30 December 2013



Victoria Police Code of Ethics: “I uphold the right in my role within the Victoria Police Force by acting impartially, with integrity and by providing service excellence to everyone.”

Every police officer is required to swear an oath or make an affirmation to serve the Crown (Queen), uphold the Constitution and the rights of the people. Remind them of the fact of their oath.

You could also state Victoria Police has a legal contract and is in service of the multi-national weapons manufacturer, Lockheed Martin. This is an unconscionable conflict of interest for Victoria Police and the State to be involved in corporate profiteering with a multi-national weapons manufacturer. Ask the police officer if it’s ethical and a conflict of interest for him to represent the corporations registered as VICTORIA POLICE, the STATE OF VICTORIA and LOCKHEED MARTIN, and also the people of Victoria he has sworn an oath to serve and protect. If he or she says it’s not a conflict of interest ask them to explain why it’s not a conflict of interest and for factual proof of their assertion.

Responding to Police Questioning

  • 1. It is in your best interest to NEVER admit or confess to anything the police may allege or accuse you of. Challenge, question, dispute and disagree with any accusation, allegation, assumption or claim made against you. At law you are “presumed innocent until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt” in a court of competent jurisdiction!

  • 2. Always maintain a calm, respectful and polite attitude at all times. Control your emotions. Never become angry, abusive, sarcastic and threatening because it may give a police officer a reasonable ground and valid cause of action to arrest you. Always remain honourable, confident, positive, and maintain eye contact. Be aware of your body language.

  • 3. Always be aware at all times what you say and do as the police officer may be audio recording the conversation, and will likely be taking notes to use as possible evidence against you in court if they decide to charge and summon you.

  • 4. Police are trained to use ACCUSATIONS, ALLEGATIONS, and ASSUMPTIONS to test, interrogate, intimidate and deceive a person if necessary to either determine the truth or gather evidence. A police officer is only legally permitted to make an accusation or allegation that you have committed some type of criminal offence, and then must either decide to set you free or charge and summon you to a court for a hearing or trial. However they have no jurisdiction to act as a judicial authority, i.e. magistrate or judge. The police must operate according to the legal principle and right of “every suspect is presumed innocent until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt” in a court of competent jurisdiction.

  • 5. The people’s political and civil rights are established in law, precedent and codified in the Magna Charta 1215, Habeus Corpus Act, Bill of Rights 1688 incorporated within the Imperial Acts Application Act 1922 and 1980, The Crimes Act 1958 (VIC), Sect. 51(24) of the Federal Australian Constitution, and Bible codified Common law.

  • 6. Think before you speak and choose your words carefully! Only answer the question being asked if you believe it is a fair and reasonable question. Do not offer or volunteer any more information than asked for or absolutely necessary. The less said the better so say as little as possible. Remember - anything you say can and will be used against you as evidence, and the police may be audio recording the conversation and/or taking notes!
© Jim Stefanovski. Revised October 2009 1 o f 3

  • 7. Stand your ground! If police accuse or allege anything deny it. Their accusations are only allegations. If a police officer makes an allegation or assumption refute it by saying: “I dispute / disagree / negate / oppose your accusation / allegation / assumption / opinion.”

  • 8. You can follow this negation with a relevant question that places the burden of proof on them: “What facts are there proving your allegation, assumption etc. that I have committed an offence?” or “Who is the injured human-being in this alleged offence?” or “What property have I caused damaged to?”

  • 9. You can also say “I do not wish to comment at this time until I have obtained legal advice.” You do have the right to remain silent. It is a primary defensive natural law, common law and human right and freedom.

Giving Personal Details

The Crimes Act 1958 (Sect. 456AA), states that you can be required to give the police ONLY your name and address, but NOT your date of birth, age, type of work or anything else. 

Pursuant to this Act you may give your address as your residential or work address. Any other personal and private information demanded is irrelevant and none of their business.

Consent & Jurisdiction

The principles of consent and jurisdiction are very important within a legal perspective. The police cannot lawfully touch you or threaten to touch you for the purpose of arrest without your informed consent. Neither are they lawfully entitled to search your body or enter your property, including your vehicle, without your consent or a valid court warrant. Otherwise you can make a criminal complaint and/or a civil claim for damages against an individual police officer for relevant criminal offences under the Crimes Act 1958 (VIC) or Criminal Code Act 1995 (Commonwealth) or Crimes Act 1914 (Commonwealth) including:

1. Assault.
2. Assault and battery.
3. Trespass.
4. Intimidation.
5. Harassment.
6. Threats with menace.
7. Misconduct in a public office.
8. False/unlawful arrest.
9. Deprivation of liberty.
10. False/unlawful imprisonment.
11. Enslavement
12. Coercion.
13. Armed kidnapping (based on false/unlawful arrest whilst in the possession of a firearm).
14. Violation of a political, civil or human right and liberty.
15. Denial of natural justice and abuse of rights.

