23 November 2012

NBN rollout claims misleading: Turnbull

Minister for Broadband Communications and the Digital Economy Stephen Conroy and the national broadband network (NBN) are misleading Australians about the pace of the high-speed network's rollout, opposition communications spokesman Malcolm Turnbull says.

"What the NBN does, and this is, I think, a deliberate effort to mislead people because it really does mislead people, is they use a metric that is used nowhere else in the industry that I have ever heard of," Mr Turnbull told ABC radio on Wednesday.

NBN Co repeated last week it was on track to meet its target of having work underway or completed for 758,000 homes and business by the year's end.

He said there were two metrics that were really relevant in measuring the progress of the rollout for the $37.4 billion project.
The most relevant one was where premises were actually connected and the other one was where the cable had passed a place, Mr Turnbull said.

NBN Co said last week around 7000 premises were on its fibre network and forecast 54,000 homes would be connected by June 2013.

Telcos such as BT in the UK and AT&T in the US sought to reduce the time spent and the cost of upgrading broadband services in building a fibre-to-the-node network (FTTN), he said.

The coalition's plan for a NBN involved a mix of technologies including fibre, pay-tv cable, copper, wireless technology and satellite services.

A FTTN network would have high-speed fibre cable from the exchange to the node, a cabinet on a street corner, where the rest of the connection would be a fixed copper line to the premises.

"The critical point is the reason why fibre-to-the-node is so much cheaper, and it is generally in developed countries comparable with our own. It is around a quarter of the cost and about a quarter of the time to build," Mr Turnbull said.

Mr Turnbull has been critical of Labor's plan, calling it too expensive and too slow to provide broadband across Australia.

NBN Co is charged to deliver fibre-optic cable to deliver broadband speeds of up to 100 megabits a second (Mbps) to 93 per cent of homes, schools and business by June 2021, with the rest provided by wireless networks and satellite services.

Download speeds under a proposed FTTN network would vary between 25 Mbps and 80 Mbps, depending on how close the premises was to the node's cabinet.

smh.com.au 21 Nov 2012

Australia's NBN project is not only involved in 'misleading information ', but also in 'Money for Mates' deals, falsified tenders, bribes and various other criminal activities.

Since this project involves tax payers funds that are administered by politicians and law makers, the true extend of corruption will NEVER be revealed.

A $40 billion dollar black hole, that no one from the public has access to the information of what funds are going where.

The NBN implementation also sees new technology introduced to monitor the masses real time, which no one is admitting to.

There should be in inquiry into the fraudulent deal of the NBN.

Australian telcos are currently offering 100Mbps speeds (prior to NBN implementation), which are only theoretical, where the 'norm' is 30Mps.

Advertisements falsely stated that one's wireless connection will be faster.

Current wireless speeds are in the magnitude of 200-1000kbps.

Another blatant duping of the masses by the government.

22 November 2012

Government to get new software to spy on social media conversations

THE Australian government is developing new software to monitor citizens' social media conversations. 
The purpose of one tool, called Emergency Situational Awareness (ESA), is to give emergency services early warning about disasters.

It's taken the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) three years to develop and is being trialled by the Defence Department, the Queensland government and Geoscience Australia.

ESA works by mining publicly available Twitter profiles to detect clusters of tweeted words such as "fire", "earthquake" or "storm", and then passing that information to emergency authorities.
In August, the technology helped detect a grass fire near Cloncurry Hospital, in outback Queensland, before any triple zero calls were received.

"People who were driving past on the highway, albeit from a distance, were tweeting about it," Arwen Cross, CSIRO's communications adviser told AAP.

"And that happened before anyone thought to ring the fire brigade.

"It basically meant they could start looking at whether they needed to evacuate the hospital 20 minutes earlier than they would have if they'd been waiting for a phone call."

ESA also detected the fatal train crash at Dandenong South, Melbourne, on November 3.

CSIRO is developing a second social media monitoring tool, called Vizie, which may have far broader political implications.

The software detects and monitors conversation topics - including those which may be politically sensitive - across a range of websites.

One of the lead scientists working on Vizie envisages the software being used by government departments to receive feedback.

But CSIRO admits it also has a political dimension and could be used for public relations purposes.
Vizie differs from traditional media monitoring tools because it allows government departments to respond to users.

