02 May 2015

Australia's fascist dictators tell you what to use and when

Australia is truly a Mecca for corporate criminals, who evade tax, where corporations rip customers off with literally no 'penalties', just slaps on the wrists, and contrary to law were monopolies rule.

Under the deceptive guise of one word called 'government' Australia is actually run by a fascist system, consisting of a conglomerate of corporations, to the financial detriment of the general populous.

Australia's utilities were public assets, as a result all Australians enjoyed moderately priced services for water, gas and electricity with moderate periodical increases.

These public assets were sold without public consultation (a referendum) to overseas corporations (by a government operating criminally) and consequently are in the hands of "Financial Terrorists", with price rises designed to bring in astronomical profits to pay the CEO's multimillion dollar salaries, not reflecting the true quality of services provided.

In Victoria, there has been many an article written with regards to the controversial installation of the 'smart meter', where the 'authorities' claimed that it was 'mandatory'.

In other states e.g. South Australia, it was not mandatory for the customer to have a 'smart meter'.

The government had a contract with the supplier to install the meters (which was mandatory), but most customers were conned/mislead/bullied into the installation, where it was NOT mandatory for the customer to accept this meter.

Many succumbed to fear, threats, physical violence, and even those who did not want one, it was still installed, in breach of Australian corporate laws.

There should be a Royal Commission into this, but this will NEVER happen.

This was done, as a first phase to increase the profits of the electricity companies, and NOT to save the customers any money whatsoever.

Customers also had to pay for the smart meter.

Water and gas meters are next on the list to be replaced with 'smart meters'.

Now that the first phase is complete (only a small percentage of Victorian households do not have 'smart meters'), the rip off begins, under the banner of 'you choose' when to can use you appliances.

You are NOT forced, when you can use your dishwasher, drier, oven or even air conditioner, according to YOUR lifestyle, but you WILL be penalised financially.

This is literally a form of extortion, coercion once again an action that is criminal according to 'their' laws, but allowed by corporations.

Another example of fascist rule, is that in recent news, you may be allowed not to vaccinate 'your'* child, but you WILL be penalised $15,000 per year.

Is it really that difficult for people to see that this continent is a new age Alcatraz?

* - A child registered within the state is a property of that state. 

01 May 2015

Australian Independence Day, when exactly?

So would it suffice to say that most Australians know when the American's celebrate Independence Day?

Hint: It's a Public Holiday there.

What about Australia?

So, when do Australians celebrate the Independence Day of Australia?

Looking though the Public Holidays calendar, there is no holiday pertaining to Australia's independence from the United Kingdom.


Because Australia is NOT independent from the U.K. or more specifically the 'Crown'.

In the illustration above it is claimed by the Project Gutenberg Self - Publishing Press, that Australia has Independence from the United Kingdom.

Link: http://self.gutenberg.org/article/WHEBN0004689264/Australia

Another quick search in a quite popular search engine may reveal some results that show Australia Day which is the 26th of January, marking the anniversary of the arrival of the "First Fleet" in 1788.

Some law educational institutions may tell their future lawyers, solicitors or barristers that on that day (26th of January) with the arrival of the First Fleet, the laws of England came to the land as well.

This is plain and simply a lie, or [deliberate?] false information.

With the arrival of the First Fleet, came convicts, some civilians, the Royal Navy, Royal Marines, and a (naval) Governor, where MARTIAL LAW was put in place upon every man, woman and child on the land, including the Indigenous population of the continent.

Martial Law was in place from January 26th 1788 until the year 1828.

Make NO mistake about it, the legal (as opposed to political) reality, Australia is still a colony of the United Kingdom, and the general populous of this land are NOT 'free' men or women.

In legal reality, the 26th of January marks the last day of freedom people had on this land.

It has been twisted by the 'authorities' as a day of celebration (for the people?).... well maybe for them.

Ask ANY Indigenous Australian what the 26th Day of January means, and the words of slavery, murder or genocide may be uttered.

