24 July 2010

Jailed Venables 'to get new identity'

Killer Jon Venables will be given a new identity at a cost to the taxpayer of STG250,000 ($A426,621.16), it was reported on Saturday.

He was jailed for two years after admitting downloading pornographic images of toddlers.

The Daily Telegraph reported Venables - who along with Robert Thompson battered and murdered two-year-old James Bulger - will be issued with a new birth certificate, national insurance number and other identity documents at a cost of STG250,000 when he is released.

But a spokeswoman for the Ministry of Justice said it did not accept it was "inevitable" he would be given a new identity.

She said: "Such a change of identity is extremely rare and granted only when the police assess that there is clear and credible evidence of a sustained threat to the offender's life on release into the community."

Venables and his friend Thompson were just 10 when they killed James in Bootle, Merseyside, and became national hate figures.

They were jailed for life in 1993 and given new identities when they were released on licence in 2001.

Extensive measures were taken to protect the pair from vigilantes and help them lead a normal life but after several years Venables descended into a spiral of cocaine and mephedrone addiction and drunken violence.

The 27-year-old - who still faces death threats - appeared via videolink at the Old Bailey on Friday under unprecedented secrecy, with only the judge able to see him.

After 16 years living in the shadows, just four disembodied words were heard from the killer - answering "yes" to his name and pleading "guilty" to three charges concerning child pornography.

James's mother, Denise Fergus, sat impassively in court wearing a "Justice for James" badge as details of the crimes, and Venables' life since release from jail, were read out. She later condemned his sentence as "simply not enough".

Speaking after the hearing, Venables' solicitor, John Gibson, said his client was "extremely remorseful" and knows he has "badly let down" everyone who has tried to help him.

The solicitor added: "He has said that every day since what took place in 1993 he has thought about how different life might have been for all those affected, who he appreciates have also had their own reasons for reflection."

It was in February this year that Venables was arrested and recalled over child pornography allegations.

The court heard he had contacted his probation officer because he feared his true identity had been discovered.

The officer arrived at his address and told him to collect his belongings, and he was found trying to delete files from his computer and to remove his hard drive with a tin opener.

Louis Mably, prosecuting, said Venables was taken to a police station with the machine and it was later examined by officers.

He said: "A total of 57 indecent images of children were found."

Sentencing Venables, Justice Bean said that as he was still on licence for the "horrific" murder of James, he would not be automatically released on serving half his two-year term, and when he was let out would be up to the parole board to decide.

He was also put on the sex offenders register for 10 years and banned from working with children for life.

Anthony Hudson QC, representing the national media, said in court earlier the decision to allow only the judge to see Venables via videolink was a "very serious departure" from the principle of open justice.

But the judge said: "There is evidence to the effect that there is very considerable risk to Mr Venables' life if his identity becomes public."

Following Venables' sentence, some media organisations had applied to be able to report his new name.

But lawyers for the killer and the Attorney General voiced concerns about the move.

It was claimed this would put him at further risk from attack in prison and could mean he would have to adopt another new identity on his eventual release.

Details of a police document about the potential impact of naming him assessed it as three on a scale of one to three, the court heard.

It said this would be reduced if he were to be given a new identity.

PAA 24 July 2010

As mentioned in another post, it is unbelievable how the Anglo - Masonic Legal System has disregard for crimes committed against the masses.

It just illusrtates how easy it is to kill someone AND get away with it.

With those actions the government IS supporting murder.

The story would be different if a child of one of the lawmakers was killed in a similar fashion.

Gillard announces $2000 for new cars

The federal government will give $2000 to anyone who updates their old car, Prime Minister Julia Gillard has announced.

From January next year anyone who trades in a car manufactured before 1995 for one that meets emissions standards will receive a $2000 rebate from the government.

"Australians own a lot of old motor cars, and those old cars guzzle a lot of petrol and they spew out a lot of pollution," Ms Gillard told reporters in the marginal Labor-held electorate of Forde, south of Brisbane.