9.4 Fines

The issuing of a fine is an assumption of guilt. No police officer and/or government authority/department/agency/body has any constitutional authority or power to impose fines. Only the judicature pursuant to section 71 of the federal constitution, and the Imperial Acts Application Act 1922 & 1980 may impose a fine.

© Jim Stefanovski. Revised October 2009 2 o f 3

Second any fine imposed by a court MUST be done only after a natural person is “found guilty beyond a reasonable doubt" and convicted of an actual offence, AND the fine must be accompanied by a valid COURT ORDER with a PUBLIC SEAL of the court, under section 78 of the Evidence Act 1958, AND a supporting Affidavit.

Whenever a police officer and/or government/  authority/ department/ agency/body issues a fine and demands payment without FACTUAL PROOF of an actual offence against the LIFE, LIBERTY or PROPERTY of a human-being, they are actually committing EXTORTION, FRAUD and COERCION.

Also as the police officer is representing a State registered as a corporation, the State is an ARTIFICIAL PERSON/ENTITY that cannot be injured or harmed, and therefore has NO STANDING to fine or make a claim or complaint against anyone! Only a living flesh and blood human-being has the right and standing to make a charge, claim or complaint against another living man and woman - NOT ARTIFICIAL DEAD ENTITIES!

The same principles apply to speeding fines but that does not mean a man or woman can drive a motor vehicle irresponsibly. Every driver has a DUTY OF CARE obligation to not cause injury, harm, damage or loss to another natural person and their property through negligence, recklessness or omission to take care. It can be argued that a man or woman in control of a motor vehicle may justify travelling over the posted speed limit by a certain number of kilometres per hour - usually no more than 10% - before it might be reasoned that the speed is excessive and unreasonable.


It is in your best interest and strongly advised that whenever you are interacting with police or any government authority, use an audio recording device for the purpose of gathering evidence for self defence against any charges, allegations, claims or complaints that may be made against you in future. You have a primary natural law, common law and human right to record your own voice in any matter pertaining to your personal affairs, and it will keep the police and/or government authority wary and respectful of your rights.

29 December 2013

This story has been removed

THIS story has been removed 

A former NSW doctor has successfully appealed his jail sentence for mutilating a woman's genitals.

THIS story has been removed 

news.com.au Dec 29 2013

Why was this article removed by ninemsn? 

Could one call it a conspiracy?
Definitely not, as this story has already been mentioned under the title:

Butcher of Bega Graeme Reeves released on parole and avoids dozens of charges


What is NOT a 'conspiracy theory' is the corrupt judges and doctors from the 'brotherhood' that work hand in hand executing a policy detrimental to the general populous.

Doctors cannot be sued, and are generally 'above the law', as they are registered 'corporate entities' and have the full support of the 'system' behind them, as well as their colleagues.

27 December 2013

Geelong footballer Billie Smedts apologises over driving selfie

Billie Smedts' picture of himself has angered the TAc and police. He says the photo was staged. Source: Supplied
GEELONG footballer Billie Smedts has put the Cats' future relationship with the Transport Accident Commission in doubt after using an extendible arm to take a picture of himself driving home for Christmas. 

The half-forward's ``selfie'' photo was posted it to his 10,000 followers on social media site Instagram on Monday.

Smedts fixed his camera to a pole and took the photo of himself while behind the wheel, posting the message "Driving back to warrnambool for Christmas!!! #goproselfie".

With both hands occupied, the photo appears to show him steering his dark utility with his knees.

However, the Geelong Football Club this afternoon said the photo was "staged".

Police said staged or not the image sent the wrong message.

Geelong's top road policing cop, Senior Sergeant Shane Coles said careless driving was a "recipe for disaster".

"If a kangaroo were to jump out in front of his car he'd have gotten a nice photo of himself being killed," he said.

Sen Sgt Coles said there was no way a motorist could have total control of their vehicle while driving with one arm out the window.

"(Billie) is in a position where people idolise him and if they see this they'll think it's the norm and it's not, it's the complete opposite message of what we're trying to get out there.

