27 June 2015

Anger as number of criminals recruited to NSW Police increases

One in 40 NSW police officers were discovered to have a criminal conviction.
One in 40 NSW police officers were discovered to have a criminal conviction. Photo: Daniel Shaw
NSW Police recruited criminals who had notched up 414 convictions before they entered the force, including 40 cases of stealing, 20 cases of break, enter and steal, more than 100  drink-driving offences, plus fraud and dishonesty.

Figures obtained under freedom of information laws reveal that 595 offences were committed by 437 police officers, or about one in 40 police still on active duty. Of those offences, 70 per cent were committed before they were employed as police officers.
There are well over 100 high range PCAs, there are more high range PCA than low level PCA.
The figures put pressure on Police Commissioner Andrew Scipione, who has said that most convictions by serving officers were for low-range drink-driving and similar offences.

Former police officer Richard McDonald, who obtained the figures, said it was ‘‘just unfathomable you can let police in who have convictions for serious offences, including fraud, break and enter, drug offences and firearms’’.

He said the number of police with convictions had risen almost 250 per cent since 2008, although police numbers had only increased 6 per cent.

Of the 260 drink-driving offences recorded by police, including those by senior officers on the force and those committed pre-employment, 202 were medium or high range.

‘‘NSW Police has been recruiting criminals found guilty of serious offences,’’ Mr McDonald said. ‘‘That’s why the number of offences has gone up. This flies in the face of [Mr Scipione’s] claim that most are low-range drink-driving offences.’’

Mr Scipione has stood by his statement on Saturday that the majority of convictions ‘‘were for a low-range PCA [prescribed concentration of alcohol] or similar offence’’.

‘‘While I’m not happy about that [convictions by police officers], I don’t believe these warrant the end of a police career,’’ he said.

However, of the 260 drink-driving offences, only 58 were low range. Of those, 52 were committed before employment as police officers.

Of the 174 drink-driving offences recorded by officers before they were employed by the police, 118 were for medium or high range.

Of the 35 drink-driving offences by senior constables, 32 were in the medium or high range.  Six serving sergeants committed high or medium drink-driving offences.

Other offences recorded by senior police include five cases of assault occasioning bodily harm, one case of common assault and several convictions for providing false information. Mr Scipione said the recruitment process, which had been strengthened in 2009, involved a range of checks.

On its website, the NSW Police Recruitment branch says it conducts a review of any criminal history information of any potential recruits.

smh.com.au 29 Mar 2014

Nothing is done by accident, when it comes to the 'authorities'.

These 'criminals' are recruited to bully, harass and intimidate the 'law' abiding people on purpose.

It's all part of the Police State agenda.

26 June 2015

Victoria Police Corruption - Guns in the Rafters

Victoria Police is literally a criminal organisation where the slate should be wiped clean, but due to the fact that Australia is run by a corporation conglomerate and not a true 'government' that will never happen.

The 'Guns in the rafters that the corporate media reported on is literally the 'tip of the iceberg' when it comes to the criminal activity of Australia's police 'force'.

Here is the front page of the Herald Sun reporting on this matter:

22 June 2015

Royal commission targets Shorten's ex-wife

Bill Shorten with his then wife Deborah Beale in 2007. 
© Simon Schluter Bill Shorten with his then wife Deborah Beale in 2007. 
 The Abbott government's royal commission into union corruption has trawled through the personal affairs of Bill Shorten's ex-wife as part of its investigation of the Opposition Leader in his former role as head of the Australian Workers Union.

Fairfax Media understands that Deborah Beale, Mr Shorten's first wife and the daughter of a former Liberal MP, has been asked by the royal commission about some of her share dealings when she was married to Mr Shorten.

The targeting of the ex-wife of a national political leader by a $61 million royal commission will add weight to Labor claims that the inquiry is part of a "political witch-hunt"

It comes as one of the elders of the labour movement, Bill Kelty, offered a strong defence of Mr Shorten's record as a unionist.

To date the commission's focus on Mr Shorten - at least publicly - has been limited to industrial and political issues from his time as AWU leader.

Inquiries about Ms Beale's finances take the commission's investigation into the personal realm, a development that has angered senior Labor and union figures who know about it.