30 April 2015

Bali 9 Execution a deliberate distraction?

With the 'Murderduck' media in full swing going into graphic detail of how two drug smugglers were going to get murdered in another country, what really went on behind the scenes in Australia?

What Bill went through that was really going to effect the lives of Australians? What Act was sneakily slid under the public radar that was going to enslave the masses even more?

When the plebs are celebrating or distracted with other events that's when parliament puts through even dodgier Bill / Acts than the ones that meet (if ever) public awareness.

Pity the mainstream media's courtroom reporters do not publish in graphic detail of "how to get out of fines" that people have great success from just knowing the dodgy laws and how to maneuver around them, using THEIR (unlawful) laws.

Pity the mainstream media's courtroom reporters do not expose the criminal action of the so called Victorian 'sheriff' Brendan Facey, and his illegitimate (bastard) sheriffs.

Could this be a conspiracy theory with a greater threat than ISIS could ever pose??? !!! ???

28 April 2015

Free Trade Agreement closes down Toyota in Australia

This is just one example of how the FTA (Free Trade Agreement) is effecting the earning capacity of Australians, where jobs are sent offshore to countries that support 'slave labour'.

The government (Australian worker's tax dollars) subsidised nearly 50% of the new model development.

From the news.com.au article on 28 Apr 2015 under the headline:

Toyota Camry: last car to be made in Australia starts production in Altona plant 

End of the line ... the new Toyota Camry gets a final inspection. Photo: Supplied.

End of the line ... the new Toyota Camry gets a final inspection. Photo: Supplied. Source: Supplied
THE first example of the last car to be made in Australia will go down Toyota’s production line in the Melbourne suburb of Altona today. 

The official sign-off ceremony for the new Toyota Camry comes two-and-a-half years before the local car manufacturing industry falls silent forever.

Ford is due to close its Broadmeadows and Geelong factories in October 2016, about one year before Holden shuts its Elizabeth assembly line near Adelaide.

But Japanese giant Toyota will be the last of the three to lock its factory gates at the end of 2017 — and this new Camry is the model that will take the company and the industry to the end of the line.

Gearing up ... Camry is Australia’s top-selling mid-size sedan for 21 years. Photo: Suppl
Gearing up ... Camry is Australia’s top-selling mid-size sedan for 21 years. Photo: Supplied. Source: Supplied
Toyota Australia says it has enough export orders for the Camry to keep the factory running until its planned shutdown date.

“We are 100 per cent categorically, absolutely, committed to continuing production until the end of 2017,” said Toyota Australia president Dave Buttner.

Despite the imminent closure, Toyota says its 2500 factory workers are determined to go out on a high.
“When the gates shut for the last time, I know I can hold my head high knowing I’ve done my best,” said Robert Cook, a technical officer on the production line that will build 90,000 cars this year, about twice as many as Holden and five times as many as Ford.

The Toyota Camry has been Australia’s top-selling medium-size sedan for 21 years but 70 per cent of the vehicles made locally are exported to the Middle East.

Close inspection ... Toyota says the last model will be the best-built yet. Photo: Suppli
Close inspection ... Toyota says the last model will be the best-built yet. Photo: Supplied. Source: Supplied
Toyota has built more than 3.2 million cars in Australia since 1963 — just three years after the first Ford Falcon and the same year the EH Holden came out — and more than 2 million vehicles have been made in Altona since the factory opened in 1995.

When local production ends, Toyota will likely import the next generation Camry from Thailand, which has a Free Trade Agreement with Australia and is now the second biggest source of vehicles sold locally after Japan and ahead of South Korea.

On the line ... Altona is one of seven Camry factories around the world: Photo: Supplied.
On the line ... Altona is one of seven Camry factories around the world: Photo: Supplied. Source: Supplied
Mr Buttner, who came up through the ranks at Toyota in manufacturing-related jobs between 1988 and 2002, said he had mixed emotions about the arrival of the new car.

