24 May 2013

Police harassment over teen playing soccer

The role of the police is never easy nor is it envious. 

Some of the most horrific road accidents are first attended by police. The police also have to deal with the Trailer Park Trash that is destructive to themselves and society. 

The current police badge motto is to “UPHOLD THE RIGHT”, which is fine.

When it comes to criminal offences the police follow certain written and unwritten rules.

When it comes to violent offences, the police have been given the directive not to attend immediately, but rather wait a specific period of time for the violent threat to disperse or leave the scene. This is particularly adhered to with relation to home invasions, domestic disputes, where the masses are in danger will NOT be protected by the police.

A recent incident involving the presence of police was when a neighbour of a family in Melbourne’s more affluent eastern suburbs called for the assistance of the police, for a ‘criminal offence’ never seen on such a grand scale before.

A young teenager like many of his peers was outside on a nice sunny Melbourne day at the front of his parent’s property, kicking a soccer ball around by himself.

A neighbour logged a ‘job’ to police for the boy kicking a soccer ball, because he was “too loud”.

Within a few minutes the police were dispatched to the address where the boy was kicking his ball.
The police had words to the minor, but did not seek to contact an adult or parent of the child concerned with relation to the complaint.

When a parent of the child was aware of the incident that unfolded unknowingly before him, he proceeded to contact the police stations of the area to find out which officers attended the scene.
What followed was a trail of handballing and lies by police.

Every station, including the one from where the police were dispatched denied knowledge of the call out.

When police are requested to a scene of a crime, a ‘job’ as it is referred to internally, is logged and given an appropriate reference number, which can be easily traced.

Conversely when police were called to a western suburb of Melbourne home invasion and subsequent aggravated assault, two hours lapse before the arrival of police.

Another unrelated incident involving the request of police in a domestic dispute, resulted in the officer angrily saying to the perturbed party that there will be no police presence.

The police are required to successfully fine or issue infringement notices to call outs rather than to ensure safety of the general populous.

Another wasteful policy of governance, at the expense of the masses.

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