Fairfax Media is aware that the probe of Ms Beale's finances has been discussed at senior levels in the labour movement.

Mr Shorten is under intense pressure over his time as leader of the AWU. Over the  past 10 days a Fairfax Media investigation has revealed deals including employers paying union dues and unexplained cash payments to the union, including from the builders of a major Melbourne road project.
Illustration: Matt Golding© Provided by Canberra Times Illustration: Matt Golding 
 Following the Fairfax reports Mr Shorten was called to appear before the royal commission. This week he asked for the hearings to be brought forward to allow him to address the questions raised by the Fairfax stories. His first appearance is now scheduled for July 8.

In response to questions about its interest in Ms Beale, a royal commission spokesman said all of the commission's inquiries "relate to matters within its terms of reference".

"However, the commission does not comment on whether or not specific lines of inquiry are being pursued."

Ms Beale comes from a wealthy Liberal family. Her father, Julian, was a federal parliamentarian for 12 years until 1996.

He was close to the late billionaire and cardboard tycoon Richard Pratt, an AWU employer and friend of Mr Shorten. The then AWU leader used Mr Pratt's private jet to travel to represent workers after the 2006 Beaconsfield mine disaster in Tasmania.

Mr Shorten and Ms Beale met while studying for their MBAs.They separated in 2008, after which Mr Shorten married Chloe Bryce, the daughter of former governor-general, Quentin Bryce.

The royal commission has also investigated close friends and associates of Mr Shorten, including his successor at the Australian Workers Union, Cesar Melhem.

The Fairfax Media reports revealed the AWU received $38,228 from builder Winslow Constructors in 2005 for the union dues of 105 workers while Mr Shorten ran the union. Another report detailed nearly $300,000 being paid to the AWU from Thiess John Holland, the joint-venture builder of the $2.5 billion EastLink tollway in Melbourne's east.

The workplace deal struck by Mr Shorten saved the builder as much as $100 million under an agreement allowing the builder to effectively work around the clock and by cutting conditions around rostering, weekend work and working in hot and wet conditions.

Fairfax Media understands that Thiess John Holland at the time regarded the payments to the union as an acknowledgment of the flexibility of the deal.

Neither John Holland nor the owners of Thiess have commented on what the payments were for. Nor has the current AWU Victorian branch.

On Friday former ACTU secretary Bill Kelty offered a strong defence of Mr Shorten and the deal.

"This was the 1990s, the 2000s, the country needed a dramatic increase in productivity and the way people were remunerated ... Bill was a union worker who was brave and negotiated a lot of agreements and underpinning them was a need to increase productivity and real earnings," he said.

"The test is did he do the right thing by the union, and what the union stands for, their members. I like him and I don't apologise for liking him."

Mr Kelty added that Mr Shorten had to expect scrutiny of his record as a unionist. "If Bill Shorten wants to be prime minister of this country, he should not quibble about a major newspaper being prepared to look at what he did when he was secretary of the AWU."

While some of Mr Shorten's federal parliamentary colleagues have offered robust support of their leader, senior union officials contacted by Fairfax Media have failed to offer public support.
Privately, many have condemned the idea of unions taking payments from employers after trading away conditions

Canberra Times 22 June 2015

Bill Shorten another criminal in office, responsible for defrauding the taxpayer, BUT as usual the 'brethren' step in and NOTHING will happen.
Forget about 'tax dodgers' or 'dole bludgers' MP's are Australia's bugbear?

Magna Carta, the Great Charter - Clause 61 Lawfull Rebellion

On the 15th of June 2015, was the 800th anniversary of a document called the Magna Carta Libertatum (the Great Charter of Liberties), which was from a transition period from laws of the forest to some sort of structure in law.

(See illustration below from Wikipedia - Source: British Library)

Many lay people, serfs or plebs may not have ever heard of this document, and rightly so, not because it's 800 years old, but it's part of a process of opening people's eyes to the injustices and crimes that 'authorities' commit against the common folk.

Modern technology has also allowed information to travel literally at lightning speed, allowing people from all walks of life, including the lay, serfs and plebs, paedophile judges, corrupt criminals masquerading as MP's to communicate via something called the 'internet'.

