18 December 2014

Corrupt pensioner judges syphon hard working Aussie tax payers.

Hard working Australians sure do hate 'dole bludgers' (welfare recipients who have no interest in earning a decent living).

The corporate media jump on the band wagon of a grandma cheating a government welfare agency.

Many may say recently arrived migrants are living the life of luxury on government welfare, while partaking in either criminal activity or working 'for cash' (meaning not declaring it).

But realistically which sector of the community is responsible for 'scumming' off the taxpayers the most?

Could it be the persons who sit in a high almighty chair (in a totally different jurisdiction) in the Kangaroo Courts of Australia calling themselves 'judges'?

Well, lets shed a little light on the subject and 'you' can be the 'judge' of that.....

The term 'judge' is used very loosely in this context, where they, the judges receive, upon their retirement, a generous pension for not only themselves but also their spouse.

Male judges may have an official (female) spouse,and also a male lover (not quite that uncommon), where if it can be proven that there is 'cohabitation' the male lover is also entitled to a portion of the total of the family estate.

Even paedophile judges are not exempt from a generous pension.

The 'generosity' does not stop there, it also follows on to their children, where the children also receive a pension.

This also includes judges that so not uphold the 'law', or even recognise 'Human Rights' in accordance with international law, judges who 'err' in law, or even judges who have been up for judicial review.

Still pissed of at the small time 'granny' welfare cheat?

Bet you she cannot buy one of these from tax funded monies:

 If one did not know any better, one could be labelled by the corporate media as a 'conspiracy theorist'.

Still not convinced Aussies live on a prison island, supporting the corrupt corporate 'elite'?

See current version of the Judges' Pension Act (1968) at:

17 December 2014

Corrupt thug cops in Melbourne’s Avondale Heights?

Some questions:

Are the jokes about the police being Year 10 dropouts justified?

Are the police really out for business as a corporation or are they here to “Serve and protect” ?

Is the Melbourne’s north western suburbs police station of Avondale Heights another criminal den of thug cops (Sunshine Police Station was) that are so hard up for business they are willing to create ‘criminals' out of innocent people?

Will Victoria’s police commissioner Ken Lay support this criminal activity of police once the information is made public?

Couple of answers:

Australia’s police ‘force’ are separate corporate entities, which have their very own ABN (Australian Business Number) in every state of Australia.

See: Australian Police Check ABN's at:

As of 2013, Victoria police are operating as a corporation under the unlawfully passed Victoria Police Act of 2013.

What’s happening in the suburbs:

In an average standard Melbourne suburb, a normal family who have a mortgage on their property, who lead a very law abiding lifestyle, get a knock on their front door (which everyone has the implied licence to enter your property - to your front door only) from a couple of people in blue uniforms from the local police station on Military Rd.

The police say that they wish to speak to a particular person, who at the time was sleeping on the couch.

The police then go on to mention that someone at the shopping centre saw that person steal something.

The police then went onto mention that since that person has a clean record, if that person admits to the crime, they “..will go easy on him..”

So, does the above description of events ring any alarm bells?

Well, for one thing the police did not carry out the proper procedure as required, before attending the ‘alleged’ offender’s home.

The police also did not take any statement from the alleged witness to carry out further investigation of possible criminal activity.

The police also did not view any of the store’s recorded footage, where the so called witness allegedly saw the person steal something, where the ‘alleged’ criminal could be positively identified, BEFORE attending their home (the term residence is omitted as this relates to a military occupation).

The person at the alleged time was factually at work, where tens of work colleagues can vouch for this, including the workers output can be verified.

A fair few concerned questions:

Could anyone just make up an event that did not happen and accuse someone else, so that the cops will give them a hard time?

Are the cops hard up for quotas on ‘arrests’ (as they, the arrests, are bonds cashed in by the corporation against your ‘estate name’?) that they themselves make up a crime?

Are the two cops Year 9 half wit drop outs that cannot even follow police procedures including a well known one called the Summary OffencesAct 1966?

Is this an isolated incident involving just those two coppers?

Is the hierarchy hiding more corrupt cops from the Avondale Heights Police station?

How many more incidents like this go unreported by scared law abiding Australians (remembering that the police have the guns and regularly assault innocent unarmed people)?

Is this a fair enough summary?:

If one did not know any better, one would think one was living in a police state, you know cop station on Military Rd, cops making up crimes in order for you to confess to, complaints about police investigated by corrupt police from their very own police station.

It is a real concern considering that at least 60% of Victoria Police admitted to knowingly committing a criminal offence.