The tool could also end up being offered to private companies for brand monitoring.

It's being trialled by the federal government's Department of Human Services, among others, and has also been in development for three years.

It is not yet clear when either tool may be in full service.

Ms Cross says both Vizie and ESA only monitor publicly available conversations.
"When you send out a tweet you know that the world is going to read it," she added.

heraldsun.com.au 22 Nov 2012

Who cares about youth suicide NOT the government

Actions speak louder than words (nee political lies).

Youth suicide is a concern amongst society, where for whatever reasons, being it peer group pressure, family issues, socio-economic woes or any other factors, children see their lives not worth living, take drastic action.

There is one important factor to consider there, that being that this is occurring to the children of the masses and NOT the ruling elite.

Politician’s, law makers, judges, doctors, high profile business people amongst others, do not consider themselves part of society, but rather above everyone else, and most importantly, untouchable by law, when it comes to fraud, crime and corruption. They have considerable wealth gained from ‘Money for mates’ deals, frowning upon the less fortunate.

The corporate media announce approximately one month ago that the government will be committing support to those in need, for the prevention of youth suicide as detailed in the Herald Sun’s article from 25th of October 2012:

Mental health experts on standby for schools hit by suicide as part of Federal Government campaign 

Ref: http://www.heraldsun.com.au/news/victoria/mental-health-experts-on-standby-for-schools-hit-by-suicide-as-part-of-federal-government-campaign/story-e6frf7kx-1226502696526

with the following text:

TEAMS of mental health experts will be on standby for schools hit by student suicide, in a $20 million campaign to be announced by the Federal Government today. 

Youth mental health service headspace has trained multiple suicide support teams, who will work in pairs and be on call for devastated schools across the country.

Barely a month later the government has done a 180 degree turn around and axed the project, as reported by The Age in the article from 21st of November 2012

Youth suicide help gets axe
Ref: http://www.theage.com.au/victoria/youth-suicide-help-gets-axe-20121120-29o64.html

with the following text:

THE Baillieu government will axe an early intervention support program that helps thousands of vulnerable students at risk of suicide, self-harm, drug abuse and offending.

What is important is that politicians save their money for wage raises from $15,000 to $50,000 per annum, with very little care or due diligence to society as a whole, the very society that supports them through the highest taxes in the world.

Another shameful government action showing the general populous that their offspring are truly cannon fodder, and will be treated as such.

21 November 2012

Corrupt authorities promoting drug use in Bali

Through the corporate media, the masses should be aware that in Bali, Indonesia the sale or usage of drugs is illegal. Or is it?

Through very high profile matters that of Schapelle Corby and the Bali 9 the general populous are fully aware that drug ‘smuggling’ is an offence, that if convicted is punishable by incarceration or the death sentence.

Schapelle Corby was arrested at Denpasar Airport in 2004, after marijuana was ‘allegedly’ found in her surf board bag, which made its way through 2 secure airports in Australia, the first one being Brisbane, then Sydney airport. An act that seems at least miraculous if not a clear set up.

The masses are also treated to the facts from the news outlets, that drug use and sale is prevalent in Bali, especially during ‘Schoolies’.

From a current heraldsun article: 

Sex, drugs, cheap beer and ignorance - schoolies completely lose it in Bali 

Mr Phillips said within 24 hours of arriving in Bali he had been approached to purchase drugs on countless occasions.

"It feels like they have tried to sell me mushrooms, cocaine and marijuana about 300 times. But I just shake my head and walk past."

Like a string of students News Limited spoke, Mr Phillips said the highly publicised cases of Schapelle Corby and the 14-year-old "Bali Boy" made them think twice before buying illicit substances.

In Thailand, the sex trade, including the use of underage boys and girls is strictly controlled by the Russian and Chinese mafias, with full knowledge and support of the government. This action brings in a plentiful bounty of tourist cash.

Many high profile Australian business leaders, including high court judges travel to Thailand for sex with underage boys.

Similarly in Bali the drug trade is controlled by authorities, its sale and use is monitored by police.

In Bali it is about the bribes. A setup is made, where drugs are planted on a (researched) tourist, where the whole farce begins.

In 2011, a wealthy American business man’s son, was involved in a planted drugs extortion, where $200,000 was paid in bribes to police and judges. This matter was not reported by the corporate media.

