13 June 2009

Australia urged to accept Gitmo inmates

Bermuda's decision to resettle four Guantanamo Bay detainees will hopefully encourage Australia and other nations to do the same, a major US constitutional rights group says.

Bermuda, a British-administered island in the Atlantic Ocean, has accepted four Chinese Muslims, known as Uighurs, captured in Pakistan in 2001.

The South Pacific island of Palau has agreed to take in 13 other Uighurs.

The US government declared the 17 Uighurs were not a danger to the US.

Another 234 detainees remain at Guantanamo and the US has asked Australia to take detainees also no longer classified as a danger.

"We welcome Bermuda's willingness to look beyond the stigma of Guantanamo and see this reality," New York-based The Centre for Constitutional Rights said in a statement.

"We hope that Bermuda's humanitarian gesture will encourage Australia, Portugal, Ireland, Canada, Germany and other countries in Europe to open their doors to resettlement of the remaining men who need a place to restart their lives."

aap 12 Jun 2009

With adherence to the New policies of Globalisation, Australia is fast becoming a dumping ground for 'criminals'.

The views and policies of the New World Order is that this 'human trash' (under the banner of 'asylum seekers') has to dumped somewhere, so it might as well be Australia, as it was a couple of centuries before.

Australian's government racism extended to the "White Australia Policy" where it discriminated against certain cultures.

In many cases office workers of ethnic background would not be promoted in the Anglo-Masonic workplace.

12 June 2009

Telstra Line Works Customer Extortion

On Tuesday 9th June 2009 Telstra embarked on a works project that involved downtime of telephone line services to its customers. Unlike power and other utility companies, Telstra failed to notify its customers of the downtime involved.

During this period many customers have been effected without the function of a telephone line, including the elderly.

One such elderly customer called to notify that their telephone line is not working. The response they got from Telstra, was in order for the 'repair person' to come out and investigate would cost the customer $117, and that it would take a week to fix.

Unsatisfied with the answer, and after a few more telephone calls from another location, the customer after threatening Telstra with the Telecoms Industry Ombudsman, was told that there were works being carried out.

Telstra has:
deliberately not informed its customers of works carried out
knowingly not informed the customer that works were carried out.
attempted to extort monies from services that could not be done.

Since the appointment of Solomon Trujillo*, Telstra services have declined dramatically.

Telstra has :

sacked 8,000 employees,
closed 5,000 public telephone boxes,
lessened bill information, making it easier to defraud the customer,
complaints have risen 240%
share value has dropped 40%.

* resigned as CEO of U S West Communications, Inc. just before the company became the subject of a federal criminal probe for overstating nearly a billion dollars in profits. [7] He was not charged by the justice department and has denied any knowledge of accounting irregularities.

RSPCA outrage over pig flying stunt

A Gold Coast radio station could face action from the RSPCA after attempting to make a piglet fly using helium balloons.

The RSPCA was inundated with complaints from the public and listeners after the Gold FM breakfast crew tied up to 200 helium balloons to the animal.

RSPCA vet Dr Anne Chester said the stunt defied belief as the animal was clearly distressed.

"Would they have done this to a puppy, a kitten or a foal - I think not," Dr Chester said.

"What on earth possessed station management?

"Why did they allow something so grossly inappropriate to go ahead?"

RSPCA senior inspector Daniel Young said the organisation would talk to radio station management and then decide whether further action was necessary.

"At the very least we expect the station to make a full apology and we will be checking on the welfare of the piglet this afternoon," Mr Young said.

Comment was being sought from Gold FM program manager Jason Matthews.

12 Jun 2009

Ground breaking news brought to you by the most trusted sauce (bbq) in the business.

The nation MUST stop for the arrival of the news of the welfare of the piglet.

It is blatantly obvious that it has the SWINE FLEW,

and at a later stage will be a pork roast on someone's dinner table.

Since in Catholicism ALL animals are created for mankind, one can do as one pleases.