He said this type of behaviour ``with someone driving with a bloody camera hanging out the window'' breaching laws with possible charges including careless or dangerous driving.

HOT WATER: Billie Smedts has caused a stir with his ill-considered `...
HOT WATER: Billie Smedts has caused a stir with his ill-considered `selfie’. Source: News Limited
The 21-year-old Smedts has since taken the photo off the media site, perhaps prompted by a message that read "Hmmm. Seriously hope the cops or footy club don't see this". "TAC would not be too happy. A cousinly tip - take it down."

The TAC has confirmed it has already spoken with the Geelong Cats about the incident, flagging that a doubt had been cast over future arrangements with the club.

The TAC's chief executive officer Janet Dore said she was astounded by the photograph.

"It's extremely disappointing to see this dangerous behaviour from someone who should be a role model in our community. This is just unacceptable when there have already been so many tragic crashes this month in the lead up to Christmas," Ms Dore said.

"Now, more than ever, everyone needs to be safe on our roads as we celebrate this special time of year.

"Penalties for mobile phone use have gone up recently to $433 and four demerit points and this type of behaviour just reinforces why there has been an increase in the penalties."

Ms Dore said the Geelong Cats had done great work in the community, including taking the time to meet many people injured in car accidents.

Police have also been in contact with the Geelong Football Club and would like an apology from Smedts.

The Geelong Football club said Smedts had assured staff that the photo was in fact staged, and was his vehicle stationary while the image was taken.

Smedts has since apologised for the stunt.

"I understand that in taking and posting this image that it sends a poor and irresponsible message and I'm sorry for causing that," Smedts said.

"Road safety is something that is critical and should be taken seriously at all times.

But Victoria Police Superintendent Neville Taylor, head of Road Policing Operations, said it was inconsequential whether or not the car was in motion when the picture was taken.

TAC boss Janet Dore said she was astounded by the photo.
TAC boss Janet Dore said she was astounded by the photo. Source: News Limited
"It doesn't matter really whether the car was moving or not, the message clearly in the photo is this is a person driving a car with a phone stuck out the window taking a selfie," he said.

``That is just absolutely stupid behaviour, it gives the wrong message, it's the kind of behaviour that can cost lives on the roads."

Cats chief executive officer Brian Cook acknowledged that the image has caused consternation.

"We take road safety seriously and like many others are disappointed that this image was taken and posted," Cook said.

"We will continue to educate our players and staff on the importance of road safety.

"We will further discuss this matter, however it will not be concluded until our player leadership group and playing list returns in early January."

The TAC does not currently have a sponsorship deal with the Geelong Football Club, which it has supported since the 2006 season.

In 2013, the TAC had an advertising package deal with the Cats worth about $220,000.

Smedts has attracted headlines in 2013, not always for the right reasons.

In April, he and recruit Josh Caddy had a run-in with the law when they donned balaclavas and, in a misguided prank, broke into a house, wrongly believing it was the home of teammate Jackson Thurlow.

heraldsun.com.au 24 Dec 2013

While footballers are not genrally known for their Nobel prize winning Intelligent Quotient levels, could this whole scenario be blown out of proportion by the powers at large?

What is [worse?] than the ball throwers antics is the fact that the club that he belongs to provided false information.

The Geelong football club stated that allegedly he, Billie, assured that the photo was staged, when in reality it was NOT staged.

10,000 of the herd follow this moron on Instagram, maybe indicating he is a living legend?

McDonalds shuts down McResource Line employee website that warned about dangers of fast food

MCDONALD'S has shut down a website that warned employees about the dangers of eating fast food and advised them to return gifts if they needed cash. 
It was the latest in a series of gaffes involving the site, including a series of budget tips
Visitors to McResource Line no longer find any advice, just this message: "We are temporarily performing some maintenance in order to provide you with the best experience possible. Please excuse us while these upgrades are being made."

McDonald's, in a statement posted on its website, confirmed it had axed the McResource Line website, although some of the information is still available through a telephone hotline.

"A combination of factors has led us to re-evaluate and we've directed the vendor to take down the website. Between links to irrelevant or outdated information, along with outside groups taking elements out of context, this created unwarranted scrutiny and inappropriate commentary. None of this helps our McDonald's team members."

It appears the suggestion that its own food was not good for its employees was the final nail in the coffin.

"Fast foods are quick, reasonably priced, and readily available alternatives to home cooking. While convenient and economical for a busy lifestyle, fast foods are typically high in calories, fat, saturated fat, sugar, and salt and may put people at risk for becoming overweight," read one post, which included a picture of a hamburger and fries - staples of the fast food chain.