While there is common saying "knowledge is power", another saying "a little knowledge is a dangerous thing" definitely holds merit.

On this thing called the 'internet' there has been a bit of 'white noise' in regards to this document of 1215.

In particular to Chapter/Clause 61 regarding something called a "Lawful Rebellion"

So the sheep (in Australia and the U.K) have obtained a bit of knowledge on this document they 'discovered' and wish to apply this against the corrupt(?) Monarchy of today.

"Yeah.... It's our RIGHT to rebel against the oppressive authorities" or
" I served a document on Her Majesty the Queen",
or whatever else the commoners are saying.

But how many have actually read the document?

How many know the true meaning of the context of the words?

The following text is (one version) on Clause 61:

Since for God, for the improvement of our kingdom, and to better allay the discord arisen between us and our barons, we have granted all these concessions, and wishing that the concessions be enjoyed in their entirety with firm endurance (for ever), we give and grant to the barons the following security:

Namely, that the barons choose any twenty-five barons of the kingdom[1] they wish, who must with all their might observe and hold, and cause to be observed, the peace and liberties we have granted and confirmed to them by this our present Charter. Then, if we, our chief justiciar, our bailiffs or any of our officials, offend in any respect against any man, or break any of the articles of the peace or of this security, and the offence is notified to four of the said twenty-five barons, the four shall come to us—or to our chief justicicar if we are absent from the kingdom—to declare the transgression and petition that we make amends without delay. 

And if we, or in our absence abroad the chief justice, have not corrected the transgression within forty days, reckoned from the day on which the offence was declared to us (or to the chief justice if we are out of the realm), the four barons mentioned before shall refer the matter to the rest of the twenty-five barons. Together with the community of the whole land, they shall then distrain and distress us in every way possible, namely by seizing castles, lands, possessions and in any other they can (saving only our own person and those of the queen and our children), until redress has been obtain in their opinion. And when amends have been made, they shall obey us as before.

Whoever in the country wants to, may take an oath to obey the orders of the twenty-five barons for the execution of all the previously mentioned matters and, with the barons, to distress us to the utmost of his power. We publicly and freely give permission to every one who wishes to take this oath, and we shall never forbid any one from taking it. Indeed, all those in the land who are unwilling to this oath, we shall by our command compel them to swear to it.

If any one of the twenty-five barons dies or leaves the country, or is in any other manner incapacitated so the previously mentioned provisions cannot be undertaken, the remaining barons of the twenty-five shall choose another in his place as they think fit, who shall be duly sworn in like the rest. 

If there is any disagreement amongst the twenty-five barons on any matter presented to them, or if some of them are unwilling or unable to be present, what the majority of those present ordain or command shall be held as fixed and established, exactly as if all twenty-five had consented in this.
The said twenty-five barons shall swear to faithfully observe all the aforesaid articles and will do all they can to ensure that the articles are observed by others. 

And we shall procure nothing from any one, either personally or indirectly, whereby any part of these concessions and liberties might be revoked or diminished; and if any such thing has been procured, let it be void and null, and we shall never make use of it ourselves or through someone else. 

So for all those Aussies and their British counterparts who wish to start a lawful rebellion, BEST you jump on your horse and find a Baron or 25, that's provided you're a "Freeman on The Land".

There just may be 8 freemen in Australia, and then there's the hurdle of the 'Barons' and no it's not the one who is in a red plane waging war.

Anyone who serves a notice on the Queen for a 'Lawful Rebellion', deserves a public flogging, to be recorded and broadcast on this thingi called the 'interwebs', maybe 'youtubes' will be the place to put it on, 'cause the plebs love their youtubes.

21 June 2015

How much water should you actually drink?

How can you tell if you’re drinking enough water?
How can you tell if you’re drinking enough water? Source: ThinkStock
WE’VE all heard that drinking eight glasses of water a day is the target, but is that enough? Could it be too much? And does it have to be water or do other fluids count? 

Water is the most vital component of your body and every single cell depends on it. We need water to help eliminate wastes and toxins, carry nutrients and oxygen to cells, help act as a cushion for your nervous system, keep joints lubricated, regulate our body temperature and, most importantly, keep body cells hydrated.