“It’s a bitter sweet experience,” said Mr Buttner. “Bitter in that it will be the last product we build in Australia … but the other feeling is of great pride, when you see the commitment and absolute passion and dedication of every worker on the production line.”

Toyota says it has started retraining its workers for life after manufacturing and up to 90 per cent of blue collar staff had taken up the offer to develop new skills.

Bumper issue ... locally-moulded bumpers get fitted to the new Camry: Photo: Supplied.
Bumper issue ... locally-moulded bumpers get fitted to the new Camry: Photo: Supplied. Source: Supplied
The average length of service for Toyota Australia’s production line workers is 15 years. The longest serving employee, an 83-year-old man who works in quality control, who declined to be interviewed, has been with Toyota for 42 years.

“We are actively looking across Victoria: where are the jobs, are they in construction, hospitality, healthcare, what’s the average weekly wage, what’s the entry qualifications,” said Mr Buttner.

“We’ve now started developing one-on-one transition plans for every employee. We will pay for the training, we will assist with any literacy skills people may require, writing resumes, and so on.”

Exit sign ... once Camry’s gone, so too is local automotive manufacturing. Photo: SupplieExit sign ... once Camry’s gone, so too is local automotive manufacturing. Photo: Supplied. Source: Supplied
The new car is the sixth generation Camry made in Australia since 1987 and arrives just two years after the last all-new Camry went on sale.

Customarily, only minor revisions are made at this point in the car’s model cycle.

But with more than 800 new parts, it is the biggest facelift in the Camry’s history. Every panel except the roof is new.

The new model cost $108 million to develop, including $23.6 million from the Federal Government and a smaller, undisclosed sum from the Victorian Government.

Once production ramps up, the new Camry is due to arrive in local showrooms from next month.

Gina Rinehart’s only son referred to her as ‘fatty’: He urged sister to join him in legal action, court hears

Gina Rinehart / Picture: Kym Smith
Gina Rinehart / Picture: Kym Smith Source: News Corp Australia
GINA Rinehart was repeatedly referred to by her only son as “the fat” and “fatty”, with emails revealing John Hancock urged his sister Bianca to join him in legal action against their mother over their trust. 

The emails were tendered yesterday as Bianca Rinehart claimed the family company has a policy to “keep the children in the dark”, telling a court that crucial documents about the long disputed trust were “deliberately withheld”. Emails between 2004 and 2006 were tendered, showing Mr Hancock told his sister “Fat would have quickly grown tired of supporting your shopping and leisure activities” and “hopefully you will have another man to take care of you” in the aftermath of her break up with swimmer Grant Hackett.

John Hancock and his sister Bianca are in dispute with their mother, Gina Rinehart, over
John Hancock, Gina Rinehart’s son / Picture: Sam Mooy Source: News Corp Australia
“You can send my correspondence and your reply to fatty (in hoping she will pay for your Mandarin education), but at the end of the day you will still come off second best,” Mr Hancock wrote in the May 2004 email.

Less than a decade later, the siblings united in a bitter trust dispute against their mother, Australia’s richest person.

Bianca Rinehart agreed under cross examination yesterday that her allegation of “misleading and deceptive conduct” made against her mother “is a very serious one”.

“Yes, and I stand by it,” she told the Federal Court in Sydney yesterday.

Bianca Rinehart and Mr Hancock last year lodged the Federal Court case, alleging a “breach of fiduciary duty” by their mother in the handling of family trusts. The case is separate to action in the NSW Supreme Court, which has sought to remove Gina Rinehart as trustee of the Hope Margaret Hancock Trust.

Bianca Rinehart outside court / Picture: Andrew Murray
Bianca Rinehart outside court / Picture: Andrew Murray Source: News Corp Australia
In this current case, the two children from her first marriage are seeking a share of major mining projects, including the Roy Hill iron ore project, claiming those tenements were either part of, or planned to be a part of, the trust established for them by their grandfather Lang Hancock.