McDonald's fast food hamburger
McDonald's has advised its employees online to be cautious about fast food's high fat, salt, and sugar levels. Picture: Luke Marsden
Another post labelled a meal with a cheeseburger and fries as an "unhealthy choice". A separate post writes, "it is hard to eat a healthy diet when you eat at fast-food restaurants often,” adding a warning about portion sizes.

The site also carried advice about not eating too many fries.

"In general, people with high blood pressure, diabetes, and heart disease must be very careful about choosing fast food because of its high fat, salt, and sugar levels," the post said, adding that items from fast-food places are "almost always high" in calories, fat, sugar and salt.

Last month, the company offered advice to its workers - many of whom earn minimum wage - about tipping. The list included suitable gratuities for au pairs, personal fitness trainers and pool cleaners, and was later removed from the site. It also offers the cheerless suggestion of returning unopened items after Christmas, to save money.

Other McBudget tips included:

SING AWAY STRESS: Singing along to your favourite songs can lower your blood pressure

BREAK IT UP: Breaking food into pieces often results in eating less and still feeling full

CUT OUT DEBT: You may also want to consider returning some of your unopened purchases that may not seem appealing as they did. Selling some of your unwanted possessions on eBay or Craiglist could bring in some quick cash

QUIT COMPLAINING: Stress hormone levels rise by 15 per cent after ten minutes of complaining
PACK YOUR BAGS: At least two vacations a year can cut heart attack risk by 50 per cent

dailytelegraph.com.au 27 Dec 2103

Quite simply put McDonald's junk 'food' is for junk people.

Nothing healthy, nutritional or good about it whatsoever.

Carcinogenic junk for cannon fodder. 

26 December 2013

Kmart reveals its third-world sources

KMART has sought to lift the lid on its third-world supply chain by becoming the first Australian retailer to publish a list of factories it uses in Bangladesh. 
The discount department store chain will post the addresses of its Bangladeshi suppliers on its website from today, BusinessDaily can reveal.

It plans to announce the locations of Indian factories early next year and its Chinese suppliers later in 2014.
Kmart believes it is the only retailer in Australia and one of only a handful globally to publish the information. Managing director Guy Russo said transparency was crucial.

The move comes eight months after more than 1100 people died and 2500 were injured in the collapse of a nine-storey, illegally built workshop in Dhaka, Bangladesh, that was making clothing for the US and Europe.
No Kmart products came from the workshop, but the retailer later pulled orders from other Dhaka factories after deciding they were unsafe.

"Doing things the right way is really important to us," Mr Russo told BusinessDaily.

"Retailers worry doing something like this will hurt them competitively, but when you weigh up what's right against worrying about competition, this is what's right."

Kmart does not own any factories, but has contracts with more than 1500 factories that also supply other retailers around the world.

In addition to publishing factory locations, Kmart has drawn up a new ethical sourcing code that all its suppliers must adhere to.

It addresses issues including child labour, wages and working hours.

Mr Russo said hundreds of regular audits were carried out and Kmart had offered longer contracts to suppliers to give them security and an incentive to improve standards.

"The message we got from everyone in Bangladesh was not to leave, because employment is providing a way out of poverty," Mr Russo said.

"The factory owners we do business with are as passionate as we are about creating safe workplaces."
Kmart and fellow Australian retailers Target and Woolworths are also signatories to the independent Bangladesh Accord which is a legally-binding agreement to maintain standards at factories.

More than 100 businesses globally have signed the accord, but many Australian retailers have yet to make the commitment.

heraldsun.com.au  17 Dec 2013

The joy of 'slavery' brings the true spirit of a (Corporate) Christmas to the multinationals.

The true (Corporate) spirit of Christmas

In Australia, there is an enormous emphasis on the purchase of goods during a period commonly known as Christmas, and the follow up, which has been introduced by the English empire commonly known as Boxing Day, where employers (and industrialists) would box up presents for their employees.

There may be different variations to the birth of 'Santa Claus' a Coca Cola invention, to St. Nicolaos of Greece, and the variations in between, but there can be no denying that in this commercial age, it is all about the economy of 'consumerism'.

It's all about how Australians will spend $2,900,000,000 in 'bargains' on 'Boxing Day' 2013 in purchasing overpriced 'junk'.

Christianity is an 'Abrahamic' regligion given to the masses by Israeli scholars, which has no factual proof of the existance of one 'God' as claimed.