The corruption of Victoria Police extends to the publishing of falsified crime statistics, supported by the the Chief Commissioner of Victoria Police Ken Lay.

Craig Thomson found not guilty on 49 fraud charges after appeal

Craig Thomson not guilty on 49 charges

Despite being found not guilty on 49 charges against him, former federal MP Craig Thomson could still face a jail time after being found guilty of 13 counts of theft.

Former federal MP Craig Thomson could yet face a jail term, despite being found not guilty on appeal of three quarters of the charges against him.

Thomson, 50, was on Monday found not guilty of 49 counts of obtaining a financial advantage by deception because a County Court judge found the prosecution's wording of the charges was incorrect.

However, judge Carolyn Douglas found Thomson guilty of 13 counts of theft, related to the withdrawals of cash from ATMs when he used Health Services Union credit cards for personal use, including paying for sex.

Craig Thomson at the County Court in Melbourne has been found not guilty on appeal of 49 fraud charges.
Craig Thomson at the County Court in Melbourne has been found not guilty on appeal of 49 fraud charges. Photo: Joe Armao
The court heard that between 2002 and 2007, when Thomson was the HSU national secretary, he spent about $5000 of union money on prostitutes and relocation expenses for when he and his then wife were preparing to move from Melbourne to the NSW central coast.

Defence counsel Greg James, QC, called for Thomson to serve a six-month suspended sentence, with no time in jail, given the former Labor MP for the NSW seat of Dobell had already been punished through the notoriety of his case.

Mr James said that at the time of Thomson's offending, he had travelled frequently yet was still serving the union's members.

He said paying for sex was "popularly unacceptable but not illegal".

Judge Douglas replied: "I don't care whether he went to a brothel or Bunnings. It's the breach of trust."

She said the amount of money he stole was not significant, but the breach of trust was "very, very serious" given his responsibility within the union.

Judge Douglas said she had thought Thomson "particularly lucky" when in March magistrate Charlie Rozencwajg imposed a penalty of three months in jail, with a further nine months suspended for two years.

Thomson never served a day of that jail term as his legal team launched an immediate appeal.

In ruling in Thomson's favour in the 49 fraud charges, Judge Douglas found the prosecution was wrong in alleging Thomson deceived credit card lenders, as was alleged in the charge sheets.

The judge said Thomson had deceived the HSU when he used the money, but that was not part of the criminal offence that was alleged.

"I find it regrettable the prosecution decided to charge the accused in such a way. That is an error that cannot be changed," she said.

Judge Douglas said she did not want her decision interpreted that she condoned Thomson's behaviour.

It was clear, she said, Thomson had used the credit cards to withdraw cash for his personal use, had no authority to do so and had previously drafted a policy on the guidelines for the use of union credit cards.
"But this is a court of the law, not of morals," she said.

Judge Douglas said there was enough evidence to prove beyond reasonable doubt that the cash Thomson withdrew from ATMs belonged to the HSU, and that he had no right to use it outside union purposes.

She found Thomson guilty on 13 charges of theft, but not guilty of two counts of theft because of insufficient evidence.

One other charge was withdrawn.

Thomson sat unmoved in the dock as the judge went through her reasons.

Thomson lost Dobell in last year's election while standing as an independent.
He is on bail as he awaits sentencing on Wednesday.

smh.com.au 15 Dec 2014

If anyone thought that the legal system is 'rigged' or that the 'brotherhood' might step in and bail out one of their own, or even if one is into 'conspiracy theories' then this case has sure got to be enough to convince people that 'pollies' are literally untouchable if they are supported by their 'brethren'.

One can literally get away with theft or even murder and have NO CONSEQUENCES, as the monies at stake are from the public purse.

The lawyers are the real criminals in matter like these.

This is the corrupt legal system at work, at its best, flaunting fraud and corruption.

16 December 2014

Failed 'legal' system responsible for Martin Place cafe siege murder of hostages

No words can literally describe the emotion and terror of the siege in a cafe at Martin Place, Sydney.

What is worse is that the gunman Man Haron Monis was well known to police as an apparent self styled 'Sheik' who was on bail for an accessory to a murder charge.

To put it bluntly the 'authorities' let him go, to roam the streets after being an accessory to murder, while people sit in jail for one year for not paying 'fines'.

This is the state of Australia's 'legal' system.

A abhorrent joke at the expense of innocent people's lives.

This whole tragedy could have been omitted if only some people where just 'doing their job', as they do so diligently when it comes to issuing a speeding 'fine'.

