22 April 2010

Carl Williams - Police Corruption

The death of one of Melbourne's leading 'public' crime figures, Carl Anthony Williams, signifies the end of another loose end in the Melbourne Crime Cartel.

Williams made a deal with authorities, to benefit his family in exchange for names of crime figures AND police that were on his payroll.

The authorities are all aware of who the major players are as members of the police force are in company with major crime identities, at closed door parties.

The Herald Sun on 21/04/2010 prints a story, that it would be an idea that the authorities check the records of prison guards and/or police in order to establish payoffs.


Payoffs / bribes / blackmail are done in the new fashion of handing over 'plastic' (card) which the person has been given a PIN and is able to withdraw up to $1000 per day from an account.

Authorities / news media are FULLY AWARE of this fact. This practice has been going on for quite some time.

Governments and authorities have been aware of the activities of these criminals, BUT have deliberately turned a blind eye.

It was only when Carl thought he was too good, and the crimes have been spilled into the public arena, then the authorities HAD to show that they were doing something.

Australia's drug industry is worth $1.5 Billion per month.