Islam another 'Abrahamic' religion, in certain circles it has been mentioned that an Israeli by the name of Lothar Schmalfus wrote under the pseudonym 'Mohammed', has a massive global following.

Whatever the real truths of the Abrahamic religions, one fact still cannot be wipped from the history books is that there was a time where polytheism reigned supreme, and the scholars of the day went on a crusade to promote (forced) the 'idea' (no factual basis) that one 'god' exists as depicted in the Abrahamic religions.

What went unoticed is that in Australia, the summer solstice went by quietly on the 22nd of December.

The periods known as Christmas and Easter are actually pagan celebrations of the seasons for sowing seeds.

Knowledge is power and education is just one factor in achieving 'success', something that the Australian education system (deliberately) fails to deliver to the children of the cannon fodder.

Who needs educated children to stop cannon balls???

P.S. - Coca Cola IS a carcinogenic drink, which is detrimental for human consumption, despite this fact is one of the more successful global trademarks.

The Australian government sells water at $1.40 per million litres, where the public pays approximately $0.90 per 1000 litres from the domestic tap, or approimately 642 times more than Coca Cola's price for the same water.

25 December 2013

Ringwood solicitor Graeme Steart in court but not registered

A LAWYER who has represented people charged with theft and making threats to kill is not licensed to appear in court. 
Ringwood solicitor Graeme Steart is not registered as a legal practitioner and does not hold a current practising certificate, despite being regularly seen representing clients at the Frankston Magistrates' Court.

All licensed lawyers are listed on the Legal Services Board Register of Legal Practitioners and Law Practices.

Mr Steart and his firm, FW Robson & Co, which he runs form his Ringwood home, has not been listed on the register since at least September this year.

Mr Steart has represented at least two clients while not being registered with legal authorities.
But when the Herald Sun contacted him on Thursday, Mr Steart said he thought he was registered.
"That is news to me,'' he said.

"I will have to check and get back to you."

Mr Steart has not returned the Herald Sun's calls since.

Legal Services Commissioner Michael McGarvie confirmed Mr Steart was not registered but said he could not comment any further on individual cases.

"It is the responsibility for every one of Victoria's legal practitioners to ensure that they have a current practising certificate and that they reapply for one every year,'' Mr McGarvie said.

"If they do not do this, they are committing a crime."

The maximum penalty for those masquerading as a lawyer is two years' jail for each offence.

Mr McGarvie said an unlicensed representative must make an application to the magistrate or judge if he wished to appear for someone else.

But Mr Steart made no application when he represented a man charged with making a threat to kill and firearms offences at the Frankston Magistrates' Court on December 4.

Mr Steart's client did not answer bail and magistrate Paul Smith issued a warrant for arrest.

Prosecutors and court staff said Mr Steart was a regular at Frankston Magistrates' Court and even wished security staff a "Merry Christmas" as he left the building on December 4.

An online ad for FW Robson & Co Solicitors said the firm accepted publicly funded legal aid.

"If you are due to appear in court then you need us - Graeme Steart appears personally in courts in all jurisdictions so you will not incur additional costs for barristers to appear and you will be represented by someone you know and trust,'' it says.

It is not clear when Mr Steart first became unregistered but there is no public record of him being struck off by authorities.

Lawyers can allow their registration to lapse or not apply to renew it.

In 1999, the Victorian Legal Professional Tribunal reprimanded Mr Steart and ordered him to pay $600 costs after he failed to retain a record of a cash payment made by a client.

news.com.au  25 Dec 2013

What the general populous are tragically unaware is that Australia's 'legal system' is actually a farce.


What the corporate media is NOT reporting:

  • The so called 'law courts' of Australia are NOT courts of law, but rather ALL are registered businesses i.e. place of business / commerce and trade, and NOT law.

For the record anyone can represent themselves in court if they wish, therefore do not need any 'license' to do so.

  • When hiring a 'real' lawyer, the public is (deliberately) NOT made aware that the lawyer makes and oath first and foremost to the Court, then their Colleagues and lastly to the Client (internally called the 3 C's), therefore ANY repsresentation before a judge may not be to the benefit of the 'client'.

  • Australia's judges / magistrates DO NOT have ANY authority over you as a human being.

Another lie spread by the corporate media?

New money for Australia in two years time

Is Australia's current currency legal tender?

Does the current plastic money hold ANY value?

Is the government aware that the people are catching on that there may be an enormous fraud that might make its way to the high courts?

