11 June 2016

Application for - Request of Information, by police

If you are in a situation where you would want to communicate with Australia's police force, you can get the police 'person' to fill out the following form.

This is valid in ALL states and territories of Australia, as the police are now corporate entities in their respective states and territories of Australia.

This can be a 'commercial in confidence' transaction if you so desire it to be.

The form can be downloaded from the following link:


Dob in a drug dealer but not a corrupt cop

So apparently the herd population is told that the 'law' applies to everyone.

In reality the situation is quite the stark contrast.

The application of law in a penal colony, like Australia, is quite different than from most other 'free' countries or even republics.

As people should be aware the police is part of Australia's 'executive', i.e. working for the government, which today in reality is a corporation conglomerate.

So the 'authorities' encourage the inhabitants of a penal colony to 'dob' in a drug dealer, i.e. inform the authorities / police that someone is committing 'criminal' offences.

So what happens when the 'authorities' are committing criminal offences and they are 'dobbed' in?

Well just Queensland's Sergeant Rick Flori.

10 June 2016

Rothschild's 25 point plan to gain and control global wealth

Hydro Tasmania asked to explain cloud seeding in catchment day before flooding

Tasmania's government-owned energy company has been asked to explain why it conducted cloud seeding over the Derwent Valley the day before flooding began this week.

Cloud seeding plane heads out

Key points:

  • Hydro Tasmania authorised cloud seeding, which increases rain, in a catchment hit hard by floods
  • Premier seeks explanation from Hydro
  • Hydro says inappropriate to comment, pending inquiries
  • Search continues for Ouse farmer
The catchment flooded on Monday near Ouse in southern Tasmania, where the search continues for a missing farmer.

In the state's north, one person was killed and another remains missing.

Cloud seeding is a technique used to increase rain to bolster dams and involves the addition of a substance to suitable clouds to encourage the growth of ice crystals or raindrops.

Premier Will Hodgman said he was told Hydro Tasmania authorised cloud seeding on Sunday morning in the Upper Derwent catchment, even though heavy falls were forecast.

Mr Hodgman told 936 ABC Hobart Hydro's decision was difficult to fathom at face value but Energy Minister Matthew Groom was seeking answers.

"That's why we've sought the explanation from Hydro Tasmania as to those matters, the Minister has sought that," he said.

"It's certainly my expectation that will be provided at the earliest opportunity to respond to those matters."

Hydro Tasmania has confirmed it flew a cloud seeding flight the day huge storms approached the country's east coast.

Documents show the flight took place on Sunday morning while there were flood warnings in place in the north.

The flight seeded clouds for more than an hour and a half just north of Great Lake, one of the largest water storage dams in the state.

The flight was targeting the Upper Derwent catchment, which mainly feeds water to several hydro electric dams which lie downstream.

Farmers demand answers

Farmers in the Ouse area, like Scott Ashton-Jones, want to know why the cloud seeding went ahead while flood warnings were in place for the northern half of Tasmania.

Water flows over the wall of the dam powering the Repulse Power Station.

"The extent to which cloud seeding has exaggerated the flood is still to be determined of course, but the evidence from previous cloud seeding operations is that it works and therefore it will have exaggerated the flood to some extent," he said.

"The Hydro has always claimed positive results from cloud seeding."

George Mills said he could hear the flight on Sunday morning, and wondered what was going on.
"We want to understand whether the cloud seeding has helped to create this massive flood from the local rivers which we've never ever seen," he said.

"If the Hydro have had something to do with that with their cloud seeding, well we want to understand that because in the future we need to have closer information."

Hydro 'not in position' to comment

Hydro Tasmania will not answer questions about both Sunday's cloud seeding flight and its policies on using the technique when there are current flood warnings.

What is cloud seeding?

  • Hydro Tasmania describes cloud seeding as a technique for increasing precipitation (eg. rain or snow) using naturally occurring clouds
  • "It involves the introduction of additional particles into suitable clouds to encourage the formation and growth of ice crystals or raindrops and thus increase the amount of precipitation that will fall from the cloud"
A spokeswoman said it would be inappropriate to comment.