"I want to help Australians to update their motor vehicles," she said, noting that the old cars would be turned into scrap metal.

The rebate will be on offer for 200,000 new vehicles, costing the government $394 million over the forward estimates which it will fund by redirecting funds.

Ms Gillard also announced new mandatory fuel efficiency standards for all new cars from 2015.

It adds to Labor's climate change policy, outlined on Friday.

The policy includes a crackdown on dirty power plants and a $1 billion investment in greening up the electricity grid.

Ms Gillard also wants to set up a 150-person "citizens' assembly" to help the government nut out consensus on the difficult issue of a carbon price.

ninemsn 24 July 2010

The beginning of the end of old cars on the road.

The government will be forcing old cars of the road, with is currently non-public policies.

New car sales have declined over the years in Australia. The reasons are varied, but at the end of the day not all people can afford to purchase new cars.

Those who cannot buy a new car will soon not be able to travel.

The politics of the labour party as said are that if it were up to them:

'we cars would ban cars, as they give people too much freedom'.

As usual, the official excuses the government gives are a coverup to another hidden agenda.

The Apps Apple Doesn't Want You To Use

Apps, those wonderful little bits of software that turn your smartphone into a digital Swiss army knife, have been called the biggest time-killers in tech. Thousands of them turn the screens of mobile devices into videogames or mindless animations. But many are undeniably useful. An app from Comcast delivers TV listings and lets you program your DVR remotely. Schlage, the lock company, just released an app that can lock or unlock your front door. Even the Hilton offers an app for ordering room service.

Apps cost an average $30,000 to create, so no surprise that developers get irate when their apps are delisted. Earlier this year, Apple ejected 5,000 apps from its store. Suddenly banished were iWobble (which made a downloaded photo of a woman's chest bounce) and Daisy Mae's Alien Buffett (an explicit version of Lara Croft, since reinstated). In many cases, the reason given to developers was objectionable sexual content. Some made it back to the store after the developer retooled or deleted such content--or after enough bloggers complained.

Critics unleashed fury at Apple over the mass delistings, some blaming an arbitrary--or worse--review process by Apple. Craig Grannel, designer of the Cult of Mac site who runs iPhoneTiny.com, a Twitter review blog for iPhone apps, calls Apple's stance "uncomfortably hypocritical and hostile to developers." A developer might work on an app for months, only to be nixed by a reviewer enforcing a shifting line of standards, says Grannel.

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Apple's crackdown on smut might make sense if it also delisted apps for Playboy, Penthouse Variations, Call Babe or Seven Minutes In Heaven--all of which include erotic content and are still available at the apps store. Apple has delisted apps deemed guilty of simply bad taste, but here, too, its enforcement appears selective. How else to explain the nine apps now available using the word "toilet" in their title?

A few developers have gotten guidance. Australian developer Shifty Jelly blogged that its app, My Frame, would be banned by Apple's app store because it let users arrange photos in a picture frame that could be customized with images of objects like lamps and clocks. Shifty Jelly e-mailed Apple Chief Steve Jobs directly to complain, reportedly prompting this response from Jobs: "We are not allowing apps that create their own desktops. Sorry."

A vast army of developers has built the apps ecosystem. They are offered by "platform" stores from Apple and Google Android or "carrier" stores like those of Verizon or Vodafone. Apple's app store now offers 225,000 apps; Google's Android carries 50,000; GetJar 14,000.

Mark Beccue, a senior analyst at ABI Research who has authored a series of reports on apps, says that like any store--be it Wal-Mart or Ann Taylor--Apple can decide what it wants to offer. Soon, it may not matter. "People are getting apps from places other than apps stores," he says. In fact, Beccue predicts that in 2013 app store downloads will begin to decline.

Another typical case of how APPLE retards the growth of technology.

It is amazing how such technologically locked down / hindered devices are so popular amongst the masses.

UK toddler killer jailed over child porn

One of Britain's most notorious murderers, who was just 10 years old when he killed a two-year-old toddler, has been jailed for two years for downloading and distributing indecent images of children.