What does a change in company name really mean, for example when you have debts?

What does a change of curreny really mean?

Australia will be recieving new currency in the next two years.

Here are some explanations regards to 'our' money.

“Australian Money”
is not Legal Tender Currency “of the Commonwealth”

There have been no laws enacted since 4th December 1972 by “The Parliament of the Commonwealth of Australia”, i.e. the Legislature as constituted under the “Crown” of the United Kingdom under the Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act from 1st January 1901, inter alia with the Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act 1900 (UK) [63 & 64 Vict.] [Ch. 12].

The Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act from 1st January 1901, inter alia with the Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act 1900 (UK) [63 & 64 Vict.] [Ch. 12] state at:
Chapter 1—The Parliament
Part V—Powers of the Parliament
Section 51—Legislative Powers of the Parliament

The Parliament shall, subject to this Constitution, have power to make laws for the peace, order, and good government of the Commonwealth with respect to: (i) to (xxxix) e.g. with respect to the particular matters of “mediums of exchange” “of the Commonwealth,” as in
(i) Trade and commerce with other countries, and among the States;
(iv) Borrowing money on the public credit of the Commonwealth;
(xii) Currency, coinage, and legal tender;
(xiii) Banking, other than State banking; also State banking extending beyond the limits of the State concerned, the incorporation of banks, and the issue of paper money;
(xvi) Bills of exchange and promissory notes;
(xxix) External affairs;
(xx) Foreign corporations, and trading or financial corporations formed within the limits “of the Commonwealth”;
(xxx) The relations of the Commonwealth with the islands of the Pacific;
and as at Part V—Powers of the Parliament, Section 54—Appropriation Bills.

From 5th December 1972, the “Parliament of Australia”, without the authority of the “Crown” of the United Kingdom and without the will and consent of the people “of the Commonwealth of Australia” who willed and voted to be
in one indissoluble Federal Commonwealth under the “Crown” of the United Kingdom, made laws with the enacting manner and form of “Be it enacted by the Queen, (Note: Most Excellent Majesty removed)
the Senate and the House of Representatives of Australia ..... “.

but that Queen, “Queen of Australia” under the Royal Style and Titles Act 1973 (Cth), does not hold the constitutional “Crown” of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, “Parliament of Australia” is not the same as “Parliament of the Commonwealth” and thus enacts contra to Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act from 1st January 1901, inter alia with the Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act 1900 (UK) [63 & 64 Vict.] [Ch. 12].

The unconstitutional “Parliament of Australia” with the enacting manner and form of “BE IT ENACTED by the Queen, (Note: Most Excellent Majesty removed) the Senate and the House of Representatives of Australia, ..... ”
unconstitutionally removed the words “of the Commonwealth” from Sections of the Banking Act 1959-1967 (Cth) with the Banking Act 1973 (Cth) Act No. 116 of 1973 Commonwealth Banks Act 1959-1968 (Cth)
with the Commonwealth Banks Act (No. 2) 1973 (Cth) Act No. 117 of 1973.

Reserve Bank Act 1959-1966 (Cth) with the Reserve Bank Act 1973 (Cth) Act No. 118 of 1973, all assented to on 26th October 1973 but not necessarily all commencing on date of assent, then amended the Banking Act 1959 again with the Banking Act (No. 2) 1973 Act No. 193 of 1973.

The Statute Law Revision Acts 1973-1974 (Cth) Act No. 216 of 1973 and Act No. 20 of 1974, both with the unconstitutional enacting manner and form of
“Be it enacted by the Queen, (Note: Most Excellent Majesty removed) the Senate and the House of Representatives of Australia, ..... ” were both deemed to commence 31st December 1973 and unconstitutionally removed the words “of the Commonwealth” from the corporate Australian system of government and from
numerous Sections of Statute Laws, including the Currency Act 1965-1969 (Cth) and the Banking Act 1959-1967 (Cth) as amended by Acts Nos. 116 and 193 of 1973.