Yet the question still remains. How much water should you drink each day?

You actually have to drink the water. Idiot.You actually have to drink the water. Idiot. Source: ThinkStock
Not getting enough

Many of us are walking around in a constant state of dehydration, totally unaware of the health risk it poses. When you’re not getting enough water, you’ll be sluggish, lethargic, and most likely mistake thirst for hunger.

Dehydration (when water loss exceeds intake) can strike in virtually every scenario that involves physical activity. It doesn’t have to be hot and you don’t have to see visible perspiration. You can become dehydrated swimming laps or skiing on a cold day.

Other than making us feel thirsty, common signs of dehydration include dry mouth, flushed skin, headaches, dizziness, constipation, fatigue or muscle cramps. If not treated correctly, severe dehydration can lead to mental delusion or unconsciousness and will require medical attention.

Who needs more?

Circumstances that increase water requirements include dehydrating environments (air-conditioned offices and aeroplane cabins), hot and dry weather, illnesses (vomiting or diarrhoea) and pregnancy and lactation.

High protein diets tend to cause an increased water loss through urine. Likewise, increasing your fibre intake (which most Australians could benefit from) will require more fluids because fibre absorbs water.

This girl knows how it’s done.
This girl knows how it’s done. Source: ThinkStock
Water intoxication

You can drink too much water, but it’s rare. The most common effect of too much water in a short period of time is a condition called hyponatremia (a drop in sodium levels in the blood). Symptoms include headaches, blurred vision, cramps, swelling of the brain, coma and in extreme cases, death.

How much should you drink each day? 

Common wisdom recommends adults drink 2.1-2.6 litres (8-10 cups) daily, but most experts agree it’s not possible to specify a quantity that is suitable for everyone.

Why? How much water you need depends on how rapidly you are losing it from your body, and this is influenced by many factors including your health status, climate, how active you are, your age and what food and beverages you consume.

In normal environmental conditions, the turnover of water (via breathing, sweating, bowel and urine movements) in most adults is approximately 4 per cent of total body weight. This is equivalent to 2.5 — 3 litres a day in a 70kg adult. The food we consume contributes approximately 20 per cent (about 700-800 ml) of total water intake. So if you drink 2 litres of water each day, along with your normal diet, you typically replace the lost fluid.

Beyond the tap

You don’t need to rely solely on what you drink to satisfy all your fluid needs. What you eat counts, too. For example, many fruits and vegetables, like watermelon and spinach, are 90 per cent or more water by weight. Just another reason to chow down the recommended 5 + 2 serves of veg and fruit every day.

Water, is by far the best thirst quencher, without getting the added sugar and kilojoules found in sweetened drinks, like fruit juices, soft drinks, sports drinks and flavoured mineral waters. Water is also cheap (or free), the fluoride added to it prevents dental problems and it’s good for the waistline.

So how do you know if you are drinking enough water? As far as avoiding dehydration, the proof is in the pee. You will be on the right track if your urine is clear or pale. If it’s darker, keep on drinking!

news.com.au 20 Jun 2015

See other articles:

Studies linking fluoride in water to health issues prompt Australian review

Bolivian herder Carmelo Flores Laura is 123 years old, making him the oldest person ever

If a company tells you to consume a toxic product, would you trust this company for more advice?

If people have confirmed medical reports that fluoride is toxic for human consumption would you want this additive to be in your drinking water?

The Murdoch news media wants you the plebs to consumer more toxic fluoridated water, under the pretext that it is good for your teeth, and appealing to everyone's vanity(?), good for the waistline.

The success to longevity could be attributed, by the lifestyle as led by one man in Bolivia in the article mentioned above.

What's more important, news on Austerity or Why I hate my cat?

The corporate media is a 'funny' machine.

It can propagate inaccurate, false or deliberately misleading information or even distract the plebs from the real issues of society, or even not report on a significant event that has occurred.

Not that anyone would be accusing the (teflon) Murdoch Media empire of anything, as even a phone hacking scandal cannot stick, and besides it would be called a 'conspiracy theory' and no doubt that could be illegal soon on the 'updated' prison isle of Alcatraz, called Australia.

