27 June 2020

What information do you give away for free when you upload photos

MANY people do not comprehend how much information they give away for free, which then corporations make huge profits from.

Each year billions of photos from smartphones make it up to various social media platforms where the information (called EXIF data) is stored and then profited from, where not one single milli-cent (you know, one thousandth of a cent) is  given to the producer of the photo.

From the photos that you upload, even if they do not contain your face, you (personally) can be identified.

This with the addition of other data such as your device fingerprint and browser fingerprint which leads to your entire internet browsing history, locations where you’ve been including your online purchase history and much more is available to various corporations and of course overseas governments.

You give away all this information for FREE, well not for ‘free’ entirely, as it technically costs you money to give your information away that you generate.

Corporations make billions of dollars annually from the information people give away.

Is the behaviour going to stop?

Of course not!

Next (financial) year, the corporations are going to make even more money from you.

So how much information do you give away from a seemingly ‘innocent’ picture taken from your smart phone uploaded to your favourite social media platform?

Please note that if you download the above photo, in the EXIF data, under Program name, Google inserted its name.

The screen captures of the information within the photo taken above have been blacked out to preserve privacy.

Why are the ‘authorities’ pushing you to use smart phones in conjunction with apps?

So that you give away all this (and more) information at your cost.

The majority of Australians are using social media /news / government services platforms from their smart phone, and to make it worse with the platform’s app, which gives away more data than personal computer browser only oriented access.

So why are Aussies STILL doing this in today’s age of surveillance capitalism?

Because. the giving away of data from your mobile phone seems innocuous given the fact that there are no immediately visible consequences.

If someone gave you a black eye every time you logged into Facebook via a smartphone app, would you do it twice or keep doing it indefinitely?

Authorities/Corporations:1, Plebs:0

25 June 2020

No news on ex PM in court over oath & ‘Queen of Australia’?

Many average (or below average) Australians may not know that Australia’s 29th Prime Minister and ‘bankster’ Malcolm Bligh Turnbull was taken to court.

One would think that it would be the job of the mainstream media to report this, but then again what one would think to be logical or normal or even make a slither of ‘biological sense’ is not the case in the colony called Australia.

While the media may have covered the case of Clive Palmer v Turnbull, it seems that it covered up another little known matter against Turnbull.

The legal world is fully aware that there can be no (lawful) action unless the correct oath is taken.

You (the serf) may have experienced this in dealings with a JP, or even your court matter, no oath no go.

Tasmanian magistrates have issued unlawful orders as a result of not being sworn in correctly for over 30 years, causing harm, where zero class action has been taken thus far.

Although if you know what you’re looking for you will find it, where a little known case against Turnbull regarding his oath of office (note Gillard also did not swear the correct oath) and the ‘Queen of Australia did not make a mention in the eagle eye of the mainstream media.

The ‘Queen of Australia’ is the Achilles heel of the colony’s legal system, where you must ‘get it right’ in your ‘question of law’ regarding your matter.

Source: supplied

See reference to the Supreme Court of Queensland matter:

We have seen paperwork that exposes the fraud of Australia’s legal system regarding the Queen of Australia (and other 'issues'), paperwork that obtains a reaction from judicial registrars, magistrates and judges, who are aware of this fraud.

As we should be aware, but it would be asking too much, that the mainstream media should have reported the matter of the 'persons':‘ROSS-JAMES v MALCOLM BLIGH TURNBULL’, given the fact that the applicant was ridiculed, but that’s not how it goes in this colony.

The ridiculing of Ross-James would only give attention to the topic, and that’s not on the agenda of those in charge.

Just like it’s not beneficial for the Tasmanian government for the people to wake up and start a class action for the unlawful orders issued that caused many 'persons' harm.

In any event how can the serfs trust a judiciary that hides women abusers and paedophiles in its 'brotherhood'.

See screen capture from today's The Age publication:

24 June 2020

Commie Dan rolls out the army in Dictatoria (nee Victoria)


Commie Dan rolls out Martial Law the army in Dictatoria (nee Victoria)

Under the false pretense of an elderly (83 year old) person dying allegedly from the novel Coronavirus, Victoria's premier Daniel Andrews has deployed 300 army personnel.

So, if you ever thought of the media's attention focusing on his personal involvement in the branch stacking fraud will occur, those days are now gone as this will be the new focus.

Don't forget this is for YOUR (the serfs) benefit / health.

Remember how the government cares for you:

"Do not overload our (the government's) health system."

Was the army 'lawfully' deployed in Victoria?

23 June 2020

People distracted from government fraud with covid lockdown

In a brilliant move with the help of the mainstream media, the criminal actions of Victoria’s premier and that of his co-workers in office has been put on the backburner where the news of Victoria’s tightening of movement restrictions are the main topic now

The blame according to the Vic government is because of families not adhering to social distancing.

Those families that stayed home and washed their hands, are to blame for an alleged spike in novel Coronavirus infections. 

"That doesn’t make biological sense."

There can be zero doubt that Mr. Andrews will not face prosecution nor any court time regarding the branch stacking fraud he is involved in, as we should know that the ‘brotherhood’ takes care of its own.