Jon Venables, now 27, pleaded guilty to three charges in relation to child pornography at the Old Bailey central criminal court in London, appearing by video link from jail where he has been held since being recalled in February.

Venables and Robert Thompson were given life sentences for the brutal murder of toddler James Bulger in 1993, but the pair were released on licence in 2001 and given secret new identities for their own safety.

The sadistic torture and murder of Bulger caused horror across Britain and fears about attacks on the two killers continue. Only the judge hearing the case on Friday was able to see Venables give his video evidence.

After pleading guilty, the judge sentenced him to two years in jail. But he said that because he was still on licence, he would not automatically be released after serving his time and it would be up to a parole board to decide.

Bulger's mother Denise Fergus, in court to hear the verdict, rejected this as insufficient and demanded to know why Venables had not been recalled to prison two years ago when he was arrested in a drunken street fight.

"Justice has not been done. These were very serious offences and two years is simply not enough to meet the gravity of what this person did," her spokesman Chris Johnson told reporters outside court.

"We're surprised and concerned that he was not recalled under the terms of his parole licence when he committed an offence in 2008," he added, and called for a "full investigation" into the way the probation service handled the case.

Venables admitted downloading 57 pornographic pictures of children on to his computer between February 2009 and February 2010, distributing indecent photos of children in February this year and distributing 42 images in February 2008.

His lawyer, John Gibson, said afterwards that he accepted his sentence and was "genuinely ashamed" about what he had done.

He also addressed Bulger's murder 17 years ago, when Venables and Thompson snatched the toddler from a shopping centre in Liverpool, northwest England.

They took him to a nearby train track where they beat him with bricks and an iron bar and left him for dead.

The lawyer said: "He has said that every day since what took place in 1993 he has thought about how different life might have been for all those affected, who he appreciates have also had their own reasons for reflection."

He said Venables felt returning to prison was "something of a relief" and "he is determined now, once and for all, to become the person he wishes to be so that when he is eventually released from prison, he will never go back".

After the two killers were released a decade ago, nothing more was known about their new lives until police began investigating Venables.

The pictures were found on his computer by accident, after Venables himself alerted the authorities after fearing that his new identity has been compromised, the court heard.

He called a probation officer and was told to gather his belongings, and when the officer arrived he was trying to delete files from his computer and remove the hard drive.

Police examined the computer and found images involving children as young as two. There were also videos featuring young girls being raped and forced to perform oral sex.

Speaking in court, another of Venables' lawyers, Edward Fitzgerald, said his client did what he did partly because of the "wholly abnormal situation" of living under an assumed name amid "constant fear of reprisals".

His "isolation" had led him into a "downward spiral of drink and drugs" and he had become addicted to cocaine and mephedrone, Fitzgerald said.

afp 24 July 2010

It is great how under the Anglo-Masonic Law System,

you can KILL someone, and literally get away with it, after a few years of jail.

Lawyers 'argue' the excuses as if condoning the actions.

People of this calibre are beyond help and are a danger to society

BUT are still let out by the system ONLY to re-offend, against who,

the masses and NOT the lawmakers.

23 July 2010

Rudd's adviser grabbed the reins:

Kevin Rudd reportedly asked his chief of staff to fill his spot as prime minister at the head of the nation's most important security body on several occasions.

In its first major report, new digital TV channel ABC News 24 has said the former prime minister showed a casual disregard for matters related to the National Security Committee of Cabinet.

Mr Rudd's chief of staff, 31-year-old Alistair Jordan, often deputised when the prime minister was running late for the meetings, it said.

The secretive body includes spy agencies and defence groups and is the supreme decision making council of government when it comes to matters of war, border security and terrorism.

Mr Rudd's office did not deny the report when contacted by the ABC while the office of Prime Minister Julia Gillard said she did not comment on matters of national security.

On Thursday Ms Gillard was maintaining her offer to Mr Rudd of a spot on the frontbench of a re-elected Labor government.

