18 April 2020

Gov has no legal authority to ‘force’ app download


The so called ‘Australian Government’ is stating that you may be forced to download the Coronavirus app in order so that your movements will be tracked.

We would love to see that law (i.e. Act) and the Bills enabling that law, together will ALL the ‘checks and balances’ associated in the lawmaking process of that mandatory action.

Straight off the bat, you can be guaranteed that the law will not be passed lawfully.

The ONLY way the government would be able to get you to use their app, is by your consent, and by other alternative means employed often to get people to do something in the colony, that being force, fear and intimidation.

Also, please pay attention to the words in the headline, in particular the word ‘may’.

You may be forced does not have the same meaning as you will be forced.

Fear tactics by the mainstream media?

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