The politics are that the corporate media is careful not to expose Bali’s government and police corruption with respect to the drug trade.

This would be bad for business, or would it?

The children of the cannon fodder will never stop using drugs.

20 November 2012

Myki case to be heard in court after State Government's bid to throw it out fails

A SECRET report into myki is a step closer to being released after a judge agreed to hear the case.

Greens MP Greg Barber is asking the Supreme Court to decide if the State Government is acting legally when it claims a report into the $1.5 billion troubled smart card can be kept secret because it is subject to cabinet privilege.

The Government had wanted to the case thrown out but Justice Karin Emerton today agreed to hear the matter.

Justice Emerton said Mr Barber’s case should be allowed to proceed and the “difficult questions” raised by the Government’s application needed to be fully argued and considered.

“Mr Barber should have a full opportunity to make his case … it is appropriate that these questions be re-visited at trial or on the hearing of a preliminary question,’’ Justice Emerton said in her judgment.

“It is appropriate that these issues be fully ventilated.”

The Deloitte report, which the Government commissioned after taking office and received in February 2011, was instrumental in the decision to keep myki but reduce its scope, including axing short-term tickets.

At the centre of the battle is if the courts have the power to order the government to release documents outside cabinet but considered by cabinet.

Outside court, Mr Barber said the government had to be accountable for myki and cited last week’s Auditor-General report which found a $166 million blow out since Ted Baillieu took over and flagged further blow outs as negotiations with the contractor continued.

"It’s round one Barber,’’ he said.

"Despite the fact that we’ve spent now $1.5182 billion dollars on myki and nearly half a million dollars reviewing it we don’t actually know anything about the current performance of myki or its contractor.

"According to the government it is simply the document they used in deciding to go ahead with myki and in their words to de-risk the contract.

"We now know they de-risked the contract by throwing a whole lot more money at the contractor but we don’t exactly why or how and we don’t know to this day the performance of myki.’’

Mr Barber has previously said the ramifications of the case could go beyond the Deloitte report.

He sought the report through the Legislative Council, which moved a motion requiring it to be tabled.

But Treasurer Kim Wells declined to release the document because it was prepared for Cabinet decision-making.

The report sought by the Legislative Council's order was prepared for the purpose of submission for consideration by a committee of Cabinet, Mr Wells said in a letter.

As such, the Legislative Council does not have the power to require the production of the document.

In an affidavit, filed at the Supreme Court in March, Mr Barber said there were no sessional orders of Parliament setting out a procedure to deal with the Government's refusal.

An order dealing with claims of executive privilege was no longer in force, he said in the affidavit.

The overtime and over budget myki will become the only public transport ticketing system in Melbourne on December 29.

Justice Emerton said Mr Barber’s prospects of success appeared poor based on the limited argument presented to date but she could not be satisfied his case has "no real prospect of success’’ as the government has argued.

She said she would let the two parties decide if the case should proceed to trial or be a hearing of a preliminary question.

heraldsun.com.au 20 Nov 2012

Another coverup of fraud by government, with tax payers funds.

The government is responsible for falsified tenders that gave a favourable result to government cronies.

Tax avoidance, secret hand shakes, the cover up of faulty hardware, and payment from the public's taxes for contractors sitting on their behinds are just some of the  fraud committed.

As per usual with government cover ups, any so called court time will be a farce.

The people involved with this project should not only be publicly shamed, but never to be employed again, but as we all know, this will not be the case.

Department of Human Services child abuse ring

In light of the recent child sex abuse matters that surfaced in the corporate media, there is also one other institution that has been overlooked which is responsible for hundreds of cases of child sex abuse, that being the DHS otherwise known as the Department of Human Services.

Information has recently been obtained with the strict instruction of anonymity, that hundreds of cases of child abuse happened under the watchful  eye of the DHS over the last couple of decades, where staff and foster parents were involved with the abuse of ‘street kids’ and other under privileged children.

Known to the department, convicted child molesters have been given the roles of foster parents in order to gain access to ‘fresh blood’, in which to inflict their sadistic tortures.

The children’s behaviour was then written off, as a result of being a ‘street kid’.

This conspiracy against the vulnerable children involves DHS staff, officers, and judges.

It will be of no surprise that this matter will not only be covered up, and not even make the light of day in the corporate media.