The court heard that at the time of Mr Hancock’s death in 1992, the Hancock Family Memorial Foundation trust held 33 per cent of the shares in the family flagship company Hancock Prospecting and the tenements for Hope Downs and Mulga Downs and was “pursuing” the exploration licence for Roy Hill.

John and Bianca’s barrister Christopher Withers told the court yesterday that, over time, Mrs Rinehart changed the assets of the trust, leaving the trust the children were beneficiaries of “with virtually no assets”.

Ms Rinehart, during a tense cross-examination by her mother’s barrister, said she signed the trust deed because: “I was taking for granted that what my mother was presenting was the truth, as most children probably do.”

Bianca Rinehart arrives at the Federal courts in Sydney with her legal team / Picture: JoShe alleged the attitude of Hancock Prospecting was: “Don’t give the children anything (document wise), keep the children in the dark.”

Bianca and her brother argue that their claim, if they are successful in court, “could be forceable against the assets” of Hancock Prospecting.

The hearing continues today.

Bianca Rinehart arrives at the Federal courts in Sydney with her legal team / Picture: John Grainger Source: News Corp Australia

news.com.au 27 Apr 2015

Another one of Australia's elite white collar criminal gang.

Tax evasion with offshore shelf companies is considered criminal action in Australia, but the authorities allow these criminals to continue trading.

Gina Rinehart's father 'Lang' Hancock referred to troubled Indigenous Australians as a problem, which he considered should be killed off by poisoning the water, making them unable to breed so that they would become extinct.

"Gina Rinehart’s only son referred to her as ‘fatty’" - but she is.... 

Advanced Medical Institute told vulnerable men with erection problems penises could shrink without treatment, court finds

This is how the so called authorities fail to protect the consumer, by not acting in time.

When it comes to defrauding the 'consumer' the authorities take their time, at a snail's pace, but when the roles are reversed and the corporation conglomerate, commonly known as the government buts a Bill across to make a new law, e.g. new speed camera laws or deployment of more (revenue raising) speed cameras the process takes months and not years.

AMI has defrauded the consumer to the tune of millions per annum since 2009, BUT the consumer watchdog did not shut them down.

It is now 2015 and AMI are still trading with their fraudulent claims.

The 'doctors' at AMI were never standing by to take your call, but rather trained telemarketers.

Another abysmal fail by the toothless watchdog the ACCC.

From the ABC article:

A company selling nasal sprays to treat erection problems used "unconscionable" sales techniques that included warning men their penises could shrink, the Federal Court has found.

The court ruled the Advanced Medical Institute (AMI), known for its high-profile billboards and television advertising, engaged in conduct contrary to the Trade Practices Act and the Australian Consumer Law.

Justice Tony North said patients were signed up to expensive contracts of 12 to 18 months without a proper medical consultation.

"Sales people used high-pressure selling techniques by telling men that their penis would shrink and they would suffer psychological impotence if they did not agree to the treatment," he said.

The men were told they would get a refund if the treatment did not work but were not informed that they had to try all treatment options including self-injections in the base of the penis.

Justice North said there was no scientific basis for the treatment and doctors did not diagnose the cause of erectile dysfunction, which is often associated with cardiovascular disease and diabetes.

"The doctors failed to provide patients with proper care and act in their best interests," he said.

"They failed to meet the standards of proper practice established by the medical profession. The doctors elevated the commercial interests of AMI above the medical interests of the patients."

In the 2009 financial year, customers paid AMI nearly $55 million for its treatments.

Justice North ordered that AMI could offer patients contracts of no more than two months and must include a five-day cooling off period.

Its doctors must also conduct consultations either face-to-face or by video-link.

The judgement of the court was also referred to medical disciplinary bodies.

AMI was ordered to pay the legal costs of the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission.

abc.net.au 22 Apr 2015

27 April 2015

Wind up order sought for Australian MVNO Lycamobile

Summary: The Deputy Commissioner of Taxation in Australia is seeking to wind up global mobile virtual network operator Lycamobile's operations in Australia.

The Deputy Commissioner is seeking to wind up Lycamobile's operations in Australia, just over three years after the UK global mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) launched in Australia.

The notice of application for an order to wind up Lycamobile was published on the Australian Securities & Investment Commission's website earlier this month, with a hearing scheduled in the New South Wales Supreme Court for March 20.

The company first launched in Australia in November 2010, operating on Telstra's 2G network, offering cheap calls and texts to a number of international locations where Lycamobile operates.

Last year, the company found itself before the Federal Court on claims that it had underpaid its employees by AU$28,000 in total over several months in 2011. Around 12 of the workers were foreign nationals employed to sell prepaid mobile SIMs and recharge vouchers, with many on varied types of visas, and all paid a flat rate of AU$15 per hour.

The Federal Court handed Lycamobile a fine totalling AU$59,400 for the underpayment of employee wages in February 2013.

In 2013, Lycamobile also got caught up with the Australian Communications and Media Authority over a failure to provide accurate customer data to the Integrated Public Number Database (IPND) Manager that is used by Australian emergency services.

ZDNet has attempted to contact Lycamobile, but no response has yet been received. The company's website is still active; however, its Facebook page has been removed. The company's call centre is still active, but staff were unaware of the application for the wind up order.

Telstra's promotional video highlighting Lycamobile's use of Telstra's wholesale 2G network has also been removed from YouTube.

A spokesperson for Telstra declined to comment.

zdnet.com 28 Feb 2014

Another multinational ripping off Australians!

NOT the best value for money MVNO, so shop around!

Dick Smith Dual USB Car Charger - Rip off

Here is where the corporations literally rip customers off with their overpriced electronics goods.

The 'Dick Smith' label is a cheap manufactured item which bears the company's logo.

In this example there is a 'Dick Smith' branded dual USB 12 volt car charger with a total current output of 2.4 Amps from two USB ports, with the inclusion of an Apple Lightning cable, retailing for 2 cents short of $65, which in reality is $65.
See illustration below.

A Kensington PowerBolt 3.4 (3.4 Amps) with a lightning cable can retail for $30.

A USB (generic) Lightning cable from a computer parts reseller is available for $4.

A generic branded car charger from the same computer parts reseller is available for $4.

So, for the total cost of $8 on can purchase a dual usb with Lightning cable comparable to the Dick Smith item for 12% of the price from Dick Smith.

Keep in mind that these items are made in China for a fraction of the price they retail for in Australia, with no justification for profit margins that approaches 4 digits.

This is just one example of the the parent company is ripping customers of.

Online shopping is literally THE only way to go!

26 April 2015

Parliamentary Education Office local government Fact Sheet

Information produced by the Australian government under the banner of the Parliamentary Education Office regarding 'local government' is misleading and/or false information.

According to the printed material obtained from the site within the link:


"Australia has three levels of government: federal,
state/territory and local. The federal government is
the highest level of government."

See illustration below:

In reality there are only two lawful levels (tiers) of government in Australia.

The first being federal (Commonwealth), then state/territorial (also known as 'local government' - as defined in the document called 'Australia's Constitution').

What is referred to today as 'local government' or city councils is referred to as municipal office, a department of the state, and NOT another level or tier of government.

See page 936 (illustration above) of the document called "THE ANNOTATED CONSTITUTION OF THE AUSTRALIAN COMMONWEALTH" By John Quick and Robert Randolph Garran, in the link below which is a digitised version of the book from the University of Toronto Library, Canada. (1056pages, 76.5MB)


Australia's 'founding' document is the Australian Constitution which came into effect on 1st of January 1901.

Available for download in the link below is "An Act to constitute the Commonwealth of Australia" with the lawful seal, which contains the Constitution from Section 9.


Another piece of misinformation brought to you by the (trusting?) government.