"At this point Hydro Tasmania is not in a position to provide more information," she said.

"Experience suggests that in the aftermath of a severe natural disaster such as this some form of government inquiry follows.

"In light of the unfortunate death of one person, and with grave fears for two people still missing, there is likely to be at least a coronial inquest."

The community of Ouse has been left devastated by the floods, which arrived with little warning in the early hours of Monday morning.

Farmers in the district have reported the loss of hundreds of sheep and cattle, and significant infrastructure losses.

Bureau had flood warnings in place

The Bureau of Meteorology has confirmed flood warnings were in place for regions of Tasmania when the flight took place.

"The first media release alerting the Tasmanian community to likely impacts of the event was issued on Friday 3 June," a weather bureau spokesperson said.

"Detailed updates have been provided directly to the local media throughout the event."

The spokesperson said the first flood watch for Tasmania was issued at midday on Friday, with warnings following on Saturday.

"The first flood warnings were issued on Saturday afternoon: six to 12 hours before significant rain began to fall across northern Tasmania," they said.

The first minor flood warning for the Ouse and Derwent rivers was issued at 10:36pm on Sunday, after the cloud seeding flight took place.

The next day, unprecedented rainfall resulted in major flood warnings for seven Tasmanian rivers, including the Derwent and Ouse.

abc.net.au 10 Jun 2016

09 June 2016

Before you donate to the Salvation Army

Currently on Australian television there is a lot of advertising time devoted to the Salvation Army's Red Shield appeal.

When one is involved in the finance industry one would also be aware of the name Rothschild, which (apparently) originated from a Jewish family living in Germany in the 16th Century that changed it's name to Rothschild (from the German translation Rot - Red, schild - Shield) after the coat of arms emblem that appeared over their house.

The Rothschild name rose to fame from Mayer Amschel who started the namesake banking dynasty.

There are a fair few dodgy deals done to secure the wealth of the Rotschilds, according to pop culture / historians.

One other aspect of charities (that the masses may not be aware of), in Australia is that they are a tax haven, with (deliberately?) less than accurate book keeping, where the Australian government has taken zero action against these companies.

Charities can easily spend 85% of taxpayers monies on 'administration' before even 'one red cent' makes to the actual recipients.

High CEO wages, company cars, 'money for mates' dodgy deals are all part of a normal business day without any government intervention whatsoever.

Why would a honest [people in] government take no action, unless maybe it (they) was also involved in this 'scam'.

What makes matter worse is that the Salvation Army was (and still is?) involved in sexual abuse against children.

Would you really want to give your hard earned cash to a company involved in child sexual abuse, that survives very well from government funds, where only the 'beneficiaries' receive a small portion ?

08 June 2016

Can you change the corporate media's glorifying of ex-PM's?

When it comes to accidentally misleading or deliberately false reporting of information the corporate media could be king?

Forget the 'conspiracy theorists' or others with 'tin foil hats', who may have obtained information  that is contrary to 'mainstream' politics, they're just rubbished or their character is assassinated by the government sponsored lap dogs.

One may even read a small and insignificant line 'the conspiracy theorists were right and we were wrong' somewhere?

Let's put this in perspective to the (treasonous) heads of Australian politics.

Recently (21 October 2014) the corporate media glorified how Gough Whitlam was such a great person.

ANY senior law researcher or (truthful) constitutional lawyer should be able to tell you that anyone holding office in parliament should be charge for treason.

ONE of the most unlawful acts carried out by Whitlam was the introduction of a fictitious entity called the 'Queen of Australia'.

Don't take 'our' word for it, just ask the corporate media, their research is impeccable!  

Bet you the corporate media will not tell you that (scum bag) Rob Hulls unlawfully removed grand jury from our courts.

So before the old hawke (see illustration below) becomes prey to the grim reaper, any person from the masses care to share the treasonous actions of the (womaniser/cheater/drunk/all round 'mug') ex-PM (Robert 'Bob' Hawke)?

You can put your information in the comments section.

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