29 August 2020

Vic Gov was right, now wash your hands India, 'we're all in this together'!

We should comprehend that laws are put in for a reason.

Like in Arizona, it’s illegal for a donkey to fall asleep in a bathtub.

Why? Because there was obviously a need for it!

In California, it’s illegal to whistle for a lost canary before 7am.

Meanwhile in the colony, in a smallish state down south called Victoria, where the more northern states refer to its residents as ‘Mexicans’ with obvious connotations analogous to the U.S. during an apparent global viral super deadly pandemic those filthy Victorians are told not to mask up but rather to wash their hands.

WTF ??? !!! ???

What the hell is going on down south, y’all?

So what happened after colonisation?

When ‘they’ went south those filthy colonists didn’t wash their hands, obviously.

During the Spanish Flu, those filthy Victorians didn’t learn their lessons and still refused to wash their hands.

Now, during this modern age of outsourcing and globalisation, version 2.0 of the flu had to go ‘global’ and those filthy filthy Victorians STILL refused to wash their hands.

So those poindexters deep in the anal annals of government, deliberated over months and months after the pandemic hit and came out with a ‘winner’.

Millions of dollars of taxpaying 'mums and dads' funds exchanged plenty of hands to produce a television commercial that most struggle to comprehend, that being to wash your hands.

Even young Geoffrey had to have it drummed into this thick head a fair few times, all those years ago.

(Referring to a television message to purchase Solvol)

Remembering that when a government tells its plebs to do something, there’s a reason for it.

But you see here’s the problem.

Does that television message to conduct business/commerce/trade, by overloading your stockpile with sanitising products which are useless against the so called threat, apply to the ‘native’ Victorians?

The feral federal government of this colony decided to import the dregs of society from other nations whose governments didn’t want their humans, especially those ones that didn’t scrub their hands.

Sure, a fair few good people got swept up in that dragnet, but hey such it life.

So, good ol’ Melbourne town became the dumping ground to approximately 2,500 humans per week who did not know what to do with the ‘porcelain princess’ or its friend not too far away.

Once again the government boffins got to work and deliberated the faith of those filthy Victorians over champagne and seafood in parliament house to produce an instruction card on how to use those porcelain miracles of modern technology.

Since a picture (allegedly) tells a thousand words, the pamphlet those poor mums and dads forked out for those rejects other governments didn’t want is great value for money.

So now you know ‘patient zero’, the fella who could not make heads or tails from that sign, where as a result he didn’t wash his hands after pulling out his willy.

Back to you Vic government for another go!


‘Victorians’ were named after (a filthy) Queen Victoria, who (obviously) did not wash her hands too, which led her to losing her marbles later on in her life, or was that from a sexually transmitted disease, never mind it was from pure filth anyway.

26 August 2020

Paedophiles protected in Australia

As the years go by the law gets more and more stacked up against you*.

Bureaucrats are protected by the law from being sued.

You CANNOT question the so called (Victorian) 'sheriff'' on the stand for his illegal actions, as he is protected by a barrage of lawyers.

The courts IGNORE the failed subpoenas for the sheriff's office to produce warrants.

If you* do not produce a document under subpoena, you're screwed.

Despite false ‘advertising’ by the Victorian government, the courts were never ‘yours’.

(See article: https://corpau.blogspot.com/2017/05/magistrates-court-of-victoria-peoples.html)

At law, road traffic (alleged) offences are criminal in nature and not civil.

Why? Because that’s the way they designed it.

The ‘innocent until proven guilty’ legal maxim is thrown under a bus, where first and foremost you are guilty, applied under the strict liability and absolute liability banners.

The burden of proof in criminal law is on the accuser, where this is also thrown under a bus under owner onus put in by the law makers within this colony.

Now the serfs obtain information that new law will give more protection to paedophiles.

Paedophiles were always protected by the system in Australia, where the proof is in the results

Why would a system protect paedophiles, unless of course the system needs to protect paedophiles, because a lot of highly placed persons that are in the system are of such calibre.

Victims of a known paedopile within the system, justice Lionel Murphy do exist, where they have not come forward, and as a result of the newly placed law they never will.