Read full news article below of the following headline:

Martin Place cafe siege: Police storm cafe and kill gunman ‘Sheik’ Man Haron Monis — report

Story summary:

  • Gunman Man Haron Monis killed, possibly others dead
  • Numerous hostages have left the Lindt cafe in Martin Place some with serious injuries
  • Police stormed the cafe and multiple shots were fired after 2am
  • It is unclear what prompted the police to go in
LIVE: AT least two people have been killed — including gunman Man Haron Monis — in the Martin Place cafe siege after heavily armed police stormed the location. 

As a result, the siege at the Lindt cafe in the centre of Sydney’s CBD is over.

A man was seen running with his hands up before as many as 15 hostages followed running from the cafe just after 2am. A short burst of gunfire and flash grenades were heard as police stormed the building before police declared the siege over at around 2.45am.

At least four hostages are believed to have been injured, perhaps three critically, as hostages fled the cafe and police stormed the building just after 2am.

Reports are emerging a third person may have died possibly suffering a heart attack after the siege.

Australian paramedics treat an injured hostage as other hostages are carried out of a caf
Australian paramedics treat an injured hostage as other hostages are carried out of a cafe in the central business district of Sydney Source: AFP
Two of those required CPR at the scene and a woman in her 40s has reportedly been transported to hospital and is being treated for gunshot wounds.

One of those injured is believed to be a place officer who was seen with an amount of blood streaming from his head, Sky News reports.

Authorities are currently attempting to assess the damage and arrange urgent medical attention for the hostages and police.

It is believed the area has now been cleared for risk of explosives.

Hostages run for their lives
Hostages run for their lives Source: AP
Shortly before 2.45am (AEDT), police confirmed the siege was over.

Hostages fled from the Sydney cafe where a gunman had been holding an unknown number of people for more than 16 hours just after 2am.

Television footage initially showed a man running from the eatery with his arms raised, shortly after 2am (AEDT), before being patted down by police and escorted to safety.

Minutes later, two more men and two women raced outside and were directed away by police.
Their escape was followed by 10 seconds of rapid gunfire as heavily-armed police stormed the cafe in numbers, managing to release others.

Police enter Lindt cafe

A hostage is carried by police rescue. (AP Photo/Rob Griffith)
A hostage is carried by police rescue. (AP Photo/Rob Griffith) Source: AP
A woman, apparently middle-aged, was carried from the scene injured.

A second volley of shots erupted before the cafe filled with police and paramedics.

A number of stretchers were wheeled into the building, however, it was unclear how many people may have been injured.

According to unconfirmed reports aired by Sky News, at least four people were injured.

There was no word on the fate of the gunman, earlier identified as 50-year-old self-styled sheik Man Haron Monis.

Meanwhile, a bomb disposal robot was sent into the cafe by police.

More hostages make n a run for it.
More hostages make a run for it. Source: Supplied
Heavily armed police entered the cafe. AFP PHOTO / WILLIAM WEST
Heavily armed police entered the cafe. AFP PHOTO / WILLIAM WEST Source: AFP
Monis was known to police and as a self-styled preacher of Islamic State on bail for accessory to murder, as the gunman who was holding 15 terrified hostages in Sydney’s Lindt cafe.

Haron was also charged this year with indecent and sexual assault of women in 2002. Monis was hit with an additional 40 charges in October.

The 49-year-old, originally from Iran who lived in southwest Sydney, had previously sent offensive letters to the families of dead Australian soldiers, calling them ‘murderers’, The Daily Telegraph says.

He had a sawn-off shotgun and was a fringe Islamist, The Australian and Sky News reports.

Sheik Man Haron Monis
‘Sheik’ Man Haron Monis Source: News Corp Australia
Sheik Man Haron Monis leaves Downing Centre Court after pleading guilty to sending offens
‘Sheik’ Man Haron Monis leaves Downing Centre Court after pleading guilty to sending offensive letters to families of dead Diggers. Source: News Limited
‘Hate sheik’ Man Horan Monis and girlfriend Amirzh Droudis granted bail

As the siege exploded in Sydney’s Lindt Cafe, the world watched.

In the United States, CNN, FOX News, MSNBC and other 24-hour news channels had already dedicated most of their Monday morning programming to coverage of the emergency.

When the situation climaxed with hostages fleeing and heavily armed authorities storming the cafe in Sydney’s central business district, people around the world watched live.

CNN switched programming to the Seven Network’s coverage, while FOX News switched to Australia’s Sky News.

The New York Times, USA Today, the Los Angeles Times, the UK’s Independent and Times, France’s Le Monde and other news websites also were dominated by the harrowing photos of hostages running for their lives.

news.com.au 16 Dec 2014