10 June 2009

Man jailed 10 years over kicking attack

A man was kicked in the head until he was in a permanent vegetative state because he had cowered like a dog, a court has heard.

Michael Jacob Connelly, 30, of Brisbane, was sentenced to 10 years in jail in the Brisbane District Court on Wednesday after pleading guilty to committing grievous bodily harm on 34-year-old Horst Highlands.

The court heard Mr Highlands is now in a vegetative state and is comparable to a "dead man living".

The attack occurred on October 7, 2007 in King Street, Caboolture.

Crown prosecutor Caroline Marco told the court the two men were in a yard 450 metres down the road in Christine Street, before Connelly started chasing Mr Highlands.

It is unknown why the chase occurred as Mr Highlands can no longer communicate or move any of his limbs or his head.

The court heard that Mr Highlands was screaming for help as he ran and tried seeking protection in a number of homes, but was turned away each time.

He then rolled onto his back on the ground and put his feet up in the air in an attempt to protect himself.

Connelly then kicked Mr Highlands in the head at least five times, fracturing his jaw in several places and causing brain damage.

When asked by police why he kicked Mr Highlands, Connelly replied: "Because he cringed up and rolled up like a bloody f***ing coward, like a bloody f***ing dog. That's what he did, man."

Connelly's defence lawyer Chris Wilson argued his client had been brought up in an abusive environment and had a drinking problem.

Connelly also cooperated with authorities and was not armed or in company during the offence, Mr Wilson said.

While Ms Marco sought an eight-year prison sentence with a serious violent offender order, Judge Nicholas Samios handed down a 10-year sentence and a serious violent offender order.

Judge Samios said despite there being no weapons involved, it was the worst possible result from a grievous bodily harm offence.

The judge also took into account that Connelly had breached a suspended sentence at the time for another offence.

"You chased a man down who was calling for help and who wanted nothing to do with a confrontation," Judge Samios said.

"You were not a youthful offender and you have a previous criminal history of violence."

He also noted that Connelly was not remorseful for his actions at the time of the crime and had left the scene.

Connelly has already served 621 days of his 10-year prison term in pre-sentence custody.

A serious violent offender order means he will have to serve 80 per cent of his sentence before being eligible for parole.

aap 10 Jun 2009

This is how the legal system treats it criminals. The offenders are released back into the community, then re-offend, and only a matter of time when they kill.

They do not posses any threat to the law-makers, and alike, but the the community at large, so the judges do not care about the sentences.

There are no excuses (abusive environment), and this trash breeds trash and DOES re-offend.

Castrate them and put them down.

Shooting victim Ibrahim 'faces amputation'

Sydney nightclub identity Fadi Ibrahim may have his arm amputated due to severe gunshot wounds as speculation mounts that a methamphetamine "cook" with bikie links was responsible for his shooting.

The Daily Telegraph reports Ibrahim also faces a lifetime of problems with his digestive system after he had part of his intestines removed during surgery on Sunday.

The younger brother of nightclub king John Ibrahim has remained in an induced coma while a steady stream of visitors — reportedly including Adam and David Freeman, the sons of late racing identity George — have made visits to Royal North Shore Hospital.

It is expected Ibrahim will be brought out of his coma this weekend, at which stage police are likely to intensify their investigation into who shot him.

The Sydney Morning Herald claims a former bikie and methamphetamine manufacturer is a primary focus of the enquiry and has also been the most discussed suspect amongst underworld figures.

The drug cook is also a suspect in an apparent attack on fellow Kings Cross figure Alan Sarkis, who reportedly dined with Ibrahim at the swanky harbourside Catalina restaurant on the night of the shooting.

A vehicle parked outside the apartment where Sarkis was sleeping in July last year was damaged by a pipe bomb and fired upon with an automatic weapon.

Both attacks are believed to be linked to large monetary loans.