Unfortunately for his victims, they will never see ‘justice’ or rather a court issued ‘order’ as their abuser has taken his secrets to his grave, untouched the law that he was part of, i.e. setting up an institution that abuses children, known as ‘family’ law.

If a so called 'judge' in a family court matter gives custody to a documented paedophile and as a result the child is harmed, who is held accountable?

Will the other parent obtain a 'remedy' from a system that protects paedophiles?

* you -  the serf, not the bureaucrat, politician or so called Victorian ‘sheriff’.

See more at:


25 August 2020

What gov does not want you to know – FIFO Chinese ghost home makers

There are PLENTY of things the governments of Australia do not want you the general population, their funders/stakeholders/’share holders’ to know.

A statistic from not too long ago was that Melbourne Airport had 1 million people from China come through its gates.

EVERY ‘Australian’ should know that this place was started off as an economic project, where the colonial government has not faltered from this primary objective, as seen by their actions today.

Irrespective of whether or not Victorian premier Daniel Michael Andrews has acted above is ‘authority’ over and above the federal government, there is one action supported by many in government, as it’s’ good for business’

The Chinese are allowed in for fly in fly out (FIFO) business deals where they purchase people’s homes.

House prices are inflated, in effect pushing ‘our’ children out of the market of (almost) ever ‘owning’ a home.

The homes are then left unoccupied, where the new purchasers head back to China in effect creating something called ghost houses.

What the general population must remember is that the people in government have zero intention to make housing affordable for the children of the serfs, as the higher the house prices the more tax is grabbed by those in government to fund further fraudulent ‘money for mates’ deals.

Apparently we are told that communism / China is our (whose?) enemy, yet a lot is being sold to China.

Why feed the beast that’s ‘your’ enemy?

Maybe because it’s not?

It seems that very soon the Australian people are going to upgraded from ‘Penal Colony Policies’ (PCP) to another level of slavery under the Chinese Communist Policies (CCP) banner, a much more effective control method of the slaves.

Lap it up ladies and gents, ‘cause your silence IS acquiescence!

23 August 2020

Why You should Dump Your Apple and Google Phone - Top 5 Reasons!

As we should know things that “...ain’t right” are not just limited to politics and law but also other areas, such as the global financial markets, the military industrial war machine, health and technology industries just to name a few.

In today’s day and age technology plays a vital role in our everyday lives, where since the internet being made available to the masses and the commercialisation of it, data collection has been the focus of the authorities.

Since the rapid uptake of the smartphone, the authorities have been able to gather more information from people than from any other intelligence gathering methods.

A properly set up personal computer will leak a lot less information than a smartphone, so in order to combat this governments and corporations are ‘enticing’ people to use smartphones with the accompanying app.

There is no real benefit for you to use a news service app as opposed to their website via a privacy centric browser, but they need you to use that app is it’s beneficial for them.

You are pushed towards Apple and Google based smartphones as they are the world’s largest data collection devices, where there is no other real ‘out of the box’ solution for the ‘consumers’ (as opposed to ‘techies’) at this point in time.

A ‘de-Googled’ phone is not something where a person uses DuckDuckGo instead of Google as their search engine, but rather a phone that has been wiped from the manufacturer’s preloaded ‘spyware’ together with a Google modified Android open source operating system.

At the moment there are approx two dozen phone manufacturers that support a ‘de-Googled’ Android operating system, commonly referred to as AOSP (Android Open Source Project).

Apple smartphones are THE worst when it comes to your privacy (not to be confused with ‘security’).

There are a lot of ‘YouTubers’ that talk about ‘tech tips’ or even ‘security’, but all fall far short from what this guy talks about.

The topics that he talks about are less than glamorous, but looking after your online privacy and security is not a glamorous ‘job’.

So called advertising companies are now data collection points for government agencies.

He mentions in this video how an ‘ad company’ used location data on Tesla to commit stock market trading fraud.

Years ago Apple used its stock market app to commit fraud.

This is who you’re giving YOUR data away to.

You are being conned into buying the latest and greatest smartphone technology (which it’s not) by the manufacturers.

Are you willing to change or are you content with giving away your (& others) info?

See video by Rob Braxman: