18 July 2012

News Limited scores win against Tax Office

News Limited could be eligible for up to $2 billion in tax deductions related to currency losses incurred on international loans.

Thirty subsidiaries of News appealed a decision of the Australian Tax Office to refuse the deductions.

The losses stemmed from a series of loans to related overseas companies in the late-1980s, and were claimed between 2000 and 2002 during a debt transfer from a US arm of the company.

The ATO had argued the transfer of the loans did not constitute an event to trigger the foreign currency losses, and that no deductions should be available.

However, the Federal Court found the transfer of the loans did result in a foreign currency loss to the plaintiffs.

Had News Limited fully succeeded in all its claims it could have expected a tax refund of around $615 million plus interest.

However, while Justice Perram ruled that the tax assessments were excessive, he also made some factual findings in favour of the ATO that are likely to reduce the total tax refund.

Justice Perram said that meant he is not in a position to assess the correct amount owed to News.

Instead, he has ordered the ATO to reassess the companies' tax liabilities including the deductions from the foreign currency losses.

The ATO has also been ordered to pay court costs, however it is not clear yet whether it will appeal Justice Perram's decision to the full bench of the Federal Court.

heraldsun.com.au 17 Jul 2012

News Limited untochable by law.

Phone hacking scandal - untouched.

Tax bill - untouched.

It is good to know that the brotherhood on one's side.

Now the ATO (Australian Tax Office) will go on a rampage to obtain taxes from the masses to cover the financial black hole created by Rupert Murdoch.

Some companies are allowed to get away with tax fraud whilst others are not.

Melbourne City Council denies quotas for parking inspectors

MELBOURNE City Council has withdrawn more than 10,000 parking fines in the past year, as the crisis over its botched new parking scheme escalates.

The parking inspectors' union says this figure is the "tip of the iceberg".

Australian Services Union representative Lita Gillies urged drivers to contest fines in court because the accuracy of underground sensors installed in 4600 of the city's parking bays was uncertain.

There are allegations parking inspectors have been ordered to book up to 350 drivers a day as the council tries to recoup millions of dollars lost as a result of bungled parking reforms.

Ms Gillies said teams of about eight inspectors had been given quotas to book 250-350 motorists a day in order to meet budgets.

"The only winner out of the whole situation is the council, who get to plan how they will spend the revenue," she said.

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"If 10,000 (fines) have been withdrawn, it is just the tip of the iceberg.

"There will be many more members of the public who will not be contesting because they will be under the assumption that they have been correctly fined."

Figures from the City of Melbourne reveal that in 2011-12, nearly a third of disgruntled motorists who appealed to council against their fines had them overturned.

Of 31,400 contested fines, more than 10,800 were scrapped.

The council's budget, delivered in May, revealed an $8 million black hole.

The council's former parking manager had predicted new parking fine technology would reap an extra $6 million. The council issued 383,000 fines in 2011-12.

A council spokeswoman said while there was an expectation that a certain amount of money would be raised through fines, she denied parking inspectors had been given quotas for booking drivers.

"While it is a parking officer's role to maximise the detection of illegally parked vehicles, it is important to note that the number of fines issued is determined by the behaviour of drivers," she said.

"Any service develops a revenue budget. City of Melbourne's parking and traffic revenue budget is built largely on precedent, and includes the expectation of money raised through fines.

"If requested, daily or weekly reports are provided showing measures of revenue generation."

The spokeswoman said it was "completely untrue" that fines issued using the underground sensor technology were being overturned.
heraldsun.com.au  18 Jul 2012
Another case of fraudulent information given by governament  without ANY consequences.
Parking inspector DO have a quota to meet, i.e. a budget given by the local city council.
This figure must be adhered to by the parking inspectors, and if the figure is not met by the end of the working week, i.e. Friday, then ovedrtime is given to the parking inspector to meet the budgeted figure.
The perpetuating of fraudulent information is a serious offence, in most cases.
In front of the masses, the government flaunts the fact that it is above the law, and that no one or no legal insitution will take it to court on behalf of the general populous.

16 July 2012

Wifi speeds misleading

The Australian telecoms industry is stifled and deliberately holding back on technology from the general public through the monopoly of Telstra.
Even though external operators are able to setup mobile telecoms towers, to allow for alleged competition, they are ultimately connected to the Telstra owned copper cabling.
The general populous are misled by fraudulent telco advertising as to what speeds can be expected from the company or equipment. This information is kept away from the masses, but well known to the telco, as they are the ones who allocate the resources i.e. speed and bandwidth.
Whilst new products are on the market at a rapid rate, the masses are deliberately mislead as to what performance to expect from them.
Vodafone has been in the technical spotlight, for all the wrong reasons. Poor network performance, constant dropouts, substandard data speeds have been the gripe of many customers across Australia.

As a result Vodafone have been losing customers at a rate of over 300 per day. In typical corporate fashion of misinformation Vodafone have been denying any difficulties.
A recent media campaign informed the masses that Vodafone is updating their equipment, network towers in order to win back customers, in effect acknowleding customer's gripes.
Telcos are very coy about informing the public about the product specifications or branding / models of the hardware they package as their own.
The current pocket wifi 2 (Huawei E585u-82) still available has a minor technical update over the superseeded pocket wifi (E585) with a premium price tag, but both still share the same maximum theoretical download speeds of 7.2 Mega bits per second.

A recent product that is promoted by Vodafone is the new pocket wifi pro, which is from the manufacturer's Huawei E585 family of mobile broadband devices, which has a theoretical maximum speed of 21Mbps.
These speeds by the device are not only unobtainable, but through tower limitations, network congestion, bandwidth overselling only a fraction of the speed is seen by the customer.
The telco industry in Australia is a multi billion dollar industry, of which some portion of this revenue is attributed to deliberately misleading information given to the masses in order to obtain sales.
Government organisations like the consumer watchdog (ACCC) or the ombudsman (TIO) are supposedly there to protect the public from fraud.
Not only to these organisations not act in an acceptable time frame, but also if any comany is fined, the fines are so pitiful, that it is worth the fine from the fraudulently obtained funds through sales.
Currently there is no benefit, nor any advantage on the Vodafone's network to justify the purchase of their current offering the pocket wifi pro.

Quality work by news.com.au

In todays online front page from news.com.au appear the apparently most read news stories. Accompanied by photos they are:

Former NRL star 'king hit patron in a pub fight',
'Monica' chants, shoes thrown at Hillary Clinton,
US to train officers for illicit weapons fight and
Average student racks up $14,400 in debt.

All these stories do not point to their respective url but rather to:

No arguments there from the (maybe) sacked webmaster?

Stealing petrol is a crime – not for the authorities

Stealing or theft is a punishable offence under Australian federal, state and territorial laws, which also may include jail time.

Whether it be a drawing pin from a news agency or a paper clip from a multinational company, the monetary value is not the issue but rather the act of theft.

Motorists are reminded constantly that theft is illegal, and to be more specific, theft of gasoline. In order not to involve police or legal proceedings, fuel must be paid for in full prior to departure.

Recently the corporate media has mentioned on national television that the oil companies are stealing petrol.

This process has been going on for decades, but since this is fraud against the masses, there is no court action, nor any representative from any legal firm acting on behalf of the general populous isx to take action against the oil giants.

The manner in which this is done is that the fuel dispensing machines are falsely reporting the amount of fuel supplied, to the advantage of the company/operator. This is done on purpose for the benefit of the supplier.

The Australian judicial system works together with large corporations generally to the detriment of the masses.

It is the boys club peers, colleagues and brethren of the ‘big business’ conglomerates that the law makers favour in terms of creating the laws, and boundaries that govern society.

The laws that apply to the masses are not the same laws that apply to the ‘untouchables’.

Bieber the Hollywood puppet

TEEN star Justin Bieber has arrived in Melbourne for a micro-managed promotional tour.

The 18-year-old Canadian flew in yesterday morning via private jet and tweeted "hate these long flights but worth it to see my fans in Australia".

However his protective minders have gagged Australian journalists from asking any hard questions.

Bieber will only undertake a handful of interviews.

Media outlets are required to send their questions to Bieber's handlers in advance.

Questions about his girlfriend, singer and actor Selena Gomez are off limits.

Gomez, who was with Bieber in Malaysia before flying to Melbourne, is expected to have followed him to Australia.

Bieber will also be shielded from questions about his alleged assault on paparazzi and using a false name after being pulled over by LA police for speeding - he said he was being pursued by photographers.

Radio hosts have also been warned off playing any jokes on Bieber, who recently hung up on an American DJ who asked him cheeky questions about his chart rivals One Direction.