Deputy Opposition Leader Julie Bishop said that if the claims are true, Mr Rudd should not be considered for any ministerial position in future.

"If true, this demonstrates a contempt for Australia's national security by the Rudd-Gillard government," she was quoted by the ABC as saying.

Mr Rudd stood aside on June 24 to avoid humiliating defeat at the hands of Ms Gillard, who had the backing of the party's right faction to take over the Labor leadership.

The ABC said the revelations had left Ms Gillard with questions to answer about her knowledge of Mr Rudd's reported actions in relation to the security committee.

The ABC said that on occasions, Mr Jordan had deputised for Mr Rudd on the committee when the then prime minister had not attended meetings at all.

The meetings often started after Mr Rudd had kept the departmental heads waiting for more than an hour, it reported.

"Commonwealth officials were appalled and some complained because they believe it compromised the work of the committee," the ABC said.

It said other government sources had reported that Mr Jordan, or another senior staffer, sometimes stood in for Mr Rudd on the Strategic Priorities and Budget Committee of Cabinet - the so-called gang of four that made many of the government's major decisions.

ninemsn 23 July 2010

Just another example of how politics is run from the inside.

A pathetic way of governance which has made light to the general populous.

22 July 2010

Neil Perry slams MasterChef 'nobodies'

  • Neil Perry dismisses MasterChef
  • Contestants "nobodies"
  • "More important things going on in the world"

ONE of Australia's top chefs has given MasterChef a huge serve, dismissing the contestants as "nobodies" who don't deserve the fame and fortune the top-rating show delivers.

Neil Perry says MasterChef contestants, hailed as the best amateur chefs in the nation, would struggle to survive in a real restaurant kitchen.

"If you leave MasterChef and think that you are now one of the great chefs of Australia, I think you are probably up for a pretty rough ride," Perry told The Sunday Telegraph.

"These people are just nobodies with very little experience, and [aided by the show] are able to be exposed and have opportunities. That's why people go on the show.

"Most of them don't go on the show thinking they will be opening a restaurant ... most go on there to get enough media fame to be able to go on and do more media things."

Perry, owner of the Rockpool restaurant empire and Qantas executive chef, is the first top chef to openly criticise the ratings juggernaut, which pulls in an average 1.9 million viewers a night, six nights a week, for Channel Ten.

Perry's comments are even more extraordinary because he has been a regular on the show this year, starring in a segment where contestants had to prepare Qantas in-flight meals.

But he dismissed the show as little more than a game show and said it was unrealistic for contestants to believe they could go on to open restaurants or write cookbooks on the back of MasterChef.

"There's a big difference between cooking a proven dish from a proven terrific chef like Christine [Manfield] and going out and opening a restaurant for 100 people," he said.

Central Coast mum Julie Goodwin picked up lucrative endorsements after winning the first MasterChef series, promoting Glad products, Fountain sauces, and House retail stores.

She's also a regular columnist in The Australian Women's Weekly and is set to star in her own TV series, Julie Goodwin: Home Cooked, on the Nine Network.

Last year's MasterChef runner-up Poh Ling Yeow went on to host her own cooking show, Poh's Kitchen, on the ABC. She also signed a two-book deal with ABC Books. But Perry said very few of the MasterChef contestants were worthy of a spot on television.

"I haven't seen anything to suggest that any of them would warrant their own television show on a commercial network," he said.

Perry was unimpressed with the plan by eliminated favourite Marion Grasby's to develop a range of sauces, and Aaron Harvie's idea to open a wine bar, saying they'd need more than marketing to succeed.

"You've got to have a really good palate and you've got to understand the process if you want to put your own spin on it rather than just put your name on it," he said.

"And writing a cookbook is a really difficult thing to do."

Asked if he was surprised to see Grasby eliminated from the show, Perry said: "I'm not disappointed to see any of them go. There are quite a few life shattering things going on in the world, and I think someone being voted off MasterChef isn't one of the big disasters. It's a game show."

