04 March 2020

Coronavirus update: Aussies wipe toilet paper from shelves

During a global viral pandemic, the residents of the colony called Australia have decided that toilet paper is the most important item to obtain, so much so that there is enough retarded people to bring down the industry to its knees, or even ankles if you’re lucky enough.

In these people’s limited mental capacity it’s most important to have a clean sphincter prior to being on the coroner’s table.

If you had shares in the corporations that manufacture toilet paper you’d be saying “that’s the shit” with reference to an excellent business decision.

The authorities are literally laughing at the (dumb) Aussie's priorities, with regards to the pandemic.

Hang on a minute, maybe these dumbos are not so stupid, ‘cause they know they’ll be in deeper shit once this hits home...

Only time will tell, where you can sit on it...

1). Face blurred of dumb Aussie, so that his children will not suffer ridicule and insensitive remarks aimed at the deadbeat dad, or

2). Face blurred, so that the retarded gene pool can continue to breed, where some lucky mum to be will get the jackpot with this muppet.

Post Scriptum: Corona virus does NOT cause dirrahoea!

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