Bieber, who can appear defensive and monosyllabic in interviews, will pre-record a performance on the Australia's Got Talent grand final in Melbourne tomorrow afternoon.

It will air on Channel 7 on Wednesday night.

Bieber flies to Sydney tonight and works tomorrow and Wednesday before flying out on Wednesday night.

His only official appearance will be in Sydney for Sunrise on Wednesday morning.

The star made brief appearance at the front of a Melbourne hotel to sign autographs and pose for photos yesterday afternoon.

But other fans missed out as they had gathered at the Langham Hotel in Southbank to try to see the pop idol after an unconfirmed tweet that he was staying there.

Hundreds of girls were chanting “We want Justin!” and waving up to the window of a suite at the five-star hotel.

They jumped on trains from around suburban Melbourne after Twitter rumours that the 18-year-old was returning to the same hotel that he stayed in during his visit to Melbourne last year.

Langham sources said Bieber was not staying with them this time, but his fans were undeterred saying they would wait all day.

Riana, 16, of Sandringham, rushed to the city with her friend Isabel two hours to see Bieber.

“We will wait here as long as it takes,” she said.

“We are going to tag team to get food, so if he does arrive at least one of us will have seen him.”

Isabel said she was desperate to see her idol.

“The last time he was here I was on school camp so I didn’t get to go to his concert, I cried for a whole month,” she said.

“I’m not going to let that happen again.”

news.com.au 16 July 2012
From the story: http://www.news.com.au/entertainment/music/fans-gather-at-melbourne-hotel-after-bieber-tweet/story-e6frfn09-1226426747264#ixzz20kDynp9F

Bieber is a typical illustration of a Hollywood tool that is used to make hundereds of millions for the music elite, from the children of the canon fodder.
It has been illustrated in this article how precise and scripted the media marketing campaign is, in that not even a word out of place can be uttered.
There is no talent in what Beiber does, but rather electronic enchancements coupled with a media barrage claiming that he is a 'star'.
The entertainment industry is a joke at the expense of the hard working parents who throw their monies away for their misguided children.

Job advertisement fraud

Another ‘cooking the books’ scam that the government is involved in is one that involves false employment advertising, and the ‘signing up’ of prospective employees to a Job Network Provider.

A Job Network Provider is a government sponsored ‘employment agency’ that looks for work on behalf of the enlisted prospective employee, as well as providing the facilities for those who do not have the resources to search for employment, be it via a computer or the more antiquated, print and phone method.

The government has embarked on a ‘Job Network Provider’ business, that is in reality a ‘money for mates’ deal, that employs friends, family or relations in a particular office, to allegedly administer employment opportunities for their clients.

Many participants are waking up to the job scam that is perpetuated by employment agencies, and the corporate media.

Corpau has information from anonymous sources within the government and private industry that has indicated that most of the jobs that are advertised are false, in order to meet a requirement to obtain government funding, in the case of government sponsored agencies, or legal requirements.

Approximately 70% of the jobs advertised are either a previous already advertised position (copy) or have already been filled, but are advertised to meet legislative requirements.

More monies are spent in administering government welfare than what is given to the participants.

This is a multi million dollar scam that the corporate media will not under any circumstances unveil, as this would mean radical changes across the whole of Australia, which would disadvantage the people at the top of the employment food chain.

Centrelink treat their customers like garbage

One of the greater taboos of the corporate media and governments is one of government oppression through various organisations.

A recent article (Centrelink phone hell) published by News Corp was one that described the customers of Centrelink being disregarded resulting in being on the phone for extended periods of time without any assistance.

A common derogatory term used to describe people who are in need of financial assistance from Centrelink is ‘dole bludgers’. This term is used to describe people who have no interest in obtaining work, or have the intention to obtain government benefits indefinitely.

The corporate media, being the government lap dog that it is, is very quick to point out how individuals rort the system.

There are many instances where government and corporate bodies commit fraud against the masses without any repercussions. The reporting of these kinds of crimes, is considered against the ‘system’ therefore not a policy of the corporate media to enlighten the general populous.

The Anglo-Masonic legal system is also in on the act in working against the masses, through oppression in the courts.

Harassment and discrimination by government employees against the ‘dole bludgers’ is more common place than one would think, but again this kind of information is not brought out by the corporate media.

The true extent of government harassment of the ‘dole bludgers’ will never be revealed.