But Perry said MasterChef had opened Australians up to a greater appreciation of food.

"The good thing is MasterChef gives cooking more notoriety, it gives people more of an insight into cooking fresh food at home and it gets their kids inspired," he said.

"That's the really great spin-off of Masterchef, not necessarily the talent that it might unearth because there are already many good chefs in Australia."

news.com.au 18 Jul 2010

The purpose of these shows is to keep the masses in a suspended state of 'supification'.

One of the first shows that was unmasked as being 'rigged', i.e. FRAUDULENT was Survivor, YET NOTHING is done about this.

All the shows of this genre, The Apprentice, Dancing with the Stars, etc are fraudulent.

The politics of this are quite simple that being to detract the masses from the real issues of society.

A person who speaks up is labeled 'controversial' or a 'danger to the system', or as in the eyes of the Order of the New World a 'terrorist'.

It is a well know fact to the politicians that if the masses are NOT entertained they WILL riot.

The media and politicians work hand in hand to keep dumbing down the masses.

21 July 2010

Mayor considers plan to close off Sydney CBD for cars

Mayor considers plan to close off Sydney CBD for cars.

The Sydney CBD could become a haven for pedestrians and cyclists in the future, according to a draft 'memorandum of understanding' between Lord Mayor Clover Moore and NSW Premier Kristina Keneally, obtained by the ABC.

Reviving Ms Moore's long-held goal of making Sydney more pedestrian-friendly, the plan calls for cars to be blocked from stretches of George Street, although buses and taxis would be allowed access. Traffic at Liverpool and King Streets would be redirected to Kent and Castlereagh Streets.

New 40km/h speed zones would be established across the CBD, with special 10km/h areas to be shared by pedestrians and cars and giving pedestrians right-of-way.

The plans, drawn up with the help of Danish urban designer Professor Jan Gehl (instrumental in pedestrian-friendly changes to Melbourne's CBD), have drawn the ire of NRMA President Wendy Machin.

Ms Machin said that redirecting traffic would only serve to redistribute congestion rather than reduce it.

Speaking with the ABC, transport expert Dr Michelle Zeibots at the University of Technology Sydney, said that traffic will eventually settle as motorists respond to the changes by choosing not to drive.

motoring.ninemsn.com.au 14 May 2010

Melborune is following in the same direction,
BUT it is NOT talked about,as the government is doing this covertly,
and making it more diffucult for people to use cars onthe roads.

18 July 2010

'Pregnant' teen nearly dies from brain infection

A teenage Victorian girl nearly died after a hospital told her she was pregnant when she was critically ill from a brain infection.

Kate Newton, a 16-year-old from Narre Warren in Melbourne's south-west, was resuscitated after she suffered a heart attack, the Herald Sun newspaper reports.

She was then operated on, with neurosurgeons forced to drill a hole into her skull to release fluid that had been putting pressure on her brain.

Ms Newton had been originally sent home from Casey Hospital after she was admitted on June 3 for a chronic headache.

The hospital told Miss Newton she must be pregnant and a test revealed she had a urinary tract infection.

Despite pleas to undergo a brain scan, she was instead given intravenous fluids and sent home with antibiotics.

Two days later she was back at Casey after the headaches worsened but her request for a brain scan was again refused and she was diagnosed with vertigo.

On June 9 Miss Newton took a turn for the worse and she was admitted to Dandenong Hospital for a brain scan which revealed she was at serious risk.

She was rushed to Monash Medical Centre where she had the heart attack but was revived.

The teen required further surgery and spent days in intensive care, and she still suffers from dizzy spells and short-term memory loss.

Southern Health, which runs Casey Hospital, told the newspaper it was investigating its handling of Ms Newton.

ninemsn 12 Jul 2010.

The politics of Health Care in Australia are quite simple. Like in the USA, if you do NOT have the money you will not have the health care.

The hospital should be sued for this BUT as with all investigations of this calibre, a coverup will occur.