The Banking Act 1974 (Cth) Act No. 132 of 1974 was assented to on 9th December 1974, came into operation on a date fixed by Proclamation, had the enacting manner and form of “BE IT ENACTED by the Queen, (Note: Most Excellent Majesty removed) the Senate and the House of Representatives of Australia, ..... ” and amended the Banking Act 1959-1967 (Cth) as amended by Acts Nos. 116 and 193 of 1973 and Act No. 216 of 1973 (as amended by No. 20 of 1974) and with Section 3, inserted a new “Part III—Foreign Exchange, Foreign Investment, etc.” in which Section 39 gave power to a Governor-General (who swore Allegiance to a “Sovereign of Australia”, a corporate patron “Queen of Australia” under the Royal Style and Titles Act 1973) to make regulations relating to matters of “Australian property” as defined at Section 39 (8)

“Australian currency” includes notes, coins, postal notes, money orders, bills of exchange, promissory notes, drafts, letters of credit and travellers’ cheques payable or expressed in Australian money, and also includes rights, and instruments of title, to Australian money;

“Australian securities” means securities or other property included in a class of securities
or property specified in the regulations as Australian securities;
“property” includes securities and rights under securities;
“resident” means
(a) a person, not being a body corporate, who is ordinarily resident in Australia; and
(b) a body corporate which is incorporated in Australia;
“securities” include shares, stock, bonds, debentures, debenture stock, treasury bills and notes, and units or sub-units of a unit trust, and also includes deposit receipts in respect of the deposit of securities and documents of title to securities.
And in the new Part III at Section 39 (9) states “Nothing in Part IV shall be taken as limiting the power of the Governor-General to make regulations under this section for or in relation to the control or prohibition of the importation or exportation of gold, or otherwise with respect to gold.”

But from 1973 the Governor-General swore an Oath of Allegiance to a “Sovereign of Australia”, a corporate patron “Queen of Australia” as under the Royal Style and Titles Act 1973 (Cth) who does not have the prerogative of the “Crown” of the United Kingdom to the gold as mentioned.

The Statute Law Revision Acts 1973-1974 (Cth) removed “of the Commonwealth” from the Australian system of government and in 1974 in the “Legend” on the form of paper money to be used as legal tender, the words “Commonwealth of Australia” were changed to “Australia”

This means that money in the Commonwealth of Australia can no longer be guaranteed by “the Commonwealth” because the corporate “Australian Government” now owns and controls “Australian currency” which is not legal tender currency, is therefore counterfeit and has no equity in the World’s whole economic and banking systems.
This would also mean that—the Queen’s Most Excellent Majesty, holder of the “Crown” of the United Kingdom, Elizabeth the Second by the Grace of God of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland and of Her other Realms & Territories Queen, Head of the Commonwealth, Defender of the Faith—Her Heirs and Successors—and Her loyal subjects, the people of the Commonwealth of Australia—are not liable—for any debts incurred or any crimes committed by persons in the corporate Australian system of government.

The Crimes (Currency) Act 1981 (Cth) Act No. 122 of 1981, with Sections 1 to 3 commencing on assent 17th September 1981, remainder 16th December 1985, defined at its Section 3 (1)—

“Australia” includes the external Territories;
“Australian money” means a coin or paper money that is, by virtue of a law in force in Australia, lawfully current in Australia;
“authorized person” means the Treasurer or a person authorized, in writing, by the Treasurer for the purposes of the provision in which the expression occurs.

Legal tender Crown Fait Australia Money no Crown Commonwealth of Australia no Commonwealth of Australia
Definition “of Commonwealth,” which is clear and unchallengeable, according to the express wording of the
Preamble and the first six clauses of the “Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act 1901”

Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act from 1st January 1901, inter alia with the Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act 1900 (UK) [63 & 64 Vict.] [Ch. 12].
Preamble WHEREAS the people of- ----- have agreed to unite in one indissoluble Federal Commonwealth under the Crown of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland and under the Constitution hereby established.

Clause; 1 Short title
This Act may be cited as the Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act.

Clause; 2 Act to extend to the Queen’s successors The Act shall extend to Her Majesty’s heirs and successors in the sovereignty of the United Kingdom.

Clause; 3 Proclamation of Commonwealth
The Queen may, at any time after the proclamation, appoint a Governor-General for the Commonwealth

Clause; 4 Commencement of Act
The Commonwealth shall be established, and the Constitution of the Commonwealth shall take effect, on and after the day so appointed.

Clause; 5 Operation of the Constitution and law,

This Act, and all laws made by the “Parliament of the Commonwealth” under the Constitution, shall be binding on the courts, judges, and people of every State and of every part of the Commonwealth, notwithstanding anything in the laws of any State;

Clause; 6 Definitions
The Commonwealth shall mean the Commonwealth of Australia as established under this Act.
The Australian Government and it’s Parliament of Australian with it’s Counterfeit fait Money with all Australian Banks Peddling counterfeit fait money of the Australian Government is NO different than Cocaine labs and their outlets Peddling Cocaine; it’s all Criminal.

