacted when we collectively need to take action?

Thanks so much. The lawyers & active professionals are working hard in the background to get this all up & running.


1) all emails in this giant database will be bcc’d so it is anonymous. Under the spam act, there will be strict adherence to the act whereby no email will be shared with any third parties.

2) please share this far & wide. Ask friends & families, local groups, FB groups that are interested in health, do they want to have their right to freedom stripped from them? We are aiming for the sky!

We want 1,000,000 database, or imagine 2,000,000 on the database where we take immediate action! How amazing would that be? Our govt, FB , YouTube is censoring us all, dividing us. This is the only way to move as a mass to make an impact & show out govt we mean business.!"

The email contact re mandatory vax action is ...

The post didn't have the contact email for SHINE lawyers. Here it is. We need as many people as possible:

Edt: name removed as may have been given in error.

Contact law firm directly.

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