15 October 2015

Australian politicians elite white collar criminals untouchable by law

Australia has a new elite squad of criminals

Not the low life street thugs that steal little old ladies handbags.

These guys are worse.

They promote slave labour, racism, the dis-assembly of the family unit, warmongering for profit.

They steal 'your' money from your bank accounts, threaten you with harm, intimidation with firearms by their side.

The unlawful 'star chamber' (one man jury) has sent many a man to jail for victimless 'crimes'.

So who are these scumbags?

Why they're people who are part of the executive, you know polticians, MPs, the sheriff, Australia's finest - the judicature, with a helping hand(gun) of the police 'force'.

Take for example the current crims in office Victoria's 'premier' Daniel Andrews who is up for rorting votes, and another a$$hole an MP by the name of Bill Shorten up for fraud.

So how will the 'law' handle these crims?

In the same manner it handles all the other ones...


Australia truly a 'lucky' country.

The story would no doubt be different if they were NOT part of the 'brotherhood'.

Australian politics full of wankers but are they worse than tosser Geelong mayor Darryn Lyons?

This absolute moron has really go to go...

Rally good image of Australian politics, as boozing f#ckwits!

Looks like any tw@t can be be involved in politics.

12 October 2015

How to communicate with police

In Australia the police are a wired mob.

Some members of the 'force' tell you that they are the law, usually shouting it down at you.

This is plain and simply a lie / deliberately false information, as the 'police' are part of the executive.

Are the police the same people as the ones at the time of Australia's Federation in 1901?

Where is there oath of allegiance to?

Aren't they just policy enforcers?

Aren't they part of the corporation conglomerate commonly referred to as the government, with their very own ABN (Australian Business Number)?

How does one communicate with them?

Let's start of with the basics.

- The only information you may need to provide the police with is your name and address, even then there has to be sufficient cause to do so. Even if the police person states that they need your date of birth, you do not need to provide this information. There is no lawful requirement for you to provide you date of birth to police.

- Similarly a police person is required to provide you with their full name, their registered number, police station they work from, also to produce their badge should you require this to be seen if you have doubts that the person is actually an official police officer.

Many people have stated privately and it has been mentioned in the corporate media that there is no such thing as 'justice' when it comes to certain crimes committed against the general populous.

Many 'lay' people do not comprehend law or this machine called the 'justice system'.

In a nutshell the 'justice system' is a business, and the courts are an administrative place for business/trade/commerce.

So we can use a catch phrase (coined by CorpAu - for royalty free use) Justice - Is Just Business.


when you the 'citizen' (person residing in a republic) or civilian (someone who is not engaged in war) or Queen's subject (a person living in Australia?) require information from the police, you are required to complete an application form which requires a fee, meaning a commercial transaction takes place.

When the police department require information from another business, e.g. a telecommunications company like Telstra, the police pay the telco for that information.

Information is a commodity/resource where is it traded or sold.

Many a legal person may say how to talk to police, where the answer is 'you don't'.

In Australia you are under no legal obligation to say anything to police other than the basics as described above.

If the police require information from you, you can provide them with an "Application for Request of Information Form" as an example, in the same manner as you may seek information from them.

See attached 3 page pdf file:


In Victoria in 2013, the business known as POLICE DEPARTMENT (VIC), that go under the trading name as VICTORIA POLICE with the ABN 63 446 481 493 are a corporation, with a CEO as of 17th of December 2013 via the Victoria Police Act 2013.

Under contract/corporate law you have every right to obtain 'money' (read corporate promissory notes) from the police department for your services.

For those who comprehend the use of boxes, put this information to the side for the purpose of this document.