Dick Yardley

More Corrupt Cops - Police pay out $12.4 million in compensation

ROGUE cops responsible for brutal beatings, bullying and bungling have cost taxpayers more than $12.4 million in the past five years. 

The compensation bill includes court-awarded payouts since 2007-08 but does not include sums that may have been paid in confidential settlements of claims before trial.

It is believed that a number of payouts have been made to gangland figures and their associates.
Some recipients fought for justice for 16 years.

One claimant was Farah Jama, just 20 when wrongfully convicted of raping a woman who was found unconscious at a Melbourne bar in 2006.

Despite an airtight alibi he was jailed for 18 months, until it was revealed DNA samples had been mixed up at the forensics laboratory.

Police now question whether the woman had been sexually assaulted at all.

The largest payout was to a family awarded $2.5 million by the Court of Appeal after two police officers bashed down the front door of a home in Surrey Hills in 1993 and brutally attacked the occupants.

The court heard the two constables, who said they were responding to telephone reports of domestic violence, assaulted a 67-year-old disabled woman and her son.

The man had two broken ribs after an officer kneed him while he was handcuffed.

Flemington Kensington Community Legal Centre CEO Anthony Kelly called for an independent, less costly process to address allegations against police officers.

"It takes many years and is a long and arduous process," Mr Kelly said.

He said some victims waived their right to compensation to ensure swifter changes to police procedure or simply for an apology.

Victoria Police spokesman Lisa Beechey said incidents requiring financial settlements were rare.
"Civil legal action against Victoria Police is not a common occurrence and generally arises from an unusual set of circumstances," she said.

"Where Victoria Police is subject to civil legal action, independent legal advice is sought and decisions are made having regard to the "model litigant" guidelines and the obligations imposed by the Civil Procedure Act.''

news.com.au 25 Dec 2013

Victoria Police, a company run for profit (with the ABN: 63 446 481 493) and its employees are factually corporate entities (e.g. Sgt JOHN SMITH) that can be sued.

Currently one of the more corrupt police forces in the country, there are many more instances that involve members of the police in unlawful activities, that (deliberately?) go unreported.

The payout to gangland figures confirms that fact that Vic Pol work together with the crime syndicates, where 'bungled' actions result in 'compensation'. This is organised prior to any arrest or official action taken against the gang.


  • Literally anyone in the business will know and cannot deny that the New South Wales police of the 1970's and 80's was the biggest drug runner in the country.

Many of the shootings and subsequent killings of police and others were related to drug turf control.

The corporate media seldom reported the truth, including the very prominent killing of two Melbourne police officers as pay back to the gangland killings, again a fact well known to all involved, but not accurately reported by the media.

Police are also instructed to intimidate and in cases beat up citizens who are aware of their Common law or Constitutional rights, something that ALL Australians can call on.

24 December 2013

Aged pension at 70 government reaps rewards

There has recently been an announcement in Australia, which is a global policy, that the aged pension will be extended to 70 years of age up 5 years from the current 65 years of age.
Some people may view this as a benefit to them, a sure case that there will be no shortage of ‘testimonials’ to support this view, but the non visible agenda is more sinister.

Taking the information at face value, from government sources (which incidentally do not have to be accurate, as there is no mandate) approximately half of Australia is on some sort of social security benefit.

The two most common forms of social security support are the Newstart Allowance (colloquially referred to as the ‘dole’) and the pension. 

The ‘price’ difference is at approximately $150 between the two, per week per recipient, with the dole at approximately $250 and the pension at $400 per week. This equates to a ‘saving’ of $7,800 per year per recipient.

The government in not interested in ‘saving’ any money whatsoever, but rather the tactic of Financial Terrorism is employed in order to limit the possibilities of the masses by controlling the money supply.

The middle class are the greatest threat in terms of exposing the corruption and false information that is being propagated by governments and corporations, which work hand in hand in some of the largest frauds on record.

In order to curb the middle class, constricting the money supply is essential to limit the possibilities one has to ‘fight’ the corrupt system. This is staged at various levels from limiting movement (e.g. by inflated petrol prices – A verbose Australian Labour party policy), overinflated utility prices, overpriced consumer goods to distractions that divert funds to useless and meaningless matters, e.g. court matters, speeding fines, a tactic used so that the general populous is always 'struggling'.

The Australian government is well on its way to implementing another form of slavery / oppression on the masses, in a carefully orchestrated stealth format, which will be accepted by all.