08 June 2009

Infosys plots swing in market focus

INFOSYS Technologies is trying to increase its share of revenue coming from markets other than the US to 60 per cent from 40 per cent, chief executive Senapathy Gopalakrishnan said.

"There is a pressing need to make the transition" towards emerging markets, Mr Gopalakrishnan said in an interview in Bangalore yesterday. The aim is to change the proportion of revenue the company earns from customers in the US, Europe and the rest of the world to 40:40:20 from 60:30:10 currently, he said. Mr Gopalakrishnan, 54, faces the toughest challenge of his two-year term as the computer-services provider's top clients cut technology spending amid the recession, forcing the company to forecast its first annual sales decline. Mounting resentment in the US against companies sending work overseas may also make it harder for Infosys to win orders in its biggest market. Infosys, India's second-largest provider of computer services, has drawn up a shortlist of two to three companies for possible acquisition, Mr Gopalakrishnan said. The potential purchase will be of a company that will contribute about 10 per cent of the Bangalore-based provider's revenue and that operates in a non-English speaking developed market, he said. Infosys did not see a revival in demand until the middle of next year, he said on May 29. Bloomberg

see full article: here

Another service offered by incompetent cheap labour.

Dick Smith accessories rip off

A pledge to the customer on the side of a building that Dick Smith Electronics occupies states,

"If you're not buying from us you maybe paying too much"

So a quick rampage of the store soon indicates that for example an AC to USB power adapter, is listed at a wallet debilitating price of:

$39.88 or nearly $40.

This item can retail for anthing from $15 - 25.

In anyones language a price too much from Dick Smith Electronics.

Dick Smith Electronics was an Australian owned company which was sold to a multinational Woolworths.

Atheists think, Christians know

Stokes 'shuns' girlfriend Gordon after wild night

The wealthy boyfriend of troubled Home and Away actress Jodi Gordon has reportedly shunned the starlet after her run-in with the police and an alleged bikie.

Ryan Stokes, son of Channel Seven owner Kerry and heir to his father's business empire, is in Broome while his 24-year-old girlfriend deals with the fallout from her wild night and day after at Kings Cross last week, the Sunday Telegraph reports.

Stokes reported his girlfriend missing on Wednesday after Gordon disappeared following a dinner out with girlfriends on Tuesday night. (Read more: 'Missing' Gordon found in police swoop)

At 5.30pm on Wednesday afternoon, Gordon was found when armed police stormed the luxury apartment of alleged Rebels bikie gang member Mark Judge.

The pair had earlier called police claiming to have seen five men, two of them armed, trying to break into the Bellevue Hill unit.

Police checked CCTV footage from the apartment building but there was no sign of the gunmen.

Gordon agreed to be taken to a police station to answer questions.

Sources close to Stokes told the newspaper the family was "upset" with Gordon.

"Her actions have brought shame on the family and their network," an unnamed source was quoted as saying.

"She has caused Ryan, a very proud guy who likes to keep a tight leash on his media profile, much embarrassment."

Yesterday friends told the Daily Telegraph Gordon didn't remember much of what happened on Wednesday night and had apologised to those close to her. (Read more: Gordon sorry for wild night with 'bikie')

The scandal is the second to hit the Home And Away cast this week with rising star Lincoln Lewis — son of rugby league great Wally Lewis — admitting he had filmed a sex tape with another television starlet.(Read more: Lewis mum on attack over sex tape)

ninemsn 7 Jum 2009

It did not take any rocket scientist to figure out the repercussions of a biker mole, as commented in :
Gordon sorry for wild night with bikie.

This story is NOT chosen for its ENTERTAINMENT TRASH value,
but rather in the UNDERLYING MESSAGE, about the entire industry.

As a general rule, the media owners and financiers are kept OUT of the spotlight, and for good reason.

Gordon appears on boyfriend's daddy's network.. Can anyone see a career slump happening.

In the entertainment industry, it's NOT what you know but WHO you know,
and for the women, it's also how good your tricks are.