The fraud and corruption of people in government, and the corporation conglomerate in Australia commonly referred to as the 'government' is defrauding people billions of dollars annually, sending them further into the debt slave system.

In order to keep the plebs distracted or controlled various methods are employed by the 'authorities', which could include but are not limited to: sport, religion, false flag events that create tension within the community, so called 'reality' television shows which are 'rigged' just to name a few examples.

On the front page of the mobile version of a Rupert Murdoch owned news site, news.com.au under the 'world' label a few stories appear which include, car rampage in Europe, parachutist saving teammate's life, an MP to air Mohammed cartoons and even Tiger Woods' hilarious blooper.

What the ABC (Australian Broadcasting Corporation) mobile news website reported on their front page was protest by approx 250,000 people against austerity in London with zero arrests.

It is not any different in Australia.

The corrupt Australian government, i.e. people in politics, MP's, law makers, etc are defrauding the masses on a huge scale, but when will the Australian sheep wake up?

At least 250,000 (or whatever the real figure is) people in the U.K. are awake AND prepared to put "their money where their mouth is"!

Read article in full below:

#EndAusterityNow: Tens of thousands march against austerity measures in London

Tens of thousands of demonstrators have staged an anti-austerity march in London in the first major public protest since Conservative prime minister David Cameron was re-elected.

Opposition politicians, trade union bosses and celebrities, including singer Charlotte Church and comedian Russell Brand, were among the crowds marching through the capital's financial district.

The End Austerity Now demonstration — billed by organisers as the biggest in years — was to finish outside the Houses of Parliament, while a similar march took place in Glasgow.

Organisers claimed as many as 250,000 people had joined the march.

While police would not put a figure on attendance, they said there had been no arrests and no violence, although a series of flares were let off.

Protesters called for the halting and reversal of spending cuts imposed by the previous coalition government and further measures proposed by finance minister George Osborne.

"We have seen a huge impact on our work at primary school," said Sian Bloor, 45, a teacher from Trafford near Manchester.

"I regularly bring clothes and shoes for children and biscuits for their breakfast just so they get something to eat.

"You can see how children are being affected by the cuts."

Green Party leader Sharar Ali said the turnout was "fantastic".

"We're showing solidarity with all the groups, political organisations or those with no political affiliation to say loud and clear, enough is enough," Mr Ali said.

"This government has been implementing programs and policies which have made the poor poorest whilst making the rich richest."

Placard-waving protesters marched from the Bank of England and filed past the nearby Royal Exchange, as the sound of drummers filled the air, creating a festival atmosphere.

A wide variety of campaigners were at the rally, including those opposed to the Trident nuclear program, hunting, tuition fees, fracking, along with various trade unions.

"It will be the start of a campaign of protest, strikes, direct action and civil disobedience up and down the country," said Sam Fairbairn of organisers the People's Assembly.

"We will not rest until austerity is history, our services are back in public hands and the needs of the majority are put first."

Cameron to push ahead for plans of 'brighter future'

Mr Cameron clinched an unexpected election victory on May 7 that gave his centre-right Conservative Party an outright majority in parliament for the first time in nearly 20 years.

The victory was widely seen as an endorsement of the Conservatives' austerity program and was likely to see a continuation of cuts to public spending as they seek to curb a budget deficit of nearly £90 billion ($184 billion).

The Conservatives had already implemented swingeing cutbacks in public services and welfare spending during the previous coalition administration with the centrist Liberal Democrats.

Organisers of the protests were seeking to highlight the impact of previous cutbacks on public services, the state-run National Health Service (NHS), welfare and education.

They also warned over the effects of new austerity measures that Mr Osborne was expected to unveil in a new budget on July 8.

The coalition's austerity policies included around £20 billion of cuts to welfare, which would be reduced by another £12 billion over the next five years.

As the march took place, Mr Cameron vowed "not to waste a second in delivering our manifesto commitments" on his Facebook page.

"We will keep working through our plan to create more security and opportunity in our country - and, with your help, we can secure a brighter future for everyone in Britain," he wrote.


abc.net.au 21 Jun 2015