04 July 2020

Authorities 'supporting' paedophile rings?

It's not difficult to ascertain whether someone is for or against something, as quite simply put it comes down to one's actions.

MANY criminal actions by power peopleful are 'supported' by the authorities, or rather other people in positions of authority, as there is a vested interest.

To simplify matters criminal actions can be undertaken by people in positions of authority or by commoners against people in authority or the commoners.

When it comes to paedophilia, almost always the victims are the children from the commoner pool.

In the colony called Australia, there is a high number of paedophiles in the judicature, i.e. 'administration' of justice and other positions of authority, where the true extent is deliberately kept hidden, as this information would not be in the 'interest of the public', according to the authorities.

The Family Court of Australia is one such place where the 'support' of paedophilia occurs, but that is another post for another time.

While victims of paedophilia may obtain some sort of court order alleging that 'justice' has been served, this may be only true if the perpetrator was from the commoner pool rather than a figure from the authorities.

Will the true extent of Australia's paedohpiles in positions of authority ever be revealed to the general population?

It hasn't so far, so what makes one think that it ever will?

What many label an action referred to as a 'failure of government' it should be noted that it is a deliberately botched event in order for those involved to obtain person gain.

One thing is very clear in the Epstein saga, is that:

“The victims are very sceptical because there have been arrests in the past and the US government has not followed through.”

See article by news.com.au of the headline:

How Ghislaine Maxwell avoided arrest for so long in Jeffrey Epstein scandal

at: https://www.news.com.au/world/how-ghislaine-maxwell-avoided-arrest-for-so-long-in-jeffrey-epstein-scandal/news-story/a69a0541b9401c9ec7b8090a4a38cb35

02 July 2020

Smartwatches, the next level of biometric surveillance

Those who are into the latest gadgets or fitness programs and devices will be aware that smartwatches have progressed dramatically over the past few years from a notification extension of a smartphone to a fully blown autonomous GPS cell tower and Wi-Fi enabled tracking device, you know like  the ones they put on criminal’s ankles.

To take it to the next level of surveillance, your heart rate together with your blood oxygen level and even ECG can be uploaded to a corporation’s server for governments and other corporations to exploit.

Are you really in control of data you have given away?

A few generations (in computing terms) ago, say in 2016 smartwatch data could be accessed via Bluetooth where the corresponding app was programmed in such a manner that no external data collection point was necessary in order for the app to function together with the watch.

The Android operating system version of the year also did not require a GPS location to function.

There is ZERO technical reason for a Bluetooth device to have to function together with location services.

The corporations (Apple, Google, Fitbit, Fossil, Garmin, Huawei, LG, Samsung, Withings etc) that mandate this function, are anti your privacy, and support the nanny state agenda.

Today Australian consumers are given very little choice when it comes to privacy, where retailers only stock smartwatches where the consumer MUST log into an external entity’s servers in order to be able to operate their new smartwatch, an action which is either mandated by the watch manufacturer or the smartphone operating system manufacturers, that being Apple and Google.

This action is extremely privacy invasive, where the data is easily available for misuse.

Wouldn’t it be hilarious when (as opposed to if) a life insurance company obtains your ‘fitness’ data generated from your smartwatch, where it indicates that you are a regular consumer of McDonald’s food like products which contributed to your weight gain, diabetes or heart disease where as a result your family will not obtain a payout (when you keel over) despite the fact that you payed this company handsomely for the privilege.

Will you spend an exorbitant amount of cash for corporations to have your fitness data?

MANY Aussies have and also shall do in the future.

IGNORANCE  is bliss, right,?

On a plus side for your privacy:

Programmers have created apps that are open source which connect to some smartwatches and fitness bands where the user does not have to log into a company’s server in order to obtain data from their own device.

01 July 2020

Fear mongering by the mainstream media regarding case numbers?

A snapshot from an official news source, which was once ‘independent’ now under the directive of Rupert Murdoch, stated that on the 20th of June 2020 Australia had a total of 7436 cases.

Now that sounds like a lot doesn’t it, enough to shut down an ‘economy’ (as opposed to a colony), or not?

Rounding the figure to 25 million people in Australia, that brings the figure to 0.029744% of the entire population.

Let’s also note that merely taking an elevated temperature reading does not mean that the subject has the so called virus, but rather a reading that was used to elevate the numbers.

Now this independent news source draws attention to the alleged number of active cases, that being approximately one tenth of a figure previously ‘promoted’.

So, the number of people who are allegedly sick from a flu-like virus on the 30th of June, is 722 across Australia.

Simple mathematics will indicate that 0.0288% of the population is sick where the chance of recovery is over 98%.

Does that sound like a fair call to destroy the livelihood of middle class Australia, and bring out the armed forces against the people?

While Australia is (technically) a police state colony, it’s going to get a whole lot worse regarding the so called ‘freedoms’ people (allegedly) have.

Once they’re gone they will never let you have them back.

This will be evident in more data collection, anti encryption law and restrictions of movement.

Remember 'Penal Colony Policies' started in 1788 and have never left us.

30 June 2020

Covid app a government fraud, real intention hidden?


You were told (in television advertisements) that you’re downloading the government app for the purpose of the virus, but that was not the case.

They told you that it was for the health and safety of everyone, right?

Well ‘they’ lied!

The app was not about the virus, but rather ‘contact tracing’ about obtaining all your contact details that you put into your smartphone, that's part of the nanny state agenda, and NOT the virus health agenda.

Now before we see the responses along the lines that ‘they already have those details’, the response is yes and no, where it’s all about the ‘economics’ of the matter.

Apple and Google have your contact details sure, that's two different databases there and the effort required to obtain that data.

Sure the government can see who you’re calling where that information is on another database.

By downloading the app, YOU have given away all your contact’s details that you’ve put in, your location history etc into their database. You’ve collated the information they need for them at your cost (like a nice subservient government slave ought to).

Now before we hear, ‘but the source code has been made public’,  uummm not the ‘best part’ where the data is stored and how it’s manipulated. The government closed that off.

Well the excuse could be, so that the databases do not get hacked, which is a fallacy.

Remember the propaganda term: “Nothing to hide, nothing to fear”?

To those who downloaded that app, you may as well jump off a cliff when told to by the government corporation. Hahaha!